Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Lost Doctor

The Computer Chip

He was dishevelled, disorientated and running in his long pyjamas when startled by the alarm, it was wailing like a frightened beast, so it sent him running on into the console room, with his hair looking as if he’d been freeze framed  jumping. The Doctor knew The Tardis was frightened, something unthinkable must have happened….

“What’s happened Girl? …What is it? what’s frightened you poor thing, now just you calm down hey... There you go old thing,” he patted the console reassuringly, “so what’s the problem?” he frantically scanned all the warning indicators; relieved to see it wasn’t a catastrophic engine failure “Oh I see we’ve had company, but How? That’s not possible…’s Impossible!” he spun searching the shadows, "nothing can enter here while we're in flight."

“Right you just  simmer down,” he said once more scanning the systems, “we’ll sort this out, Oh and do please turn off that infernal noise hey! That would be lovely wouldn’t it, as it’s not Helping!”

The sudden silence felt even more alarming, the Library he’d only left 4 hours earlier, was showing an intruder alert… “No, no, no, not possible! But somehow it’s happened!” He ran into the corridor spun left into the next, then down the stairs and along to the Library entrance…..he hesitated; swallowing hard, he activated the door, it hissed open, and it was dark… no lights…

“Hello? Anybody there?” Now even The Doctor thought it unlikely anyone would jump out to reply, after all it’s not part of sneaking about is it, to tell anyone you were indeed THERE! And would like a cup of tea, if you could be so kind.

“Lights!!” he said louder then he intended but the unease he felt seemed to necessitate it…. Nothing, something had drained the power. “Lights please my Lovely” and the Tardis obliged by switching on the ceiling light, this was much brighter then the lighting he was accustom to in his lovely library... stepping inside he saw at once One of the large leather bound books, at 75mm thick it was hard to miss,with its gold leaf edging and had what at first glance appeared to be wires dangling, but on close inspection it was clear the wire consisted of text twisting and looked like copper.

The Doctor could see no meaning within the tangle of words, the writing was random, with text wound so tightly together it formed a link to the Brass Lamp with its Gallifreyan scene engraved into the blown glass chimney, so this was the cause of the power drain he thought, the Doctors analytical mind now racing, looking for clues.

Opening the book revealed blank pages, the wire using up every line of script, even the front cover was bare, but he felt the embossed surface and angled it to the ceiling light to see if he could still read it... THE UNIVERSE OF DREAMS… The Doctor felt as if cold hands gripped his spine……a memory stirred and he didn’t like it, he didn’t like it at all! He dropped the heavy book back onto the round Chippendale Table…

He sensed more then knew, what this meant. He reached out to touched the second orb mounted on it’s Jade plinth, again that eerie silence where there should have been the comforting voice of his Second incarnation, the past life of his regenerated body.

Head spinning, It suddenly felt as if a tremendous weight was pressing down on him and The Doctor leaning over the table, stooping to bare this weigh on his arms, as he  pressed into the table top with his fingers spread wide.

A tear ran down the his left cheek and he stood, took a deep breath, and wiped it away angrily.

“You will NOT beat me. Not today, not any day.” He said into the horrid silence.

Then as if on queue the room was resounding to the unmistakable sound of a TARDIS materialising, the book shelves shook violently and the pages of the discarded books strewn on the tables flew open, with pages flapping furiously, only this TARDIS wasn’t The Blue Police Box! This Tardis could only belong to another intruder.

With a fully working chameleon circuit a New Bookcase appeared. And it opened, and while the room settled down and the whooshing stopped, The Doctor Squinting into the disturbed dust in the air, saw a Figure emerge, and out Stepped The Second Doctor with slightly greying hair grinning widely and holding out his hand to be shaken, “Hello, I came as soon as I felt he was in danger, how lovely of you to greet me.” He studied his surroundings, “ah we have some work to do here haven’t we? Come along let’s not stand on ceremony, I'll answer your questions in good time, follow me.” The Second Doctor said. And spun on his heels to return into the bookcase.

Reluctant but still following, The Doctor stuttered, “But, but you can’t be!!!! You’re me!” The Doctor tried to collect his thoughts, “You haven’t crossed the timelines have you?” The Second Smiled his most disarming smile, “Oh Dear me, do you really think I would disregard such rules?” he responded eyebrows raised.”

The Doctor answered, “Quite frankly, yes you....This Me would!”

“Oh my word, no no no, my dear chap... Well I did of sorts, at one time, but that wasn’t my doing." he Tutted then said, "It was the Timelords! Those interfering pen pushing busybodies, the rotten bureaucrats.” He paused, “Well to be honest they messed it up didn’t they, they had Omega draining their power, You must remember that?” he saw the incomprehension in this 11th Doctor’s eyes and continued, “Ah… they wiped your mind didn’t they, well that is a shame, Oh well, never mind I will explain, Our Peers on Gallifrey were under attack by none other then one of our legendary hero Omega!”

The Doctor was about to speak when he was silenced by a wave of the others hand.

“Oh do please try not to interrupt there’s a good chap, Omega was the cause of a power drain that threatened the whole galaxy as we know it, He was also targeting our 3rd incarnation, so fearing he would not be able to contain this threat, The Time Lords rightly assessed he needed my genius, so they attempted to retrieve me from my time line, and the poor fellow involved with this task struggled to latch onto me, didn't he, so he boosted the retrieval…. Well… they never retrieved me at all did they, they made a copy, another version of me, only nanoseconds apart. You see there are now or was then, two of Me! I never left my timeline at all!” He chuckled“It wasn’t their intention of course, but things being as they were they never noticed the error, so I being the new me so to speak, having seen the future plans they had for us, was able to replace him when the time came, when they returned me to his timeline, well I was shocked of course as you are now! I explained our predicament, so we decided to make the most of it and keep our mouths shut…. How Dare they think they could force me to regenerate, so he took the punishment that was intended for us, so I’ve never regenerated,  we have alternate futures now, you and I don’t we.”

“Oh No…. what? This is crazy! I don't recall any of this!” The Doctor started doubting his sanity.

