Monday, 16 July 2012

50 Days of Earl Grey.....Day 4

Oh she really wanted it this morning.....hard and nutty with a hint of ginger, so riffling through her draws once again Gabriel gripped the last of her Ginger Crunchy Granola Bars....
OH Yes she sighed as her  taste buds boogied with delight.

This Sunday morning was brighter with a gorgeous sunrise making misty ground hugging clouds lay between the trees and fields of Lower Piddle...
Joggers in teams of two or three ran as joggers do on such lovely mornings avoiding the puddles of the previous nights rain, Susan was running on her own down the winding path that lead to the tree lined bridleway, the smell after the rain was fabulous, she was thinking as she ran between tree and shrub and the suns bright beams danced over her her body like tree fairies at a disco. 
Back home Susan kicked off her trainers and headed for the shower discarding her top and shorts into the laundry basket on the top landing as she enter the bathroom and from the door way she threw her bra and pants into the basket like a professional basketball player, if throwing pants was a sporting event she would score a perfect 3 every time.
Now naked (as this is the best way to be in a shower I find) she turned on the water, adjusting it to as hot as she could bare the water cascaded down her athletic toned body, the Chocolate scented shower gel ran wave after soapy wave over her tanned skin, her hands working the sweet smelling gel into all her  curves and crevices (Blimey is it getting hot in here?) Oh God this feels fabulous after a good run, Susan said to herself with a satisfied sigh that comes from  such pleasures. (I'm no betting man but I bet it felt good too....the shower that is not Susan...not that Susan wouldn't feel lovely too you understand...naked...Gulp!!     OK  I need a shower now!!)  Susan towelled herself off, took the robe and wrapping it round her as she took the stairs down to the kitchen, where she switched on the kettle and picked up her book from where she left off, ten minutes later mug in hand she entered the lounge and sat in her comfy chair Earl Grey at her side, She loved her Sundays.....her time to relax, and the sun coming through the window into her mainly cream coloured lounge made it all the more lovely.

Brent was excited, today was going to be his date with the Gorgeous Gabby and he wanted it to be perfect, he spent some time Saturday looking for a after shave as he wanted to smell good.
He asked the girl at the counter, excuse me....but what would a woman like? which of these smell best ..."Oh it depends on what she likes"   not helpful Brent thought...Oh So there isn't one that really stands out to you? he asked again.   "well there is this one......It smells of dark chocolate..   (Hum I sense a theme here)   Oh really? Brent replied... and girls love chocolate right? he added..."oh defiantly I was sucking on one not five minutes ago"  Oh great said Brent how much?  "oh it was only a whisper"  NO....I mean how much for the After Shave... "oh haha silly's £49.99" said the blond assistant, Blood and Sand Brent said in alarm, it's a very tiny bottle for 50 quid isn't it!! " it's the top of the range sir" (well that explains it)  OK he said I'll take it... (it's a strange thing that people don't want to look cheap and end up buying things  they wish they  had the sense to avoid).

Gabriel looked stunning in a green sparkling evening dress, that clung to her curves like a lovers caress. Wow you look stunning Gabby (told you) Brent said as he was greeted at the door... "oh thank you it's  just something I threw on" she chuckled (yes she threw it on several times after trying ten over dresses).
They reached the restaurant via Gabriel's yellow  Cleo as Brent had no car of his own,  Table for two Please Brent told the young Italian looking waiter, "right this way sir...would you like the table by the window?" That would be excellent thank you.. the waiter pulled a chair out for Gabriel and she sat with a Thank you... Brent sat opposite as he did at the Coffee bar.... Well here we are..he said " yes, isn't it lovely here" Gabriel said looking round the candle lite restaurant, it looked very romantic with cosy little nooks for lovers to spend a wonderful evening eating   Beautifully presented food.
The reason Brent picked this  Particular Restaurant was that it had Buffalo Steak with Buffalo Mozzarella, you don't get any fat on Buffalo meat he explained to Gabby "oh that sounds lovely" she said "I'll leave you to order then"
Brent ordered the Steaks which came on a heated flat stone that allowed the meat to sizzle away with the Mozzarella melting into the meat to add it's juices to the flavour, the still cooking food meant it was all the more inviting with it's thick cut chips with  skins, honeyed parsnips carrots and runner beans and a rich red wine sauce.  Gabby selected the red wine at Brent's request and she chose a cheeky little British wine called Pinot Noir 2010 from Bolney Wine Estate.

The favours bursting on to Gabriel's tongue made her want to squeal with delight....omg she thought this is just fantastic... Hum I'm loving this, she thought  and the juices  were so rich she swallowed them slowly and with great pleasure....
How is it? Brent said eyebrows raised, " Oh it absolutely Devine, I've never had Buffalo before, its wonderful"
The meal was indeed lovely and both enjoyed the evening and chatted about life and their work talk.
Even the view looking over a large pond seemed to make the evening more magical as the bird life of the pond came and went, throughout the night.

I enjoyed this evening Brent, Gabby said, Brent was one step down a looking straight into her beautiful green eye's that seem all the more greener reflecting the green of the dress..
Oh ah I loved every minute Gabby, he said feeling like the luckiest man in Britain... I'll see you tomorrow and he took the next step to join her and kissed her cheek,  Gabriel felt her heart skip a beat for a second and turned her head to meet his lips.......when the kiss came her lips seemed to tingle like an electric current was passing from Brent to her and Brent felt it too........after a rather long and lingering kiss Gabriel unlocked the door looked into Brent's blue eyes, took his hand and pulled him inside.... he didn't resist.

(Why the lucky Baa,....... that would never of happened in my day, oh no,  you might be lucky and get a firm hand shake and a hearty goodbye..... Kids of today Eh? well I never.)

I need a steaming Earl Grey after that...... and I guess they will too, so lets leave them to it, shall we.

Chances are you've heard that a little alcohol - especially wine - is good for the heart and for health generally. Sorting out fact from wishful thinking isn't easy. We look at the facts and find a little wine is probably fine - just don't overdo it.

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