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A Timely Accident

A Timely Accident


A Timely Rest
I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
W.B. Yeats (1865–1939)

You have heard the term; ‘In Space no one can hear you scream?’ Well The Doctor was attempting not to be heard or found for that matter; as they travel the Universe in the hopes of avoiding Trouble for a few days.

“Trouble has a habit of finding you though Doctor! What makes you think this trip will be any different? Och! Don’t get me wrong, but you have nay convinced me so far you can even steer this thing!”

“Oh My Word! How very rude! I’ll have you know Jamie I’m in full control, there may however be some unforeseen circumstances The Tardis does have a mind of it’s own you see,” The Doctor proclaimed, but now looking at his companions expression continued, “Oh Jamie, your such a worry wart aren’t you, I may not arrive where I intend to go, that’s true, but we always end up where we need to be, that’s the important thing! I’ll show you…. this will be a splendid time for some rest,” he reached into his right hand pocket of his jacket and produced a white paper bag, “Here you go, why don’t you both have a Lemon Sherbet, there rather refreshing!”

Zoe now joining the conversation held out her hand, “Well I’ve never tried one before Doctor… are they safe?” Zoe remarked.

“I don’t think safe is a word one can use for sweets Zoe,” The Doctor answered amused, “It’s just a sugary treat!”

“Very well I’ll try just the one,” and as soon as the sweet made contact with Zoe’s tongue she screwed her eyes saying, “Oh Doctor! It’s very sharp isn’t it! it’s making my eyes water.”

“Aye, that happened tay me the first time too, thank you Doctor.” Jamie said, already sucking through the glassy coating to reach the inner lining of sherbet.

“Oh you’ll soon get used to it…. It will quench your thirst.” The Doctor said, beaming from ear to ear.

 “Those Cybermen can be very scary Doctor, I’ll be happy if we never run into them again….. I didn’t enjoy their company one little bit, although I very much enjoy confusing that terrible mans Computer, which was jolly good fun.” Zoe chirped.

“Yes sadly Mr Vaughn or That man as you call him Zoe paid the ultimate price for his greed; power corrupts those who seek it most.” He said thinking back to London and added, “Yes he mistakenly believed he had control and could use The Cybermen for his own crazed ambitions.”

“Aye a mad man, you kanna make deals with those silent metal beasties. They give me the creeps” Jamie agreed.

This was an exciting opportunity for Zoe and Jamie, as the Doctor hinted their next stop would be a holiday, he told them all they needed was sun cream and a towel, as they arrived at their destination.

Unfortunately The Tardis stopped where sun cream would not be necessary.

The Idris Nebula is an expanse in space so breath taking poets dare but fail to describe it’s beneficial splendours, here the spectacular wisps of gas stretch for some 200 miles with smoky clouds of vivid greens; reds and blues, and hidden within these smoky blues a contented Blue Police Box now spun; thus providing the gravity required by it’s three inhabitants; weightlessness wasn’t something The Doctor accepted as part of space travel, meal times would be horrendous, how could a civilised space traveller eat a sherry trifle in a weightless environment? It would be a spooning disaster!

It is in this particular point in space. the cosmos emanates an atmosphere of such tranquillity; its an experience best enjoyed when most in need, and apparently The Tardis felt most in need.

The ancients from Isaac the Great to Tutrous the seeker, both Gallifreyan philosophers, believed the very essence of life evolved here.

The Doctor was now desperately trying to impart its rejuvenating qualities on his disappointed crew, he admired them both for their energy, enthusiasm and resilience, but right now the most important requirement was rest, so now locked in time these weary companions as well as The Tardis benefited from the Nebula’s benevolence.
The Time Lord was determined to embrace all this invigorating phenomenon could yield; this vacuum of Space will be his happy place, but it wasn’t his intended destination by any means.

“So you didn’t fancy the beach then... Hmm?” he asked The Tardis.

The Doctor loved beach towns with there negative ions, and being a man of science, he knew these odourless invisible molecules; taken in while breathing the sea air, produce a biochemical reaction, increasing the mood chemical serotonin and releasing it into the  blood stream, The Doctor was confident this was  beneficial in alleviating the stresses life places upon the soul, these everyday stresses can lead to depression in some, he saw the sea air as a tonic and a wonderful source to boost the bodies energy levels.

With this in mind, The Doctor envisaged some luxurious beach town on the planet Tyttra as his ideal destination, “You’re a cantankerous old bird aren’t you.” He let the Tardis know.

On refection though, he believed, in this instance The Tardis knew best.

Besides he could easily be recognised on Tyttra, there was never a more overbearing conversationalist then a tourist in The Doctor’s eyes, with their; you should go sees and eating tips.

The Doctor preferred finding these delights for himself, that’s the exciting thing isn’t it, he would say.
Also there are no autograph hunters here; scientists in the Tyttra region are by far the worst for that pen and pad in your face habit.

“Well what do you think?... its all rather splendid isn’t it.”
He asked his companions once The Tardis was safely hidden; his arms outstretched as if the panoramic view was visible inside the room.

“Oh…Aye, well it might be better if we could see it in colour, that wee scanner thingy just shows shades of grey! And you said wee’d be by the sea Doctor!” Jamie pointed out.
“I must say Doctor, this location is very disappointing, and I’m not feeling at all tranquil!” Zoe confessed.

The Doctor first looked into Jamie’s grey blue eyes, then into Zoe’s bright blue eyes.
“Ah…Yes….Well give it time my dear, believe me... you will be positively feeling the benefits soon, we just need to let it work it's magic in it's own good time, so let's just let those negative feelings out shall we...hmm?” he clapped his hands with glee, still staring into Zoe’s eyes.
“Have I ever let you down before?”
“Well as you wa asking….” 
“No….not you Jamie, I was asking Zoe!”
“I guess not Doctor; well if you don’t mind I have some fascinating mathematical theories to read, so I’ll go to my cabin if you don’t mind?” With that Zoe left Jamie and the Doctor as they both turned their attention back towards the Scanner.