“Oh My Giddy Aunt!! I think during the forced regeneration they removed the encounter from all who followed minds, we better talk over a nice cuppa. Black isn't it?”
Open mouthed the Doctor just nodded then added “I’ll have milk in mine thank you if you don't mind.”
“Right, well we have changed haven’t we, lets not dilly dally I’ve someone who’s dying to meet you.”

They both walked into the Book Case that was bigger on the inside.

“Jamie, make that tea with milk will you…”

Jamie at the back of the galley yelled back, “ Oh Aye, so I guess he’s not like yoo hey! I better make him that Yorkshire brew, and not that Earl Grey thingy you perfer.” And to the Seconds annoyance he could hear Jamie laughing to himself… ‘yes laugh it up you Hairy legged Highlander.’ he thought.

Jamie with the  grey hair that came with the 61 years living what he assumed to be his normal life, found The Doctor in a Tavern….standing there without a care in the world, laughing and telling Gaelic tails. But he turned out to be the 12th incarnation, it was much later that His Doctor appeared and asked for his help.

The 2nd lead 11th to the plush Edwardian chair with navy blue velvet upholstery and gold leaf frame. This was one of four with a three seat love chair in the same style centre to those surrounding it, these were arranged around the Mahogany table set a metre off the ground with its four huge spiral twist carved legs. The table was inlaid with tiles displaying a medieval hunting scene with horsed men armed with spears chasing down a wild boar. In fact this corner of the Console room would have look at home in any Edwardian Stately Home, with it’s china vases, plates and porcelain figures arranged in a way Only the Doctor would do.. all perched on a very deep Persian carpet with an almost hypnotic honeycomb design bursting out of an elaborate patterned Persian sun at its centre all in rich blues, browns, orange and yellows. there was also three mahogany, tall book cases lining the walls with a grandfather and grandmother Clock dividing the three.

The centre Console was the only modern item in the whole room, all white, it looked out of place and time, with an array of coloured lights flashing, its hexagonal shaped paneled top was full of these lights and switches, the dials on each would make little sense to anyone other then the Doctor, the hexagonal edged top panels were held on a thinner hexagonal base... This base was the outer cladding to the shaft that lead directly into the Heart of the Tardis, atop of the console stool a glass cylinder with the Time rotor within its clear casing, once set this would move up and down like a brightly lit glass piston … and the Tardis would move in time and space.

"Wait!! Did you say 12th ?”
“That isn’t your concern right now, if we fail there won’t be a 12th,” The 2nd insisted.
“ Yes quite right too, it’s better not to know these things, So you out witted the Timelords after all." Said The 11th now smiling, "why am I not surprised it would be you out of all of us?"

Laughing The Doctor said "well I am a Genius!"
"Yes indeed you are." he repied as they both laughed.

Jamie sat watching this show of self praise, "Now look here yoo two, what's going on?"

The Doctor answered and the 2nd sat back watching Jamie’s reaction.

"My look at You. Jamie eh?... I remember you, though you've aged a little."
"Aye, well yoo can blame the Genius over there for that!"
"Oh Jamie... really. The 12th did explain."
"Ock I know what he said Doctor but it's still your fault, Yoo called The Timelords with that cubey Thing."
"Well Jamie that other Doctor, the one I came from,” The 11th affirmed, “has had his conscious stolen, all my past lives live in a way, with their consciousness held in a Orb created during the Regeneration process, I have Ten orbs created by my Tardis but the Second orb is empty"

The 2nd interrupted, "This is where you come in Jamie once Your conscious was removed, and held by a being intent on deceiving me into helping him, he attempted to make me believe I had somehow changed your features but I know now it was just one of his tricks to make me trust the creation he wanted me to believe was you, while he tried to manipulated me through it."

Jamie with his cup half way to his lips looked confused. "When did that happen? I don't recall it at all."
"No I feared you wouldn't." The 2nd said, "but We!" He now indicated the other Doctor, "Well, together we might be able to retrieve a location from your mind." 
"Yes Jamie your the key." Said The Doctor, "I have to get that Doctor's conscious back or my life will unravel and I will literally cease to be."

The 2nd looked to the other Doctor then to Jamie, "Jamie," he said, "this is something we have to do urgently, if this Doctor's time unravels everything he's done will unravel too, Time will change and untold lives will suffer, worst of All there will be no one except Me, to stop the Daleks."

Jamie shuddered at the thought of the Daleks, those unfeeling tin headed beasties. he thought.
"But suely Doctor, this will effect you too?"
"No Jamie, I'm an anomaly, I have my own timeline no longer connected to his." He said pointing to the the other."This is this Doctors most dangerous time and there was no time to waste."

The Doctor leaned to the 2nd and whispered, "I'm scared."
"Don't worry, together we can be phenomenal!" The 2nd replied and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder and shook it gently, "Remember I am a Genius!" he Stood and walked over to the Console, "I've only set the controls of a Tardis like this once before and to be frank it frightened me."
"Wait!" shouted The Doctor in alarm "aren't we going in my Tardis?"
"No,” replied the 2nd placing the Second Doctor’s orb with it's jade plinth on the console.

"I never saw you take that!" The Doctor said, now annoyed. 
"Well your Tardis will be detected,  I know this entity, and with My Tardis in full working order we can materialise undetected, we need to take advantage where we can, because we don't have long. I've already felt you starting to fade," he looked across to The other Doctor "or did you think my hand on your shoulder was just to comfort you?"

The Doctors jaw dropped, "Actually I did!"

"Well let's get on with it shall we," the 2nd chipped in, with smiling eyes, and the time rotor was set in motion.

"So where are we going if it's not too much trouble...It's only my life at stake after all." The Doctor enquired.
"Well we have to move out of time and space... out of reality!" The 2nd eyes glazed over as he had a sense of Déjà vu, "In Fact we are going nowhere....nowhere at all in this universe."

The Doctor ran over to the console "What have you Done!" he scanned the dials to make sense of where he'd foolishly been taken, "Oh NO! ...No this is bad very bad, there's no wobble or swoosh, Where's the Swoosh?" He looked at The 2nd "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.!" he demanded

"Well the being we are looking for lives outside of normal Time, he feeds on the mind....human minds," he looked into the Other Doctor's eyes and said sincerely, "As soon as I felt your Second life was lost, because you can take it from me no one is more linked to your Second then I…well I knew it was The Mind Robber, he wanted to take control of my mind before, so he could feed off and occupy every mind on Earth. then they would be lost to their planet and become Fiction…" He continued. "He called himself The Master."

