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Something Old, Something New, Something Blue

The Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 came to an end on the 16thApril 1746...

With the British bolstering their forces by withdrawing troops from the continent, The Rebel Army realised reaching further in to England was no longer viable, so Lord George Murray saved his army with the successful retreat from Darby to Inverness, but it was this very act that convinced The French; who's aid was on The Bonnie Prince’s Brother Henry's Shoulders to secure, that all was lost, Charles Edward Stuart's promises of British and French support now proved empty. The retreat took its toll on the men, unable to provide provisions the Army was starving. Lord George Murray’s failure to provide a surprise night attack on the government forces sent The Prince into a rage,he was so frustrated by this failure he took command of the Jacobite forces and committed his tired Army to fight on the most unsuitable terrain possible for a Highland charge. Most of the Brave Scots were cut down by the Hanoverian grapeshot and gunfire before they were even half way toward the line of Government troops; and with a well practiced bayonet counter attack to the Highlanders broadswords the charge lost momentum and the army fled. 
It was the slaughter on that cold Culloden Moor that ended the Jacobite reign.

The mist on the moor moved like ghostly bodies scammbeling to escape this blood stained ground. Kelvin Strutter, a Redcoat who had not taken part in any Battles;
As Culloden was over long before his unit arrived. So he thought that while his company camped he’d sneak out in the hopes of discovering some hidden wealth on that sodden field, alas all he discovered was a lone Highlander, who rose from the mist with his back to him, he appeared to the soldier at least, to be confused, and he figured this was due to Battle fatigued, silently he lifted his musket to his shoulder and took aim, letting out a breath, he knew this shot would send the Scot to whatever heaven he believed in; he fired and in total disbelief he saw the man duck as if he had a sixth sense of his demise.
The Highlander spun on his heels and ran at the redcoat with his family war cry, "Creag an tuire" as he drew his 18 inch short claymore dagger and drove it through the shocked soldier’s heart; and it was he who was to discover if there really was a heaven.

The British governments unnecessarily brutal reprisals to this conflict spent it’s time hunting down anyone believed to have taken part in this Rebellion, while former supporters to the cause were only too willing to seek out terms, many homes and castles were torched, hundreds were executed after brief trials, and some 700 died on the prison ships anchored in the Thames. Those few allowed to live were either forced into the Army in the Colonies or sold into slavery and shipped to American plantations.
A new law for Scotland stated that hence forth no Highlander could carry a weapon or wear the Kilt.
The Clan system was at an end.

The grey green sea that seemed so calm when leaving harbour spat its fury over the crew, Jamie McCrimmon was among them, with the help of his cousin Luke he made sail to the Carolina’s as crew to pay his passage.
‘Dee ya think ya can hack it Jamie?’ Luke enquired of his kin.
‘Oh aye, nay bother, if I can shimmy up a tree, I can clime those wee masts with all those ropes fur shur.’ Jamie reasoned. 
"Well the food is meagre but better then a half starved army anyways."
"Aye, there is that." answered Jamie, glad to be away from the cave and cellars that had been his refuge for the past 4 months.
Once on board Jamie realised that the ship didn't just bob up and down, oh no, it bobbed from side to side as well, and it can even lift you off your feet, it was almost as if gravity momentarily gave way to nature. and he found shimmying up the masts harder then he could ever imagine, but sure enough a few weeks in, he was as capable a rig monkey as any other.
Others desperate to escape the British tyranny had passage paid for by those they gave their bond, this would entail a written contract to work for two years or more to cover that cost, or promised payment would be made on their behalf upon their safe arrival to the colonies, anyone failing to pay would be kept on the ship until someone willing to pay the debt was found, or they too would be sold into slavery.
Jamie relished life on deck, mainly because life below deck had the foul stench of animals and its human cargo, this made for a very unpleasant journey in crammed compartments, which also led to sickness and diseases that thrive in such closeness. Anyone too ill to be cared for would be thrown overboard on Captains orders, on one such an occasion Mary Trent who died giving birth, along with her child, was tossed through a porthole, as she was so far down in the ships hold, the men responsible couldn’t see any reason to drag her or the child up top.
Conditions on any ship gave those sailing much to endure, and discipline was brutal, with months and sometimes years at sea the officers kept the moral high ground by dealing out punishment swiftly. Mutiny was their greatest fear.
In the howling Wind there came a shout! ‘Lash that yard arm man!’ Lieutenant Robert Hackett Bellowed, the crew knew him as Hackett the hatchet and he was a fearsome sight. Wearing the typical naval blue officer’s coat within the sash at his waist he carried an axe, ready to hack away any rigging that threatened to endanger the ship or himself, he would not be dragged under to his death like his father. The Lieutenant was short but thick set, he boasted to be as strong as a bull, with long black hair tided into a ponytail, his thick bushy eyebrows hung over his stern hazel eyes, he could put fear into a man with a stare that threatened murderous intent, his broken nose from some bar room brawl helped to give him the look that promised a rapid end to any indifference's with his crew, he had thick lips which were further enhanced by the jagged scar over his left upper lip. He was clean shaven but his square jaw line always looked dark.
Jamie Aloft yelled, ‘Aye, Sir,’ but the wind carried his words away. Young Jamie in a long sleeved collarless and faded hemp shirt now wore dark trousers in place of his customary Kilt, and boots, his brown waist coat being the only item of clothing that held any true colour, he was handsome and the ladies loved his blue grey eyes when they shone for them.
‘If I have to come up there and drag your sorry backside across that mast McCrimmon you will regret it do you hear me Boy!’
‘Aye Sir, lowd and clere.’ Jamie quickened and in his haste slipped but caught the upper ropes and hauled himself back to task.
‘I’ve seem monkeys move quicker then you Boy! Are you no better then a monkey?’ The Lieutenant was now addressing Jack Meek, at 10 Jack was one of the youngest crew members but he would not be ranked as a seaman until he reached the ripe old age of 16, “Aye aye Sir, I’ll move faster Sir.’ Meek answered but like Jamie it was lost to the wind.
Jack was a willowy child with blonde unkempt hair that surrounded his face as it willed, and with blue eyes thin face and  a sharp nose; he was yet to find any real character to his features.

With the sails tied and the cargo secured, the soaked crew awaited the Gale to abate.

The names given to the sailors not commissioned as offices as a matter of interest are based in Anglo-Saxon (boatswain, coxswain, seamen) While officers are Based in Norman (Captain, Lieutenant, Admiral) in this way the Class system is firmly established.

When Jamie wasn’t on duty, which wasn’t as often as he’d like, as all serving on board shared a four on and four hours off rotating shift called a Watch, plus all watches will be called to deck during hazardous conditions, he would lie in the netting by the ships Mermaid figure head, The Albemarle was once a French frigate before being captured by a Dutch privateer, then transformed for the purpose of merchant shipping, this involved sealing the Gun ports and partitioning those former fighting decks for accommodation.
Jamie would sometimes sleep or read in this nook with the fresh sea air cleansing his body and mind, lying back now he felt the strength of the sea, causing the teak built ship to creak and grown in protest, as it powered its way across the Atlantic.
Although Dutch owned, the crew consisted of Spanish, French, English, Irish, Scots and Nordic sailors, these men worked for the possible fortunes they could make, so there was no national pride at stake for these men. The Captain, Jansen Bering, (No relation I might add to Vitus Bering, to which much is named, such as The Bering Strait, That Bering sailed as the Dutch navigator in the Russian navy) was the only Dutchman, and he was a mean man, full of spite. His greying hair was brushed back and with thick grey sideburns, his red face carried a bulbous nose,over his thin lips, with his mouth open he exposed the brown yellow teeth, stained by smoking and his drinking, which gave him a foul breath, and he had the look of a drunk, which he was, more times then not. Even the gold braiding on his jacket appeared tainted by Booze and Smoke.

On one of the journeys calmer days the Masthead lookout spotted something floating ahead to their port side.
The captain ordered men into two boats that were hastily put over the side, to investigate and bring back anything of value.
What looked to be calm from the ship was choppy and hard going in the small boats and the four men crew of each boat rowed like demons to reach their prize.
When the crew neared their goal with its browning foliage twisted into garlands it was clear it contain the remains of a Native American, this could only be a death raft for some great chieftain or hero, cast out to sea so this great man would not fall victim to hungry wolves or bears. In some cultures this would be an honourable end, to give back to nature, but for those special few who lead their people to greatness in battle or leadership, the body was placed where the beasts they shared life could not reach.
The decaying body lay in it’s beautifully decorated deer skin tunic with soft leather tassels travelling down the arms and across the back and chest, with the trousers having the same tassels running down the outer legs, the dark brown of the this skin made the blue, white and red beading more vibrant, and at this honoured mans side lay sheaved knives, bowls containing dried food, an exquisite axe with attached feathers and a bow with feathers bound at both end, these feathers were from no bird these Europeans had ever seen with bright greens, yellows, reds and black. The quills of the arrows looked to Jamie to be from an eagle, held in the lavishly decorated quiver.
‘We can nay take those!’ Jamie protested.
'You will do as the captain tells you matey or you’ll be flogged,' said the chubby Irish Boson, whose ginger hair hung flat beneath his tricorn hat, so that it passed his thick ginger beard, giving him the look of a young Father Christmas. If being a scruffy Ginger blaggard was part of the old mans traits in his youth.
‘I’ll have nuffin tee do wee it.’ Jamie retorted.
‘Well we’ll do it with out ya then, won't we lads?' "Aye." 'Well come on me lads, we've work ta do, so wid ya get a move on.’ The Boson shouted, then whispered, ‘I’ll not tell the captain if you don’t, hey? Any ways I’ll take your share of any prize.’ He pointed out to Jamie, with a huge satisfied grin.
The crew kicked the raft away and took to the oars once again and headed back towards the ship with the plunder.
The Captain hung looking down over the side, eager to see these treasures, and he instantly recognised the rings and capping on the axe to be gold, so he ordered the Boson to take the axe and buckskin to his cabin. ‘You may share out the rest.’ He said, gesturing with an unsteady gait and displaying his brown stained teeth in a sickening grin.
With the boats crew dividing their pilfered items Lieutenant Hackett took Jamie to one side,’ I saw what you did boy… and you were right not to have anything to do with that disgrace,’ he saw surprise in the Highlanders eyes, ‘what? You took me for a heathen? My ancestors are Vikings my boy and no good will come of this day, I pity the fool who buys that buckskin he will more then likely end up scalped!’
Jamie was struck dumb by Hackett, he took him to be a brute, but this man had principles leading the Scot to think Hackett hid a good soul.

A day The Highlander will never forget began while scurrying back on deck from his nook, where Jamie came face to face with Arabella Moreau; one of three daughters to Monique and Jacques Moreau, a French family hoping to settle in the colonies, Jacques worked as a silversmith, and with his fine craftsmanship felt riches can be had in the new world, his reasoning being that because people trade in silver coin, all silver items and gold could be used to barter, some silversmiths became bankers because turning peoples money into silver objects kept their wealth safe.
Jacques not wanting all his eggs in one basket had already shipped most of what he needed in other vessels.
These were cunningly hidden within every day items such as wagon wheels or sealed caskets stored until his arrival.
‘Oh... is you again.’ Arabella said, and her English impressed the young Scot, who’s French ran out after wee wee.
‘Have we met?’ he asked inquisitively, ashamed not to recall such a meeting.
‘Oh no, but I see you often Ere’ where you stay.’
‘Really!…well I guess I shude intra duce ma sell, hey? I’m Jamie McCrimmon.’ Jamie said beaming from ear to ear at the attention from this auburn haired beauty. And he stretched out his hand to be shaken.
Arabella looked at the hand and putting a finger to her lip giggled, ‘Jou ar very farword Jacmie!’
‘Oh, sorry I forget ma manners when Angels visit me.’ He blurted embarrassed, he withdrew the hand and wiped it down his side and bowed.
‘Ah jour a sharmer I see,’ she replied still giggling.
To Jamie Arabella had the beauty of a porcelain statue of Venus herself, with long wavy hair of burnished copper, her brown eyes shone which  like crystal, were the focal point to the slender face with her cute nose, Jamie felt he was smitten already.
The young woman’s long floral gown gathered round a cream centre that had three bows evenly placed across the triangular bodice.
This dress reached the deck with a train that swept elegantly behind her; Arabella wrapped her royal blue cloak tight about her body to protect her from the chilly sea breeze Jamie enjoyed.
Jacques looking stern called cross to his daughter, asking her to rejoin the family at the bow.
‘Oui papa, un moment,’ she answered. She turned quickly back to Jamie and held out her hand, ‘A pleshair to meet jou Jacmie.’ And Jamie took her hand in his and shook it gently, ‘aye, my pleasher.’ He said smiling; he’d decided not to kiss her hand while her father’s eyes still burned into him.
That was the start of a true romance, chastised by his Captain and fellow seaman Jamie ignored their superstitions and class beliefs as he thought it none of their concern.

