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The Doctor's Secret

The Doctor's Secret

The Doctor was wondering through the corridors Alone!…Being alone in the Tardis didn’t feel right, in fact it left him feeling old and aching all through his 1,000 year old body.

“Well you sexy thing” he uttered to the Tardis, “If this is what 1,000 years feels like you can keep it.” He stopped in his tracks, then his face lit up with the thought, “Oh, wait! Is it my birthday? I love a Birthday don't you, all those presents....oh and Banana and Custard Ice cream.”
He couldn’t be sure if he even had a birthday today, or tomorrow, so many things to do, and remembering his former life wasn’t one of them.

So walking aimlessly, he found himself entering the Great Library, this wasn’t to much of a surprise as this is the one space in the Tardis, that was his absolute favourite, a room where he was free to relax; he loved the Victorian bow back furniture, upholstered in velvet, in a vibrant scarlet with deep buttons. Even the air had a pleasant scent.

The constant ticking and chimes of the Grandfather clock, with its ornate gold hands pointing out a time that had no relevance to any time outside the Tardis, as it was set to what ever felt like a happy time, like tea time, or a lovely Sunday reading the papers morning time.
In the library he would be surround himself with the wisdom and histories of a billion planets, from the great minds of Gallifrey all the way to the planet that needs his protection more then any other, Earth!

Earth was in his care, he had books from it’s Greatest Author’s, all signed of course, as he's a bit of a fan.

With all these Books The Doctor could share laughter with Mark Twain, feel the love and the Passion of Shakespeare as well as  Leo Tolstoy, they all had the most marvellous words pouring from every chapter.
He's cried with Charles Dickens, who once told him “Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart.”
The Doctor has also sat with Aristotle who had a passion for the bottle, or so his Monty Python friends would say.

All Earths history resides here, past, present and future.

With The lighting, you could be forgiven if you'd assumed it to be gas light, which shone from the iron stemmed Antique Victorian shades, with there embossed stars in clear depression crystal, in a pendant tulip design.  These hung in rows, 2 metres from the floor, at regular intervals of 1.5 metres, along the walls and book cases.

The light was in fact, a self perpetuating source generated by solar energy; Renewable Energy wasn’t new in the Tardis, some may find this light just made the room gloomy, with some corners in shadow but the Doctor would say it had it’s own elegance, with a sense of Drama, because The Tardis created whatever The Doctor desired.

One more example of such light was the polished brass oil lamp with its engraved Gallifreyan scene on its blown glass chimney, sat atop the round topped mahogany Chippendale table, that was support at by four bowed Queen Anne legs; she must have had a funny walk to have had table legs named after her, and the Doctor mused that someone would have pointed out to the Queen in a Shout! “Hey Queenie! Someone’s pinched your horse!”

Five 2.5m tall, exquisitely carved mahogany book cases dominated the room as you’d expect, where the rare and unseen in some cases, books stood.

The Doctor’s worn but cherished chaise longue with its Gu embroidered tigers set in jungle, was given to him by Marco Polo, and it sat in front of the third book case to his left, but before it lay a low ebony table, 0.6m x 2m with various books haphazardly stacked or dropped upon it.

The Doctor ran his hand over the books as he passed the nearest shelf. ‘Memories….such memories,’ he thought as past histories brushed his finger tips.

In his minds eye, he saw his father looking down on him, while his tiny up stretched hand held by his, “look at the Beauty of nature Son.” He would say, and the four year old boy looked down from the mountain, and into the valleys with its silver leafed Gaumptra trees reflecting the fire red glow of the two Gallifreyan suns, high in the afternoon sky, this made the rich greens and yellows of the tall meadow grass even more striking.

“You will never create a world more beautiful then nature, so let that be your guide, never attempt to change it, learn to be part of it and it will provide you with food and a place to live, if you attempt to change it and it will resist you.” On this his father would take a deep breath then sigh with contentment.

‘Gallifrey’… he couldn’t think of it now without regrets.

The Doctor made his way to his favourite chair and sat down, his hands stroked the arm rests, this high backed chair with it’s curved sides would hide the occupant unless you looked directly into it, the left hand arm had a built in side table, large enough for a tray, but now it had upon it, a book he was reading two weeks ago.

The Doctor putting on his round rimmed specs look down at the title, The Eagle and The Loin, an in depth look at the Battles of Napoleon and Wellington, The Doctor was fascinated to discover how often luck played a role in these hard fought encounters.
Luck, what is Luck? It’s a question he could never fathom.

He wiggled in his chair and sighed a contented sigh.

The Doctor had Secrets, oh yes, many secrets, and one of the biggest secrets related to the regenerating process…

For the Doctor we see here, is never truly alone!

On a Chippendale Table, sat upon jade bases with Gallifreyan symbols relating to his past lives was ten glass Orbs 60mm in diameter, with a turquoise tint to the otherwise Crystal clear perfection of there symmetries.
From left to right with the first being his 1st life and the last being his 10th, these orbs contained the conscious of every Doctor.