The Doctor now leaned towards The 2nd with a wicked grin, "I'm starting to remember this, the fictional characters knew it as The Master, but it was a Master Computer, a Master Brian left by a race that we've never met!..."

"No, you're  quite right, I don't believe we have, carry on." The 2nd said clutching his hands, enjoying The Doctor now he became more animated.
"There's no way of knowing if they still exist!" The 11th  continued. 
Then the 2nd clicked his fingers and fumbled in his right hand Pocket and pulled out a white paper bag, "My you're on a role aren't you, would you like a humbug?"

"Oh Lovely, I love Humbugs, I've not had a humbug since I bumped into Good ol' Dickens," He reached into the offered bag and popped one of the triangular brown and black stripped Humbugs into his Mouth and continued talking, only his voice was now distorted by the sweet dancing on his tongue. "Hmm eh, this is I suspect an old trap, set by these Planet hungry Beings… Oh this is gorgeously yummy…" The Doctor's eyes lit up even more, and he began waving his arms about excitedly "OOOH wait THIS IS A TRAP SOLELY TO OBTAIN THE RESOURCES OF EARTH!!" 
Clapping The 2nd said looking very impressed, "Well I can see where you got your brains from," and he grinned widely pulling on his left lapel of his Jacket as he added with a little Cough, " eh hum..Yes I believe this is a rather old trap but one we need to disarm Permanently or it will forever seek us out!" 
The Younger look towards older Doctor still sucking and biting into the Humbug said, "But The Master Computer was destroyed by The White Robots!!" the 2nd mentioned lost in Thought, "Well ah.. yes so I thought this computer was destroyed but now I'm thinking logically the answer is quite Simple."

And Both Doctors said it Together. "A BACK UP!!" 
The 2nd continued " Yes ah... how could I be so stupid! of course they made a back up, what intelligent being wouldn't... I feel such a fool."

The Doctor patting the others shoulder, "Now, Now you were relieved to return to reality, I remember how good that felt."

The Second shut his eyes drew in a deep breath and looked to the ceiling said... "well now we're here they will soon try to play Jamie into their game, they will test him, to see if he's suitable to take over from the Writer, they now have controlling things."

"They?" said the Doctor.
"Yes They.... Dickens and The Master Brain."
"Dickens?" said the Doctor in surprise.
"Yes Dickens...would I be right that when you happened to bump into him he gave you a Book!"
"Oh Crickey!! yes he did, why that sneaky sneaker, I give him humbugs and he just...well he obviously just sneaks!" 
"Well it would have to have been a rather heavy Book with a Title....Hmm, let me see… World of Fiction?" he said, lightly clapping his hands.
"Close but no jammy dodger for you, that cheeky Victorian gave me The Universe of Dreams."
 The Doctor now with a quizzical look added, "Didn't you say we needed a location locked in Jamie's Mind?"
The 2nd Doctors eyes narrowed and he had for a fleeting moment an evil gleam in his eyes, "No we know where your Second conscious is.....Don't we?" he said looking intently at the Doctor now clasping his hands together as he spoke, "No Jamie is the bait!"

Jamie busy in the Galley cursed while touching the hot teapot, "Da! Ya wee menace."

The Tardis was now nothing more then white mist sat in the void….

“What are yoo two Whisperin aboot?" Enquired Jamie entering the console room…
“Oh ah ..well nothing really Jamie, we’ve arrived,” his Doctor informed him.
“Oh aye, so what’s the plan Doctor?”
“Well” continued the 2nd, "I know we haven’t been detected as of yet, or we would have felt them probing our minds, so we best go outside and see what develops.” 
He looked to The Doctor,“Now you must try to empty your mind, any thought can be used against you.”
“I’ll do my best but after a 1,000 years my mind does tend to be full of the most trivial things...”
The 2nd open the doors and from outside the mist parted to revel the console room… “Ready?” he said.
“Here we go!” The 11thchirped.

As soon as the three stepped outside Jamie and The Doctor held their heads in agony… The 2nd stepped aside his mind closed… Grabbing Jamie’s arm and pulled him to one of the letters rapidly growing from the ground… 
“Jamie….. Jamie!!” he pleaded. Jamie’s Eyes were spinning wildly in his head… “Ahhhh Doctor!, it Hurts” The 2nd slapped him across the face.
“Wha! Hold on there Doctor there’s no need fo…” Jamie holding his cheek stopped talking, now back to his senses he looked to His Doctor who was guiding him into what could have been a letter H that had risen from the ground, standing a good 2.3 metres high. The Doctor held a finger to his lips, Jamie knew he had to be quiet.

“Now Jamie you’re a very resourceful young man, you know what to do, shimmy up there and Find the door...” 
“Me! I’m no so young anymore Doctor.”
“Ah to me you are, so stop lingering and get up there!” 
Jamie paused annoyed, then just looking at the smiling Doctor he laughed.
“Oh My Word! Jamie isn't this exciting.. now up you go.” 
Smiling Jamie said, “Hey Doctor do yoo remember that Sea Weedy Monster?” 
The Doctor froze….
“I better not, I’m trying to keep my mind neutral Jamie…” Then he gave Jamie a boost with clasped hands that Jamie stepped into, and he started to clime upward.
Jamie said “Funny thought just the same.”

Jamie, still climbing, heard a grown.
“Do Be Careful that’s my head” The 2nd pointed out to a laughing Jamie. 
“Well That’s pay back from our encounter with The Ice Warrior's Doctor.”
“Well can’t you pay me back in slippers, those hobnail boots of yours really hurt!”
Jamie now at the top stood and was able to read off a few lines from the surrounding text, “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

The 2nd Tutted to himself,  “The Bible eh?...Hmm, it looks like Dickens is feeling bad about something.”

“I see it Doctor!...”
“Ok come back down Jamie, and be careful where you put those clod hoppers of yours.”
“It’s over there to the right Doctor lets…..Wait! where’s that other Doctor Got ta?”

