Friday, 21 July 2017

What the Who? 

Here we are, and there couldn't be a better place to start then right at the beginning. 
William Hartnell was The Doctor and with his Granddaughter Susan. (Proof that The Doctor is in fact Male of the species known as Gallifreyan) And they fly through time and space together as family.

As a child of Seven ( That doesn't mean there were 7 of us!) I had the exciting prospect of seeing the very first episode of Doctor Who, only back, then it was just one of many amazing shows from the 60's, so excitement never entered my head. 
The headlines of the day unfortunately, were full of the assassination of president Kennedy. Not a good day to start but start they did, and just to make sure it got the attention they needed they repeated the first episode the following week.
The reason I bring this up is because of the fact that even at the age of seven I associated The Doctor with my Grandfather, so even at this tender age I'm looking for something familiar to attach this new character to. and that is Family.
So it's family values that are bought to the fore when I think of Doctor Who. Patrick on the other hand had a cheery cheeky Uncle thing going on, so again I attach a family relationship to the character.
Doctor Who was devised to be A Family Show, not just a kids show as we are often reminded when bringing up any subjects that highlight flaws in an episode.
It's has only been since 2011, that the possibility of the Doctor regenerating into a woman appeared, yes it had been spoken about as early as the 80's, but it wasn't until 2011 that it was written in as a prospect in a series.
This I believe was driven by Feminists who probably don't even watch the show, getting on their high horse. Now I'm not advocating only feminist can have high horses, anyone who wants a high horse is very welcome to one, unless your really tiny, then I would suggest that a high horse may look rather foolish and highlight your height, or lack of it. I myself would be happy with a moderately average horse, as I would look ridiculous on a Shetland Pony, for all you would see of the poor creature,would be its head and four little legs buckling under the strain, so what I guess I'm saying is, Horses aren't just for Christmas.

But I digress. As you see The Doctor is with Susan, as previously mentioned, who we can assume is The Doctor's Daughter's child. Of course because the story of the Doctor's Daughter is NuWho, we now see one of it's many Flaws when we relate it to the Original series, This Daughter is the result of DNA taken from The Doctor. But this is how it was written, it's not a perfect tie in, but let's use what we have so at least it's something we are all familiar with. 
We know the Doctor MUST have had either a Son or Daughter, so with 54 years under it's belt this relationship should have been covered in a way that would Make the Doctor the biological Father as a result of a relationship. 
In stories I've written, from about four years ago, I do cover this, because I felt it is a story that needs to be told, but the DNA Daughter is all we have to bring into this loop, And another BIG plus! she is the real life Daughter of Peter Davison. who most of you know as the 5th Doctor. What a wonderful example of keeping it in the family. 

Now HERE is the perfect role model for any young girl, for if the Doctor's Daughter is anything like my Daughter we will have a smarter, wittier, and far more talented Doctor venturing out for a life in a TARDIS of her own.
So what have we missed? The Doctor's Daughter belongs to the 10th Doctor. So how did The First Doctor end up with this Daughter's  Daughter in his charge. 
What terrible event occurred?  what made her feel that her Father's first incarnation was the safest place for her... Is there something special about Susan we don't know about? This again is an intriguing story, and I'd argue that this  Better than any story currently being written, and it's better than unthreading Every single Episode we've seen thus far of the Doctor Who show we all love.
So did we really need to change the Gender of this long established Male role? just because some think we should? It's never been forced on any other TV character I can think of, so why Doctor who? 
Why can't we change Spock from Star Trek? 
Let's ALL campaign, Yes wave those banners now, so that, come the next film in the franchise, we can have a woman play the role, after all, 'He is an Alien!' isn't this the main reason behind this ridiculous situation? ET could be a Girl. Oh the options are endless, but guess what, it will never happen.

The Daughter must have a TARDIS of her own, as it's her, that seeks out the old man, a man who would not be aware he was a Father, let alone a Grandfather.  
I think if my Daughter was still young, she would have loved to have been associated with The Doctor's Daughter, then she may have seen The Doctor as a Father figure. 
This gives the programme that much needed Family feeling again, this brings the whole family together to enjoy some Adventure filled Entertainment. Called Family Time. 
I know we could have seen the First Doctor in a relationship, but we didn't, did we. Again this would make a great episode.