“She's a wee bit weird if you ask me, where's the sense of fun in reading Math!! Doctor.”
“Hmm… well we all relax in our own way Jamie.”
“Aye sure enough, well I’ll be playing ma Pipes then.”
“Oh dear…. Really?”

Appalled at the suggestion his pipe playing could be unwanted Jamie stomped off to his room, but not before saying “Oh, you kan talk whiff ya wee pipe!”

“Actually it’s a recorder, and as you very well know Jamie, it helps me think!... Oh the very nerve.” He remarked to the departing young Scot.

The Doctor was now wondering if the tranquil nature of this location had started to wane.

The sleeping quarters on the Tardis creaked like a galloon from the pioneering days of Sir Francis Drake, thankfully minus the smell. The Doctor liked this, and believed The Tardis made these concessions to please him.

Jamie McCrimmon was sleeping soundly on a bed made from salvaged mahogany from HMS Endeavour; with its high sides that cushioned its occupant from rough seas; and there were occasions when the Doctor’s piloting required such convenience, so the young Scot was grateful to whoever built this bed for a mariners comfort.

With his Tussled hair covering most of his handsome features,  And eyes tight shut, Jamie lay face down; deep into the Eiderdown pillows, he was sublimely unconscious to the fact his body was now taking full advantage of the marvellous environment granted by The Tardis.

His discarded bag pipes hung haphazardly from the bottom of the bed,  and Jamie’s left arm dangled over the side like a dazed snake, this was the only other body part exposed.
The lower part of this beautifully lacquered wooden bed, supported by it’s elaborately etched sea themed brass feet, held two draws side by side with inlayed brass handles and in these draws lay various items of clothing such as Kilt’s, belts and linens  befitting the brave Highlander sleeping above them.

Jamie had kicked off his heavy black leather boots before retiring, and one lay on its side, while the other stood close by his discarded socks, the rest of his clothing ended up scattered over the captains chair, also in solid Mahogany with buttoned back brown leather upholstery, this was an elegant addition to the six drawer Queen Ann writing bureau, the draws of which matched perfectly with those of Jamie’s bed.

Jamie of course was unaccustomed to his lavish surrounding until he met The Doctor; such grandeur was beyond his comprehension just two years ago. Jamie’s only contribution to the cabins decor was the hanging swords and daggers lining the opposite wall to the entrance.

Above the bed The Doctor provided a large painting to remind Jamie of his Highlands, with its wild and beautiful landscapes panning out under a setting sun and on a hill stood the silhouetted figure of a lone piper.

For a night shirt Jamie wore an over sized Scotland the Brave t shirt, and as he lay; his shoulder twitched, then his right leg, as he relived some aspect of his new life.

In Stark contrast Zoe Heriot’s Room was ultra modern, with white surfaces and chrome fittings, and inside the confines of this room colour is introduced by the random pastel panels imbedded into the walls, these panels, lit from behind, warmed the pristine whites, two of which hid the fitted wardrobe, the left hand panel in pink and the right hand in a pale lilac.

Her furniture included a chain hung white plastic opened fronted ball chair, with red buttoned internal upholstery and scatter cushions covered in a gold glitter material, beneath the ceiling hung chair, she placed a thick sheep skin rug; Zoe loved to bury her toes into the wool while she worked at her desk,

The desk was a simple affair which lay along the rear wall, above it was three brightly coloured shelves mounted onto the wall; again these shelves were lit from within like the coloured wall panels, and pride of place was her abacus sat neatly between a dozen or so books.

All Zoe had to do when she wished to retire; would be to press the aqua blue panel on the left hand wall and her bed would appear like a draw from Jamie’s bed.
And right now she was comfortably wrapped in her white duvet; Zoe had never experience such inner peace, and  the  book she  had been reading moments before now lay face down on the floor; still open on the last page she intended reading.

Zoe drifting off while reading was unheard of, she was lying on her right side face up, with her hand still extended towards the fallen volume.  

The young woman’s bobbed dark hair still looked surprisingly neat, and she was breathing sweetly through her pretty button nose, but cutest of all was the fact, even in this blissful sleep; Zoe appeared to be smiling.

Meanwhile as The Doctor’s companions slept, grunts and gowns; mixed with some inaudible speech, originated from the console room. This Focal point of the ship is where the soothingly pleasant sound of the Tardis Hummed most.

Jamie had earlier reminded The Doctor of the ships inadequate viewing scanner, so now engrossed on a solution to this shortfall in The Tardis monitoring systems, he had one panel of the hexagonal sided console lifted, and beneath this triangular aperture laying face down on the floor half buried into yet another access panel in the console column, we see protruding; the lower body of The Doctor, or shall I say his brown plaid trousers, these trousers were held up by red bracers patterned in yellow symbols found on Earth’s playing cards.

On his feet he wore the soft brown leather slip on boots he would never be seen without,  right now one of these booted legs waved has he  hooked it backwards, it hung in the air weaving to and fro, allowing him the means to access the lower recesses of the console’s junction box, and following the muffled words, “Well, we won’t be needed that!” an organic rectangular blue fluid circuit board; no bigger then the average chocolate bar, was ejected as The Doctor threw it over his shoulder.

Have you ever experienced times when a strand of hair just covers one eye? Where you have to brush or blow it to one side out of irritation? Because it’s so distracting?
Well that’s not the reaction you’d find in The Doctor, who was smiling happily, with hair in his eyes and a screwdriver between his teeth.

I swear he’s never happier then when he’s taking something to pieces, and hopefully reassembling them in an improved state.

At a casual glace you might mistake his mop of dark hair as looking somewhat unkempt and Beatle like; as in the pop group from the 60’s, not that of the insect variety, in fact it was The Beatles who styled their look on The Doctor; who they’d met fleetingly in the red light district of Hamburg.