The Doctor now realising he was missing said, “Oh My Giddy Aunt!! Well he’s on his own for now Jamie we have urgent matters to attend to.” And both now headed in the direction indicated by Jamie.
“I had a feeling the Master Brain would lock onto your minds.”
“Oh did yoo now?”
He stopped to looked at Jamie's face, “Now look here Jamie, you know I’d never allow any harm to come to you don’t you?” 
“Aye I know Doctor… But hey I’m no Cheese in ya mouse trap either!”
Jamie’s Doctor smiled, “we’ve come a long way together Jamie, I’m beginning to think you're thinking more logically then that young Highlander I rescued so long ago.”
“I’m 61 Doctor I'm nay so young but I think even I can work a few things out for ma self by now, hey?”
“Yes….yes quite so, if only Zoe were here to see this!”

As they walked on The 2nd added, "Our Friend is a very disturbed man Jamie, I've never lost a companion, he has, he's full of self doubts, so I looked at it this way, If we had shared a shark infested sea Jamie it would be he, with all his thrashing about that would get the attention."

Jamie surprised said "did you know that before we arrived Doctor?" 
"Well of course I did Jamie, but I could hardly tell him that now could I, no...he would have been on his guard, if we're to save him, this is the only way, now quick we've little time."

They saw the doorway ahead.

“Doctor! Doctor Help!"
Both men froze in their tracks, “It’s Zoe Doctor!” 
“No,no no no… Oh dear I knew this would happen.” The 2nd Placed a crystal into Jamie’s hand. “Hold that as tight as you can Jamie.”

The Second now with his fingers to his temples shut his eyes tight and chanted to himself, “This is not real……this is not real.”
To Jamie he said, “Think of nothing but that crystal you're holding Jamie, nothing do you hear me?”“Aye the Glass thingy is getting hot.”
“Good, that means it's working.” His Doctor said.

The Doctor had no clue as to what happened after stepping out from the Tardis… his head hurt, he felt as if someone was trying to reach into his mind.
He walked through the mist Still in his long pyjamas and grateful of his long brown dressing gown, that he now wrapped tightly round himself, and tied the sash at his waist tighter… 
The Doctor felt his nightcap hanging from his left pocket, so he pulled it over his dishevelled hair, giving him the appearance of a young Scrooge… “hmm cosy,” he said, his words floating into the misty air.

He remembered he had to clear his mind, and was now thinking he should block what ever this mind reader was after, as it may encourage obstacles that will prevent him finding his Orbs occupant.....until!

“Hey You there!!” The Doctor turned to be faced a big nosed man wearing the navy blue jacket of a military officer, in white britches, sat on a beautiful chestnut brown charger; he was in full battle dress with a very distinctive cavalry sword at his hip flashing like gold as the Horse settled.

Smiling with glee the Doctor said "Oh Hello, well if it isn't old Booty... I was reading about you!"
"How dare you Sir! you will refer to me as your Lordship, do you hear me you insolent dog!"

The Doctor looked bemused "And you may refer to me as The Doctor your ah.... hum… Your Lordshipy."

"If you do not refrain from these insults Sir! I will have you flogged until you learn your place Sir! Is that clear?"

"As Crystal, your Lordship, I never meant any insult I assure you, you're a bit of a legend you know, IN FACT! I have your book!  could you possi..."

"Be Quiet Doctor!... Why are You on my Battlefield, remove yourself at once!"

The Doctor looked round the barren landscape, "I don't wish to alarm you your Lordship but we are alone here, as you can see." The Doctor said gesturing to the emptiness around him.

"Are your Blind Man!, the Whole battalion surrounds you!"

"Hello....someone’s been on the old sauce haven't they, French wine was it?" the Doctor touched his nose in a way that conspirators do when agreeing a plan. "well I won't tell if you don't, it’s all fair gain in War I suppose."

"How Dare you Sir!...Sergeant! Take This interloper away and have him shot for the spy he is!..."

Four tall toy soldiers appeared in red coat uniforms all armed with Bayoneted rifles.

The Doctor allowed them to walk him away, after bowing to The Duke of Wellington and wishing him good luck.

"Well Sergeant I've yet to see a Toy Soldier who can clime!" and the Doctor made his escape over the rocks and boulders that just appeared to the sound of musket fire…
It never accrued to him for a moment, that he may have caused these rocks to appear.

At the top of this rather steep clime The Doctor found himself looking down at a familiar sight, "Well you can't miss old St Paul's can you.....Well after all it was me who told Christopher to stick a Dome on top instead of that silly Spire he drew…"

Jamie and the Doctor stood at the door… "Typical it's locked Doctor."

"Oh Jumping Gobstoppers!! look Jamie," The Doctor point to the right of the Door... laying side by side were four white sausages each over 1.8 metres long… "Well I'd say that was my work, but it's that other me, he must be in the machine already."

Jamie walked over to the nearest sausage and kicked it. "What makes you think it's his work Doctor?" the Doctor Grinned, "It's a private joke Jamie, he's obviously realised what’s happened and left this message for me, these would have been the White robots, stationed here to guard this entrance." The Doctor put a finger to his lip in thought, and tapping as he said, "so he knew I'd be here, This could work to our advantage Jamie, this is a good sign our friend is resisting the Master Brains Programing." The 2nd clapped his hands with glee.

Jamie looked on knowing if his Doctor was this Happy, things should work out fine for them after all.

It took The Doctor fifteen minutes to reach the old London streets.. "Wha’ ya doing Mr.... are you a Toff?, you don't look much of a toff to me?"

The Doctor turned to face a shabbily dressed boy pulling on one of his bracers and wearing an old Top hat that looked as if it'd been sat on more times then it had been worn on his head. This young man stood with one leg on an old keg barrel.

" let me guess...Scruffy, self-confident, cockney kid.. Hello Dodger how Are you?"
"Me!...well I'm doing alright ain’t I, me toffee nosed friend."

Then three boys stumble into him form three sides... "Look out Mr" one cried out then ran…
"Scatter lads meet back at Fagan's
"You’re a Cheeky Blighter aren’t you." The Doctor observed, and Patted his pockets.
"Oh No.. they took my Jelly babies!"

To be honest it was more what he allowed them to take, his fob watch and sonic screwdriver was still well hidden. 

