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The Fantastic and Coulorful World of Thaddeus Thackray.

The Fantastic and Coulorful World of Thaddeus Thackray

Thaddeus Thackray was not the name of his choosing or indeed the name he was given by his parents, but it came to him in early June and insisted on staying.
Thaddeus was at this time one year, two months, three hours and twenty minutes of age, so at this time in his life he lacked the intellect to argue his case against taking a name so brazen in its need to become part of him, plus on reflection it did ask him, oh so nicely, as only a good name could.

Elijah Benjamin son of Patricia and Zackary Benjamin was diagnosed autistic; this was ridiculous of course, but understandable under the circumstances.
Thaddeus’s mind was developing in a way Humans rarely experience, he understood who he was and reached out and explored the world with his mind.

By the time he was 18 months old he found to his amazement, he could effect events around him; while watching his educational aid, the television his nanny sat him in front of every day, and it was here he developed a fascination for the Bats being featured by David Attenborough on the BBC’s wild live show. ‘Oh, how intriguing,’ he though, and what curious mammals they were to him, they would sleep in the day upside down no less, and only became active at night, where the eyes they were born with were of no use to them at all, so he reached out to find the minds of bats living in a house some 300 metres away.
‘Who are you?’ They asked, as you would expect from a Bat rudely awakened in the early morning.
‘I am Thaddeus Thackray IIII’ He told them; now dear reader…this means of course your reading the Earth addition of this Galactic best seller in its 7 Zillionth publication, as you see Thaddeus’s name now insists on being The Fourth, as One, Two and Three have not been born yet… I know what you’re thinking, ‘why isn’t he The First?’ Well it’s that kind of linier thinking that’s held you and your Planet back for so many years, and in this particular addition of this book I find myself having to make this very clear.
It's annoying really because you’re so needy! Needy Earth! We call you here,
Example: “Oh we have terrible storms, do you think we may have caused them?" Well Dah! And "Oh woe, is me, who can save us? We have made a bit of a hole in the ozone layer....Ooopsy!" and you wonder why other species avoid you all like the plague, but I digress, you may continue, because we all know as mentioned above, Earthlings are needy.

‘We don’t know what a Thaddeus bla bla bla is!’ said one of the bats who felt the need to say something and in doing so demonstrated their short attention span when it came to long names.
‘As I said I’m… well never mind my name, I would just like to ask, ‘why do you sleep in the day?’
Thaddeus heard four bats giggling while another, who was jealous that these other bats  had answered first, replied, ‘Do we look Crazy? We sleep in the day time so as to feed at night, then birds won’t catch us, or they’d peck us wouldn’t they, with those beaky beak faces of theirs,  it’s only those Freaky owls who hunt with us at night, that cause those problems, and that’s bad enough thank you very much, Those sneak freaks are silent and deadly as a flea’s flatulence, and those blighters are pretty smelly, let me tell you.”
At this the other bats nodded and one spat, “Freaky Owls!’ Just to add gravitas to his brother’s statement.
‘Oh I see, that makes perfect sense now, thank you, but could you pop over just to prove you can fly in the day?’ the 18 month year old asked.
‘This is why we don’t talk to Thad’s.’ a third bat interjected.
‘That’s fine; I didn’t think you could anyway.’ Thaddeus said knowing this would goaled them into action.
Elijah’s Mother Screamed so loud as the troop of bats swooped in that it made Thaddeus jump.
She ran from the Kitchen frantically flailing her arms above her head still screaming hysterically.
“Zack!! Flying vermin… Flying vermin!, do something! Before they poop over everything!”  
“Guano over everything you mean, it’s Spanish you know… the word not the poo,” and Zackary Benjamin leaped into action by screaming and waving his arms just as frantically as his wife.

Thaddeus made a mental note…. ‘Bats!’ only he spelt it as three squiggles and a line struck through the centre, ‘are hilarious!’
Well he is only 18 months and unaware of the human alphabet, but when you think about it, three squiggles and a line, does look surprisingly Bat’ ish.