The Regeneration

Now let's talk about the  first regeneration, only it was called renewal at the time, here we  see a tired weary Doctor desperate to return to the TARDIS, after his first contact with the Cybermen  on Monbus But WHY?
I'll tell you why, because he had heard of a legend, that The Pilot of a TARDIS could have their tired bodies renewed.
And at this point he'd never seen it done... it was just a old tale he heard as a child. Because not every Gallifreyan has a chance to renew, or the Doctor would have witnessed it in his life time, and he had not, so he is full of doubt.
The Doctor is scared, scared because he may die, and he wasn't ready for it.
The Tardis is the Key to Regeneration, not the Doctor, THIS IS THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT! and one that gets forgotten in time as one writer takes over from another, not really studying the previous episodes.
But The Power comes from the TARDIS, and anyone who saw the first Regeneration will tell you the rotor at the centre console was in motion as the change occurred. 
It has been established that there is a symbiotic relationship between The Doctor and his TARDIS. The TARDIS renews The Doctor because it needs it's pilot to survive. and the very word renew, means to make as new. 
The Doctor is Male so when his body renews as a Male, there was never any suggestion at the time this Process could change the sex of the bodies original host.
Both RTD and Moffat  take it for granted that it is The Doctor that brings about the renewal of his Body, I don't blame them for not paying attention to the original details as others have made this same mistake, and it is a very important mistake in my opinion.

And if you doubt my word dear reader here is one of Patrick Troughton's first lines, from Power of The Daleks; 
The Doctor: "Renewed? Have I? That’s it, I’ve been renewed. It’s part of the TARDIS. Without it I couldn’t survive."

So come on people pay attention in future.

So there we have it. this is the main reason I can't accept this change, because it doesn't tie into the story I've grown up with since it's conception.
If you disagree fine, that's very much up to you. and I'll support your opinion.
For me this adventure of an old man and his Old Police Box is over, and what we are now given in it's place is a spin-off of the Original Programme. Let's call it What The Who?

And while writing this it has all been kicking off for Peter Davison, he's actually stated he will supported the decision of making Jodie the next Doctor, but he also said he regretted the loss of a well established strong male lead, and role model for boys. 
So for the life of me why Colin felt the need to tell him he was Wrong, only goes to show people only listen to what they want to hear, and try to use it to their advantage and grab the limelight.
I hope we continue to see Peter on Twitter.
There shouldn't be any talk that acceptance is only for true fans, we are Diverse in our views and surely diversity has been what everyone has been crying out about. 
Do not shut people down with ridiculous taunts of sexism or any other 'ism.' 
For a writer who hasn't taken any responsibility for the drop in the Rating to say Who a True fan is! really does shows how arrogance  blinds us to our faults. 
Only YOU can decide if you are a Fan or Not. Neither the Actors or Writers get to choose.
If you haven't guessed already I too regret this Change, but I would never wish to see an Actor out of work, so for Jodie to get this role will be an amazing thing for her as an actor and a person, because it guarantees a living long after the role has ended. This is mainly thanks to people like Jon Pertwee who helped bring these Conferences to life, and it took him a few years to get Patrick Troughton involved too, and he grew to enjoy it, and I know he took pride in being part of something that goes far beyond the show itself.

I've been Paul, even though some say I've been Frank... I don't even now the guy....? 

One day I shall come back, yes I shall come back, until then there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. 


  1. After the way some people treated Peter Capaldi it's not surprising that they changed the sex of the Doctor.People who can be extremely insulting to a man about his appearance/accent/age will not do the same when faced by a woman that is the irony of it all. The people who treated Capaldi so bad probably are the ones who are moaning and threatening to stop looking at Doctor Who now- they are the ones who caused the whole situation through bad manners and ageist bigotry.

    They should leave big decisions to the Doctor Who/BBC and just accept whoever gets chosen - too much hassle and they may just cancel the programme entirely..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I was all for Peter, I think he is a wonderful actor, underused by the story lines he was given though. I also think it's very wrong for the drop in viewer numbers to be put at his door,The writing can be blamed however, regardless at how anyone feels about it. I've stated I won't be watching so I hope you aren't accusing me of being ageist against Peter, I'm at least 2 years older then him. he is and always will be an excellent actor Doctor Who was fortunate to get. I just Don't see why a strong leading male role has to be changed, People my not have noticed but these roles are becoming rare. name another show that's been going so long, you can change the gender of everyone on Star Trek, but it will only be a parody of the original, not a continuation of the series. Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog... have a happy day.

  2. Good read. Totally understand your stance regeneration.
    I was born in 1989. I grew up on the original run, on VHS, and in target books. For me what Doctor Who did to a lesser or greater extent was to always add to the canon, embellishing and building on it as it went. However, what this is doing is rewriting canon in my opinion. The idea that you can just alter the last 50 years of an established programme for the sake of a couple of lines, written it should be said by one writer, is galling and puts it on thorny ground with me. Yes there are other inferences and references that people will pull up, but it comes across as desperate legitimising to me and doesn't change my thoughts on it Im afraid. Everyone else is entitled to their opinion though, and of course can and will decide for theirselves.
    Good luck to Jodie, I really mean that. But I have the distinct feeling from the people I've spoken to over the past week that social media and online polls (that everyone seems to take as gospel these days) may be not giving the full picture on this. Personally, I'm not enamoured by this at all.

    1. I understand how you feel, I won't be following the series anymore, but Yes Good Luck to Jodie. As they say, time will tell. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

    2. I understand how you feel, I won't be following the series anymore, but Yes Good Luck to Jodie. As they say, time will tell. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.