Wednesday, 11 July 2012

50 Days of Earl Grey….. Day two

Well Hello again readers …  I was going to add a plot change, but the characters of this little folly had something good to watch on TV… some random Shakespeare thingy… they are such lovey's …

Well that just leaves us ….ecthum .. (Awkward)  well ..crazy weather we’re having (OMG)  very eh very wet…. And Sunny!….but mainly wet (think of something you’re looking desperate ) very wet indeed….

Brent rode up Mount pleasant street (thank god) turning left he saw Gabby sat by the window  in Costa Fortune a new and surprising honest Coffee shop in Lower Piddle High Street.

The door sent out a ring as soon as Brent entered .. Hello Sir! How can I help you today…. It’s all very expensive and I don’t recommend  the muffins as they are way over priced ( like I said a surprisingly honest shop)

Well ..hum let me see, I’ll have an Earl Grey please…. Are you sure sir! .. yes very sure thank you, and how would you like it Sir!... well in a cup if possible… and Brent flushed red as his humour hit the straight face assistant.  Ecthum…he cleared his throat. I’ll have a medium black like I like my coffee…haha (tumble weed moment)

Very well sir if you’d like to take a seat I’ll bring it right over,  Brent paid and walked over to Gabby’s table, may I join you Gabby ? she looked up with a look of alarm as he’d just woke her from her day dream of swimming in chocolate, Oh Brent.. sorry yes, I was miles away then.. Oh mind the mess I just had a Muffin and it was rather crumbly.. Brent took the seat opposite and brushed off a few crumbs, he wondered how she managed to get the crumbs to travel so far, she must have really bit into it with vigour…. It’s at this point I’d normally Procrastinate just to add a long word into the story, but alas I can’t think of one.

Thank  you for the Tea yesterday, ah oh look see I took your advice I have a Earl Grey on the way,  Oh lovely, she replied, glad I could help, he watched the speckles as she spoke the crumbs on her chin were a bit distracting, she seemed to sense what he was looking at and wiped her face quickly.. Oh SORRY! How embarrassing.. her lips with the cherry red lip stick looked so kissable, Oh ah oh I didn’t notice he lied..

Not five miles away….what? …pardon? Well I’m not going to walk it am I. it’s a story.. ok wait there ( Author gets into his car and drives not five miles away)

Exactly 4.78 miles away (happy now are we?) Susan longed for some excitement, the touch, the feel, yes she wanted Cake! But the choices were so damned tempting she wanted them all. You can lemon drizzle me anytime baby, she thought as she eyed the waiter, in his skin tight black trousers.. would the lady like to order? (hell yea) she thought ( you on this table right now!, just move the pepper shaker that would be a painful accident waiting to happen) I’d like the cherry pie Hot, with Vanilla Cream, and you if you’re not busy ….(holy cow did she just say that out loud?) if your not busy serving others can bring me an Earl Gray too. (good save)

Thank you madam I’ll bring it right over…

The Earl Grey now sat in front of Brent.. dark…….. and ……Hot! 

Gabby ?..hum, are you seeing anyone at the moment? … Well the Doctor said if I keep taking the eye drops my sight will improve soon she chuckled…Brent did the I better laugh because she’s gorgeous and funny… Ha ha ..

No what I mean is I’d like to take you. out……maybe to dinner or something..
Gabriel looked at Brent as she sucked hard on the lemon that came with her Tea.
Oh well I’m free Sunday but on Monday you have to pay…..she chuckled to herself again (god he will think I’m an idiot) she thought.

Sunday it is then .. say 7 ish….. ok that sounds fine.

Brent gulped down his tea (bloody hell that’s hot) wiped a tear before she noticed and said well I have to get going Greg is meeting me at the Gym , Gabriel knew Greg a rather tubby man in his late 40’s ….. Well lovely chatting and I’ll see you Sunday.

She watched him mounting his bike…his perfect buttocks on the saddle Wow she thought ….nice buns she also chuckled at the word BUT TOCKS now sat firmly in her brain, just like Brent the day before.

And it was nice Buns Patricia  was tucking into… the jam filling sliding deliciously over her tongue and down her throat.. her heart was racing….it was the sugar rush and she was onboard Choo Choo… she took her cup of Earl Grey slowly not wanting to rush, she wanted to savour every lovely moment..

Hello Greg.. Where the bloody hell have you been? I’ve stood here like a lemon for half an hour man… Greg said , Oh I bumped into Gabby… You’d like to Bump into Gabby more like and often, Greg gave that all knowing look at Brent… Oh shut up, Brent added she’s lovely, Oh I don’t doubt it me old mate but look she’s coming between us already. Greg said pouting his lips.. Brent patted Greg’s cheek, in a mock slapping, shut it you.. The guys played tennis every Friday night.. so new balls please.

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