Jamie would listen to her stories of how her family once wealthy, suffered from the ruthless undertakings of those ambitious and envious enough to take by fair means or foul, their properties and business.  American was the only hope left for them now.
As she spoke Jamie loved to watch the curl of her lips, and the flash of wonder in her eyes.
‘Jacmie what for you, is your reason to seek this new life'a?’
‘Ock, I could go own for days Lassie, I’m tee help ma Uncle, he’s a good man, and he’ll see me fair.’
Arabella laughed so much with Jamie he barely knew why, but half the time he reckoned  his accent was hard for her to follow, which led to amusing confusion. 
On the day Jamie took a hot potato meant for The Captain’s table, she was the first to jump to his defence.
‘Dis ol lady is starving no?, it’s not for him he takes this!’
Jamie had spotted Mary Gordon; a woman known to him as well as his own family, coughing and frail in the gangway to the deck, she looked haft starved, what ever provision she brought with her were clearly inadequate, so he took her up top and sat her on deck on the poop steps.
‘Wait here Mary, I’ll fetch ya some food.’
‘No Jamie, be nay bothered fur me, I’m tired un weary is all, thank you any ways, I’ll sit here a while if I may and catch ma Breath.’ Mary pleaded, and to Jamie she seemed at deaths door, her skin was drawn tight and pale, with dark rings under her blood shot eyes.
‘It’s nay Bother Mary, sit there now and don’t be wondering, I’ll be back soon enough, hey? So stop your bletherin ’ Jamie reassured her.
As he raced off he could hear Mary’s protests but carried on regardless. Duncan McKey was on his way to the Captain’s cabin with a tray of food, when Jamie ran over and took one of the three Hot Potatoes on the Captain’s plate… ‘Jamie… what the Hell man, geesit back.’ He said in shock.
‘He’s plenty there Duncan… nay worries.’ Jamie laughed
But the boatswain saw him and reported the theft.
‘There Mary get that dune yoursell and nay arguments.’ The thief advised.
‘Oh No Jamie yoo’ll be in trouble fur sure.’ The woman warned.
‘Well then eat it, because it’s too late now hey!’
Despite any ones pleas for leniency Jamie was taken to the Captain, who’s first reaction was to hang him, but on Hackett’s advisement he ordered 28 lashes of the whip with all hands on deck to witness the punishment.
With the whole crew and some passengers crowding the deck, Jamie was tied over one of the 36 pounder deck cannons still on board.
‘All stand… Captain’s on deck.’  Hackett ordered.
The Captain smiling his twisted smile lent over Jamie, he spoke perfect English.
‘Well, well little thief what have you to say for yourself now, Hmm?’ he gloated.
‘Just get on wee it…’  ‘Sir.’ He added after a sturn look from Hackett.
‘Let all be witness to the mercy I have shown this THIEF!, I sentence him to 28 lashes, now do your duty.’ Jansen directed this order to the boatswain and his mate, who would share the burden by giving 12 lashes each of the Cat o nine tails with the boatswain delivering the final 4.
Stripped to the waist Jamie flinched as the whip cut his back, after each stroke the boatswain and his mate would pull the tails through their fingers to remove flesh and blood for the next lash.
After the twenty-fourth sickening crack of the whip, the boatswain out of breath, took a deep breath and let out a crying huff with each of the four remaining strokes.
All this time Jamie gritted his teeth hissing a Gallic curse. 
Then after a pulse as everyone looked on open mouthed, at how defiantly he took his pain. Jamie was released from his ropes and taken under the arms by Hackett and Luke, who carried the pain filled Highlander  to Joe Glassup the ships carpenter, who also acted as a surgeon,  he was a tall thin skeletal man, in a grey tunic and trousers. 
‘Wait,’ Glassup shouted and made a futile effort to sweep his table clean with his left arm, while they lay Jamie face down, with Hackett still holding the Scots arms, he told Luke to fetch the cider vinegar from the cabin he shared with the other officers. On his return the vinegar was applied as an antiseptic to the open wounds….. Jamie screamed in agony and gratefully to all those present, whom he cursed, he passed out.
‘He could curse for the Devil that one!’ The aging Carpenter said, but he’d seen all this far too loften and was hardened to it.
‘I’m thinking Gallic was a good choice, had the Captain been aware most was aimed at him he may have hung him anyway.’ Luke offered.
Hackett knelt and held Jamie’s unconscious head and said ‘Well my Boy welcome to a seaman’s life.’
To the others Hackett  barked,  ‘As Jamie’s on my watch I’ll allow him to rest the night, but he has to return to duty first light at eight bells, or the Captain will start this process all over again, he’s a spiteful man and will kill him just keep order on his ship, is that understood!’               
‘Aye Sir.’ Luke replied.  
At eight bells a defiant Jamie with eyes blazing reported for duty, Hackett gave him deck duties, he wasn’t about to have Jamie aloft to strain his wounds. The Lieutenant  used his own supplies to keep Mary fed for the remainder of the voyage, making sure no one knew especially Jamie.

Jamie's love for Arabella grew and he convinced Anabella’s father that he wasn’t a salty sea dog but a man heading out as he, for a new life and fortune, he read a letter sent to him by his uncle ‘Jamie my dear wee laddie, I can use you back home in Carolina.  Young man, the colonies are growing fast and new homes are required, for sure now…So  I’ll tek ya under ma wing and teach ya carpentry as ma faver taught your Faver and I.’
‘Zwell I gezz jou will provad for my daughtare no? so oui, jou Ave’ our blessing to wed.’ Jacques told Jamie to much relief on his part, some 2 months after they met and it would take at least another two weeks at sea before they reached The Carolina’s.
Unbeknown to Jamie as gallant and charming as he can be, it was Arabella who convinced her father she had found the man of her dreams, honest and brave.
They were married five days from making port in Charleston by the Captain with Luke as best man.
The young couple joined Jamie’s family in Beaufort North Carolina; By November 1746 Jamie and his bride lived above his Uncle Angus’s wooden built general store, overlooking the waterfront, which consisted of a modest kitchen space and a separate bed room, a new experience for the Highlander who was used to a single floored cottage.
The bugs in Carolina would often result in a screaming Arabella begging Jamie to save her.
‘Oh he’s a beauty! I could  Aboot ride that oot.’ He quipped, but Arabella was still frantic and insisting he kill it.
Jamie would grab them, throw them out and reseal the cotton screen.
In June of 1747 a Spanish ship entered the harbour and took several vessels; with only thirteen militia guarding the Town it was achieved without a shot fired in defence.
Arabella was now carrying the couple’s first child, and at that time seven months into her pregnancy.
Jacques wrote to his Daughter after hearing of this raid, stating;...
Attacks on our coasts are becoming more regular and the Pirates are getting braver with each attack, your Mother and I would prefer that you stay here with us, at least until your child is born. 
Not wishing to leave Jamie at this time, she wrote back reassuring her Father that Jamie would not allow harm to come to her or their child.
On the 26th August, five days after Calum’s birth The Spanish returned, only this time they put a landing party ashore and took possession of the Town.
Word soon spread throughout the Town that 24 Spaniards from a crew of over  96 had landed, and home by home fathers and husbands knew they had to hide the woman and children.
Jamie remembered the hunting cabin his uncle used way back in the woods and thought it the perfect hiding place, as he knew these men were here for profit and it was The Town Stores and Houses they would be concentrating on as soon as they secured the perimeter. ‘Once e soldier always e soldier hey!’ Angus said.
‘Aye… Uncle,’ Jamie concurred, now focusing on Arabella and Calum he wrapped a cloak round them both as his wife held their new born son, ‘Don’t be afeared, we can get yea both safe, but we have ta move fast, there’s little time, once they establish themsells they will ransack tha place.’
‘But darling what of jou?’ Arabella said terrified.
‘Nay bother Worryin fur me ma dear, ya need tay worry what I’ll be doin tay them!’
The Scot looked at his son cradled in his mothers arms, his dark hair fluffed up by his blankets, his eyes were pure blue like Jamie’s fathers had been. He was a McCrimmon alright.
‘Jamie move man!’His Uncle pleaded, and all debate was over.
They ran through the back streets gathering any of the others they encountered and convinced them to follow.
It was over an hours trek to the cabin and Jamie was grateful for those who had the sense to bring food and water, although the cabin did have a well.
Some 40 women and children now join Arabella and Margot, Jamie’s Aunty as they made themselves as comfortable as possible in the confines of the cabin, then bidding farewell to their men folk, three of the teenage boys were armed and ordered to stay by their fathers.
‘You Boys will guard the women and children are you clear? Do NOT attempt to join us unless you are found.’ Patrick Jameson ordered.
While two nodded the Third cried, ‘But father I want to fight with you!’
‘Jacob…’ he said looking into his son’s eyes pleadingly, ‘you’ll be doing me the honour of protecting your mother and sisters,’ ‘But Father!’ ‘No buts son,’ and he took his sons shoulders, ‘this is your duty now boy, swear to me you’ll do it.’
Crying the fourteen year old Jacob promised, and he watched sobbing as the men return to the town.
Jamie hugged his wife and son, ‘Arabella ma love, please stay here till it’s safe, I’ll be back fur yoo both soon enough.’
‘Jacmie I louve you wid all of my Art! Jou will be back dis I know.’ they kissed and then Jamie kissed his son’s forehead, ‘Look at the wee boy, he’s gripping ma finger so tight, he’s strong like his Grandfather.’ One more kiss  and he retraced their steps to join the  others, behind him he heard Margot shout, ‘No be worried Jamie. We’ve ben through wours.’
 The air was thick with the smell of musket fire… ‘Oh, that will be the Militia on the run then, what e shambles they are hey?’
‘Aye Jamie rite enough… but we need tey get supplies, this won’t be a nights wok here, this may tek weeks to run these leeches ouwt, their on a gud thing here and won’t bae in a hurry tay leave.’  Angus answered.
The Men spread out, Patrick told his oldest son Michael to head out to warn and gather those that preferred living out of town and the farmers. Michael nodded, ‘take them to the women do you hear?’
‘Yes Sir.’ He told his father.
Four men followed Patrick into the town where they would split up and meet outside the town with as much arms and ammo as they could carry.
Angus and Jamie ran to their cold storage shed and took all the food they could managed in a hand cart and ran back to the muster point.
‘P├írele Perros!’ shouted a huge man who stepped from the shadows of an ally to the Scot’s left.
‘Keep goin,’ Jamie barked…. ‘And don’t look back Angus.’
Angus now taking the full weight of the cart knew better then to stop and discuss their options and leaned forward increasing his pace, ‘See yoo soon laddie.’
‘Hey! Stop!’ The Large man said again.
Jamie stopped to face him and two more Spaniards with raised muskets joined him on either side of this 6’5” (1.98 meters) Giant. And they looked no taller then The Highlander who now blocked their path.
 Eugenio Bejarano, was the ships Champion fighter. And it was just Jamie’s luck to face him out of all the crew he could have stumbled into.
The Man had a vivid red scar running down from his left eye all the way down to his chin, and Jamie guess it only be a few weeks old.
The Scot found the man stank of stale wine and sweat, and the slate coloured tunic he wore had the sleeves ripped off, probably by him, to expose the crude tattoos on his bare arms. Jamie thought to himself, this was a man, who was  just a little too proud of his strength.
 While at sea the crew of the vessel now anchored in the harbour attempted to relieve their  boredom by providing this brute with a worthy opponent taken from the plundered ships they encountered on their way, and this young Scot, stood before them now, wasn’t a worthy opponent, so all three men smiled with blackened teeth at Jamie.
Eugenio reassured his colleagues this won’t take long and they could get back after the old man and whatever he was wheeling away.
Jamie remembered some advice Hackett gave him when facing a larger foe…
‘You rush him as he won’t expect it, then lean out as if to avoid contact and swing your arm with all your weight behind it at his throat…believe me he won’t be back for more.’
Jamie moved fast but as his arm swung the man protected his throat with his left arm, so Jamie forced his swing out more and used the mans arm to bend his around which added extra force to the blow that struck the large mans temple… he stepped back as a white flash filled his vision, without a pause The Scot kicked the mans right inner knee joint, and Eugenio was already falling forward when Jamie’s next kick met his face on the way down, and the exploding crack of a broken nose filled the air… but still jumping up,  Jamie planted his elbow hard on the back of the Spaniards head giving the face that  added momentum to hit the dirt they called a road, hard.
The two remaining Pirates stood open mouthed at what they just witness, they no longer had their muskets raised, and they were trying to comprehend just how a the small man could dispatched the Champion so easily.
Without waiting for them to react Jamie fled back into the shadows after his Uncle. They both fired much to late to hit a man no longer there.
Jamie had some tools in the yard of a new building meant for a retired Sea Captain, as it was on his way he took the time to enter the yard and he threw more tools into the canvas bag he always used to carry them in.
At the muster point all the men now fully armed with ten others, once again gathered to plan a course of action.

Angus spoke first, ‘We should return to the women and store the food with them.’
‘Yes that would be sensible, Michael will be their with more men when he’s finished his task.’ Patrick concurred.
‘Well men the less time we spend here the better, lets move on.’ He added.
With all announcing their agreement the men returned to the woods.
‘Why tha tools Jamie ma boy, are yoo planning a family extension tey tha cabin?’ Angus chuckled.
‘Oh I’ve an idea… but ya will nay like it.’ Jamie smiled back.
 For two days they fired on the Spaniards always on the move to avoid the cannon fire.

The Militia joined them late on the 3rd night with some 53 men under the command of Major Enoch Ward.
He praised the men of the town for their fighting spirit and promised the Towns folk they would have better protection in future.

Jamie spent time with Arabella and their son who looked rosy cheeked and healthy. ‘He so takes after yoo Bella.’ Jamie cooed.
She laughed, ‘Jou know pearfectly well he’s eh McCrimmon, he so will be giving us sum of he’s cheeky talk, like jou hmm?’
‘Aye shur enough. the wee cheeky chops.’  And Jamie held them in his arms.
Michael run into the Cabin excited… ‘Father’s men have captured one of the cannons, they are on their way back now!
‘That’s excellent news,’ The Major said on his return, please allow my men to take charge of it… we will attack in force tonight.’
‘We must launch a diversion then hit them hard and fast.’ Angus suggested.
‘Agreed.’ The Major said nodding.
‘Jamie wha’ evah crazy idea yoo had you best be at it.’ His Uncle advised.
‘My idea will bee subtle, you will still need ta make a diversion.’
‘Leave that ta mee and Patrick here, we are itchin ta git back our toown.
Jamie emptied his canvas bag… checking the contents for what he needed.
He picked up the brace and fitted the longest drill bit he could find.