Zack, happy in the knowledge his actions helped clear the home of these meddlesome Bats sat down hard onto the settee, ‘did you see that Elijah? Bats!’ but to his dismay his son just stared out blankly as he always did.
Valerie Speck a 17 year old nerdy type, only took the job of Nanny to help her pay her way, and to travel to America for work, a land she was convinced was full of opportunity and riches.
‘I’m so sorry Mrs Benjamin I opened the Kitchen window while I was heating Elijah’s milk.’ She said in horror to the unexpected event.
“I was scared out of my wits Valerie, but I can’t see how anyone would know bats would take advantage of such a thing as an open window! I’ve never known the like… it’s not natural.”
Patricia put an arm round the shaken girl and led her back into the kitchen where she made her a refreshing cup of tea. “No harm done, now I must leave for School Valerie, so will you be able to manage?’ the young girl holding her tea cup in both hands as if to gain strength from its heat, nodded then blurted “I’ll be fine, I think… yes I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine so don’t worry Mrs Benjamin you must leave or you’ll catch all that traffic!” She never knew this of course, she only heard about it on the radio.
“Very well, you have my number should you need anything but please do try to call during the afternoon break, if you need to that is,” Elijah’s mother replied with concern in her eyes, then shouted to her Husband, who was still sat in the living room. “Come on Dear I will drop you at the Paper.”
The Paper now mentioned was The Evening Oracle, where Zach provided the daily cartoon, which was the only satirical observation on life in current affairs of  this News Paper.

Thaddeus at two, realises he must connect with his family and surroundings in some way, so I will leave it till the day he makes eye contact with his parents to describe them.
Thaddeus was still talking to the Bats… they had such a wistfulness about them that made him smile.
Zack’s sketch pad was full of captured moments of his son and before he rose to fetch his jacket he drew with some satisfaction his smiling baby boy.
He bent and spoke to Thaddeus, “if I didn’t know better young man, I’d say you found your mother and I running round like lunatics very amusing,” then he kissed his son’s forehead and left to join his waiting wife in the families only car, a 6 year old purple Renault Scenic.
The Bats continued chatting to Thaddeus through the years, which was an immense delight to him.  

Jim Benjamin was a scallywag, a heart breaker, thief, an Adventurer, sailor, pirate and astronaut, in other words he was a writer of some acclaim.
Zackary his only son was at his bedside squeezing his hand as he attempted to comfort his thermally ill father.
The Doctor said two to three months was about as much time as he could see for his Father, and with diabetes, cataracts, on top of the already diagnosed weak heart, bowl cancer and leukaemia, that looked to be an optimistic view.
“I’m sorry to inform you you’re Father has now developed an infection, which in some cases will lead to pneumonia.” The nurse said, hardly the greeting he was hoping for.
“Oh good god no! Is it serious?’ Zack asked knowing any infection with leukaemia killing the immune system was Serious.
“We are keeping a close eye on it and attempting to make him as comfortable as possible Mr Benjamin.” And she tried to give comfort by squeezing Zack’s arm.

‘Hello Grandfather,’ Thaddeus began as he always did in greeting.
‘Ah young Elijah how are you, my spur clanking cowboy?’ the mind of the old man asked.
‘Well as you know Grandfather I’m Thaddeus now, and I believe I’m very well indeed.’
‘Oh but of course my dear Thaddeus, how silly of me to forget such a name with a smiley face in every D of it.” His Grandfather replied in joyous conspirator’s collaboration,
‘May I ask about the spurs Grandfather?’
‘You most certainly can…Spurs were worn by cowboy’s, and mounted over the back heel of their boots, so as they walked, they spun causing them to sound as the round metal spur struck it’s brace, we need them, the jiggling will add some tension, for today it’s the shoot out at the O.K. corral, you are the outlaw Tom Mclaury with a bristly chin and I’m Doc Holliday, limping due to some dastardly deeds of your brother Frank.’
‘Ah yes grandfather, and  I’m ducking and diving by the horse troth full of water so fowl, I shout with wrinkled nose… ‘You’re going to get yours Sheriff! And that motley gathering you chose to deputise!’