At the time of that meeting, The Doctor was engaged in the pursuit of a 1.3 metre flugg; a nocturnal Ginger haired beast from the Novacca planet in the Riesa System, the beasts face was like that of a Pug dog only with large round red glowing eyes.

Another distinguishing feature was the 4 very pronounce 50 mm long; fangs, with two outward teeth in it’s upper jaw, and two in the animals lower jaw, for it’s size the Flugg was very spry, as it leapt from tree to lamp post or any convenient protuberance to evade capture, much to The Doctor’s annoyance.

His intention wasn’t to kill the animal but to return it to Novacca where it belonged.

The flugg didn’t bother The Doctor as much as to whom he owed a visit; someone needed to explain why this creature roamed it’s nights on Earth, and who would be so irresponsible to released it on this  unsuspecting populous?

“Ah… What a surprise! Hello boys, what a fabulous night for a stroll,” The Doctor said as he raced by, and over his shoulder he shouted, “I do hope your record sales don’t go to your heads!”

The Doctor continued running, following the Flugg, who had used a corner shop sign to swing into an adjoining street, he took this sharp left by hopping from one foot to the other, heading into the street of his rapidly bolting pray.

“Hey! He looked like Charlie Chaplin then, with his leg swinging out like that! …He’s funny man that one, he reminds me of Saturday morning pictures.” Said George, one of leather clad brylcreemed youths The Doctor skirted round, “and that’s one ugly tabby he’s chasing.”

“What does he mean Record sales? We’ve only sold 56 and we paid for most of those!” Said Paul

“You mean you! Paid for most of those our Paul… He’s a crazy goon Georgie that’s for sure, he’s a mysteriously mysterious midnight runner,” John uttered.

“But I dig the hair; he’s really gear isn’t he.” He added.

Pete Best said nothing, which is why he’s never regarded as one of the outspoken members of the Liverpool Band.

By the time The Doctor made the corner Stuart Sutcliffe and his girlfriend Astrid had caught up with the rest of the band; lovers tend to walk slower then their free counterparts, mainly due to walking hand in hand looking into each others eyes, and other such soppiness and kissing.

Astrid with her camera always at hand managed to take three shots of the departing Doctor before he disappeared round the corner.

“That’s it John!” Stuart blurred out excitedly, “that’s the look we need! We can make it The Beatles look!”
“What? Baggy Trousers and a Morning Jacket?” George chuckled.
“What? No the Hair! Didn’t you see? The style, it’s like a Beatle!”
“By heck Stu I think I should be having what you’re on.” John joked.
“I Zinc if ve vash dis oils from your hairs,” Astrid suggested pulling a strand of Stuart’s hair, “Zen I couldst cuts yust like Dat!” she added excitedly.
“Come on John….. Let’s do it!” Stuart pleaded.
“All right our kid, theirs no harm in giving it bash! Hair today gone tomorrow.” John kidded.

Finally Pete added his two penneth worth with, “You’ll not be cutting my hair, Elvis Rocks! Thank you very much.”
“Suit yourself Pete, but the rest of us are having a Beatle cut.” Paul confirmed.
“I’m with that.” George concurred.

Isn’t it strange how events take us in unintended directions that can change everything forever, sometimes life has an unfortunate habit of kicking us in the teeth; our reaction is to act against these horrid episodes and resist the  fates steering us towards an alternate future.
So when the Group was forced to leave Germany due to a disgruntled Club owner, who was furious, following the discovery The Band had gigged at a rival’s venue, he acted out of vengeance by reporting George, who he knew to be under age, and a supposed Arson at one of his flats to the authorities, leading to Paul, Peter and George’s deportation. The Band members seeing this as a low point understandably believed the good times had flown.

 John returned to England to join them later.

 It’s True Hamburg Forged The Beatles into a resourceful well rounded group, and their cheeky Goons humour just added to their charm.

But it was Fate that forced the bands return to Liverpool, where three of the former Silver Beatles walked on towards a fabulously bright future, while another walked on to obscurity.

Who knows, If Pete hadn’t been so adamant about keeping his Elvis look things could have ended differently, such is Fate.

The 556 year old Time Lord knows bad times only make the good more rewarding. “You can’t have one with out the other, Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction, and it defines the laws of physics.” he would say to no one in particular.

The Doctor finally captured the beast with a stun net; an electrified throwing net used by the Kree for specimen gathering.

A Kree Zoo is something to behold, it contains trillions of rare breeds from a thousand worlds.

Out of breath but smiling broadly The Doctor interrogated his prisoner, but he was well aware the caged Flugg was a mindless carnivore, so it’s guttural growling and throat rattles was it’s only response.

The Doctor allowed himself to rest, still panting and trying to catch his breath.

 “Well…ah… you gave me a merry chase didn’t you? I don’t think I’ve run like that since I bunged a rock at a Yeti!”
The Flugg grunted.
“Oh no need to apologise you Ginger fur ball of terror, I quite enjoyed the exercise.” He replied patting the cage.

This little escapade accrued while Ben and Polly were The Doctor’s companions.

Ben was a cheeky short haired blonde Cockney of average build.
“That…Thing! Nearly had my leg off, I thought you said it was harmless?”
“What I told you Ben, was it’s a vicious creature hell bent on a feast!”
I thought you were Joking! I mean…. Look at it!... It’s a hairy rugby ball on legs!”
“Ah…yes he’s a little charmer isn’t he….well…ah… until he leaps at you with those gnashing fangs, threatening to rip off a body part for a good chew at least.”
“Polly almost deafened me with that scream of hers, no wonder it ran back towards you!”

Polly as beautiful as any model form the 60’s with her straight shoulder length blonde hair; stool nonplussed at Ben’s mention to her contribution to the beasts capture.
Hands on hips she shrilled “How dare you, it scared the life out of me, swinging down from that bus sign like that! I just reacted!”