Most of the crew was in the town, now confident that they had the upper hand. Only fifteen remained on board to guard the ship and maintain the pumps while some completed minor repairs.
Jamie kissed his family and set off alone.
At the shore Jamie silently slid into the water and swam breast stroke towards the ships anchor line, he heaved himself up, and climbed the anchor rope with ease…. The canvas bag hung from his back swaying with his body, he was thinking once on the upper deck, getting to the  lower decks could prove difficult.
But as luck would have it, when he neared the ships side an open gun port provided the perfect entry point, with it’s gun on shore there was nothing blocking the way.
They had taken six cannon ashore by  Jamie’s count, from this deck… the oil and candle light on board gave the invader plenty of shadows to hide in, he made his way down down each deck, with his ears straining for the slightest noise of discovery, until he figured himself at the water line, where he stealthily crept towards the ships stern, when he was as far down as he dared he heard the voices and banging of the carpenters making repairs.
Jamie started drilling into old tarred wood, it was tough going, but progress was being made, even if it was at a snails pace.
With the drill bit only 12 inches (30 cm) long Jamie knew he would need an auger to finish, which is a Roman invention used to drill deep holes, shipbuilders use them all the time, even poles were sunk into the ground using such a device, an Auger is basically a long drill with a wooden t-shaped handle, which could be made as long as you wished, the one Jamie was using now was over 2 feet in length (71cm) this drill would finish the hole started with the brace.
Jamie strained on the handles, and prayed they would hold long enough to penetrate the hull…
It broke through, and Jamie realised he misjudge the sea level as the water began trickling in… the Auger was stuck!  Jamie wasn’t about to give up just yet, so he twisted, pulled and wriggled the drill until it was free enough to pull away from the hole, sighing with relief he achieved what he came here to do, after all he had read in the Poor Richard's Almanac (Published under the name of Richard Saunders The Almanac was in fact written by Benjamin Franklin) That a small leak could sink a great ship, now it was time to get back ashore.
He reasoned a slow leak would go unnoticed, and once out to sea the change in ballast could make the ship difficult to maneuver.or capsize.
As he made his way to the upper deck he heard an gruff voice that was unmistakably English… it sounded dry due to lack of water.
He used the shadows once again to move his way forward towards the bow, and in the flickering light ahead he saw the bars of a cage, he’d seen bears in cages like this as a lad, but this held a man built like a Bull.
The Guard was laughing as he drank water from a tankard, holding it high so the water poured down into his gaping mouth… this stopped as soon as Jamie struck the back of his head with a wooden stool.
‘Aye… well that stopped your shenanigans, ya swine.’ Jamie laughed
‘Hey Boy.’ Croaked a familiar voice.
'Lieutenant! how did ya end up here?’
Hackett pointed to the water barrel. 
‘Oh, of course, sorry…’ Jamie said ashamed he hadn’t thought to give him water.
Hackett took the jug Jamie used  from the water barrow and drank slowly… avoiding the temptation to gulp it down.
‘You appear at the strangest of times Jamie my boy, where have these barbarians taken me?’ he gasped
‘You’re in Beaufort harbour, in North Carolina.’  Jamie answered while searching the unconscious guard for a key.
‘They took us near cape fear, with just the two guns we were no match for them so I had the men lower the boats away, and that damn Captain joined them, your kin should be safe ashore somewhere, I steered the ship out to sea but the chase was brief to say the least...' as he sipped he studied Jamie in the light, 'if its a  key you'll be after, its on that hook behind you Jamie, but you needn’t bother releasing me… I’m not sure I can even stand.’
‘What have they done tee ya?’
‘Well these Privateers like a gamble or two Jamie… but it’s not Cock or dog fights they wager on,  No, they have this Goliath of a man to entertain them, but after my first encounter where I put him down with a blow to his throat,  they soften me up by beating  the living hell out of me with belaying pins… Oh, yes, but I still gave him a scar to remember me by.’
‘Well hold on to me I’ll carry you? Jamie offered while unlocking the cage.
‘I haven’t showed you what they gave me for the scar Jamie…’ Hackett lifted his right arm and it was severed just below the elbow, ‘They used my own axe can you believe that? I’ll just slow you down boy, you best be off, I’ll still give that baboon something to think about.’
‘Those evil!!...little Baa...' Jamie thought to control his disdain for these men, 'Well tek it from Me your nay gonna want tey meet him again, I think I may have upset him a tad.’
Laughing hurt and it made Hackett cough, 'So you've met him, hmm? well there's no denying you'd not forget bumping into him.' Hackett continued, 'how did you fair?'
'Let's just say he'll not be as pretty as when you last saw him.' and now both men laughed.
Not taking no for an answer Jamie lifted Hackett and near dragged him towards a cannon port.
‘I think we’ll tek the quick route hey? nay time fur constitutional walks on deck.'
Both men hit the water hard, just as the thunderous roar of cannon started in the Town.
floating on his back Hackett was taken to the bank by Jamie, they both lay a while to catch their breaths.
The fighting in the town was fierce, the Malitia had over run the cannon guarding the main road and the over side of town the fighting was going from house to house as Patrick and Augus's men pushed the intruders back to the harbour.
The Spaniards took to their boats or swam back to the ship.
And before setting sail they gave the Town and it's defenders a full broadside from the 20 cannon.
Jamie heard the Scream and just knew it was Arabella.
'Stay here.' he begged Hackett 
'I'm fine here Boy... just go!'
'I'll be back...'
Augus saw Jamie running towards him, 'it's nay gud lad the building collapsed on them!'
'Them!' cried Jamie in disbelief, 'But I told her to stay, I told her I'd be back for them.... I said...'
Jamie ran to the rubble that was once a home and frantically lifted and threw the stone masonry to one side.. and there still with Calum in her arms lay Arabella.
The Highlander fell to his knees and howled into the burning night with them both cradled in his arms.

Many men and woman died during the invasion including many of the Spaniards who are now resting in the Town cemetery.

The Cannon left behind was directed out towards the harbour, should any other Privateer's make the mistake to invade.

It Took Jamie a long while to get over his Arabella and their beautiful son's death, but life goes on, he carried his pain and rejoiced in the wonderful moments they shared, he even smiled to himself at times, when he remembered a time of the laughter, where he or she was the cause. 
Jamie made a wooden arm for the Lieutenant that could hold a spoon, fork or knife... he even provided a Cutlass blade that Hackett would be able to plug in should there ever be a need to fight!
He stayed with Jamie for a while until the sea, his mistress all his life, called to him once more.
The Lieutenant rejoined the Royal Navy in 1751. he never forgot the young Scot who gave him  back the use of his arm, for the fight ahead.

Try as he might, without Arabella and his son Calum beside him, Jamie couldn't settle, for the call of his real home was now too strong to ignore.
He returned to his beloved Highlands in 1750 and finally settled to a life on Skye, where he worked the land for Flora MacDonald the Jacobite heroine famous for aiding an escaping Charles Edward Stuart, better known as Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Jamie lived a full life unaware of his time with The Doctor, the memory of their meeting or the adventures he shared, they had been taken from him, as a result of the mind cleansing he received at the hands of The Time Lords who sent him back to that dreadful moor; so when Jamie later names his dog it's not because he knew someone in his past by that name, he just liked the name that popped in to his head.

Jamie may have forgotten The Doctor but The Doctor never forgot him, and now with Clara gone he needed him more then ever. he had briefly looked in on Victoria and Zoe and he was happy to observe the loving families they had made for themselves.

Jamie lives alone because he could not never get over the loss of his wife and baby son, who's lives he swore to protect to the end of his days.
The year is now 1790 and we see an older and wiser Jamie, he was a wee lad of 17 when he first met the Doctor, so at 61 he still had his rugged good looks, only now his shaggy hair is grey.

In the distance the sound of frantic barking woke the old man.As he pulled the battered oak door open, with its stiff rusty hinges groaning with the effort, the north wind hit his face like an iced towel, the wind howled like wolves begging to be saved from this bitter chill, and the wind carried more barking with it.

A rook sitting on the log Jamie used for chopping squawked it’s greeting to the old Highlander, 'Aye it tis brisk thanks fur tellin me.'
The ground was hard as granite, and as he walked down to the stream he heard the frosty coating crunch under foot, this frost was due to the freezing mist that clung to the land like a woollen cloak.

Jamie crossed the torrid waters of the stream via a fallen tree, once on the other side; he followed the flow down to the falls, treading the uneven heather covered ground carefully, this wild heather and turf hid the potholes that lay underfoot, pitfalls for the careless. a twisted or broken ankle could be deadly on this exposed landscape.

The remainder of Jamie’s clan once scattered to the four wind gradually returned to the Highlands they held for centuries .
Skye is a harsh but bearable existence.

The biting cold didn’t seem to bother the kilted Highlander; he wasn’t the brash fool hardy man of youth, now in his sixties he was hardened to this lands extremes of weather, these days Jamie tended to think before running into trouble.

Having said that.Yesterday Jamie attended the funeral of Flora MacDonald, and his head was pounding, ‘Och ma head feels like a redcoat ben using it far bayonet practise.’ He said to himself as he saw Zoe ahead.
‘Ah there ya are ya wee troublesome beastie.’ 
The greying Border Collie paid him no attention other then to raise an ear. as she stared intently at the lamb caught in the branch of another fallen tree in the stream itself, the frightened creature held it’s head high to avoid the white water that threatened to take it under, luckily for the lamb the branch prevented it going over the falls, but it was only a temporary safety as the added weight would eventually send the tree over, and into the sea below.
‘Good girl Zoe.’ Jamie praised as he patted and ruffled her ears, she made a whining noise as she worried for her charge.
The lamb was reluctant to be rescued but rescued it was and Jamie with booted foot forced the branch over the falls.
‘There, on ya way.’ He told the lamb as it stood on shaking legs… it took a while, but as soon as it was back to it’s senses the lamb fled up the hill, with a loud ‘Baa!’ and was gone.

‘Right now Zoe back tee the house with ya,’ and with that off she was off,‘oh, aye! Ya nay bother tee wait fur me.’
Jamie had no idea why he named his dog Zoe…. But her assured awareness of her surroundings reminded him of something and the name popped into his head.
The old collie was waiting at the cottage. This was Jamie's home. The grey stone walls came from a Viking settlement and built into a single rectangle with a pitched low rear wall, the upper capping of these walls were made of turf to sealed the thatched roof, a chimney stack rose a little above the highest wall, and the only window was closed with wooden shutters.
Once past the split oak door (split so the top could be opened to help cool the home in summer) there was a crude sideboard to the right of the entrance, and a rickety old table with one leg made from a branch Jamie shaped to fit; the two wooden chairs were also repaired in the same manner, a low wooden bed with its straw mattress completed the meagre interior.
Like all homes of this type the fireplace was not just a source of heat, but the only means of cooking, and a large iron pot was hung from the metal bar set into the chimney flue, and to the side of the fireplace lay various other metal frames and trays.
When his day’s chores were done Jamie sat by the log fire, his head was still getting a pounding from the hammers that always accompany a hangover, it’s said the 3,000 who attended Flora’s funeral consumed 300 gallons of whisky, but Jamie convinced himself that some of the others drank some too.
‘Zoe!’ the old Collie looked up it’s snout still to the floor, ‘you brave girl, you look after the house I’m gain ta the Inn, there’s another dog I need ta see ta.’
He knew telling her to stay at the cottage was a waste of time, but there is always a first time, she wasn't getting any younger either.
On the way down the twisting track the fog moved in yet again, dragging it's icy fingers across his bare legs, the white icy spines of frost were already glistening in the full moon, and it glowed from the rough grasses, hedges and dwarf shrub.
In this cold, the evening clouds hung in the sky as if not daring to move in case it encouraged snow. Jamie heard laughter as he walled down the final slope and he cross the square, puddles shattered as he strode towards the lantern lit Inn with it's amber lights holding a promise of warmth and welcome.
As he pushed the door open and Entered, Zoe slipped between his legs and curled up by the huge log fireplace. The stench of it’s occupants and booze filled Jamie's nostrils… ‘Ah the smell of good company,’ he thought, then catching Maggie's eye, he shouted his order, ‘Maggie! A tankard of Ale, bread and cheese and any old bones ya have, for Zoe there.’ ‘Aye Jamie sit ya sell doon, I’ll bring it ovah.’
The source of the laughter was centred around a grandly dressed gentleman, with his flagon of ale held high as he continued unabated by this new Inn dweller with his story.
‘Oh…and then the wee lass said I like your whistle as she leapt into my arms from the carriage!’ the story teller went on, with his eager listening crowd bursting into uncontrolled laughter, which was further added to by Duncan McNish spitting his mouthful of ale over some of the surrounding throng.
It was all taken in good spirits and no one complained at the unexpected shower.
‘You had to be there really.’ The stranger said smiling
Walking over Jamie agreed ‘I guess that’s true enough.’
‘Jamie!’ McNish’s sister Mary burst out, ‘this fellow knows yoo and wants a ward wee ya.’
‘Do yoo now, I’ve never seen yoo before, wha ya wan with mee?’he answered looking up at this tall strange man with suspicion.
‘Aye, it's true enough Jamie,’ Hamish, a large brute of a man said ‘he knows yoo sure, I told him yoo’d be here in e short while…..and your very short.” The crowed burst into laughter again.
Jamie walked up to Hamish with an icy stare ‘I’ll look tall enough when ya on the floor looking up!’
‘that’s as mabee but ya have ta get me too the floor thrist!’
Now they both looked at each other through slit eyes.
Then Jamie grabbed Hamish hugged him then mockingly punched his stomach.
The old friends were still mock fighting when the stranger shouted ‘Jamie my boy, we need to talk!’
‘That’s Mr McCrimmon tee yoo and I don’t see any reason to be chatty wiff yoo!’
‘ah…hmm yes I see, well lets share a drink and we can talk later…’
‘There will be nay sharin yoo get ya own drink.’ Jamie corrected.
Everyone round the table budged up to allow Jamie a sit, and the fun and laughter carried on.
Maggie had brought Jamie’s order and he ate and drank merrily with his friends, his head no longer thumping.
As the merriment faded and the crowed thinned Jamie feeling slightly light headed rose to leave.
‘May I join you as you walk Jaa… Mr McCrimmon?’ the stranger who the throng called John enquired.
‘Aye… lets hear what ya have ta say hey!’
The cold air felt refreshing and the smell of the Inn wafted away in the darkness as the two men walked.
Zoe reluctant to leave the warmth of the fire whined and followed them both out.
‘Jamie… you don’t mind if I call you Jamie do you?’
‘Its fine, now get on wiff it.’ And the Stranger called John removed a dark pebble from his jacket.
‘I believe this may help.’ And before Jamie could react he felt the cold stone on his temple and his legs collapsed under him, and the darkness consumed him.
Jamie awoke on the floor of the Tardis with Zoe laying over his legs….
Groggily raising his upper torso he looked into Zoe’s worried eyes and said ‘Hey Zoe What was I drinking?’
Zoe had no answer.
From behind and setting the controls on his console the Doctor chirped ‘Oh it wasn’t the Drink Jamie... It was me.’ Seeing Jamie’s reaction he added ‘Oh yes the Silly Dog insisted on joining us… she’s quite annoying isn’t she. It reminds me of someone… Did you name her Zoe? Oh that’s funny she would hate that.’
Jamie was still looking wide eyed at his surroundings, ‘Who Zoe? Why wood she hate that? am I in a church?’
Rising his significant eyebrows The Doctor laughed ‘A Church? Well some may think of it that way, I don’t, but then I live here, do I look like a nun to you? it a bad habit!.’ The stranger joked as he moved swiftly round the console, twiddling this, pushing that and avoiding touching another, ‘it was another Zoe I was thinking of.’
‘Is it coming back to you yet Jamie?’ he enquired, only pausing for a second before returning to his endeavours.
‘Is what coming back?’
‘hmm… well give it Time I have plenty. I used a Gallifreyan memory stone on you, it should restore the locked memories.’ He laughed, ‘take a drink, it’s beside you in your favourite mug.’
‘Ma fav??….who are yoo?’
‘Oh Good Grief! Jamie … well I’m The Doctor of course, who else would be running round in circles when a sensible pilot would put all his instrumentation within easy reach?... I mean…really I’m insulted you’ve forgotten me, it can’t be more then 40 odd years in Earth time, that’s a mere blink in time to a Time Lord!’

Doctor!’ something stirred in Jamie's mind, ‘But your not The Doctor, and I know he wouldn’t like all the fussiness of your home, he liked clean and simple… and he never had grey hair!’
‘Grey what?’ The Doctor alarmed walked over to the startled Companion,’ Have you looked at yourself lately, and you have the nerve to mention MY grey hair…besides it’s not grey it’s pal black, I think it makes me look very distinguished…this!' he said pointing to his head,'is a face of a man in charge! Oh and haven't you noticed, now your memory has returned your accent isn't as broad as it was? Hey?’
Jamie looked hard at this man, with the thin and sharp nosed face and the wavy grey speckled hair and his slim frame.
‘Aye, well maybee, and yes I have grown a little older but I still know The Doctor When I see him, and you're not him.’
‘Do you remember Polly? Or Ben?’
‘Polly….hmm ahh aye Polly…oh and Ben yes…didn’t they get married or something?
‘Why are you asking me if I’m not The Doctor?' he said bemused, 'Well I can see you're confused, that can’t be easy I know so I’ll tell you, Ben proposed to Polly on the top of the Post Office tower… but that’s not important, what’s important is what they told you about their Doctor?’
‘Oh Aye the grumpy old Doctor with grey hair… so that’s you?’
The Doctor froze, astounded.‘No…No! that's most definitely was not me! Oh the cheek of you Jamie, I even have a Scottish accent! I mean… really! grumpy! me? I’m charming, unless you’re a complete idiot as most people are but no I’m very diplomatic, in my way, given time, and whoever isn't totally annoying!’
‘Oh aye very posh Scottish, I noticed the soft hands John, your nay worker... Oh NO! I named my Zoe...Zoe!’ The sudden gain of his old memories now shocked him. He called his dog ZOE! He knew he'd never hear the end of it if she knew.