When you've lived as long as the Doctor you Learn a trick or two.
One disturbing thing the Doctor did observe was the Bad Wolf graffiti angrily painted across the aged wooden door of the bakery.
'Where are the others?' The Doctor thought, he was beggining to feel very tired, he walked into the nearest house, and it didn’t surprise to him no one objected, after all isn't this where they wanted him to be ?

"Find a Rock or something to break the lock Jamie," and Jamie shrugged and said, "Why don't yoo use that silvery screw driver thingy, of yours Doctor?"

"Oh, I don't think that would work Jamie it's for unscrewing things....Oh well I guess we could give it a try." and from one of his many pockets Jamie's Doctor pulled out a silver like pen 1oo mm long and Pointed it towards the lock...An alien whirring sound could be heard.. and some creaking of the door followed… The lock however didn't make a sound. 

"Oh Bother I knew it wouldn't work." the Doctor announced, kicking the stubborn door.. and it fell off it's hinges now minus its screws…

"Oh my Word!! how very Splendid, come on Jamie." The Delighted Doctor stepped over the door and  into the passage leading to an arched entrance, where the sound of electronic machinery clicked and buzzed, which meant they had found the control room.

"No need to thank me Doctor....Haa ya did nay anyway."

"Oh Come on Jamie don't dawdle. " He said,  beckoning from within the passage leading to the archway, and Stop mumbling, there's a good chap."

The large Double doors now facing the Doctor was locked but had a small rectangular panel divided into eleven smaller squares, three across and four down, one square being vacant to allow the letters that appeared to move freely, which allowed them to be rearranged in the right order so as to allow access, the rectangle had a large question mark next to it…

"Hmm, I believe we need to arrange these letters into a Question... hmm let me see." The squares had H.A.E. on the upper level, then Y.R.D. in the middle squares, followed by E.T.U. and R.O. on the remaining lower squares… The Doctor smiled moving the O side to side in the vacant space…

"Oh really, this is so Childish! They could have at least tried to make it Difficult!" The Doctor flexed his fingers by locking them between his hands… And at a inhuman speed arranged the letters to say 'ARE YOU THE DR?' now the letters lit up as the Master Brains voice asked the Question. "Are you the Doctor?"

Smiling The Doctor looked quite proud of himself, he bent and spoke into the small hole above the Words, as he knew this could only be the microphone, "Yes I'm The Doctor...oh yes I’ am indeed He!"

The Doctor heard the Second Doctor's Voice "RUN!!" 
The 11th Doctor Froze... His arrogance just trapped him.
The room transformed... no exit, no windows.

"I know this Room....this is from that Hotel, Room 11....and unsurprised the Doctor looked upon the Giant with the Happy bearded face Dressed in his green suit with its white fur trim, the same fur edged the top of his black leather boots, "Hello" the Giant boomed, "Merry Christmas," from the Corner where he sat, full of the Spirit of Christmas…

"Jamie!" The Doctor pointed to the sensors at the foot of the now opened arch, "Step over the beam, remember?"

Whispering Jamie said, "I Know, I told yoo last time remember?"

"Oh fiddlededee...Clever clogs, let's get on with it shall we." said the Doctor.

They entered the white room 4 metres square, the sound of the computers reminded them of their last visit…

Four tall cabinets lined the rear wall, in the centre was a terminal for manual input, But the Master Brain and it's servant were nowhere to be seem.

"I know your there Highlander!"

Jamie and His Doctor stood back to back, as they awaited what ever danger was heading their way.

"Soldiers protect the Master Brain! we have an intruder." They heard the Soldiers clock work march coming towards them.
"Here Jamie, move the cabinet under the skylight…” The Doctor pointed to the spot, “there move, quick!"

They both took hold of the cabinet and dragged it into place, it didn't matter about the noise now.

standing on the terminal table Jamie yelled! "Come on Doctor climb!"

"No Jamie, no time you just get moving, hurry!.... oh my word!! their almost here, ah... come on quickly man, no chitter chatter just Climb as fast as you and, NOW!"

Jamie was on top of the 2 metre high cabinet reaching down for the Doctor. "I can nay leave yoo… here take ma hand…"

His Doctor waved his arms upward to hurry Jamie on… "Move you stubborn hairy legged Highlander, I've been here before I'll take my chances. now Go.....GO!” The Doctor insisted franticly... “And remember to concentrate on the Crystal it will stop them reading your thoughts."

The 2nd gave a thoughtful hmm, "Ahh At least I came prepared this time." he said more to himself then the fleeing companion.

"Stop Him!!" ordered Dickens and a wall to the Doctor's left slid open to reveal Dickens connected to the Master Brain... A 1.5 metre globe spinning on its axis, which hovering above the famous authors head, it's neural network lit up to the chatter of its binary code, each path showed different aspects of the Brain's thought processes, the nerve centre ran like an electric rail made of light, The Master Brain barked out orders through Dickens and his distorted voice became a deep monotone. Dickens with dark rings under his eyes looked Zombie like, pal and no longer showing human emotion; his clothes were dusty, the colours once vibrant looked faded, he wore a smoking jacket with Hussar like piping in black linking the buttons over a gold and blue stripped waistcoat, his white shirt still just visible and around his neck his once purple, yellow, blue Paisley cravat… but now all looking so washed out, it matched his greying hair and goatee beard.

As the guards entered Jamie's legs were raising through the Skylight, and that was all they saw...

"Fools! Find him, don't let him escape, your Master must be protected from all outsiders!"

The toy soldiers never spoke, they spun on their heels in pursuit of the agile Highlander.

To Dickens Jamie's Doctor said, "Well you have me, so what do you propose to do with me?" and he raised his hands in surrender, but neither Dickens or the Soldiers, who's only interest was in capturing The Highlander noticed.

Puzzled the Doctor stamped his foot, annoyed that he was unable to detain the guards and draw their attention, which meant he was unable to stop them from pursuing Jamie, and possibly harming him.

"Now look here Dickens old chap this is intolerable, a man of your intelligence involved in these shenanigans."
But The Author said nothing... the doctor could only watch Dickens whose head was lolling from side to side as he typed a story he knew his other conscious was embroiled in.

"Good Grief! What’s wrong with you Man! Has the cat cut your tongue?" said the Doctor belligerently, as he tried to get Dickens attention, so as to offer The other Doctor, whatever he was caught up in, a chance of escape.