“Yes and very loudly too!” Ben retorted. then retuned his attention to the device The Doctor gave him to look after.
“Doctor why didn’t this cannon thingy! Of yours deploy? I thought you said it sensed movement in its path?” Ben pointed out.

“Yes quite right Ben, I shall have to take a look at it once we’re all safely back onboard the Tardis.” He said pondering on its failure.

And as Ben and The Doctor walked towards it, it fired the large capture net with a terrifying BANG!

“What the Hell?” Ben gulped in shock covering his ears.

“Hmm…. Well that’s rather peculiar; it must have a faulty sensor.” The Doctor remark equally shocked by the unexpected explosion.

“You don’t half A’ve some shoddy gear Doctor.” Ben hollered ears still ringing.
“Well if you could be so kind as to retrieve the net Ben, you and Polly could pull the cannon back with us, while I take this caged brute, Come along you two, we must return this creature where it belongs.”

And the Three travellers set out towards the Tardis while their conversion continued.

“Fat chance of that, Doctor... Tell me? when was the last time you managed to navigate the Tardis to an intended destination?”
“Well there’s always first time, The Tardis just needs gentle coaxing, she will take us where we’re needed and right now this Flugg needs to be on Novacca.”
“I agree with Ben, Doctor, you haven’t been successful in guiding that thing since we’ve know you.”

“Oh my Giddy Aunt! I just may surprise you one day!”

This was a fond memory of his time with Ben and Polly, and exactly a year; three weeks, two days and 8 hours later on the Planet Novacca the Doctor turned to Ben and Polly and said “I told you. This is a splendid day to return a Flugg, look at that lovely sky!”

But unbeknown to the three at the time of the incident with the net.
Two creatures of the shadows held back their attack as the exploding cannon sent them back at a frighten speed…. They Hissed and gnawed teeth in resentful displeasure.
Then they incurred further displeasure when their prey vanished in a strange Blue Box before they could reach them.

Back to the present… The Doctor isn’t wearing his usual Edwardian jacket; with the pockets that held far more items then physically possible, as he’d removed it before rolling his sleeves for the job in hand.

The jacket was now hanging on the coat stand in the far corner of the room, and from the breast pocket could be seen a red and yellow paisley silk handkerchief, his handy multi-task wiping device.

All his clothes seemed a trifle larger then required like his big collared blue shirt! With the top button missing, but The Doctor ever resourceful held the collar by a safety pin attached to a bow tie slightly askew.  

At 1.68 metres high you wouldn’t call The Doctor a tall man, but what he lacked in stature he more then made up for by his rumbumptious good cheer and genius, The Doctor had the unique quality of looking smart in a dishevelled way.

People found when The Doctor smiled; they were unintentionally smiling too. But oh, when he was angry, those dark arched brows left you in no doubt to his mood.

This Doctor had the most expressive face of any of his past or future incarnations.

Removing the screwdriver from his lips for one last adjustment, he gave a cheerful “Huzzah!!” on its completion.
Before backing out of his confined space in the console pillar, he placed his hand on the palm print signed Solaris Gilquest, his hand was smaller then that of his mother’s father.                  

The Doctor was proud to be the Grandson of the much admired Time traveller, this was the old mans Tardis and he got to live longer then the average Gallifreyan.  Admired at least until the madness took him, but that was another story and one The Doctor had no need to remember right now.

As a Child the Doctor was always drawn to the key on his Grandfathers watch chain, “what is that! Grandfather?” he asked looking closely at the black, almost triangular key with its Gallifreyan symbols.

“It’s soon to be a relic of the past dear boy….. A Key to a life those on high say we no longer require, that’s what it is my lad, its typical of those shambolic bloody bureaucrats! What do they know? We are ruled by buffoons these days.”

“Grandpa Sol will you watch your language please.” He remembered his Mothers teasing scorn, and this memory made him smile.

His Grandfather was a tall man, with once a strong athletic built, he wasn’t one to run from a fight, it must be hard for him to give up his pioneering ways.

The Doctor often saw him on the poach of the family home rocking back and forth on his favourite chair staring out into the night sky, his long white hair and beard glowing form the light of Gallifrey’s moons.

He had a sharp mind but even he couldn’t persuade The High Council to reconsider, the law was passed and he had accepted it with a heavy heart, ten more missions and it will all be over.

When he sensed The Doctor’s eyes on him, he would point to the heavens and say, “you should go out there and explore Kel, we Gallifreyans have great power, and it’s desperately needed out there, in this universe we have beings who look upon us with envy, we need to meet them head on, before they assume our inactivity is our weakness,” then he would pulled out his watch, and looking at the face; he would sigh, before saying,

“I’ve seen the future boy, and you won’t like it, not one bit.”

The Doctor at 26 took a lot of trouble to gain access to his Grandfather’s Tardis, The key of which the High Council thought destroyed when all the recalled keys were thrown into The Eye of Harmony, a ceremony thought to safeguard Gallifrey’s future.
So as a junior curate of The Thardeceum museum; a town 12 miles from the Gallifreyan Capital, The Doctor secretly set about rebuilding The Tardis while it stood on display, its stripped controls were an easily fix for someone with The Doctor’s genius to replicate, this however wouldn’t have been possible without Grandpa Sol’s 500 year diary., his notes became his Manual for The type 40 Tardis.

The diary held valuable information on time travel, with Planets underlined in three red lines that Grandpa Sol suggested should be avoided at all costs. Interestingly Earth featured as a favourite haunt with the underlined text describing it as Primitive.
As this Planet was his Grandfathers last destination before his forced retirement, due to the madness that separated him form family and friends, He was changed, so The Tardis was permanently locked into its cloak as a 1960’s London Police Box.

The Council was now convinced The Day’s of the Tardis had to end to save them from the dangerous minds of those who once piloted them.