These were created by the Tardis of course, during the regenerating of each and every Doctor, and with these he is able to communicate with his former lives by touching or holding them in his hand, giving The Doctor a mental connection with every mind contained within  each Orb, and they glowed in there’re own unique colour when communicating, here he could talk through problems, discuss his doubts, or just seek advice, although every conscious is an aspect of the same man as you know doubt are thinking, each one of these lives had independent thought, each change gave the doctor an aspect to his personality, far as  they were  in life, they continued to be, here in the library. Some utilising the Doctor's darkest thoughts.

“Ah” he said “if I could only talk to you now father, what would you say?”

You see there is another secret about the Tardis that isn't widely known, unless you happen to be Gallifreyan, and this secret is, only a Gallifreyan Time Lord in possession of a Tardis can Regenerate.

The rest of the people of Gallifrey live out their normal lifespan of around 500 years or more.

So there is no such Orb for his parents, or any other members of his family, they only remained in his memory and Time faded them so cruelly.

His father was right of course, planets where the inhabitants attempted to rule nature were horribly grey and industrial disasters, with races empty of emotion, no soul, which in turn gave birth to a race with no regard of life, It’s not that they were born Evil, killing just become a normal way of life, whatever they desired they got regardless of the cost, because it’s all they had ever known.

So who am I? he thought, to say what’s Right or Wrong for these beings.

Again he saw the image of his father as he reached up to hold his strong comforting hand.

The Doctor has become weary of all the running and fighting, he thought of his humble beginnings, how his life changed forever the day he stole the Tardis.

The Doctor looked at the Orbs, in their slightly curved line… and resting his head on the table he looked down to admirer their symmetry.

Tonight would be his First communication with these Grand old Doctors; He’d never had time before, everything happened so fast since he arrived.

He touched the first orb and the voice of his first existence spoke.

“Ah there you are, Now now dear boy, you mustn’t blame yourself, and the more you dwell on this unpleasantness the more it consumes you. hmm?”

“But I should have listened to my father……I’ve tried to change people, change their nature! I was doomed from the start!”

“Stop being a Blithering idiot my boy, stop it I say, no good will come of it believe me, do you really think you can you could stand back and allow the powerless to be enslaved ?
or allow the barbaric butchery they suffer to continue? can you? Hmm?”

“No I don't suppose I can, it's in my nature to help those in most need, ah yes, now I think of it, it was the none interference law demanded by the High council that got us into this trouble in the first place.”

“Me you mean… Well back then I was young, impetuous, and due to circumstance beyond my control I had to flee.”
“Yes what a cheeky little rebel you were."
“Less of the cheeky if you please young man, I just had high ideals, there’s no point having technology if you can’t help others in need of it, or when to be told you may indeed use it, its ridiculous, those pompous councillors still make my blood boil.”

He accidentally brushed a hand against the second orb.

“Great Galloping Gobstoppers!! Well you’ve been messing with time haven’t you? That’s why you’re in such a pickle, ah...And I see you've been doing up this place! I don't like it!”

The Doctor responded to his first Regenerated form, “Oh, you fabulous man, you were always full of wonder weren't you, oh and not forgetting that sharp wit of yours… Oh how you got away with looking so helpless for so long amazes me, that look of yours could fool the arrogant and you always came up trumps in the end.”

“Well hardly surprising is it my dear chap, I always kept myself one step ahead, never show your true intentions, that is a lesson you'd do well to remember, and I am a Genius after all. The technology and invention you inherited from me, is still your most trusted devices, the sonic screwdriver for instance, I of course only used it when all other options for unscrewing items failed, I must say you seem to have taken it too far, your dependence on it is a weakness if you ask me, that’s your problem you see, you’ve become lazy, and you constantly fail to use your superior intellect, Oh My Giddy Aunt! I never thought I’d see the day, I’d entrust my independence to such a thing, having always had a perfectly adequate screwdriver at hand.”

“Oh how I have miss you.” he smiled at the memories his second invoked.

The first Doctor interrupted, “Ah the clown, and what a fine mess you got yourself into with all that rewiring of yours.”

“Now, now, you two, play nice OK.”

“Ah well, yes  it’s true I do seem to get involved in things and sometimes I… Well I just miscalculated a tad, that’s all, no harm done, we can all have a moment of butter fingers.”

Once activated and in the presence of The Doctor, the Orb's could interact with each other… But they need to be touched first and they will all shut down as soon as The Doctor is further then 2 metres away.

The Doctor touched the third Orb.

“My dear fellow, why are you listening to those two? You must be at your wits end, Take action, be brave, stop dillydallying and get on with it, that’s all you need do.”

“Well I do feel tired of it all…… time wears you down.” The 11th said.

“Oh do shut up man, stop trying to be a flimflam man and focus for goodness sake, just stop all these time wasting anxieties of yours, faint heart never won a battle did it!… No, so buck up your ideas, and stop fretting, you look like a fool when you fret!”

“Hello you, what a man of action you were, first in last out… I have always admired your straight forward talking approach.”

“Do you now? Well stop whining and get on with it then, there’s a good fellow.”