The 2nd Doctor, perplexed sat at the centre terminal… "Could it be!" he wondered.

"Everyone loves Christmas except you Doctor!" Boomed the Giant again, "You need to rid yourself of that dark soul or you will walk the fires of Hell for an eternity."

The Doctor knew he should resist but became intrigued… he saw the Ghost as his best chance at finding out what was happening.

"So my Jolly Green Giant! Ho Ho Ho, how do you suppose your going to change me for the good, hey?... is that fairy dust on your boots or have you been partaking of illegal substances? No wait! did you kick Tinkerbell?" the Doctor was enjoying himself now.
"I'm taking you to a Christmas Past, when you were happy was also the day you changed forever!"
The Doctor thought again, 'I must resist,'  he thought, but he couldn't.

The room flashed by as if in a zoom from a camera, only to see the return of the thick foggy mist. he held tight to the hem of the Giants Jacket as he felt himself being transported to another Time and place, the mist moving quickly beneath them, like clouds.

A pin prick of light rapidly became a scene from the Doctor's Past.. "No..No Greenie not here!......never here!" The Doctor felt as if he'd landed, he was in the Tardis.. and When he saw her the Doctor wept… and as he sobbed he pleaded, "Take me away, I'll do anything you ask but I can't bare to live this again."

The Christmas Spirit said no more..... he just pointed ahead and faded back into the mist.

The Doctor was unable to collect his thoughts, This was real! This happened... and it was happening again as he looked upon his former self sat at the Table laughing and brushing his white hair from his eyes…

"Go on Father read the joke from your Christmas cracker... Susan is all ears," Ethena said, she was stunningly beautiful, with her blonde hair styled in a French Braid with a Christian Dior diamond and Sapphire head dress that hung like brightly jewelled chains, the Sapphires enhanced the blue of her Edwardian Dress with it's tightly gathered waistline, the front bodice had a high neckline.
"Ha ha, Is she now my dear, well wait, wait.. let me see ah, I'll need my glasses, where are they?"
"There on your head father, really! you're so forgetful."
"Ha ha, so they are my dear, so they are."

It was a glorious scene. but one that left The Doctor on his knees, tears streaming down his slender face, unable to stop what was about to unfold.

The white clothed table easily sat thirty, it was made to celebrate The Duke of Gloucester's 11th Birthday, but at his birthday party at Windsor, on 24 July 1700, he was said to have overheated himself while dancing, he died six days later of a fever, The banqueting Table was fit for a King, which as son of the then Princess Anne you'd expect... The young Duke was never to see his Mother become Queen, who under the Acts of Union, two of her realms, the kingdoms of England and Scotland, united as a single sovereign state, which made her the first Queen of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707.
The elaborate seating was upholstered in Scarlet which complimented the deep browns of it's wood.
Sat in her high chair at the Head of this fine Christmas feast was Susan, The Doctors two year old Granddaughter. she was giggling at her Grandfather who was the life and soul of this family.

As it was Ethena's wish to marry the English man Tristan Davison, the Doctor embraced the Earths family traditions with glee. Tristan the Son of a down to Earth but wealthy family, was of Athletic build, having been captain of his Colleges rowing team and the county fencing champion in 1889, he was passionate about his chosen profession in Archaeology, He would say with excited eyes "The Past holds the Future, the more we understand from our ancestors plight the better we can prepared to face our own."

"Oh that's very deep, but you'd expect that from a bone digger wouldn't you." The Doctor teased, after such a speech.

He liked Tristan, he knew he would protect Ethena and Susan to his last breath. He had the raven black hair and Hazel eyes Susan inherited, unlike the blue eyed blonde Ethena.
The Doctor lost Ethena's Mother Otanna to a Grappling bolt meant for him... It pierced one of her hearts and fatally injured the other and with and the Tardis miles away he hadn't the resources to save her.

The Bolt was fired by a Watcher ... Once the Gallifreyan law enforcers, until one of their leadership became so extreme, it became a cult.

And their masters, The Timelords cast them out…

The Watchers Seek out any Gallifreyan They believe Timed out, Their word for prolonged time travelling, and The madness that followed had to be stopped.
The Doctor escaped when he wasn't much more then a teenager, he only returned to Gallifrey for the love of his life, Pardrake's sister. Pardrake was his closes friend.

So it wasn't long before they had a daughter in the old type 40 Tardis that had become their home.

"Well are you ready Susan? It says... Why don't Duck's fly upside down...What do you think Susan Hmm?...because they would Quack up!! Ha ha, well I'm not sure that's funny but the mental image is…"
Susan giggling as sweetly as a two year old can, and she clapped her hands excitedly... saying "Hooray!"

The unmistakable hooded figure of A Watcher entered The Tardis... "You Will Hand this Machine over to Me!"

Ethena immediately ran to Susan, lifting her from her high chair into her arms.

The Doctor rose from his Chair, "I will do no such Thing, How dare you come here, How did you get in here, hmm?"
"You Think your the only one with a Key? I'm a Watcher we know these Machines better then any you impure bloods.” (The Watchers believe they are the descendants of the First Gallifreyan High Council. )
Tristan stepped between The Watcher and The Doctor and deflected the arm of the Watcher, as he attempted to thrust his Stun stick at The Doctor’s chest, then Tristan's uppercut sent the Watcher backwards...

"You Neanderthal Monkey!" screamed the frustrated Watcher, wiping blood from his lip, "How dare you touch me! Try that again and I'll detonate this Antimatter Charge!” he opened his cloak to reveal the device at his hip, “it will kill everyone in this room" he took a red cylinder from his belt.. and while it flashed he placed it on the Tardis floor.

"I'd consider it an honour to die taking four impure bloods with me,” The Watcher in his black robes Laughed… "There, that's better, as for you Monkey breed, you better move back."
 Tristan looked over his shoulder to the Doctor, the Doctor nodded, "Yes do as he says, Watchers are not to be a trifle with my boy."

As The Doctor looked on, he begged "Spirit You can Stop now...I can't bare it" he cried in despair..

But the scene never changed.

From the folds of his Robes the Watcher removed yet  another device The Doctor recognised  instantly, as he placed it on the floor…

"Are you Mad!!, you can't operate that in Here!"

