Thursday, 12 July 2012

50 Days of Earl Grey...Day Three

As Saturdays go this one was a very wet and windy one….

And this particular Saturday evening saw Victoria and Phillip doing a little late night shopping, Vicky fancied something fruity and plucked two plums off the shelf….Oh darling grab a banana for me would you… I’ll have it for Lunch Monday. Phillip called from the cheese counter; he was sampling some goat’s cheese. Hum... Vicky come try this Drunken Goat… (This is a Spanish cheese from ….ah Spain) he still chuckled at the Tetilla   Cheese which translates as teat….

He pointed to the Drunken Goat which was resting between the Stinking Bishop and a large slice of Hooligan.  Well if you like it get 220 grams Vicky called back as she tossed the banana into the basket…

Phil sat in the cream leather chair in the lounge while Vicky sorted the shopping on the table as she did so she dropped a plum that rolled it's wobbly path past her legs she bent half turning to retrieve her plum when she felt Phillip stood behind her “Oh Really Phillip those sorts of shenanigans are for Sunday night!!” she turned to chastise him more and saw she had backed onto the Banana half hanging from the table…Oh well that explains it, I thought he felt unusually frisky, she said to herself.

You have to discipline yourself that’s the secret of exercise it’s not meant to be a punishment for the body it’s a benefit.. Well that’s what Brent was telling himself as the stooped to do some press up’s …..Oh stuff it I’ll have marmite on toast instead and on that enlightened brain wave he headed to the kitchen. Two slices of granary bread later Brent sat watching the news.. As he watched he thought of Gabby and her fabulous curly body… Oh Gabby, Gabby, Gabby he said in his head as his tongue savored the marmity toast…. And because she said he had bought some Earl Grey, he was now streaming from his crouch as he had nowhere else to rest the mug of tea.

She could feel it pounding and pounding….at this rate she was never going to get any sleep…. Bloody thunder she murmured this was the second time she had woken in the night, the first time she woke herself by shouting “Don’t spank the Monkey in the hallway!”  Oh good lord, she said, she had been watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes in the evening and it seems to have followed her to bed.

Gabriel sighed and rolled over wrapping the duvet tighter round her….

 Steven could believe the size of it…. Susan said she had one, but that was huge, he looked round at her frowning “You couldn’t possibly …?” he was saying as she cut him of with “Not in one go No”  “ Blimey” he said amazed and she placed it between her ample …supply of oranges in the glass bowl centrally positioned atop  her dark oak coffee table.

“So I imagine you take it a piece at a time?”   “Well yea!!” she said adding “haven’t you had Toblerone before?”….”Not that big no… that would last me a week or more”. …Well Susan said “I did say I couldn't eat a whole one at once… your Earl Grey is getting cold by the way” … “Oh  Yes, I was  feeling your Muffins, they are very firm aren't they”  “I made them fresh today, thank you for noticing,  help your self!”  Steve went straight to the white iced beauty with the cherry on top “Oh this is scrummy I love the way it feels on my tongue and something steamy to go with it is a heavenly treat” Well Thank you Susan said as she held the dark chocolate Toblerone to her lips and slid it into her mouth up to the second segment… with it held in both her hands Steven fought not to spit out the mouthful of tea, he’d just taken.

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