‘Well how we ever got on amazes me Jamie, your very blunt aren’t you…' he gave Jamie wink and a smile, 'hmm actually I quite like that, I like that a lot, I really do! oh how I've missed your honesty... well anyway, I’m not old Grumpy, I’ve Regenerated 11 times since we knew each other...As for naming your Dog Zoe! well I admit I did find that amusing, but what it also demonstrates Jamie, is that wonderful stubborn streak of yours; my people wiped your mind and you defied them by holding on to something you were not willing to forget! do you see? that in itself shows a remarkable mind!’ he ran over and stooped to punched Jamie’s shoulder,‘Jamie look into my eyes…. It’s me, The Doctor!’
Jamie looked hard and he saw a familiar twinkle of mischief in the eyes…
‘Ok Fine… you’re The Doctor so what do you want of me then hey? As you hinted I’m old.’
‘Well here’s the Thing Jamie….’

Back in England in 1974 talk of strange hairy men wondering the underground is headline news, along with a spate of bank robberies.
The Doctor explained as best he could that he believed someone had somehow found the Yeti controller he had built, and at least one Yeti was being used in someway to break into the cities banks. 
‘But why go to all that trouble Doctor? Surely these criminals are capable of breaking into Banks if that’s their intention.’
Stroking his chin as he did when deep in thought he said ‘I agree Jamie, these people must have a love of the dramatic, but think about it, if you were guarding any of these Banks would you stand up to a Yeti? They are pretty much unstoppable once set to a task as you well know.’
‘Aye that they are, so you think there’s something else going on then just the Yeti control?
‘Yes I do…something isn’t right here, and why aren’t Unit getting involved?’
‘That’s easy Doctor.’Jamie beamed.
‘Is it?’ The Doctor asked, and his eyebrows rose in the way they did when he’s thinking what do you know?
‘Unit does nay exist until 1975 when we met the Brigadier during the Cybermen invasion.’
The Doctor banged the side of his temple with the palm of his hand ‘Of course! yes, yes, Yes! Jamie… well done. That’s marvellous, so at this moment in time Unit as we know it is on the brink of being formed which means all the busy bodies will be knee deep in paper work…’
‘If you say so Doctor.’ Jamie said pleased with himself.
‘I do say so Jamie.’ he looked towards Jamie, and judged him to still be a very capable man indeed.
‘You realise it’s our responsibility to go back and sort this mess out.’ he pointed out.
‘AYE! Or you would nay be here!’
Jamie cupping his favourite mug in both hands drank the hot chocolate The Doctor provided, while the Doctor paced back and forth mumbling ideas to himself.
Returning to Jamie’s side, who was now standing, The Doctor reaches for Jamie’s mug, ‘Do you Mind?’
‘No Doctor help your sell.’
He did and sipped the Chocolate and hummed, ‘hummm oh that’s delicious isn’t it.’ He said handing the smiling Jamie back his mug.
‘Jamie? ... Do you think you can remember where we left those controls?’
‘It’s been a long while Doctor, but I guess when we get there it will come back to me.’
‘Let’s hope it does eh?’
Back at the controls The Doctor announces, ‘Well here we go Jamie hold on…’
‘Och as if I would nay remember your rough landings!’
The Doctor gave Jamie a hurt look… ‘This is a finely tuned machine Jamie; it’s not as unreliable as when you were here before.’
The deep thump of the Tardis meant they had landed and Jamie had to eat his words at this rather smooth landing.
Speaking loudly due to the distance between the two travellers The Doctor said ‘I’ve put us down in a street just up from the tunnels; we will need to find that old maintenance entrance.
Zoe was noisily lapping water from a dish.
‘Yes Jamie what is it?’
‘Did you drop in on Zoe before seeing me?’
‘You’re Dog?’
‘No… you know who I mean…. Well did ya or did nay ya.’
In an attempt to be diplomatic, as The Doctor had the thought in the back of his Mind, that Jamie could quite possibly take offence to him going to see Zoe before seeing him.
‘Well..ah..’ The Doctor bent over the control pretending something needed his attention, giving himself more time to think, ‘I may have,’ he was now embarrassed and thought it best to just blurt it out, ‘Yes I did Jamie, she wasn’t much older then when we saw her last, but before you say anything The Tardis chooses the best time for me to visit old friends… she’s a cantankerous old thing really.’
‘Who Zoe?’ Jamie asked
‘No..." The Doctor looked incredulous, 'Oh she’s fine, I'm talking about the Tardis...Zoe has three children named after her favourite mathematicians.’
‘Really? So what are their names?’ Jamie said, his curiosity now getting the better of him.
‘Oh… I think it was 1…2…3!’ The Doctor answered with a blast laughter as he chortled, ‘I made a funny…..I can do funny now !’
'So you don’t know then.’ Jamie said disappointed.
Indignantly the Doctor bellowed ‘Well I don’t know do I, I wasn’t going to ask questions or she would start asking how we got off the Wheel or where was that charming Scottish laddie…’
‘But You’ve changed, she would nay recognise you.’ Added Jamie.
‘Well that’s even worse isn’t it… a complete stranger asking questions.’
‘Oh aye, I did nay think.’
Softening to Jamie’s demeanour the Doctor replied, ‘look Jamie I miss her too you know… She’s a mother now and she’ll not be wanting to sail the Universe with two old men with nothing better to do, now would she?’
Looking down at Zoe (his dog), Jamie had to admit The Doctor was right, he was happy that she was fine and wel, with a family. ‘No…no she would nay.’
‘Well Jamie we best get at it, as they say…who ever they are.’ The Doctor opened the doors and the sound of the city met them as they exited.‘Remember where we Parked Jamie.’ And off they went.
Studying the people as The Doctor took in these familiar surroundings, he noted Flares were evidently the trousers of choice, and the rasping legs of these trousers made it impossible to creep up on anyone. 
'This is why I will never be seen dead in Flares Jamie, there's so surprise! everyone can hear you coming.'
Jamie was also taking in the surroundings and his jaw dropped at the sight of a young woman sporting the new Hot Pants look, The Doctor amused said. 'Eyes back in your head Jamie, and mouth closed, we'll be needing those eyes later.'
Embarrassed at being caught staring, Jamie just blurted out.. 'Oh...Aye...eyes, got it.'
It didn’t take them long to find the old maintenance doors. 
Jamie and the Doctor both shared the memory of a Yeti waiting beyond. They looked at each other, then the doors and shrugged. in a, we had better get on with it kind of way.
The sonic screwdriver did it’s work and the old lock and chains fell to the ground with a deafening clang!.
‘Best not tell them we’re coming hey?’ Jamie said smiling at The Doctor.
‘Alright mister sarcy pants lets go…follow me.’
Both men had to put their combined weight to that large handle to slide the doors open and to close them as they entered unaware they had been spotted.
They were barely a third of the way down the stairs when they heard ‘Oi! You two…what are you up to!’
‘Oh Sugar me, this isn’t going well is it Jamie?’
They both stopped to face who had been shouting at them, and it was only now, they saw the small door set in the left of larger doors held open, with the bulk of the man still looking down on them.
'Oops I never saw that!' The Time Lord said flummoxed.
'Your telling me,' Jamie said leaning toward The Doctor, while taking in this hulking great stack of a man towering above them, and thinking how much easier it would have been to enter through the same smaller door he had used.
‘Right you two have made a Big! mistake.’boomed the figure above.
‘Have we? is this not the Piccadilly line then?’ The Doctor intoned with as much innocence as he could possibly muster at such short notice.
‘Oh comedians are we?’
‘Yes’ confessed the Doctor as Jamie and he shrugged wide eyed at each other,‘I’m Torvill and he’s Dean.’
‘Who are they?’ Jamie asked under his breath. 
‘No idea,’ The Doctor whispered back from the corner of his mouth, ‘but they sound like comedians.’
And Jamie kicked his ankle as he would any of his friends acting the fool.
Jamie took  a step forward, he was reminded of the day he faced the Spaniard, he may not be as fast anymore but he had plenty of guile.
‘Steady on Jamie he’s getting closer... Oh stuff this for a game of monkeys.’ The Doctor exclaimed and he removed the sonic from his pocket set it to oscillation and aimed… the man in the black suit grabbed his head as if it were about to explode and collapsed, falling another six steps.
‘Well that will hurt in the morning,’ The Doctor joked to Jamie.
‘Did ya Kill hem? Jamie blurted, wide eyed in shocked at the Doctor using a weapon.
‘No of course not Jamie.’ He chided, ‘I just wobbled his brain a little…he’s fine…he may wake up with a wibble,’ he chuckled, then tutting at Jamie’s stern look, 'am I the only one who gets that reference? You know? WIBBLE WOBBLE WIBBLE WOBBLE JELLY ON A PLATE!' And while reciting this rhyme The Doctor wiggled his hips and waved his hands from side to side in an up and down motion. 'Oh.. he’ll be right as rain in an hour or so.’
‘Well we best hide him somewhere,’ Jamie said taking the mans arms and indicating the Doctor should take the legs.
Now it was The Doctor's turn to looked in disbelief at Jamie, ‘Fine!’ The Doctor huffed, ‘Good Grief What has this man been eating he weighs a ton!’
‘Stop flapping and get a move on, there’s nay telling how long we have before someone else shows.’
‘Who died and put you in charge?’ The Doctor Huffed again
‘You Did remember?’
'Oh I’d laugh but I have the elephant man to move here.’ he sulked.
Jamie annoyed shouted, ‘come on move!’
The Doctor, ANNOYED! then dropped the legs... so Jamie dropped the arms, as they stared  at each other, but one look at the Doctor’s face and Jamie started laughing.
Then the Doctor burst into laughter too, ‘this is like the old days isn’t it Jamie.’
With a huge grin Jamie claimed ‘Aye Doctor it is.'
The man now unsupported flip flopped and slid down the remaining stairs and landed with an almighty thud!, and the comatose man let out a groan.
Not daring to look round, Jamie still facing the Doctor had a look of bemused wonder, but when it came to looks of bemused wonder, The Doctors eyebrows gave him a distinct advantage, as he first looked at Jamie then at the body slumped on the last step and the base of the stairs.
'Well now.' The Doctor declared, clapping his hands, while stepping down passed Jamie and patting his companions shoulder, saying in praise, 'I'd say that's the hard part done Jamie, well done! now let's get him through those doors.' And Jamie saw, as he followed The Doctors descent, he was gesturing to the double doors to the right of the last step.
Beyond the doors lay the abandoned lavatories, so using the male toilets they managed to prop up the unconscious thug in one of the three cubicles.
'What now?' whispered Jamie.
The Doctor spun with hand on hips, and snapped 'Really?'
'Och...fine, so we go find who's using the Yeti.'
'Well done... now let's not dilly dally.'
As Jamie was almost over the threshold of the Double Doors a Shout of,  'Where's Frank? and who the hell are you?'
The Doctor hung back out of sight and whispered. 'Tell him Frank sent you.'
'Frank is nay coming he sent me instead.'
Two Tall Grey pinstripe suited Men built like a brick layers hod carrier walked up to the Highlander.
'So I'll ask you again and if I don't like your answer you'll get a slap, right!'
The charming man who spoke was clearly leading the other, 'Well?'
'Frank had to run an errand, he sent me instead.' Jamie repeated.
'Errand! I'll give him Errand, Errand for Who?' The charmer, who looked like an ex boxer with the crooked nose that could only be the result of being broken more then once, and thick black slicked back hair, asked, while his colleague looked like an ex wrestler due to his cauliflower ears, also had dark slicked back hair.
'His Mother,' Jamie barked.
'His Bloomin MOTHER! again with the mother, that woman really gets my goat.' at this his colleague stuck out his chin and gave out a deep croaky laugh, like Paul Robeson imitating a goose badly.
'You got the blue prints?'
'Stall him, I'll look,' The Doctor whispered from behind the doors Jamie was still halfway through.
'Well let's be hav' it.' The charmer said holding out his large hand.
'In a tick, I have it here somewhere,' Jamie said while patting down his pockets, and without warning the Mans Spade like hand Slapped Jamie so hard he knocked him back through the doors and onto the ground. The Doctor, who was already searching their unconscious friends inside jacked pocket found the Prints which on his return was surprised to see Jamie on his back, so he moved quickly to pressed the Blue Prints into Jamie's right outstretched hand.
Jamie was about to jump up shouting the Family war cry, When he heard, 'No! count to ten,' the Doctor suggested barely audible.
'I told ya, I have it here..' Jamie growled. sitting up and handing up the blue print through the gap in the door, now held open by the talkers colleague.
Slowly with bloody lip, Jamie rose from the doorway and gave the Man an angry stare...
'You best not give me attitude old man or that floor will be kissing your backside again...right!'
'Aye!' Jamie put in, cautiously, fighting the urge to jump his attacker.
'Henry will want to see you.'
'Yea he's gonna luv' Henry ain't he Charma...' the thug smirked in a slow laboured voice of someone whose heads been hit to many times for it's own good.
'What Duggie Ere' means is Henry don't like strangers or changes to his plans, you will Hav' to tell him what happened to Frank, oh and compared to him you're going to think I'm straight from Charm School, hence Me nick name Charmer!, you probably know me eh?,' he saw no recognition in Jamie's eyes when he turned from leading the way down into the shabby corridors, ' Jack Nash? ringing any bells? No? where the e'll you Bin livin pal? in a Ole' in the ground?' which was ironic considering their current location.
'I've been away a good while I just got ow't ta day,' Jamie suggested, but wishing he had an escape plan.
'Done some bird Hav' ya? your not all bad then Hey?' and the Charmer's companion with only five of his front teeth left broke his face in to another deep moronic laugh.
Along the corridors Jamie counted 6 more of the gang members either standing guard between the entrances taken on the way or in conversation in small groups.
As Nash pushed open one more Double door, he spoke to a Thug built like a rugby prop forward, but not as pretty.
'Joe! you get out and get Frank's Mother on the blower and ask her what she thinks she's up to, today of all days.'
'Got Ya Charma... can I get a Pizza while I'm Owt'.'
'It's always your stomach with you Joe....Yea Get us and the boy's the normal.'
'Sure Charma... I'll be right back.' and Joe pushed passed Jamie and the wake of the man almost had him over again.
'Who the Ell's He? give Hym to the Garbage man...' Henry ordered.
(The Garbage man is the Barge Captain Henry uses to dump concrete shoe'd bodies in the Channel.)
'Hold on Guv' this Ere' is.....Hey! what's your name Jock in boots?' Charmer demanded.
Trying to take in as much information of this room’s activity as he could Jamie stammered, 'Oh..Ah...I'm John.....Aye, John McTavish.' he finally managed to say.
'Nevva Herd of Ya! Dump Hym Charma.'
'Tell Him Jock or your fish food.' Charmer warned, eye browses raised
'Frank's mother sent him on an he sent me with the Blue Prints, he told me it was urgent I get them to Yoo.' Jamie lied.
Henry Williams, twin to James came from the Eastend, their Mother, who they call Queenie, was none other then Victoria Williams, who named her son's after Kings of England, and as soon as they were in their teens gained a reputation for their brutality, especially James who was the muscle to Henry's brains.. At present serving time for his part in The Great Train Robbery, The Police know Henry was involved with the planning but couldn't prove anything due to the fact he was incarcerated for none payment of fines at the time of the Robbery. Both Brothers had the slicked back Raven Black hair, but at 27 Henry's was thinning on top giving him an older appearance. with a stubby nose round face and cleft chin he was a squat Robert Michum look alike at 5'3 (1.60cm )
Unlike the rest of this underground building this room was lavishly furnished with antique pieces a palace would be proud of; with the focal point being the French Boulle Desk Bureau Henry sat at reading the Daily Paper, a less ornate desk was occupied by a long haired hippy type man.
'So your Henry,' Jamie went on.
'Well do I look like my Brotha'?' Henry quipped, which was followed by Duggie's moronic laughter.
'Shut IT! Duggie.'
'Right Guv'.' Duggie answered fretting for his life.
'Charmer.... get that Woman on the phone now!'
'Already on it Guv'.'
'So where's the prints?'
The Charmer placed them on Henry’s desk.
Now Henry's attention wasn't aimed solely on him, Jamie studied the slightly built young man with long unkempt ginger hair, and black rimmed old national health style glasses, perched on his long thin nose, Sam Parsons, appeared to Jamie at least, as someone who would be comfortable in Jeans and T shirt rather then the slate blue jacket, white striped grey trousers and open white shirt that he managed to make scruffy somehow, in fact if there was one obvious thing he observed was how immaculately Henry and his Thugs dressed, but not this young fellow, he was the odd one out.
'Thanks....I'll scan um in later.' Sam declared without looking up from whatever the black rectangular object that seemed to shine light on his face was.
In the corner, as menacing  stationary as it was in full motion was a 6' 6”(198.12 cm) Yeti.
An involuntary shiver travelled up Jamie's spine, as he remember his last encounter with the fearsome beastie..
'Charmer give John Ere' a pony and send Hym on his way.' Henry barked.
'Hey! I din nay want your Pony!' Jamie said shocked, what was he supposed to do with a Pony he thought.
Henry looked up from his paper, giving the Highlander his full attention for the first time since entering his inner sanctum, and he had a stare that froze Jamie where he stood, and the same shiver he felt seeing The Yeti ran up his spine again, making the hairs on the back of his neck bristle, 'Right throw this do gooder out,' Henry spat, 'and don't be gentle.'
'Righ'o Guv'... come on you loser,' he said to Jamie, who was still wondering what he was meant to do with a Pony in the middle of London.
',' Henry growled at Jamie, 'before you go John... if I see you again you're a dead man, got it? you've seen nuffin, heard nuffin right.....RIGHT!' he bellowed at Jamie
'Oh Aye...I'm Dead, got it,' Jamie acknowledge, he scanned the room for the last time and followed Jack aka The Charmer through the doors.
'Old Henry must be in a good mood, you don't know how lucky you are Jock... you don't even know our lingo do ya?'
'Lingo?' quizzed Jamie.
'That's what I'm on about.... Ere' £25 quid, that's a pony right?' unbeknown to Jamie that would be over a weeks wages to the man on the street.
'Oh....Aye, if you say so, thank you,' Jamie nodded, not wishing to offend, and took the cash, stuffing it into his sheep skin jacked pocket.
'You know your way Out from here right? so on your way, scit scat! and if you know what's good for you you'll remember what Henry promised... don't slam the door on your backside on the way out.'
'Aye,' is all Jamie could manage as he was anxious to get back to The Doctor.
The Doctor never stopped pacing, frantic to know what was going on down those corridors.
'Oh.....Come on Jamie,' he said for the sixth time, 'I should be doing something!... if they harm Jamie I'll not be best pleased, and goodness knows what Jamie will do, as I recall he was a stubborn hot head! which means I'll never hear the end of it.....Oh I should have stepped out!! ...hmm... no that would have been a bad... yes a very bad idea...I need to focus!.... I'm here to put right a bit of absent mindedness on my part...oh Jamie where are you man?'
'Did Ya MISS ME?'
'For goodness sake Jamie do you need to be so sneaky?'
'It's part of being Scottish Doctor, you should try being repressed sometime.'
'So what did you learn?, what are they up to? and why is £25 pocking out of your pocket?'
'It's a Pony!'
'Where?' the Doctor crouched ready to pounce at this alert. He screwed his eyes searching the abandoned passage with the eyes of a comedian seeking his heckler.
'NO, sorry, The Money!' 
The Doctor straightened and gave Jamie a disbelieving look. 
'it's a Pony in a Lego or whatever That Charmer said.' Jamie beamed, amused at The Doctor's reaction.
'lingo Jamie.'
'Aye, that too.'
'Well what’s with this naming of things to animals round here... I wouldn't put on a hat and say Hey! look at my Monkey! that would be ridicules, these people are crazier then a sack of snakes Jamie that's for sure.'
'Yes Jamie?'
'Your ramblings!'
'am I?.... I think I do that now.'
Jamie had been gone no more than 15 minutes when..
'GUV!' Joe shouted as he burst into the room, making Sam spill his hot tea into his lap, causing him to jump up then feverishly attempt to wipe the hot liquid from his legs.
'What is it you Fool!' Henry cursed.
'Frankie's Mother! she don't know what we're on about! she said Frank hasn't been round to see her all week!' Joe said panting from his run.
'What?' Henry blurted...turning to stare daggers at The Charmer
'She Sai..' Joe chipped in but was cut short by Henry's raised hand.
'I heard you the first time you idiot!' Henry push back his chair, rose and walked over to the tall muscular Joe, who had the look of terror in his eyes... Henry had a terrible temper and wouldn't bat an eye at killing him on the spot.
'I don't know what else to tell ya Guv' she knows Nuffin!'
'Go find That Jock NOW!...I want him two minutes ago, GOT IT SUNSHINE!'
'Yes Guv'.' Joe looked to The Charmer and Duggie, and The Charmer nodded.
'Don't fret Guv' We'll find the Jock.' the Charmer said reassuringly.
'You bet your life you will, I want him dead and fish food by this evening.'
'Got it Guv',' he told Henry. 
'Go on Joe, you get Bishop, Sid and Fletch and search the north end, tell the Leach Brothers to check the south west.'
'On it Charma.' Joe said anxious, and he couldn't leave quick enough.
The Charmer pushed Sam to the desk before leaving with Duggie, 'You get that sorted right now.' he said pointing to the bank blue prints.'
Sam bent forward and whispered in Charmer's ear.. Charmer just pushed him back, 'get on with it.'
Charmer left, and Henry returned to his Desk saying happily, 'Bye bye Jock.'
Then he spun on Sam, 'You heard Charmer.'
Sam was still trying to shake the tea from his trousers.
'LOOK ERE' You scruffy tart! I won't ask you again, have you found me an entry point to that Regency Bank Yet!'
Stammering with fear Sam bleated, 'Yeaa.....ya ...yes I ha have,' without looking at Henry he pointed to a point on The Blue Prints... 'The...the..'
'Shut that noise and talk!' Henry said full of Rage!
Taking deep breaths until he calmed himself sufficiently Sam pointed down again, 'This shop, a shoe shop was once the office area of the Bank, the wall is so thin at this point...' he pointed dead centre to the adjoining wall, 'this point,' he continued, 'is where the office doors stood, and our furry friend will smash through, after I disable the shops alarms of course, and, and...' calming himself still more finished, 'and once through I will have 16 seconds to disarm The Banks alarm system.'
'GOOD! so you're not a complete waste of space then four eyes... now get those tasteless trousers changed, you wear them round me again I'll set them on fire with you still in um.'
'Of course Henry.'
'NOW!' Henry screamed.
'OK...fine, thank you Henry I won't let you down.'
'Bloomin right you won't let me down you tart! now get off with ya, be back ere' 3. 30 sharp.'
Sam said no more as he was to eager to leave this terrible mans company, and left for the apartment Henry provided near by.'
'So the Yeti controller is definitely in This Mob Boss's room....hmm we need to find a distraction... then go get it and home to the Tardis before Tea.'
But before the last word left The Doctor's lips running could be heard from the corridor.
'Jamie change of plan we need to get out of here now.'
'Aye I heard it too,' Jamie put his ear to the doors, who ever ran by they were gone, he opened the door a jar and peeped out, Henry's boy's had clearly taken the route passed the stair they descended and carried on down the passage.
'Wait here Doctor I'll check the stairs.'
But he was too late and The Highlander pulled the door back and stepped through...
Two shots filled the corridor with horrendous double thunder claps.
Jamie was dead before he hit the ground.
'You Havin' lost it Charmer right between the eyes.' Duggie laughed.
'Yea just like ridin a bike Duggie,' The Charmer agreed and they both walked down the stairs, and they dragged Jamie's lifeless body down the corridor, and he would soon be on the barge heading out to his resting place in The Channel.
The Doctor Stood frozen still in the abandoned passage.... his eyes staring.
The Doctor was too Shocked to move, but he was over looked yet again.
This was no comfort to The Doctor, he was devastated, in the form Jamie knew him by, he had never lost a companion, but in this Form he lost one in half a day.
With tears flowing... he focused on his reason to be here, he must finish what he started or Jamie's death was for nothing.
It took him 2 hours before he could leave unseen. At The Tardis a police officer waited, 'Oi you! is this yours?'
'I haven't time for you.' the Doctor uttered empty of all feeling and walking passed unlocked and entered the Tardis.
'Oi! I was talking to you.' the officer protested, hammering on the door, get out here now, do you hear me? or you'll be making even more trouble for yourself!'
The Office spoke into his Radio, 'A suspect has entered and is now trapped in the Police Box over...he's not going anywhere, do I have permission to force entry over?..'