Two years past without incident until the day Pardrake Ga Vet, being someone The Doctor trusted as well as his twin sister, Otanna Ga Vet, who it was no secret he adored, ran into The Tardis while the Doctor worked deep within the console controls wiring, and giving him the grave news, that he was to be arrested and sent to Durutte a prison planet no Gallifreyan has ever returned from in living history. (It’s said Durutte is so barren those abandoned reverted to a primal state, with War Lords fighting for dominance.)

“You have to leave, you’ve no idea the risk I’m taking coming here, Delfor reported you to the High Council, your father will be on his way to stop you, so listen to me you’ve no other choice but to leave, your family can’t protect you! You know that right? Not with your grandfather as he is.”
“But I’m not ready! The guidance controls are uncalibrated! I’ve no way of knowing my destination or place in Time!”

His friend shook him by the shoulders and pleaded, “You must leave now!” he shook him again; “do you hear me? Look! Do you have provisions? Answer me damn you, you need to leave.”
“I’ve some space rations, but it’s disgusting!”
“I’m so so sorry, but you must leave now or you’ll be on Durutte within the hour.”

Pardrake was looking nervously at the door.

“If they find me here they will send me too!  You have no choice my friend, so Go, Go Now!”
“But Pardrake I’m….I’m scared! I’m not prepared; I don’t know what to do, or where to go!... This is crazy! My Mother needs me!” The Doctor was pulling at his hair, his face white as the cold hand of fear gripped his hearts.
His friend backed away.
“I know your frightened, who wouldn’t be? but you are a remarkable individual, you will endure, I have faith in you, your Parents will be in my care, now lock the door behind me, I know this isn’t easy days after losing your Grandfather to the High Councils Inquisitor,"  looking nervously from The Doctor to the door Pardrake continued, “it may be too late for me already, then your family will have no one on their side, Goodbye Kelthor.” and he was gone.

Kelthor locked the Tardis behind his departing friend, he felt sick, he knew as of today he would be condemned a renegade and hunted down for rest of his life, he couldn’t even call his Mother! Fixing the communication system wasn’t high on his To Do list.

There was now a terrible scream from outside ...'This is Mine...Mine do you here me BOY!'
The Doctor knew at once his Grandfather must have escaped from the facility that now held all the past Tardis pilots...

"STOP! FATHER let me talk to him!' and behind Kalthor's father a troop of Guards filed into the chamber, pulling two Voxtex cannons...
Like a wild beast hell bent on his pray, the old man moved towards the Tardis  and he would get it by any means. then like a flash Kal's Grandfather forced a cannon away from the four guards pulling it, his speed was beyond the comprehension of those now unable to move through the fear this wild eyed man brought them...
The four other guards tried in vain to manoeuvre their cannon against this new threat... but they vanished like spinning dolls thrown into the vortex opening behind them. 
'STOP FATHER! this isn't you, try to remember who you are, I beg you please.' Kal's father begged while standing between his Father and the Tardis with his son inside.
"Kal! if you can hear me leave, or your Grandfather will kill you....GO!"
Kalthor with head in hand was unable to think... but The Tardis set Time rotor into motion and the Tardis dematerialised before his Grandfathers Blast could reach them.... but it took his father.

The Tardis  had dematerialised for the first time in 17 years, Kelthor was the name that died so The Doctor could live.

From that day on his name would only be spoken in whispers on Gallifrey, Kelthor became the word for the devil…. Children would shudder in fear, when minor misdemeanours were treated to stories where The Kelthor would materialise to feed on their evil.

And his first act as The Doctor was to throw up all over the console.

To an observer watching the Doctor  knowing his story, the Time Lord's  smiling face from some of the more pleasant memories the palm print evoked, would appear extraordinarily strange indeed, but the only way this Gallifreyan  could save his sanity was the push all the badness to the back of his mind, where it stayed, locked it away until he needed to remember them.

The Doctor was now vigorously wriggling his Bottom as he eased himself out of the console and closed the lower panel, he then backed away still further before jumping to his feet to replaced the top panel, then starting a skipping run over to the switches on the opposite side, but the instant the switch was flicked a loud bang! Followed.
A small wisp of smoke escaped from the panel’s edge...

“Oh fiddle sticks, that wasn’t meant to happen.” The Doctor said to himself as he often did.

He lifted the panel which held the switch and checked the wiring sighed, “Ah there you are!” he observed a crossed wire and after uncrossing, and reattached them to the switch.  
Returning to the opposite panel he replaced the two blown fuses with the two he happed to have in his pocket.

“Now” he said decisively , with his hand  hovering over the opposite switch once again, then as doubt entered his mind he held his hands to  his cheeks as he readied himself to try again; he wasn’t as confident as before, so with some trepidation he reached forward towards the switch.

“Well let’s see what happens shall we?” he flicked the switch with his teeth clenched as she stared through half closed eyes and leant away form any unwanted explosions….

With great relief no explosions ensued.

“Oh My Word!  I never doubted it for one minute Old Girl.” He beamed.

A slim 1.5 m x 0.5m x 2mm screen lowered from the ceiling and the scene outside; from where The Tardis hovered appeared on the screen in razor sharp definition and glorious colour, and if you thought that was clever on the other side of this 2mm thick screen was a view form the opposite direction, this technology is far beyond the best technical minds on Earth, imagine a clear screen TV floating in a field of static electricity where children and adults could watch their own programmes from either side of the screen.

The Doctor made the screen years ago but never found the opportunity to install it until now, with this successfully incorporated into the Tardis systems; he clapped his hands in glee.
“Oh Marvellous, look at that? It worked out rather well didn’t it?”

He was still grinning, and it accrued to The Doctor, years of Travelling alone allowed him to gain comfort from the sound of his own voice.

The screen hung in the air with no visible support as it drew the power it required from the surrounding energy within the console room.