The forth spoke once his conscious was touched, “listen to you? there’s no point in being young if you can’t be childish sometimes, you don’t want to be listening to that stuffed shirt, go out there…. Out in the big universe, have some fun or a jelly baby or three, what's the harm in that eh?”

“Ah… Four, I loved your style, and that wonderfully long scarf, far too long for me though, I do seem to be a bit clumsy, I’d trip over it or get caught on a tree or something.”

“Ha ha ... How splendidly violent your Great Intelligence was, I would have loved to have met him, we could have shared a pot of tea, and those snowmen were delightful, what fun, what you need is the company of a Time Lady I can highly recommend it. ”

“Sadly Gallifrey is no more, I’m the last of the Time lords.”

He looked into the gold framed mirror across the room and added “I killed them, I killed them all!”

“Oh My Dear fellow, I very much doubt that, do you really think you’re the only rebel from Gallifrey? How wonderfully arrogant of you.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure….. It’s a frightening prospect, I’d not enjoy a confrontation with a Gallifreyan with a grudge, and it could get very unpleasant indeed.” The Fifth Doctor asserted.

The fifth Orb like the others glowed as every word was spoken.

“Goodness ….. ohh no, no, no, I wouldn’t like that, it could get ever so Unpleasant, so best not Dwell on it as my First advised.”

“Yes I think that’s best, onwards and upwards as they say, though who said that I have no idea, They really do need to sign off on these quotes to save the confusion.” The 5th added.

“What babbling bunch of imbeciles you all are, I can’t believe we are even from the same body, So want Do you really want hum? Haven’t you figured all this out yet? I think you need to change, and it can’t come a moment too soon if you ask me, and I believe you just did.” Insisted the 6th.

“Well thank you Six, you charmer you…… I’m tired to the bone, maybe it is time for a change.”

“There’s no point having a hat if you’re not going to wear it, Your hat is the ownership of your responsibilities, just quit the shenanigans with all those Companions of yours, you should be a father figure not a soppy school boy!” The Seventh advised.

“Oh do be a soppy school boy, it sounds fabulous.” the Forth chipped in.

“Hello is anyone there?...” a Pause “Look I think it’s the Master, he could be doing things to your mind!” The eight orb added when touched.

“Oh Him…. I wonder what Happened to him? He hasn’t bothered me so far, so that must be a good thing right?” The Doctor asked.

“I would concentrate on keeping one step ahead…. he’s a sly one, I doubt we’ve seen the last of him.” The Eight declared.

“For the love of sanity, Just shut up!  you're all as annoying as Davros bingo calling… All the Eights.... EXTERMINATE!... I’d love to kick the Masters ass, and what’s he Master of hey? Nothing….. Master of Nothing is still Nothing…Bah! He’s bored me already, Bring it on!” The Ninth said.

“So what’s your advice on my particular situation? Then Nine.”

“Be Fantastic!”

“All righty then …. I think I’m more confused then ever!” you are all so different from me, I’m scared of what I’ll become next…”

“Scared? Oh dear me no …. What’s there to be scared of? So you fiddled with time a little bit, actually it was all wibbly wobbly anyway, I doubt anyone noticed, Na, your worrying over nothing, Oh hang on, when I say I doubt anyone noticed, I mean, I think you got away with it………. Possibly.” The Tenth offered.


“Well you know, maybe….there’s always some Mr Nosey … I do hate a Mr Nosey Don’t You? …always being so nosey, but you coupe don’t you, look at you with that lovely bow tie and crazy hair, How does that work for you by the way? does it get in your eyes at all?  when run? never mind, just asking, oh......Now I come to think of it, the crazy hair could be the  problem, go on, why don’t you shave it off. That would be really strange, but hey! Embrace your inner strange.”

“Well thank you all, I think I’ll turn in and call it a night.” The Doctor said Yawning and stretching his arms.

“One day I’ll be back, Yes One…” 
But The Doctor interruped his First self with, “Yes I know, but not today hey.. bit tired, I did mention I was tired, Yes?”

“Oh My Word!! testy today aren’t we? ... Did you have a stale wheatey Biccy this morning hmm? You best rest on it, tomorrow is another day, and life’s all about change and renewal.” The Second stated to the already raising Doctor.

“Yes Good night all, you’ve all been splendid fellows and I’m proud to be part of all of you.”

The Doctor leaving his comfy chair, felt happier, and was now feeling one with his former selves… tonight he won’t worry about what will or will not happen, because his story will continue for many years to come.

As he reached the door, he place a hand on it..... "We've had some great times haven't we old girl, and you've never let me down, I hope I've never disappointed you ?" and the reassuring hum and vibration from the heart of the Tardis was the only reply...

"Good Night Old Thing, lets do something exciting tomorrow, you'd like that wouldn't you, no companions, no distractions, just you and me hey, what do you say?"

And The heart of the Tardis skipped a beat.....then kept beating it’s comforting beat...

The lights faded as the Doctor entered the corridor.

And as the Library darkened, from deep within the shadows, came evil laugher, and it filled
the room with it's malice, and a book with the title The Universe of Dreams opened.

The Next Story is The Lost Doctor.

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