'Good work Charmer, if you failed you would be with the garbage man instead of that jock.'
'I hear ya Guv' I'm just glad we could tiding up the mess.'
'Right now get the Van, this Hairy Brute has a job to do......get the boys ready.'
'Already on it Guv'.'
'I told you he would exit those doors...' Sam gloated.
'Yea, lucky for you he did clever clogs, or I might not of returned in such a good mood.' The Charmer replied.
In The Tardis The Doctor was inconsolable, 'Why.....Why Why Why?' he howled,
as he hit the console with his fist...
'Well I'm not going to waste another second on these people,' The Doctor set about making a bracelet he'd not used since he was school boy.
As Henry's Gang gathered in his office, listening to the plan of attack on the Bank, The Doctor was ready with his new toy, a transporter directly linked to his Tardis, so no matter where it positioned itself in the know universe he could instantly return to The Tardis with just a thought.
So he went through his plan in his head again... in, grab controller, set self destruct, out.
he set his mind to the room

'Did yoo hear that Doctor?' Jamie said with his ear pressed to the door.
Wide mouth The Doctor moaned, 'NO! no no, this can't be happening! this never happens!' The Doctor said, shutting his eyes and opening them again to ensure he wasn't dreaming, and he wasn't.
'What's got into yoo Doctor it's only The Thugs runnin' around.'
'I know Jamie, that's the problem.'
'Nay worries Doctor we can go, I think they're gone.'
'No Jamie Wait! Don't you dare go through that door,' the Doctor demanded, pointing, 'I mean it, you won't like it.'
Jamie crossed his arms, 'Fine....what do you suggest then?'
'Well back here.... did you notice the service door? I think it must lead to the tracks, which means, if we're careful we can walk along and exit at a station or another service door.'
'It's a bit stiff Doctor!'
'Yes isn't that the way with old doors, now let me see....Ah there I see it,' and The Doctor produced a spray can with a lubricant, 'rust!....this will sort it.'
After a generous application of the spray Jamie was ready to try the door again.
''s nay better.....oh wait, here we go.'
The door opened inward towards the two Time Travellers, 'Wait here Doctor I'll just check it's clear..'
'Oh Really Jamie I'm a grown man,' The Doctor said flapping his arms.
'Just wait, I've been looking out for you for a long time ya know,'
'Ah..yes of course, I have fallen victim to your sound judgement, carry on.'
'Aye, back in a mo.'
If anything the shots that rang out in the Tunnel sounded louder then the corridor they avoided and Jamie was dead yet again before he hit the tracks...
Dumb struck the Doctor projected in his mind the command that would return him to The Tardis.
'Alright now Doctor,' he told himself sternly, 'Focus this Time...In grab out.

'Did yoo Hear that Doctor? Jamie said with his ear pressed to the door.
'NO!..Why are you torturing me?' Begged The Doctor.... 'I think The Tardis has had a mental breakdown... or I have.'
'Shhh! Doctor, your ranting again, I'm trying to hear if they're gone.
And The Doctor Learnt no Matter which direction they took it always end with Jamie's death. And this time he was badly injured just to make his nightmare even more hazardous.
This occurred when Jamie fell yet again with the Doctor at his side...The Charmer's shot ricocheted from the rail track and struck him in the thigh missing the major arteries by fractions of a millimetre. He managed to back into the vent they exited from, where he teleported unseen.

In conversation before this death Jamie asked ‘Well Doctor if! as you say this day seems unending to yoo,’ as the Doctor eluded any question of his death, ‘why don’t you make me a teley thingy?’
‘I can’t Jamie, oh believe me I wish it were that simple but you need my DNA for the bracelet to link to the Tardis…and……OH MY GOOD MOONSHINE DAYS! Jamie you’re a genius!’
'Am I now, that’s a first coming from yoo.’
‘Well today will be a day of firsts if we can avoid capture and get back to the Tardis, so let's try again shall we?’
‘Aye, here we go!’ and Jamie kicked out the grill of the vent and slid out to the tracks, followed by the Doctor.