At the flick of another switch the screen projected the view into the room, filling it with a holographic representation of all that lay outside The Tardis, The Doctor walked through the projected gaseous clouds chuckling.

“How absolutely fabulous,” He clapped again, “what do you think of that Old Girl? I actually think I've 
excelled myself this time, it works like a dream wouldn’t you say Hmm…do you like your new upgrade?” he asked The Tardis. 

The Tardis hummed as usual seemingly unaffected but The Doctor felt it’s contentment.

The type 40 was like new, all it’s systems had a new sparkle and vitality, even the exterior looked to have acquired a fresh coat of painted.

And this made what happened next all the more shocking!


A Timely Accident

At a point in space known as the Constellation of Kasterborous.
The Planet Gallifrey lay under siege.
The Time Lords, who despised The Doctor with a passion, reluctantly resigned themselves to the fact they needed him.
With the future of Gallifrey at stake they could no longer afford to alienate to old rouge.
This assault began with the draining of the very energy that gave The Gallifreyan’s it’s Power.
This unknown attacker was having a devastating effect to their systems, all the outposts were without power and the failure of the cloaking field made them vulnerable.

The High Council was convinced this loss of cosmic energy would not only affect the planet and its surrounding systems but could destroy the entire Galaxy by forming a black hole so immense it endangered the entire known Universe.
So with this in mind and as much as they despised him!
The Doctor was the only Gallifreyan with the reposefulness to ensure the survival of life as we know it.
The Doctor had little faith in Time Lords or their High Council; he despised them for their superior arrogance and neglect to numerous populations powerless to defend themselves.
The Universe is plagued by Beings bent on striping Planets of resources and gaining total domination, the victims of this terrorism will just become mere slaves and die in their thousands, mining the riches these demons demand for their own Worlds.
The Gallifreyan High Council observed The Doctor in his third regeneration was also the target of this evil adversary besetting them.
So knowing this The Time Lords made every effort to assist him regardless of the power it would take for such an endeavour.
They were powerless to send aid to increase his chances to find and overcome this unprecedented attack.
 But!! He could help himself; they reasoned if they send his former self, before he regenerated, then he would have twice the resources of that annoyingly clever mind. 

As a result they ungraciously attempted to lift The Doctor from his time line to aid this Third incarnation…. the Blooming Dandy!Omega was responsible for the destruction now facing The Time Lords, this ancient Gallifreyan from myth and legend swore vengeance, Omega and Rassilon were solar engineers

But to escape the world he created needed a Time lord, someone who could take over the responsibility of controlling this hostile environment, it didn’t matter to him if This Time lord was capable of this burden for more then mere seconds, because seconds was all he needed.
So he reached out using the knowledge they benefitted from all those years ago… and tapped into the Gallifreyan’s power he gave them to seek out The Doctor.

The Doctor now back in his Jacket felt the tug on his soul, it felt like some invisible hand had attempted to crush and drag him away from the controls, he leant forward hands gripping the console edges, while the moment passed, leaving him feeling nauseous and giddy, he put this down to Tiredness, after all Zoe and Jamie had retired to their beds hours ago.
“Maybe my body requires more time to feel the boost to my energy?” He nodded to the unanswering Tardis, “I’ll nap later so don’t fuss me.”
Unaware anything more had taken place, The Doctor would have happily played with his new monitor a while longer.
But back on Gallifrey the power drain forced the Time Lords to take desperate measures, there was a problem lifting The Doctor from his time stream and a life changing glitch went undetected.

The Doctor wasn’t lifted from his time line as The Time Lords intended, Oh, they tried; the technician seeing a problem boosted the retrieval mechanism but it never lifted Him… copied him he was now Two, two of the very same Gallifreyan! 

He had the same memories the same body he was the same man.
Just factions of a second separated one from the other.
Still giddy the old man of time was still steadying himself on the console when he heard a woman’s voice.
“Did you see that?” she was saying.
“Zoe? Is that you?” he called out but there was no reply.

In an Earth locked Tardis the Doctor wasn’t happy; who do they think they are? Hum?
He sensed The Time Lords had a hand in this, and This Tardis, clearly wasn’t his!
He took the recorder from Jo Grant’s outstretched hand.
“Thank you I was looking for that!” he blew into it and stopped when an alarming thought entered his mind.
“You haven’t been playing this have you?”

Jo, struck dumb, left it to her Doctor to answer this stranger.
“No of course not!”
The Doctor still with recorder in hand looked around this similar console room, and then in a flash he assessed his surroundings.
“Oh. I can see you've been doing the Tardis up a bit. Hmm. I don't like it,” Then he crossed to view the old style monitor.
 “Oh dear, we are in trouble, aren't we. Just as well I turned up.” “Who the devil is he” Jo managed to say at last.
Annoyed beyond belief The Doctor in his third body said, “Of all the impertinence, how dare you show up here!”
“But who is he?” Jo insisted
“Well it's a bit difficult to explain, Jo.”
“He’s not one of them, is he?” she said.
“One of them? Well My Word! I am and I’m not.” Said the new arrival and The Third now added his explanation, “Well, not so much one of them as one of us. One of me to be precise Jo.”
“Oh no, no, no, no. I'm sorry, my dear, I hate to be contrary but I can see he's a little bit confused, poor old chap, and I do feel you should have the correct explanation. You don't mind, do you?” “Yes” said the Third incensed.
 “I didn’t think you would.” Continued The Doctor unfazed, “You see, Jo. I may call you Jo, mayn't I?” and the nod from the third’s companion was all he needed to continue, “You see, he is one of me.”
“Oh, I see you’re both Time Lords” Jo said now believing she understood. “No, not just Time Lords. We're the same Time Lord.” 

Following the 1st Doctor's advice to cross the bridge formed by Omega the two Doctors and their companions entered the world of antimatter. 