"Father don't!" cried Ethena.
"Ethena you don't understand," The Doctor said, "that device is an E class Vortex generator, and they are notoriously unstable.....he could scatter our molecules into space!"

Ethena walked over to the Watcher with Susan still cradled in her arms, "Look I know you consider the Young innocent.. my Girl is only two."

It was hard to tell if the Watcher had any emotions behind his hooded features, "If we leave the Tardis with you, will you promise to leave us in peace? without us having to keep looking over our shoulders for one of you to arrive?"

"I make no Promises" The Watcher hissed. "Your Father has Timed out"

The Doctor was trying to edge his way to the Console, Tristan and Ethena had cleverly placed themselves to momentarily blocked him from view. He ducked under the table and on hands and knees ran its length. he emerged at the other end next to the Console and hit a switch that activated the Watches Vortex Generator... then running flat out towards the gobsmacked Watcher he shoulder barged him clean off his feet and for a moment The Watcher hung in the air, face down floating feet first into the violent tare in Time and Space forming behind him. 

Tristan kicked the red cylinder still flashing into the Vortex with him, but he wasn't fast enough to prevent the Watcher grabbing Ethena by the leg, while the Doctor was laying on his back from the collision.. He could see The Watcher was half in the Vortex with only his upper torso showing, and Ethena still clutching Susan at her chest, was going in with him.

"No, no, no," Cried the Doctor struggling to stand...he was on his knees, the air in the room was heating up fast, if the portal didn't collapse soon the Console room would implode.

Tristan grabbed his wife by the waste.. She screamed, her legs already lost in the vortex, "Stop him Father! Tristan please, take Susan I can't hold her for much longer." her voice strained form the agonising pain.
"I can't my Darling I won't leave you." Tristan replied

"Stop it!" The Doctor Screamed at the Mist surrounding him

Then he heard Dickens Dark monotoned voice, you can rewrite it Doctor!" and a desk, quill and paper appeared… The Doctor dipped the Quill" then he heard, "NO, DON'T DO IT." it was the voice of the second Doctor, "If you rewrite your history you will become fiction, you CAN'T...You MUST NOT DO IT!"

So the scene continued... Tristan was Strong, but as desperate as he was to save his family, he was unable to stop the love of his life slipping away, she was edging evermore into the spiralling vortex.

"Doctor I'm losing her!" he bellowed. His hands burning in the Vortex.

The Doctor back at the console tried to override the vortex generator forcing it to close but it was now unstoppable.
"Father!" Ethena screamed in agony, "Take Susan I beg you please," she managed to say through gritted teeth. 

Then with the strength only a Mothers Love could achieve she threw Susan into the air....
"Susan My poor angel" the Doctor leaped to catch her... he managed to hold her in his arms before falling heavily onto The Watchers Generator… It shattered cutting the vortex instantly, and the cauterised headless torso of Tristan fell to the Tardis floor with a sickening thud... Tristan's arms were also lost… there was no blood.

Ethena's Last scream of his name was an unbearable memory.... But he had to bare hearing it
again, this is why he blanked it out.. This part of his life came from the darkest corners of his mind.
To save his sanity he locked it away.…

Kneeling on the floor tears stinging his eyes. Susan's tiny face stared up at her grandfather, terrified.
Poor Susan, he thought, I can never provide a normal life for you now, we will be forever looking over our shoulders.

The Doctor stood arms wrapped tight round his body looking at himself kneeling on his old Tardis Floor trying to comfort Susan.... He remembered how his hearts felt as if ripped from his chest.

"Doctor.....Doctor!! come on we must move now, I kan nay drag yoo." Jamie heard all the shouting and anguish as soon as he appeared on the roof of an old Curiosity Shop in old London.
He scrambled down the gap of the tightly packed buildings, and ran towards the voices...

"Jamie? is that you?" The Doctor was unsettled, and he reached to touch Jamie’s face, confused and in great pain, his hearts ached, the strain of reliving this horror left him drained, he was aching everywhere and he wasn't sure he could stand, the familiar Console room around him started to fade as did Susan and her grandfather.
"It's not your thought Doctor!... Look at your clothes your starting the fade."

Jamie was right as he looked down at the arms that just moments before were covered by his brown dressing gown, he could only now see a washed out and colourless gown.
"Help me stand would you please Jamie."
"Oh" as Jamie attempted to supported the Doctor he pressed the Crystal  his Doctor had given him in to The Doctor's hand, and Squatting, Jamie wrapped his arms under The Doctor's and around his chest, as he heaved with all his strength through his knees..."That wee glass Thingy should help ya" he said through clenched teeth. And the Master Brain lost sight of it's victim.

"Well. well well, what a lovely surprise." The 2nd Doctor happily said to himself, as he often did.
"So you can't see me because you already believe you have me... Oh how fascinating, even Poor old Dickens can't see me because the poor man is part of the program, isn't that so hmm?" He said to the unresponsive Author.

The Doctor pulled open an access panel under the centre terminal, now down on his knees he looked at the control boards, as he observed last time he was here, the circuit boards were constructed as they were on Earth, confirming his belief that the Aliens responsible for this clever trap, used the power of dreams to influence the Earth peoples development, all in order to gain the World they craved. giving them the means the spread their will World Wide.

"Oh what clever devils, you have to admire their methods... No war or destruction, you just absorb the populous, who willingly allow themselves the be transported here, to live out their lives in Fiction." The Second chuckled, "But you hadn't  allow for me, had you?... And that was your mistake to think you could treat me like an Earthling."

Now looking intently at the circuits The Doctor was looking for converging junctions that would lead him to the essence of his other self's conscious, because that would be the focal point... A computer chip, that controlled this and other units.

The Doctor placed a palm light inside, that he'd removed from one of his many pockets, this bright light not only lit up the interior, but worked in a infrared bandwidth visible to the Doctor, and the hottest spot between these many Circuit boards would lead him to the Chip he was after. he pulled out the boards one by one, still linked by there wire looms, and there it was, the fifth board burned brighter then any other, he closed his eyes to link with his other conscious and in his mind he asked, 'Is that you there dear chap?' 'well it's about time!, what took you so long?, this really won't do' The Doctor heard in reply, 'well I'm here now that's the main thing' Annoyed the 2nd Doctor’s conscious mind said 'well it's been terrible, I could have been absorbed by this system if I wasn't such a genius!'
 'ha ha and when would you allow that! to happen hmm! you're far to stubborn for that to happen, aren't you,' A pulse then his conscious replied, 'well it wasn't easy, they give you such a challenge it could be so easy to be taken in.'