In the Tardis Zoe gave The Doctor a disapproving look....
‘Don’t look at me like that!' As he started to drag his body, 'Well I love you too by the way.' only this time it was said through gritted teeth as the pain became unbearable.
Zoe whining sadly lay by Jamie’s discarded cloak and dagger and the irony wasn't lost on the Doctor.
Fortunately the medical facilities on the Tardis, can be if required, fully automated, this is highly advanced, but nothing you wouldn't expect from an advanced Alien Civilisation, but getting there with his blood draining fast was his main concern.
In a blinding white flash of agony he lifted himself and fell onto the surgery scanner come healer, come bed, and slipped into unconsciousness, the trail of smeared blood lead back from this bed to control room, and looked like some macabre artists brush strokes, applied with relish.
'There I told you there was two of um. didn't I." Sam said in self praise.
'Lucky for you, or I wouldn't have come back in such a good mood,' The Charmer asserted.
'What happened to the other one Charmer that's the question?'
'He won't be far, he'll probably die from the blood loss Guv', leg wounds are the worst.'
'You better hope he does, I don't want the old bill sniffing round here, you and Duggie go find Hym NOW!'
'Consider it done Guv' he'll be in a hole somewhere.' he gestured to Duggie and both left, leaving just Henry and the Scruffy Sam in the lair.
Joe knocked and entered the room, 'Guv' someone’s Ere' to see you.'
'And who would that be?'
'It's Sidney Beckett Guv', shall I send Hym away or let hym through?'
Henry smiled an evil smile, 'good ol' Sid Beckett eh? let him in Joe...Oh and Joe take care of anyone accompanying him... only allow Sid through, got it?'
'Right you are Guv', they will be dealt with.'
Sidney Beckett immaculate in a dark green suit and gold waste coat, entered, the 6'6" Ex professional boxer looked at ease in this foreboding company, he had bright blue eyes that seemed to Pierce right through anyone in his stare.
Sid would be considered a handsome man, and as of yesterday he is now 30 years old.
'Well, well, well haven't we done well me ol' mate,' he said
With no welcome in his voice at all Henry looked intently at his old school buddy and James’s Best Mate. 'What do You want I'm a Busy man.' Henry spat in disgust at the arrogance of the man.
'Oh we know you're busy mate, be sure we have noticed...Bernie sent me round to discuss just how busy you've been Me ol' Mucker... So?'
'TELL BERNIE TO KEEP HIS NOSE OUT OF MY BUSINESS!' Henry yelled unable to contain his rage.
Sidney just laughed, 'I see your temper hasn't improved with age... your going to burst a vain in your neck one day,' now Sydney took on a serious stance, 'Your on our manor, those Banks are under our protection, got it?' Sidney said threateningly.
'You dare to embarrass US! on our Turf!, Bernie will look on it as a misunderstanding if you pay what you owe,' and as quick as a flash he reached into his Jacket and drew two silver pearl handled colt ace 22 long rifle pistols, that had the most exquisite engraving work, which made them things of beauty.
'Let me introduce you to Retribution and Death.... little beauties ain't they?' He said with eyes that begged Henry to try something, 'got your attention Ave' I Henry?
Henry to Sidney's astonishment just looked up at his old friend laughing hysterically, 'this day just gets better and better don't you think Sam?
Sam Parsons however was cowering behind his desk wearing a strange headset with what looked like a microphone attached.
'What you up to Ginger... stand where I can see you.' Sidney Beckett hissed.
Sam to terrified froze, so Sidney fired Death.... the shot splintered the desk between Sam's outstretched fingers making him pull away so fast he fell backwards.
The Shots could be heard throughout the abandoned underground... so when Sam stood hands held high over his head, Duggie and The Charmer ran into the room, Charmer had already ordered Joe to contain Sid's two colleagues.
Without thinking Duggie attempted to grab Sidney from behind and a vicious elbow to his face sent him to the ground knocked clean out.
Sidney stepped backwards over him so he could beckon The Charmer to stand by his Boss.
'I'd say that's the rest of Duggie's front teeth gone now Guv'.' Charmer rightly concluded.
'Teeth we can Buy Charma' now Sid have I introduced you to The Yeti?'
Sensing someone was standing behind him Sidney Beckett spun in time to see The Yeti approach.
Henry, Charmer and Sam just waited to see what transpired after Sam shouted Kill to the Yeti through his head set.
Retribution and Death spat in Sidney's hands directly into the beasts chest, but apart from the metallic thump of each round striking the Yeti's armour, the Beast continued to walk towards it's prey, and that was the frightening thing... it is unstoppable! As the Army found to their cost when they encountered the Yeti.
Dropping the now useless pistols and still ready to fight Sidney ducked the Yeti's swing and returned a right uppercut that would have knocked out any other opponent out!... but he broke his fist when it connected with The Yeti, Sid still had the wits about him to dodge another wild swing and attempted to block the next to his cost, when the Yeti broke his left arm, it fell painfully swinging at the Boxers side...with his instinct to survive taking over Sid head butted the Yeti so hard he broke his own skull and The Yeti beat the fearsome warrior to the ground.
'Cor Blimey Guv your ol' school chum died like a real trooper, I Ave' to admit he had me  rooting for him to put in a good shot in before he went.' The Charmer said, nodding admiringly at The Yeti who was now motionless again at Sam's halt command.
'Get that Garbage out of Ere'...... No...wait I've a better idea, I think we need to send Bernie a personalised message...Get one of the boys to fetch a Hat Box... and rip a strip off Sid's waistcoat for a bow.' Henry said smile.
'You got it Guv' and the rest of Hym?'
'Do you really need me to Tell you Charma?'
'Garbage it is then... the Captain is going to be a busy boy today.' and Charmer was about to leave and barking out his orders he saw their Police Sergeant walk in...'Ello ello ello what's going on Ere' then.' he smirked.
'What do you want Pepper?' Henry asked annoyed.
'My officers saw two men leaving an old Police Box earlier today, one we believe is a Scot, due to the fact he was wearing a kilt, this Police Box is in Hammond Street, not a stones throw from here, they saw your Chum Frankie Hood follow them to this place, so one of my officers will be guarding that Box on rotation, that will cost, but somehow we believe one of them made it back inside.'
'How Bloomin fantastic is that? Guv',' Charmer chirped.
'Get me Derrick the Bomb,' Henry ordered.
'Why Guv' I can take care of it.'
'Well I'm thinking he won't be too keen the let you boys in for a chat since you killed his friend and possibly him too.'
'But why Derrick? Guv'.'
'Do I Ave' to Think of everything round Ere' might need to blow the bloomin doors off.'
'You are so on the ball today Guv' good call, I'll go with Derrick and give it the ol' Knock Knock' who's there routine.' and with that he was gone.
'You still Ere'?' Henry hollered at the Sergeant...'
'Well like I said keeping a guard on that Box costs,'
'Yes and a fat lot of good they are if they let someone back in!'
'Well we don't know, a man has to eat, he could of sneaked back while our man was eating, there's a cafe across the road, now he swears no one entered, but then he did have his back turned to order, and he's reported hearing something coming from inside the thing.'
The officer lied in order to save himself from his Sergeant's anger.
'Well that's wonderful knowing how safe Our City is under such diligence, just take a Monkey (£500) and get out of my sight.'
The Sergeant left with a brown envelope stuffed full of £10 notes.
Henry was happy again...he will show everyone who owns London.
He looked across at Sam..'Oi! has for you, you four eyed tart... well done,' he told Sam.

The Doctor woke to banging, the wound on his leg was closed and partly healed, such is the advantage of advanced technology.
With the Aid of a wheel chair the automated system assessed as a requirement, The Doctor had mobility while he healed.
He viewed the surgery log and reviewed the automated systems procedure, 'hmm three pints of blood. that’s almost a leg full.' he observed.
Even with the aided healing the notes pointed out the patient would required a month of rest before he was ready to walk.
Again he heard a heavy fist on The Tardis doors.....he wheeled over to listen.
'Oi! you in there....This is The Police, open up or we will force entry.'
The Doctor recognised The Chamer's voice and replied, 'Sorry I'm busy, but any messages you have for me can be pinned to the door, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.'
'Right you were warned Smart Alec.... Derrick do your stuff.'
Derrick The Bomb placed some gelly (gelignite) on the door next to the lock, and push in a small detonator and running the wire to the trigger, Derrick, Charmer and the office stool against the wall of a shop round the corner, where Derrick hit the switch.....BOOM!!
The Blast shattered the windows within 50 yards of Police Box.
'You idiot were only supposed to blow the doors off!' The Charmer said chuckling, 'I've always wanted to say that, a big Michael Caine fan me...'
The Police Officer was less impressed...'You two jokers better take a hike... I'm not going to be able to prevent a Police response to that mess.' he said removing his helmet and wiping the sweat from his guilty forehead.
'how did you Not! Blow the doors Derrick?... Henry is going to go Mental!'
'I don't understand....that blast should have gone inward not out!' Derrick exclaimed.
'Well let's scarper before the real Bill get here.'