Well this story has already been told so lets just say that after reluctantly accepting this turn of events Our Doctor locked minds with his future self, then he saw it all… his end!

On completion of this mission on behalf of the Time Lords they sent him back, back to meet him! 
At first he was confused but soon realised what had transpired. “Well, well well, this day just gets better and better doesn’t it.” He said.
“What? What Gallifreyan trickery it this? Well answer me man? How Dare you board my Tardis, Did they send you?”
he said Stamping his feet and pointing directly at this interloper The Doctor still at the controls.
“This is an outrage….you…You can’t be here! This isn’t right, no its not right at All is it?  I’ll have words with those meddlesome Time Lords.”
Amused at seeing himself in this manner the time lifted Doctor replied, “Hmm...Ah ...well I wouldn’t do that if I were you….Oh how hilarious, if I were you!” he bopped on his knees and clapped at this amusement, then the puzzled look on the man with his face staring back at him, forced him to continued.
“Well you see...” He coughed to clear his throat, “Well the High Council in your future will Force you to change you see and you won't like it!”
“Force me to change? Me? But I’m a Genius! and they can't possibly know how to even find me!”
“Yes” the other laughed “indeed you are a Genius but unfortunately you needed their help, you will eventually find yourself in a situation beyond your powers to resolve, thus giving yourself away, which is why I have a proposition for you.”

If The Time Lords thought they had wiped his memory of his resent adventures with his old allies The Brigadier and Sergeant Benson they were very much mistaken.
The Doctor’s ability to lock his mind had been a necessary part of his long exile from his Time Lord Peers.
The Doctor using that sharp analytical mind he hides so well from his foes, quickly came to terms with the fact he would  have to sacrifice his new existence in order to save his own time line.
The Two engaged in the most intense discussion they would ever have with each other.
Time is a funny thing it’s like trying to hold a handful of sand, the tighter you grip it the more it sifts through your fingers, and they both knew change was inevitable, but for one of them it would not be forced.
So both of the Doctors busied himself in the vastness of the Tardis and while one set about his normal chaotic unplanned routine; the other set about repairing systems time never granted them before.

This wasn’t with out the occasional incident however. 

 The Night of the Sandwich

Jamie feeling peckish headed to the Galley, he decided on arrival he wasn’t in the mood for anything lavish so plumbed for a five seeded Granary bread, Cheese and pickle sandwich.
“Oh you wee beauty” he said admiring his efforts.
The mirror near the door held the reflection of the handsome Scot as he made his way out into the console room, he look at his long shaggy hair, and paused to ran the fingers of his free hand through it, in an attempt to tidy it, then much to the detriment to his Scottish pride, noticed his continued inability to grow a decent beard, with a weeks growth of fine fluffy hair on his strong rounded jaw, he promised himself a shave before retiring for the night.

This inspection done Jamie exited into the console room and headed down the main corridor to his cabin.
Until The Doctor suddenly appeared from a side door that headed directly to the Heart of the Tardis; this was mainly used for maintenance.
So dodging to avoid colliding with The Doctor Jamie somewhat surprised said. “Are you still tinkering away down there Doctor?”

The Doctor looked equally surprised, and clasping his hands together said “Ah, well Jamie, these things don’t fix themselves you know.”
Jamie laughed “You said The Tardis could repair it’s self, did you not Doctor, I’m shure you told me that write!”
“Hmm… Yes but some systems need special attention Jamie, self repair or not, and the wiring looms need to be made by hand, maybe I should have been more precise.”
“Aye, well, you like tee be kept busy anyway.”
“Oh, yes, well your right of course Jamie, I do like to keep in touch with things, and his Old Girl possitivly delights on the personal touch,” he saw the sandwich, “is that for me?” and before Jamie could protest The Doctor took the plate of sandwiches and headed back through the door he exited seconds before.
“Thank you Jamie, I was just heading to the galley for something myself,” he said over his shoulder, “I was getting a bit peckish; this will hit the spot quite nicely.”

The gob smacked Jamie replied. “Aye Doctor, you and me both, hey?”
Jamie resigned himself to the fact he’d need a repeat his trip to the Galley.
So with a second plate of cheese and pickle sandwiches in hand, Jamie Got the fright of his life when The Doctor leapt up from behind the console controls.
“Ah… there you are Jamie.” The grinning Doctor said wiping his hands down the side of his jacket and replacing a screwdriver into one of his inner breast pockets.
“Jumping great beasties Doctor, I nearly tossed these sandwiches intee the air then.”
“Oh lovely, thank you Jamie How considerate.” And The Second of the Doctor’s relieved Jamie of his sandwiches.
“You got Tee be Kidding me Doctor, have you got whereums!”

Eyebrows raised The Doctor said “Werums? Oh Worms…
Oh no, I don’t think a parasite would last in this old Stomach Jamie, having two hearts though does tend to burn up energy faster then a human you know, I need to refuel regularly, and these look rather tasty.”
“Aye that they do that, just like the last ones I made.” Jamie said indignant.
“Pardon?” The Doctor said with a half eaten sandwich half way to his mouth.”
“Oh, Nothing. Enjoy your refuelling Doctor, Bone apper teet as you say.” Jamie answered, and turned back to the Galley mumbling “Two hearts is it? Two bellies more like.”

But The Doctor was to busy enjoying his meal, to hear Jamie’s parting words.
Back in the Galley, Jamie’s new home or so he was starting to think, the young Scot made a change to his culinary masterpiece, this time he created a Chicken salad sandwich with Cream cheese used in place of Butter, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, Celery and chopped water cress all added to the cold chicken breast, this was a far more elaborate sandwich, and Jamie proud of his efforts salivated as he cut them into four triangular bites by cutting them from corner to corner.
Plate in hand Jamie was headed back until he saw Zoe heading towards him. “Oh No you don’t, not this time!” Jamie moaned. 

