Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Lemon Drops

Cherry blossom time

Michael edged slowly forward, moving as he once did At 5, back then it was because he was thrust into a sacky snake skin for the schools nativity, as this was the only costume left, and due to his lack of enthusiasm, it ensured he'd be the last to be issued one. Marcus and Spence of course were two of the three Kings. but that was by the by this was now, and Michael was petrified, his fear of heights was making his outer organs seek refuge back inside his body, a body with a ice cold hand gripping his stomach as he inched forward to look over the edge of the geography building's roof, and down into the campus quad. He turned his head awkwardly back to Marcus, who was standing on the very edge, leaning forward in a way that made the icey grip in Michael grip even tighter. He looked as though he hadn't a care in the World. Marcus was always the courageous one, he'd be first to pick you up when you fell, and stand between anyone who wished harm to his friends. He was strong, athletic, and captained any team he joined.
"Marcus! I don't like this! Why can't we just walk round the Quad to look for this scumbag?"
The cherry blossom was in full bloom down below in the Washington campus Quadrangle.
"Mikey that drug pushing son of a bitch is down there somewhere."

"Well yea! and we can still catch him on the Ground, and my balls would be free the hang again."

"Jeez Mikey, get a grip dude, it's the same as standing at the sidewalk!"

"You don't fall to an ugly death from a sidewalk."

Marcus laughed, "Well, I don't see him anyway, let’s get back."

"Why are you so keen to find the guy anyway?"
"You Know Why!"
"OK, I didn't mean to sound insensitive, Kristin meant a lot to all of us."
"Yea... Well, it's not the scumbag I really want, it's the guy without a care, driving a Lambo, and when we know who! We can bring his world of comfort crashing down."
Marcus leaned over more, for one last look.
"Man! Quit that will ya! While I still have nuts. The Police should be doing this."
"Com'on Mikey, the Police see one more dead druggy, they didn't know, or want to know Kristin, she's a body bag with a tag, let's go."
And with that Marcus spun on his heels as he headed back to Spence, who had been holding the roof access door open for their return.

Michael took one last involuntary look as he imitated a slug arching its back, as it found the power to reverse.

When he felt far enough from the edge, he rolled onto his back breathing in the sweet smelling spring air.

Now calm he rolled onto his knees, whilst taking care to keep the Quad to his back, 

and stood, grateful to be alive.

Spence just grinned at his friend, as he waited.

"Hey, I could have done the looking you know, and you could have held this damn door open, have you felt the spring on this thing? it will take an arm, I'm sure. "
"Yea, well then what would be the point of M&M's?  It would lose all meaning, and the Lemon drop gang would mourn its loss."
"What do you mean? We are the lemon drop gang!"
Back in Boston while the boy's were growing, they started a lemonade stand for pocket money. And the scruffy little gang adopted the name Lemon drops.
Now with both feet firmly on Terra Firma, Michael felt the cry for food.
"OK, Who's Hungry?" He asked.
Marcus looked into the distance. "You two go get something, I've another option I want to try out, and I’ll meet you both back here, in the library at 2.00."
"Sounds good to me." Spencer said, already heading to Aunt Mimi's, which was the name the boy's gave to the quad cafe.

That was the last Time I saw Marcus, I'm Michael Fergal Fitzpatrick, and with Spencer Anderson, we are going to find who caused the death of Kristin Mullin, and discover what happened to Marcus.

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