The Doctor wasn't worried as the day would reset soon enough.
For now though, the headline that evening read!....Terrorist bomb explodes in the Capitol.
The Doctor set to work on Jamie's Bracelet and used the DNA from his spilt blood before mopping up the mess, which was no mean feat in a wheel chair, with his DNA he made a patch so Jamie could used it without exploding his molecules into space, and then they could finally leave this Hell on Earth.
A month later he was managing to walk with the aid of a silver handled cane.
Before the process of resetting the day, he checked Zoe had been fed and watered.... 'So listen again girl... it's one bark for stake, two for fish, three for a biscuit... oh and yelp for water...have you got that?
Zoe barked and with the Zetant food recreation pad activated it spat out a stake..'wonderful I see you're a go in the food department,' The Doctor said pleased.
Then a thought occurred to him....Maybe we better test this on a living thing before I hand Jamie a possible exploding death..
'Ah Zoe? Walkies girl!'
Then with a thought he joined Jamie once again.
'Did yoo hear that Doctor?' Jamie said with his ear pressed to the door.
'Ah...Jamie we need to talk,'
Zoe happy to she her master leapt up licking his face..
' That's just disgusting Jamie,' The Doctor said squirming at the thought of dog breath on his face.
'how did she get here? and .....what's with the cane? why are yoo limpin Doctor?'
'I'll be back and explain.' and Zoe and The Doctor vanished.
On The Tardis Zoe huffed at The Doctor then returned to lay by The Highlander's Cloak.
'Why are you looking at me like I did a bad thing? you got to see your master, and greet him with that awful face licking ritual of yours...actually Why can't you just rub noses or something?' 
Zoe just tilted her head at this question, 'Yes, well on second thoughts that would be as equally unpleasant, but I did a good thing, Jamie is suitably covered in your lovely saliva so not a complete waste of your day hmm?'
Zoe barked in answer and a fish appeared in the galley.
'I think a little bit of gratitude isn't much to ask, It's not like I usually take DOGS! on jaunts! I'm not The Dog Jaunting Doctor.' The Doctor stated sulking.
Another bark produced a stake, 'Well that's a mess you need to clean up, so you behave while I'm gone, I don't want my Tardis full of fish when we get back, is that clear? you four legged bag of attitude you, what do you say?, anything coming to you at all?'
Zoe huffed, lowered her head and waited for Jamie.
'Typical....never work with dogs or children is my motto and one day I will stick to it.'
The Doctor reappeared alone.
'Did yoo hear that Doctor?' Jamie said
'Sit down Jamie we need to be quick...' he said.
When Jamie Finally understood what had transpired, his first response was, 'I died how many times?'
'Ah ...well this is awkward... a good few times I'd say.'
'How many Doctor...six seven?'
'Yes...Now can we just move on? '
'OK which?...Oh never mind hey! so you left me here for a month to recoup form your injury? right?'
'Yes... well No! no....Did it feel like a month to you?'
'No actually...I never felt you leave at all.'
'Well naturally for me it was a long and quite an emotional time, Bullets tear into the flesh, there is tremendous damage, with out the Tardis facility it could literally take years to recover, but for you, obviously no time passed.'
'Were you upset?'
'Of course I was Upset!... there were tears and everything, it was a devastating moment for me, you should of been there.'
'Yes Really! you should of been there, then all of this would have been unnecessary.' The Doctor quipped.
'It's strange Doctor I would nay thought The Tardis cared fa me.' Jamie remarked.
The Doctor stopped and looked in wide eyed wonder at Jamie, 'what ever made you say that Jamie?' He asked knowing he may have missed something very important.
'It's OK I'm Fine with it, can I have ma bracelet thingy so we can get Owt of here,' Jamie held out his arm.
'Lovely ....finally I can end this nightmare...' then The Doctor Pulsed staring madly at the Bracelet in his Hand.
'Oh No! no no no no. your RIGHT! since when has My Tardis cared for a Human?' it's never happened...I don't understand, I don't like it...there is something...' he stopped
Alarmed Jamie took The Doctor by the shoulders and shook him, 'Doctor yoo need to stop rambling, you really do!'
'No, Jamie I'm not rambling...don't you see this?' he held out the bracelet.
'Aye, it's my bracelet to get owt of here alive.' Jamie answered reassuringly.
The Doctor started limping as he paced up and down saying, 'No ...No No I can't believe it!'
'DOCTOR!' Jamie could not contain his frustration any longer, 'for the love of god, just hand me the bracelet, we need to go or they will find us here.'
'You don't understand Jamie.... this is It!....this THING! is the Problem... this is why we're here, this is the moment I have to Fix don't you SEE! Oh why didn't I notice the loop had broken when the Tardis allowed me to return!'
'Your scaring me Doctor I think your losing your mind... all this rambling and ranting! your not The Doctor I remember at all!' Jamie confessed, terrified at how unstable this Doctor seemed.
'No Jamie Listen to me..... this bracelet is the Problem, this is why you Died, someone in my future... a Companion is using this Bracelet ....Here Now!...this is Why we are Here, The Tardis is quite insistent we stay until this day is dealt with to her satisfaction...' The Doctor concluded still with the madness in his eyes that frightened Jamie.
'I don't say the Tardis put you in this loop..'
'It has to be this... The Tardis doesn't work like the Human mind Jamie, a Tardis...has it's own entity and doesn't formulate thought along the same lines of any other living organism, I've lived here almost 2,000 years and I will never fully understand it. The Time Lords acquired them you see, this is beyond Gallifreyan technology and not something they would readily admit to...' he reflected more holding his hands over his ears, 'What a pompous race we are Jamie, we discover these machines built by a civilisation that suffered a cataclysmic disaster on a Galactic scale and we dare to call ourselves Lords of Time, OK so Rassilon gave us the ability to power them and discovered it's power over time and space, but now I am beginning to see...' The Doctor trailed off.'
Jamie didn't like this situation one bit.
'Doctor! what are we to do?' he asked desperately.
'I believe This Jamie, at some Point in my future regardless of the circumstances contrived by The Tardis... I develop this Bracelet that links it to My Old Girl, someone and I believe it's clear who, by your observations of  these Ruffians, has used it to get here, where he knew about The Yeti... which means he's had access to my diary.' on this bombshell The Doctor stopped pacing.
'Do you remember when we entered....oh sorry of course you have no recognition of the steps we've taking to escape this underground.'
'Aye, so what are we to do?'
'Follow me,' urged The Doctor where a few steps away,, he pointed to a metal grilled vent just big enough for a Man to travel on hands and knees.
'When we entered this before, we heard voices, but we never sought them out, I need to see This Sam you described, hopefully this will take us to him.'
'Well in for a penny Doctor.' Jamie said as he waited for the sonic to do it's work.
Jamie was about to lead the way when The Doctor insisted he would do so, pointing out Jamie's Kilt.
'You've no idea how I've suffered Jamie.'
'Oh Aye, you suffered, I Died... I know what I would Preefur'.' Jamie grumbled.
As the cane would generate noise in the confined space and quite pointless, The Doctor placed it by the vent and entered, then he painfully made his way towards the distorted hum of conversation.
Fortunately the vent did travel along side Henry's chamber, the bottom of the vent was about 2 metres from the chamber floor and both Jamie and The Doctor managed to get a view, as Henry screamed at Sam
'LOOK ERE' You scruffy tart! I won't ask you again, have you found me an entry point to that Regency Bank Yet!'
Stammering with fear Sam bleated, 'Yeaa.....ya ...yes I ha have,' without looking at Henry he pointed to a point on The Blue Prints... 'The...the..'
'Shut that noise and talk!' Henry said full of Rage!
'See what I mean Doctor! this Sam does nay fit in here.' Jamie whispered towards the Doctor's backside.
'Yes, yes shhh.... look he has a computer tablet on his desk, that's not going to be around for 40 years or more.' The Doctor said, satisfied they had the man responsible for The Old Girls distress and he took a picture with his communication device.
'What yoo doing with that wee thing?' Jamie observed the palm sized object in The Doctors hand when he rested his head to the grill.
'It's a kind of Phone.... Jamie shhh!'
'Who are yoo going to Call?' he hissed, fretting for their safety with him playing about.
'I'm taking a picture of chummy boy.'
'On a Phone?' Jamie interrupted again.
'Yes....yes Shhhhh! it's a phone and a Camera....satified? now hush?'
'No...but it does nay matter if we can get out of here alive!'
'Which we will if you Hush.... take the picture..' The Doctor ordered.
'But I thought yoo were taking it?'
'What?....can't you see I've taken it? reach into my back pocket I just printed a copy.'
'You are strange, where did it print from?' Jamie asked.
'lets just say we won't be swapping underwear any time soon.' The Doctor wiggled his bottom to stress some urgency.
'Fine....Oh there is something in here,' and Jamie removed a close up of Sam's face, ' have great underwear Doctor if you don't mind me saying.'
'Jamie will you please hush!! the pocket is a printer scanner.... quite a simple thing really.' uttered The Doctor as quietly as he could, while attempting to look through his legs at Jamie.
'Where is That Yeti Going! did you switch it on?' Henry demanded. his face still red from shouting.
'No I haven't set anything....I don't even have the command head gear must have malfunctioned!' Sam said desperate not the antagonise Henry further.
'What are they talking about Doctor? I don't see the Yeti!'
'I'm not sure we have a good view.... it could be stood along the wall....'
Just then the Yeti appeared with his large furry head almost filling the grill...
'AHH! cried Jamie in shock, 'it knows you Doctor!'
At the Same moment The Doctor also let out an involuntary call of alarm. 'AHHHH! Oh My, I nearly mess myself...I think I may have to get a new printer...quick back out....Now!'
The Yeti was already pulling away the grill and reached in, but to late to grab the fleeing pair.
'Faster Jamie .....Faster!'
'I'm going faster then yoo Doctor....come on,' Jamie pleaded
'Oi!! you Two,' it was Frankie... he had forced open the locked doors of the Toilets and saw the open vent.
Frankie with his head still spinning was furious, and he wasn't going to let these two jokers get away again, so he upholstered his Beretta before following them in.
As Two shots filled the air, louder then anyone could bare... Frankie still groggy dropped his pistol to hold his hands over his ears.
Then his Jaw Dropped in amazement as the vent was ripped open, as well as the surrounding walls and The Yeti was reaching out for him.
On The Tardis the Doctor allowed the bullets to pass through the teleport moments before he allowed Jamie and Himself to materialise and they slammed into the far walls of the console room.
'How exhilarating I need to get out more. wasn't that Fun!' The Doctor said happily.
'FUN!' cried Jamie, 'we were nearly killed...I was Killed! I'm convinced you've lost your mind Doctor!'
Still on hands and knees, Zoe ran over and licked the Doctor's face...''Ewww! I see you found the fish to your liking, can you PLEASE! stop DOING THAT! go share all the joy with Jamie.' The Doctor pleaded.
'Here girl....who's a clever girl hey!' Jamie said in greeting and now getting her full attention.
'She likes you Doctor.'
'Really! well I hope we can correct that misconception at some point.' he replied cleaning his face with an anti bacterial wipe and drying off with his handkerchief .... 'That’s a germ just waiting to dominate the universe right There! by the way.' He surmised.
Both men now stood looking at the view screen filled with the face of Sam Parsons
'Well Sammy boy must have the bracelet Jamie, so we still have work to do....Or to be exact YOU! have work to do Jamie.'
'Why just me? It is nay my fault?' Jamie said looking at The Doctor while stooping to comfort Zoe, perplexed.
'Well I can HARDLY turn up on my future self can I! it's a Paradox!
'What's That?'
'Oh this case it's when the same person.. in this case Me! occupies the same space as another future or past Me!'
The Doctor continued amused at Jamie's uncomprehending stare, 'A PAIR OF DOC'S get it?' No?'s times like this I wish I brought Zoe not you Zoe,' he sniffed, looking at the Collie, 'I can still smell fish by the way...' then back to Jamie, 'Zoe would have had tears in her eyes by now...'
'Aye cause she would nay get it either Doctor, so what do you suggest... are we going back and taking Sam and all the future Thingies he stole?' Jamie said reminding the Doctor of his mission.
'Oh There's no need to go back now I know the culprit, I can prevent the moment he first entered the Tardis.'
'So all this was for nothing?'
'Don't be ridiculous Jamie, for us these events have still taken place...I'm still limping for goodness sake, that’s something I would have been glad to lose... and It's quite painful thank you for asking...' The Doctor stroppily replied at his baffled companion.
'So what's your plan?' Jamie asked again, dreading the answer.
Back in the Underground the Yeti was still running a mock.....Sam Teleported, as The Doctor expected, making it pointless to return at that point.
'Are you ready Jamie?....Jamie wasn't but he said 'Aye,' anyway.
Jamie didn't seem to go anywhere....
'Who are you! and why are you on my Ship? this isn't a Time Share… The Doctor laughed at his own use of Time.
Taking a while to assess this Other same Doctor, Jamie eventually said 'Oh...Aye, I'm Jamie...' and The Doctor interrupted Jamie!! no you're way older then Jamie.' he countered holding Jamie's face and looking at it intently.
'You Sent me.' Jamie announced arms open wide so The Doctor could see all of him.
'Did I mention The Paradox?'
'Aye that you did and I did Nay get it,'
The Doctor looked astounded... 'Really!! you didn't get that?'
'NO I did Nay.'
The Doctor strutted purposely round the Console hitting switches with a rubber mallet... 'They stiffen up something awful in space.' he confided to Jamie.
'Why not use you're spray can thingy?' Jamie asked.
'I ran out....I must go shopping... are you in shopping mood Old fellow? The Doctor rudely enquired
'LOOK! I'm here to warn you about a young man who you allow to enter This Tardis... he must not be allowed in, he is big Trouble, and it's the kind yoo'd sooner avoid, which is why you sent me by the way.'
'He must be very bad then ...what am I saying, there're always Bad, have you a Picture of this deviant?
'Aye here.' he confirmed by handing The Doctor the Photo, 'he goes by the Name Sam Parsons but that may not be his real name.'
'He's Ginger!....that's shocking,' mocked The Doctor, 'No I've not seen this strange looking Man so on your way, I'm a busy Man.... no time for Chit Chat...' he stopped to look at Jamie 'Well? your still here?'
'OK fine.... I’m nay bothered either, I'd like to say nice to meet yoo but I'd be lying.' and Jamie hit the recall button.

'Well are we Done?'
' were very rude by the way.'
'I only passed on to you my observation that Zoe had Fish Breath.... that's quite charming for me.' he concluded.
'No...The other You!'
'Very well,' The Doctor added 'let me set your bracelet further into my future.'
Jamie held out his arm.... 'Done you can go!' The Doctor told him.

Jamie almost Jumped out of his socks, without thinking he hit return.
'Did you call Grandfather?' Susan asked concerned.
'Ah...No, No My dear I'm just ...I just called to ask if you'd like some tea My Dear.' He said, worried the Madness The Time Lords feared was gripping him, it was his only fear after taking The Tardis as a young teenager.
'I'll get it Grandfather, you get back to working on the console.'
'Very Well My Dear.....Very Well, but do not fuss me now child, configuring the Tardis coordinates is a precise and delicate thing...hmm!'

'THAT WAS OLD GRUMPY!!' Jamie exclaimed in horror,
'Oh How wonderful for you, how was he, as charming as me?
'I nay had time... I panicked!'
'Well that was unfortunate but he was a formidable opponent.... he took no prisoners as I recall,' The Doctor studied the settings of the Bracelet, 'Ahh there we have it ....I was out by .000006 on the coordinates ... who knew?' he smirked at Jamie.
The Doctor with Zoe at his side, wagging her tail at all the excitement, looked content for the first time since his Regeneration. Having Jamie back seemed to rejuvenate his sense of Wonder.
'Well Jamie...' he looked at his companion with pride, 'on your way.'

On materialisation Jamie noticed this console room had changed from the darkly lit room he'd just left to a much more familiar look.... with the white circular Roundels...and it was easier on the eye, even the console switches and dials made more sense.
'Oh it's you again... I told you I have not seen Ginger!' The Doctor reassured his visitor, without even looking at him.
Jamie was about to leave saying, 'Fine, well keep your doors closed to him, hey.'
Then he stopped spun back to the Doctor and looked him straight in the face...' you know what to look out for, and you remembered my last visit eh?,' Jamie asked quizzically.
The Doctor pulled at the tightness of his collar, looking bemused and embarrassed.
'Well actually Jamie....I've known what to do since we left the Underground,' he mumbled.
'What? this was just a stupid game to yoo?' Jamie roared.
Leaning over the Console to stare directly at Jamie The Doctor looked angry, 'I wanted you to feel at HOME! and NEEDED! so shoot me if I got it wrong, it's not everyday I get to make amends! I lost Zoe and YOU at the hands of The High Council...BUT IT WAS MY DOING!..,' he stormed.
Jamie step back, this wasn't his Doctor.
Now calm The Doctor speaking quietly, 'I let you down, I'm sorry.'
'Well I better be getting back..,' Jamie reasoned.
The Doctor walked over to Jamie and placed a reassuring hand on his companions shoulder.
'I'd like you to know, seeing you again has shone a light on my soul, I was in a dark place Jamie, and you saved me from it, now go back, I will explain everything.'

'YOU LIED TO ME.' Jamie shouted on his return.
'OH..dear the future me slipped did he? and I had high hopes for him,' The Doctor interjected .
'Aye..I know this is a waste of time because you already intend preventing the event that allowed Sam Parsons in here.'
'Yes your correct in one way...' The Doctor hesitated, but looking at Jamie he realised he had to be more open, 'While you were gone I sent myself a message requesting why this Sam fellow got access to The've seen it before, I used a cube, and got one in reply.'
'SO,' The Doctor said pointing to the screen this is My Reply.'

The screen lit up with a fuzzy image of a face, until it focused, 'Hello Me,' the face of The Doctor said.
'This rogue you asked about was running from people who meant him serious harm, as you no doubt know the 21 century in The British Isles, will see the return of The Police Box in most cities, they are community hubs with a computer pads for direct contact to the local Police Station, they're also rest stops for the local bobby on the beat,' the face laughed, 'fascinating isn't it, we came full circle, anyway this Sam hammered on the Door screaming he was going to be murdered, he thought...wrongly that this box contained one of the resting Police Men...' the face shrugged his shoulders 'So I let him in,' The Screen faded.
'That will not happen now thanks to you Jamie.'
''But they will Merder hem!' Jamie exclaimed.
The Doctor looked at Jamie and volunteered, 'This Man Jamie, had you shot may times, he had no concern for your welfare believe me, besides a slippery snake like Sam will no doubt talk his way out of any murder they intend.' He spoke in the soft voice the future Doctor used.
'Aye, fair enough Doctor, so we're done now?'
'Not quite Jamie, we still need to dispose of The Yeti before he's discovered and falls into the wrong hands,' The Doctor pointed out.
'So what do we do, that beastie is indestructible.'
'Well...the other problem we need to correct is your bracelet,' he said pointing to Jamie's wrist.
'Oh Aye...forgot this was the main problem,' he was about to remove it and hand it to The Doctor when a thought accrued, 'Doctor do you Thin...' but before he could finish The Doctor knew what he was about to ask, and interrupted him.
'You want to see him again, don't you?'
Aye, I never really got to say goodbye as we should, they wiped my memory of it anyways.'
'Jamie I set the coordinates before you left... just press the green button twice.'

