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As I sit back getting comfy in my armchair, I'll sip Black coffee from my Cuppuccinose #RedNoseDay mug and tell you a tale of a new book celebrating the 50th Anniversary year of Doctor Who.
There will be a new Book on the 23rd of every Month until we reach the 50th year 23rd November 2013. What you Shout!! Every Month!......Well yes I just said that didn't I? 
Each Month will venture out with  a new Doctor and this being the second Month we very happily come to the era of Patrick Troughton. How fitting to this era then, that a publisher with a bird that looks like it's wearing a frock coat, cover this doctor, lets hope they add a Bow Tie to the logo. just for Pat.
Being set the task to tell a new tale of The Second Doctor is Michael Scott.
  Irish-born Michael Scott began writing over twenty-five years ago, and is one of Ireland ‘s most successful and prolific authors, with one hundred titles to his credit, spanning a variety of genres, including Fantasy, Science Fiction and Folklore. He writes for both adults and young adults and is published in thirty-eight countries, in over twenty languages.
He is considered one of the authorities on the folklore of the Celtic lands, for more about Michael goto
The Nameless City, starts with our Brave Highlander and the second Doctor's companion, Jamie, being sent to the city to find items urgently needed by The Doctor but as often happens while on a mission Jamie finds himself coming to the aid of an unfortunate old gentlemen who has been set upon by a ruthless ruffian out for personal gain. As a reward for coming to this gentleman's rescue Jamie is given a leather bound book wrapped in Black silk handkerchief.

But all not what is seems and before long Jamie and the Doctor are facing a New but Ancient Enemy .....The Archons a race older then the Timelords..they appear to the Doctor large and menacing and with eons to reflect on their vengeance they are more then a tad peeved. Could the Doctor have met his match at last?  On a planet so far out at the very edge of our Galaxy, that even the Tardis struggles to reach ?.
With Black Glass Pyramids and the smell of Sulphur in the air, this is indeed a sinister and foreboding world.
I do not wish to give to much of the story away, but I can tell you Michael has written this with the wonderment of the child he once was, with Jamie and the Doctor being larger then in life.
Michael is also aware that the young audience will expect curtain aspects of the Doctor they know to bring this story to life in a way they understand, as this will probably be their first adventure with The Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton.
Although Penguin have targeted 12 year old's for these stories I read this Pat and Frazer adventure with the knowledge that Both of them would of felt at home in this tale set in 1968.
Yes SFX Magazine  the Story to you may of ended with a silliness you don't associate with DoctorWho ....but this isn't any Doctor This is Patrick Troughton's Doctor and he would often add a silly but humorous line to add to a child's enjoyment of the show. I enjoyed this book as will any Troughton fan, Michael Scott being one of them. this could not of been given to a better writer.
Well my coffee has been sipped and you have been very kind to read along with me, as you see I write how I feel and this review is hardly going to be as a critic would write it....
The Nameless City will be released on 23 February 2013
with 45 pages | £1.99
Author: Michael Scott
Publisher: Penguin Books


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