In real life The Gunfight in the Old West lasted some 30 seconds but in the minds of the two opposing parties, seconds can be hours and hour’s days.

While these adventures took place, the son of Jim held his father’s hand, desperately hoping his heavily drugged father understood his worry ladened words, and was aware he wasn’t alone.
With some mumbled words and even grinning given in response, the son’s eyes filled with grateful tears.
“That’s right dad… I wonder where you are today…past or present?”

Then the Evening came when Jim made Thaddeus promise to exit his self imposed shell and take notice of the real world around him, so those who loved him would be able to communicate, and it would bring joy to their hearts at a time of great sadness.
He did this by passing on his son’s sorrow into his young grandson’s mind.
‘I’m so sorry Grandfather; I wasn’t aware how much my lack of connection hurt my parents so.’ The saddened son of Zack conveyed, as he understood for the first time, a need to be.

With that Zack’s father turned to wave at a beautiful woman dressed in what Thaddeus believed to be the clothing of the 40’s. ‘Is that Cheeky Chops Grandfather?’
‘Yes Thaddeus, wave to your grandmother.’
Thaddeus enthusiastically waved with both arms and the beautiful woman wearing a knee length red dress gathered at the waist with a brown leather brass buckled belt, she stepped from a cloud that had lowered her to the ground, and her fabulously wavy auburn hair, lifted in the pleasant breeze, flicking it up as she introduced herself to her grandson.
‘You must be Thaddeus I’ve heard a lot of lovely things about you… did this rouge call me Cheeky Chops? He’s been calling me that since we were 5 years old.’
‘Yes Grandmother he did,’ Thaddeus chirped, smiling happy, and it made the old man Grin.
‘I’m Jessie remember that Thaddeus... Jessie, not Gran, not Grandmother or Nan,’ the kindly woman said with a chuckle, that put a sparkle in to her gorgeous green eyes, then she bent, kissed Thaddeus on the forehead and put a Jaffa cake in his hand, ‘try it! You will love the way it tickles your tongue.’ Jessie suggested.
Then she turned to the man who was the Love of her life, and gently she slipped her arm into his, and then arm in arm they walked over the threshold of Jim’s imagination onto the cloud now glowing with all the colours of the rainbow.
After a brief and loving kiss they spun the cloud round, giggling, woohooing with childish glee as they moved like surfers on a tandem board to face the young boy. ‘Remember what I said Thaddeus! This is our last adventure my boy, and Oh what a charming companion you have been these last few months, I don’t know what I would have done without you, we leave you with love in our hearts for you and your parents, and after a hearty ‘Cheerio!’ And they were gone.
Thaddeus felt no sadness as he could only feel the joy and love at his grandparent’s reunion; the smiles on their faces warmed him from within. ‘Is this what love feels like?’ he thought, as the image of the loving couple was locked forever in his mind.

Zackary seeing his father grinning was full of joy as he sat holding his hand so tight he felt the strong beating of his father’s heart until that moment all went suddenly cold.
Patricia sitting next to her Husband gripped his other hand.
They both heard the last gentle breath leave the terribly thin body, like a whispered last farewell and Jim was gone.
The machine that had been assisting Jim’s breathing sounded in terrible alarm.

Zackary beside himself with grief, sobbed uncontrollably as Patricia clung to him, and squeezing hard when those tears pouring from his soul, she joined him with sorrowful tears of her own, that flowed for Jim and her poor husband’s broken heart.


It came from the pushchair and they both looked disbelieving as they saw Elijah with arms up stretched begging to be lifted.


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