Sensing he was no longer alone in the console room The Doctor said 'Ah...Jamie, couldn't you sleep?'
Jamie over come with emotion at seeing his Doctor sobbed, and he had tears rolling down his face, 'No I could nay Doctor.'
The Doctor pulsed and looked hard at Jamie, 'come closer Jamie...' as Jamie walked closer he said, 'ah didn't he tell you I'd be able to see the shimmer of a Gallifreyan cloak?'
Jamie still struggling with his emotions could only answer 'I Do Nay know what Yoo mean Doctor,' he sobbed again.
'I mean this Jamie,' the Doctor lifted the arm with the bracelet to study it closer, 'Ah... OH My Word! well you never got this from Mother did you Jamie..' he chuckle, 'I've not seen one of these since my childhood...Oh we we're very daring as children and we would make these and dare each other to jump something high, like a tower or Mountain if you were more adventurous, and hopefully you reappear over a lake or possibly sliding in the Snow somewhere.. I see this one has been adapted to link to this Tardis' The Doctor momentary looked sad as he continued, 'The High Council banned these when four children died, it was all very sad really,' then he focused back to the bracelet saying, 'Do you mind Jamie?'
'No Doctor, help yorsell.' he trusted the Doctor completely.
'With a few light touches he finished by squeezing the sides, the Cloak that projected a younger Jamie was shut down.
'Ah.. there you's been a long time hasn't it, Jamie,' seeing the tears in Jamie's eyes he carried on, 'there there, Jamie you mustn't fret,' he said patting Jamie's hand, 'Now don't tell me what happened... I think facing our future with ignorance and hope is the best way to go, don't you?’
'Aye Doctor..... it's wonderful to see you again, how did you know another Doctor sent me?'
'Because this is Gallifreyan and forgive me if I mention no other Gallifreyan would help you Jamie..' he sat back looking at his older companion, 'Well I imagine our parting was painful for us both, and was out of my hands, so be it… but I do apologise Jamie, if I ever let you down, Ah…well as you know that was never my intention.'
'Doctor, do yoo have regrets? are ya still glad you stole this old bird?'
On this the Doctor momentarily narrowed his eyes then raised his eyebrows, 'Ah Jamie, I believe your asking do I regret taking you on board, well on that matter I have no regrets, Are there things I would do differently? again no, I take any given situation as it comes, you see Jamie I analyse everything over and over in my Mind, until a clear answer shines above all others.'
The Doctor smiled at a memory he didn't share, and stood to pace round his console, with his hands clasped behind his back, then back towards Jamie and held out his Arms as he continued, 'I have NEVER regretting taking this Tardis,' he looked around the room and ceiling admiringly, 'This was my Grandfathers before The High Council forbid all Tadises from ever being used again, on pain of Death!... I believe that was a term they used on Earth, this Tardis was Mothballed!' seeing Jamie frown he added, ‘ Sorry I’m confusing you aren’t I? what I mean is, These Machines were retired, and my grandfather’s  Tardis, because of it’s amusing appearance as a Police Box became a Museum exhibit.’
'You mean they did nay want ta Time to Travel anymore?' Jamie asked, and he was secretly pleased the Doctor was happy to talk about his past, they never really spoke about his time on Gallifrey, because The Doctor Never spoke of Home or the fact his people were called Time Lords.
The Doctor clapped the hands still at his back while he walked, always focused on the Highlander.
'AH!...Well you see Jamie The Tardis isn't from Gallifrey, they ca...'
Jamie interrupted, 'You Acquired them.' he said smugly, surprising The Doctor, but The Time Lord soon changed his expression as he understood how he would know this fact.
'He told you did he? Well Well Well, he's very forthcoming this Doctor isn't he.'
'Oh believe me Doctor, he's very canny.'
'Is he now… hmm! how fascinating...well it's true of course Gallifreyan's never built these Grand Old Dears, but did he tell you why they banned it's use, other then to be used as chambers by the High Council?'
'No he only mentioned it was another Races Work.' Jamie shrugged.
'Hmm...Well then let me tell you.' he returned to his seat bending forward as he did when being sincere, 'When our Greatest minds developed and built the consoles you see here,' he said pointing back with his thumb, We had Volunteers picked from the best of Gallifrey to pilot and pioneer Time Travel, My Grandfather was one of the Lucky few, these men travelled alone, for Millennia, they discovered The Tardis would perpetuate the lives of these Pilots by Regenerating them...Then after thousands of years and generations later all these Pioneers started to show signs of Paranoia, Madness even, they would not allow anyone to touch their Presious Tadises.' The Doctor saddened, 'The Man I knew as Grandfather is now known by another name, he was the only one to escape, but the Tardis was taken from them all and disabled. he could never return or regenerate, not without a Tardis at least.'
'So what doo they call him?'
'Not they Jamie He!...He calls himself The Master, and He will never rest, he will look for this Tardis… because It's His! and the lives it Gives are All His!, and he'll kill anyone who gets in his way. This is The Madness that Scared Our People.'
'So why have we never seen This Master?
'Because I lock him out... While I live he will never discover this Tardis!'
'So this relative of yours, just completely lost his mind?'
'Yes Jamie, he has lost everything but his need for this machine, his family ties are long forgotten, I'm a stranger to him, he will Know me only as The Doctor, and in his eyes I've stolen his Tardis and the lives he believes are His.'
'Lovely Family yoo have there Doctor.’
'Well,' he said patting Jamie's knee, 'We all have our skeletons in the Cupboard.' The Doctor conceded.
Jamie was beginning to understanding more about His Doctor then he'd learnt in their whole time together.
'So who fixed The Tardis? you said it was disabled!'
'Ah yes… Well I did Jamie... I had my Grandfather's diary, from it's knowledge I found ways to replace the none working parts, you see I begged to work in the museum where it was kept, and during my School breaks I rebuilt the console, But I never had any idea once the repairs were complete and The Tardis ready for trial, HE, The Master would sense it's Heart Beating and seek it out...
On the day I knew I'd competed my task, he came to take it... On That Day Jamie came my Only Regret... I was an impossible Teenager, who knew he was capable any doing amazing things; I believed in my own Genius, I was unstoppable once I had my mind set. On That Day! I was convinced I’d made something Wonderful come to Life! But that Day ended with one Father killing a Son, and One Sacrificing himself To Save a Son.
Understanding a Fathers love Jamie now Patted The Doctors Knee. 'He loved yoo Doctor, and he gave his life for yours with no thought for his own.'
Tears shone in The Doctor's Eyes now, as he remember that fateful day, 'I believe your right Jamie, but I had to flee in The Tardis and I wasn't ready, I had to learn by trial and error, mainly error!'
He wiped his eyes... 'Oh I'm being a silly old fool.'
'NO Doctor yoor many things, but yoo'r nay the fool.'
'Thank you Jamie.... Well over the years with The Master breathing down my neck, because out of desperation he found all the materials he needed from the remaining Tadises, to build a crude Machine of his own, he chased me for many years until I found the means within myself to Lock him from my Mind and The Tardis.'
'So That's why I nay met the fella!'
'Yes Jamie...he was never a problem when we met, you must understand my greatest fear at the time was the Madness, I didn't want my life to end as my Grandfathers, this is why I took the decision to never travel alone, with Polly, Ben, Victoria, Zoe and yourself Jamie, you have all helped to keep me sane.'
Then a sleepy yawning voice sounded in the Corridor, 'Doctor! Are Ya Still up?'
'Quick in to the galley,' The Doctor whispered to one...and answered the other 'Oh Jamie... did I wake you?'
Running over to the galley door way, Jamie hid in the shadows.
'Ock! yoo'r always tinkering with that thing Doctor do yoo ever sleep?' the younger man said entering the console room and blinking to it's brightly lit interior after the subdued lighting of the passage.
'Yes  of course I sleep Jamie everyone sleeps, even a Dalek, so what is your reason to be up dear boy.' he replied looking concerned for his young companion.
'OH... I had that dream again,'
'Ah yes, Well.... it's more of you attempting to change the hardships of your past that keeps your mind so active in your dreams, some warm milk will soothe that troubled mind of yours Jamie.'
'But we could never find my Bother Doctor, it plagues me still, remember I told you how my Brother was kidnapped and force into the navy?' Jamie reminded The Doctor.
Jamie still in the Shadows recalled the time he and his father travelled to London, to find his Brother before he was sold... these deals were common and the gangs were ruthless. the gang they encountered almost sold Jamie too, had it not been for his father, who was fearless with a Claymore
'Yes evil times Jamie... The so called Kings Shilling was a lucrative business to the unscrupulous.'
'Well a gang in London would have had me away too, if it was nay for ma Father.'
The older Jamie saw that day clearly now.
The Doctor sat down and patted the chair next to him, and Jamie sat.
'Listen Jamie, there are horrors everywhere, so you need to find a way to close them in your mind, or they will steal your sleep.... you can't change your past, it's a waste of your energy, We have fought many Monsters you and I...and someone with a total disregard for life, can be a Monster! Jamie, some are born and some are made, we must deal with them in our lives, but we don't want to let these thoughts deny you of sleep, now do we.' With that The Doctor rose and Clapped his hands with a big grin on his face and he pointed to Jamie's heart... 'Lock your family here, and shut those monsters from your mind, I'll make us both a warm milk... hmm! that would be a perfectly delightful way to end the day hmm?, and you can have a cookie, what do you say Jamie, hmm?.'
'Oh Aye, chocolate chip fur me please Doctor, thank you.'
At the door way the Doctor took the Hiding Jamie by the Hand and shaking it said, 'I see there is a sadness in your eyes Jamie, you have witnessed unbearable sorrows and I hope in my hearts I'm not responsible for that...but I must say dear Jamie, that you are looking absolutely splendid in your Maturity, Have a Good Life, and make sure your Doctor keeps a tight grip on his humanity, even though he is an Alien. save him as you helped saved me!'
whispering Jamie croaked, 'There was never a day I regretted being at yoo'r side Doctor, I'm glad I finally got to tell yoo, and it breaks my heart to leave again.'
'Well that can't be changed now can it, you see for me your still here and I need to get that milk on the boil, Goodbye Jamie.'
'Aye I'm starting to remember this night and I slept like a baby after that warm drink.' and Jamie vanished.

Back with his new Doctor Jamie enquired, ' So what are we ta do with that Yeti?
But the soothing tones of His Doctor interrupted him...'I'll take care of that Jamie and..' he said towards his future self, 'I'll take that bracelet of yours too,'
'What!! what do you mean take my bracelet? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? you don't trust me with a kid’s toy? how dare you even be here! there are RULES! did you bring HIM?' The Doctor grumbled loudly, glaring at Jamie.
Jamie who was just as shocked just stood unable to speak.
'No Jamie wasn't aware I would follow him here....I made a mental note of your coordinates you see, and this Bracelet disturbed me and I do so hate being disturbed... as for Rules I've never had much regard for them.... I see them more as guidelines you could or should not follow, so let's not get all heated hmm? and to answer your question of trust, of course I trust you, but I built the first Sonic Screw Driver which I only used for the purpose it was made for, stubborn screws I could not manage with a real Screw Driver.'
'OH What Nonsense! you adapted the frequency to burn through mental, that's hardly the purpose you so grandly made it for! you hypocrite, how dare you! you board my ship shouting the odds like you're better them Me!' The Doctor said enraged at this intrusion.
Jamie knowing His Doctor would eventually win this argument, just sat with Zoe at his lap and watched the fireworks.
'Yes... I did didn't I...oh that was a jolly jape, now give me your Bracelet and we'll say our farewells.’
'Who do you think you are you pompous old fool!' The Doctor gasped.
Laughing at this the other said 'oh this is fabulous, I don't think I've had so much Banter with a future self, as for Old I'm only 450 I'd hardly call that OLD... how old are you now?'
'Old enough to look after MYSELF thank you very much, I don't need YOU!'
'Oh I full heartily agree Dear chap, your a capable man I have no doubt, so hand over the Bracelet, it's for the best believe me.'
'FINE....FINE take it and be gone little man.' he shrilled at his Other.
'Now now, there's no need for such ingratitude, I will use this on our old friend The Yeti,' and he pulled the other bracelet Jamie handed him apart, 'here you may find another use for this power cube, it cen be inactive as your Bracelet will destroy this, yours and The Yeti in deep space,  now that's three birds with one stone and rather splendid if I do say so myself... and I do say so.'
With both bracelets in his hands the Doctor backed away...'Your thinking I'll just make another aren't you?'
'Are YOU reading my mind now? stop that at once!' he growled, 'there are rules about THAT TOO!'
'No... your mind is quite safe, I just know how we think, and you have lost the power of hiding your being... Our Peers the Time Lords of The High Council never found me, because I locked them out... I know I will lose that ability when they force me to change.... in fact I came from Gallifrey where I await my fate at their hands, but I was tempted to use this?'s wrong, I realise now I can't keep running, it's time I faced my demons once and for all.'
The Other Doctor looked at him in astonishment.
'Well this is the thing, when I leave I will deny you this knowledge while I still have that power...Goodbye Jamie, what a lovely doggie... Goodbye Me. I'm glad we had this little chat, Oh and Jamie before I forget, I found something that belongs to you.'
The Doctor stepped back into the Shadows and reappeared holding something dead and dangling, from his arms.
'Ock! Me Pipes!" Jamie was as happy as a child on Christmas morning, he took the Bag pipes like a father with his first child.
'Yes,' said The Doctor smiling, 'I found them in the store room,' he looked to the ceiling, 'I can't imagine how they ever got lost in there.'
The New Doctor chipped in, ' Oh.....I see how it,' he said so incensed, at this scene, ' you play the fool but really your quite Evil!'
'Oh My Word! you are cranky today aren't you, I just wanted to reunite Jamie with his Bagpipes.'
'But you couldn't stand them....a bag of racket is what you called them!'
'That's a bit strong isn't it?... Jamie comes from a long line of pipers, I saw him in the queue.' The Doctor Chuckled, as did Jamie.
'Fine well on your way...your fate awaits you.'
'Yes it does, I better make sure the box of frilly shirts are somewhere accessible.... Ta Ta.' The Doctor Gripped Jamie’s free hand, it's been a joy Jamie, live well my boy.'
Both men gripped each others hand in a grip one does when you know it's your last.
And he was gone
'Are you going to make another?' Jamie asked the wide eyed staring Doctor.
'Make What?....spit it out man,' The Doctor said impatiently
Jamie looked amused, 'Make a Teleport bracelet thingy linked to The Tardis?'
The Doctor using his eyebrows to full effect raised them in astonishment, 'ARE YOU MAD? those things will mess with your molecules... I could leave an Orange and come Back a Potato.'
'I did nay understand any of that?' Jamie said looking worried.
'I'm using a Metaphor.' The Doctor informed Jamie
'What's a Metafurr?'
'I don't know Jamie what's it Metter to you?' he Laughed.
Jamie began filling the bladder of his pipes with air...
'Oh NO....Really! You’re going to play them now?'
Jamie was a bit rusty but after a few errors he launched himself cheerfully into The Bonnie Cock of The North...
The Doctor's face changed as Jamie now in full flow started to march as he played.
'Actually Jamie I quite like that.....Carry on.' pain now forgotten, to his own amazement The Doctor leapt into a Highland Dance… toes pointing and hands held high as if he held an invisible beach ball.
Zoe cocked her head.
'Why are you looking at me like that? I can dance, I'm the dancing Doctor.' and he laughed full heartedly as he let the music fill his soul.
The Doctor stopped puffing. hands on hips as he bent slightly forward and said, 'I'm out of condition, and I really need to get out more...Jamie!' 
Looking exhusted he used his thumb to point at the galley behind him,  'I'm making tea, would you like a cup?'
Pausing only to say 'Oh Aye.' Jamie continued on his joyous march, reunited with his beloved pipes.
The Doctor stopped only to retrieve another cane on his way to the Galley, when he noticed Zoe biting her rump...
'Jamie why is she doing that?'
'Oh she may have fleas.'
'Fleas!' Tardis!' he ordered, 'Ready the treatment room for an alien infestation.'
'Thank you old Girl.'
Jamie now stopped in his tracks...he scratched his head in disbelief, 'The Tardis Talks?'
'Yes...well I had a month to tinker.... I've never had a month the tinker before so I thought it would be a fascinating addition.'
'It's a Girl!' Jamie blurted.
The Doctor looked shocked at Jamie, 'Of Course it's a Girl!....She’s a Grand Old Girl.'
'I din nay think you need it...We got on fine wee out it before!'
'Yes... Well. Welcome to the New Age Jamie,' The Doctor informed his companion.
'Yes Tardis what is it?'
'On second thoughts Jamie we did get on fine without it.' and the Doctor walked over to the console and disabled the upgrade, 'There Done, now as for you Zoe lets be having you.' and Zoe followed The Doctor into the treatment room.
With The Flea Army Blitzed... Jamie took time to familiarise himself the Pipes.
Entering the Galley to make tea The Doctor Shouted, 'ZOE IN HERE PLEASE IF YOU WOULD BE SO KIND.'
Zoe followed The Doctor again.
'Look at this mess....’ he emphasised by pointing round the galley, ‘what were you thinking! am I going to regret bringing you on board?' he looked down into Zoe's sad upturned eyes.
' no no no, you're not getting out of this that easy,' he bent this time as he spoke and looked at her closely, ' are we going to get on?'
Zoe made a sneeze and nodded her head at the same time.
'Well fetch a broom Zoe.'
Zoe cocked her head...
'Fine I'll fetch a Broom, you go be a dog somewhere, I'll take you to The Park later if you're good....Yes we have a Park now.' he said to her unasked question.

The Highland music filled The Tardis that night, Jamie and the Doctor spoke of the future and it was decided they would just take each day as it comes.

The next Adventure will test this friendship as never before....but that's another day.

THE END...or is it?

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