The Doctor now with The orb in his left hand said in thought, 'well let’s hop to it then...return to The Orb... concentrate!" The infrared light past between the circuits and started flickering as the command paths in its wake closed. 'that's it, I think it's working!' and the answer in the Doctors head was, 'this is making me giddy... oh my giddy aunt!! I don't like it.' The conscious admitted, 'well concentrate... return to the orb now!'
An Alarm started it’s Shrill scream, and in this confined space it was deafening.

INTRUDER...INTRUDER ALL UNITS TO THE CONTROL CENTRE....PROTECT THE MASTER BRAIN!!! INTRUDER!! Repeated Dickens, with the alarms deafening shrill in the background.
The orb in The Second's hand glowed as it said in his mind "Run!!"
"Oh thank goodness" The Doctor replied, relieved… 

"Doctor help me." Jamie said as he entered the Control room. "He's heavy, I can nay hold him much longer, I think he's fainted, I've had ta drag him here."
"Yes, I see, did you give him the crystal?"
 "Well that's why he fainted."
 "Will he be alwrite Doctor?"
"Well it looks that way Jamie, he's weak but I can't see any physical harm." His Doctor replied.
"Here put this in his pocket it may help... in fact they may help each other."
Jamie taking the Orb with his one free hand, allowed the full weight of The Doctor to rest on his side… He pushed the Orb into the inside breast pocket of The Doctor's gown…
"OOH..WHAT'S THAT TERRIBLE RACKET!!" The Doctor said coming round. 

"We seem to have alarmed the Master Brian," all the Soldiers will be here soon." the 2nd answered.
Then both Doctor's heard in their minds…
 'Ah..well no that won't happen, unless you believe being attacked by sausages is possible?'
"Oh Really… You two! What is it with you and sausages? hey?"

The 2nd chuckled, "It's a private joke, between me and the Master Brain!"
"What are yoo two on about now?" said Jamie still holding up The Doctor, and straighten himself  as The Doctor wobbled slightly, smiled broadly.

"I'm Back" he said waving jazz hands then doing a strange arm pumping dance stepping side to side.
"Well Goo'd yoo wa doing me in," Jamie said now unburdened.

The 2nd Doctor was already pulling the connections to Charles Dickens mind and a big groan expelled from his lips.
 "Wherrr... What the devils going on… This isn't my train?" Charles said to no one in particular.
 "I fear my good Man, that your train may have crashed." The 2nd said smiling…
 "Wait a moment… it's you! And He's you! How can you both be here?... Am I having a mad mans dream?"
 "No your not Dreaming.... well at leased NOW! your not dreaming" replied the 11th and beaming, now back to his old self, he took out his sonic screwdriver and tossed it in his hands before aiming it's sonic wave into the Master Brain.

"Well Goodness me.... you do like your Gadgets don't you.. what ever happened to using a hammer hmm?" said the 2nd, "I could rewire this computer to self destruct easily!" he continued…
 "Well I've moved on, this is The Sonic Screwdriver Mark 10… And with this bad boy this whole system is now disabled for good."
 "Well I do like a good ending don't you?" The 2nd proclaimed.
 "Not you Jamie I was talking to...well never mind let's get going shall we, this place gives me the heebie jeebies."
 "Oh Aye sure enough.. now where’s the Tardis?"
 "Well" said The 2nd, "it's in the Mist... Oh Dear Me" he murmured, realising it would be invisible.
 "We will just have to feel for it, won't we."
 "What Here! in this vast place Doctor? it could take years."

Charles Dickens no longer in the grip of the Master Brain started fading away, as his conscious mind began to returned to his body.
"Well this looks like it’s Goodbye Doctor's" he said then he was gone.
"Oh...Well that's a fine how do yoo do, not even a thank yoo." said Jamie dumbfounded…

The Doctor faced them both and leaning with a big grin said, "Would you allow me? Just this once to do this?" and waving the Sonic Screwdriver around them he said, "Got it, follow me."
So leaving through the archway, they walking over the doors still Lying on the ground, where
Jamie and His Doctor just looked at each other and laughed, and his Doctor shrugged his shoulders to Jamie's unspoken remark.

For 300 metres away surrounded by the swirling mist Stood a Blue Police Box…
"Da da!" said The Doctor with Jazz hands again.
 "Oh My Word!! What a beautiful sight, Hey Jamie?"

"That it is Doctor, Aye that it is sure enough." Jamie replied.

Back in the Library where it all began The Doctor returned the Second Orb and it's jade plinth among the others in it's usual place on the Chippendale table.
 Welcome home he said to his Second’s Consciousness…
 'It's rather splendid to be back.' the orb replied
 'Well where the Hell!! have you been gallivanting too!' Shouted the Third Doctor from his Orb, 'Our days of adventure are long over and don't you forget it… Why the very nerve.'
"OK you two behave or it's bath time with rubber ducky for you." Said The Doctor Content to be himself again… In Fact he felt renewed.
"So what will you two be doing now?" He enquired, returning his gaze to The 2nd and Jamie.  "Well we have some catching up to do Jamie and I, and he wishes to see Victoria again."
"Aye Victoria is closer to my time, I feel goo'd around her, Zoe is lovely but a wee bit of a bossy boots... we can catch up wee her later Hey Doctor?"
 "Yes Jamie we shall, after all we have all the time we need....Well Goodbye Dear Chap." The 2nd held out his hand, and gripping it with both hands The Doctor said, "Oh I wish we had more time to chit chat.. But we best go our separate ways."
 "Yes.. quite right.., Well ah… Goodbye and you had better burn that book." he suggested, pointing to the Heavy Book with it’s wires till trailing from it…
 "Yes I will, first thing... we don't want any complications now, do we. Ha ha."
 And with that both waving, The Doctor and his Companion walked into the Blue Police Box that was bigger on the inside.

The End.......Or is It?

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