He spun on his heels and exited the galley from the rear door, and into a secondary corridor.
Feeling pleased with his evading action Jamie took the two flights of stairs two steps at a time, and turned towards the door leading to the crew’s cabins.
His feeling of elation however soon evaporated, for having taken this trek to avoid a possible sandwich nabbing Zoe, Jamie is again flabbergasted when The Doctor appeared running up a spiral staircase opposite the Door Jamie was hoping to escape through.
“Oh No Not again Doctor, would you no be wanting these too?
It will be Evening at this rate before I’m fed.”
“Oh, no, no Jamie, that’s really kind of you but I’m more then satisfied after those marvellous Cheese sandwiches you provided.”
“Oh write, thank goodness for that then hey? Well I’m going to eat these in ma room Doctor if you don’t mind, in case you change your mind!”
“Oh My Word!! Jamie, what ever do you mean?” The Doctor stepped back to better view Jamie’s strange behaviour.
“Oh, nay warries Doctor, I’m just famished just now, so I’ll be in ma cabin shooed you need me.”
“Yes, well take your time Jamie, I intend to rest here a while longer.”
“Oh... great, Well I’ll be off then.” Jamie stepped through the doorway and shut it with his bottom once in the corridor.
The Doctor was amazed to see how protective Jamie seemed to be for his food this evening.
“What’s got into that boy?” He puzzled as he made his way back into the heart of The Tardis.
Jamie was still mumbling under his breath as he entered his cabin.
“Fine now is it! Aye Fine now you stuffed your wee self silly with two loads of ma sandwiches.”

Zoe paused when she saw Jamie and just as she was about to offer to cook up some Demordi steak with Zoota Cheese sauce and what ever else she could find in the veg rack, to her amazement Jamie spun round and vanished back into the Galley.

“Well I never” she said perplexed, She increased her pace and entered the Galley shouting “Jamie?” But it was soon clear Jamie was no longer in the galley.

“Zoe?” The Doctor said at the Galley entrance, “is anything the matter? You have that look you give Daleks stealing your Danish pastry.”
“Daleks steali…??? Oh Doctor stop teasing, do you ever take anything serious?”
“Oh” he said laughing, “serious isn’t a state I like to dwell in for to long my dear, so what are you up too? Hmm…Decrypting Bizic code again?”
“The Bizic are a fascinating race Doctor, their mathematic equations put me to shame.”
“Which is why they calculated themselves into extinction Zoe, they bored each other to death no doubt, hmm?”
“Ah but Doctor… I still find it fascinating... did you see Jamie?” she said changing the subject.
“Yes my dear, he very kindly made me a rather delicious snack to keep me going while I adjust the timing of the Time rotor, I think it’s slightly out of sync, I’m sure escaping that volcano a while back hasn’t helped the poor old dear at all!” then a thought accrued to him.
“Actually My Dear, I could use that young brain of yours to calculate the best setting.”
“I’d love to help Doctor but at the moment I’m about to make supper, I know you love your Demordi rare, so are you ready for a hot meal after Jamie’s snack?”
“Most defiantly Zoe, you are both looking after my dietary needs well today aren’t you, what splendid company you both are, who knew sharing The Tardis would be so much fun, Hmm?” with that The Doctor clasped his hands together under his chin and added, “I’ll see if Jamie will join us.” The Doctor now at the console turned the speaker for internal communications, and looking towards his new scanner as it floated down, it reveal Jamie at his desk devouring his Chicken sandwich.
“Ah….Jamie would you like to join us for Supper? It’s your favourite. Steak! Although you are rather making a bit of a pig of yourself I see.”
At this Jamie almost spat out his mouthful to say “Me the Pig? you've got some neirve Doctor!” Jamie replied looking visibly irritated 

“Yes well I do have a high metabolism as I explained earlier, will you be joining us?”
“Aye…I’ll be straight there.” The monitor blended back into the high ceiling of the console room again.
“I see you’ve been doing more then the rotor Doctor.” Zoe observed, leaning in the door frame of the galley, and she looked stunning, wearing her lilac and cream panelled short dress.
Which was complemented by her white stockings and black pump shoes, she was still looking at the Doctor with arms crossed.

“Yes, I do believe I’ve enjoyed my day Zoe, I can’t remember the last time I was so engrossed, its lovely having time to relax isn’t it and do those things we’ve been putting off for so long.”
“Yes Doctor,” she said uncrossing her arms, “as Jamie will be joining us I better get busy myself.”
As Zoe set about organising the evening meal The Doctor was stretching his limbs by reaching up into the air and replied “Splendid Zoe, Ah... This is Lovely, lovely, lovely.” He added while on the tips of his toes still enjoying a good stretch.
The Doctor felt he was finally relaxing and very content to be Home in his wonderful Tardis.
And this was confirmation all three of the travellers were feeling the beneficial effects of the Nebula.

After a superb supper  supported by an excellent Chateau Mouton Rothschild, The Doctor joined his other self in The Great Library with a tray of the same he’d managed to sneak passed his companions, who were merrily talking about their last adventure.
“We seem to be making good progress, I’ve re-loomed the Tardis central systems fibre optic interface, so this will start speeding up the Tardis response time, so timing shouldn’t be a problem.” Said the newest of the two.
“Ah….lovely and I’ve finally had time to integrate that old screen of ours into the console systems, and it works wonderfully.” The doctor relied, "Do you required anything? or more food perhaps?"
“No Jamie provided me with some much needed nourishment this afternoon.”
“Oh My Word!! Was it a Cheese and pickle sandwich by any chance?...' He laughed,  "Well that explains his reaction to me then,” and he laughed even more, “poor Jamie he must have thought I was starving.” And now they both laughed.

The Doctors Worked on their separate projects till it was time…..HIS TIME.

This is what gave the new Doctor a purpose; a reason to be created, it was time to meet the fate foretold in the mind of his third self, and bravely he stepped out knowing this day could only end with his demise.