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Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

No one, least of all the Doctor, expected to see a familiar face.
The hair was no longer full and wavy, but the face, that face, was unmistakable.

The Special Girl

The scientists had dreaded this moment; the constant fear of discovery had weighed heavy on them, and their dark rimmed eyes, were testament to all the anguish.
“We can’t stay here Drec’s!” Mirha sobbed.
“I know, but what can we do! We are damned, we were damned as soon as we took the child, and we can’t go anywhere, not on this wrenched planet. We can’t leave! All space docks are locked and guarded, and even if we managed to evade them, all the craft have been disabled or destroyed! What can we do! Nothing! We are trapped, were damned if we hide, and damned if we come clean.”
“We couldn’t leave her to die! Not like the others! she's ours after all.”
“Oh my dear Mirha, yes we could have, and maybe we should have, it’s not like everything about her is ours, he's not natural, she's an experiment!”
“How dare you think that! We Raised her!”
“Yes in a lab, like the other experiments! We share DNA that's all.”
“No… No, I’ll not believe that cold hearted scientist you portray to everyone is really the you I know, and love, No Drec’s, 273p5 may have been our duty to produce, but she’s not like the others, she’s special, and you can kid yourself all you like, buts she's our blood, My Egg, Your Sperm, and I know you love her, as much as me.”
Drec’s pal handsome face, was narrow, with a small soul patch beard, common to beatniks from  20th century Earth, and his dark curly hair was Dylanesque, which added to his free spirited appearance, his crew neck fisherman’s type jumper although new looked as faded, as did his once black full length trousers. His green eyes, once kind now looked harrowed.
 “Look, if I’m remembering right, your half sister had a secure building in Teezi, that’s only 20 miles, we could be there before nightfall.”

Mirha’s sister Leeph, was dead, like more than half the population, to a war that seemed unending, Mirha was a child when it stated 26 years ago.
“But we’d have to walk!”
“Of course! We couldn’t get within a 100 metres from here by road. I’m not that suicidal.”
Mirha was beautiful and elegant, she came from the richer suburbs, her flaxen hair was gathered at the back loosely, in a laser green braided band.
Her hazel eyes looked tired, as if all the brightness had been stolen.
 “OK, lets collect some food, I can carry some water in the canister my father used while he was performing surveys for the ministry.”
“Good, I have a flask too, we have plenty for Pree (their name for 273p5) Can you still walk unaided, it’s a long way.”
“I have my cane, if my knee gives out again, I’ll manage.”
“Fine, well I’ll carry Pree on my shoulders, she’ll love that.”
"See, you Do love her."

They made a hastily get way, the dark lab suits, with its filtered breathing masks were a necessity in the City, and the child had to make do with the smallest suit and a makeshift breathing helmet.
They moved fast, ducking behind the rubble from fallen buildings whenever possible or if a patrol was heard or seen, the devastation covered the landscape in a grey toxic dust, turning the once beautiful land into a monotone desert, colourless and cold, even the trees took on darker ugly twisted forms, with black claw like branches reaching up to rip open the sky and escape it's poison. 

It was just over 17 miles, and not the estimated 20 to Leeph’s former retreat, an old former armoury building for the old military barracks, it had been modernised within, for a comfortable stay, and windows 150mm thick were added either end of the 2 meter thick walls, and the two fleeing scientists made it in a good time of 5 hours 47minutes.
“Not to shabby is it,” Mirha said once they were all inside.
"Smells damp we should scatter a few heat pellets before we settle in."

Seismic Change

The Doctor was just puzzling his situation, the man before him had tired eyes, he couldn't understand why his newly regenerated body looked so tired, and as he was just pondering this, when out from the wall to his back, as if a magical door just manifested itself out of thin air,  stepped out a man wearing a dress and a cheeky disposition.
The Doctor spun on his heels, away from the mirror that was until then, the centre of his attention.
“Och, he is ney ready Dokter, he’s wearin a clown suit!”

The Doctor blew out a breath,“What a cheek! How very dare you. I…”
Then he recognised the elder gentleman that followed, and paused dumbstruck.
“Hmm, so I see, Oh My Word! Are those my bracers?”
Of course the second Doctor was another familiar face, to the other Doctor, but this one was older, he had grey streaks almost acting as highlights to his otherwise dark scruffy hair.
“Your bracers?”
“Hmm, well yes I thought as much (cough) you're  probably wondering why we’re here, well let me reassure you, this situation is for you to rectify, So your first Question should be, Why have you regenerated to your former 8th generation, well let me tell you,” and with hardly a pause he continued, much to the others amusement at seeing himself in this form, while watching the other former self pacing the TARDIS floor.
“I’ve given it some thought, and I believe the TARDIS, for whatever reason, feels you have unfinished business, so lets start from there shall we?”

Jamie just look on, he was also interested in finding out why his Doctor felt this one needed his help so badly.

“Well,” said the 8th  Now 14th "Why me and why now?”
“Ah, well, hmm, I gave up second guessing the old girl years ago, but you can take it from me, It’s important to HER, and as much as we’d like to feel in charge, we know who’s really incharge Don't we, Hmm?"
“Something from my past you think.”
“Well of course, most definitely dear boy, and I’d hazard to say, the way you handled the Daleks wasn’t to her satisfaction, or mine, if you were to ask, so let me surmise that she feels now! Is the ultimate time to rectify these issues she has with you.”

“Aye, it's like yoo thinkin yoo could steer Her, Dokter, if yoo annoy this ol gal she lets ya know.”
“Well, lets not go that far Jamie, besides I’m an excellent pilot.”
“Aye, you are that, like I’m Inglish!”
“Oh My Giddy Aunt!”

The 14th stepped up to the 2nd, “So why are You here?”
“Me? Oh, Ah, hmm, well ah, I had to bring Jamie didn’t I, the old girl insisted.”
“She did did she?” The 14th asked looking directly at the centre console.
“Yes she did, and I must dash, Janine will be wondering where I’ve got too, we have this rather nasty Howler to deal with, so Ta Ta, and when you meet her, tell her she is one of the most wonderful individuals in the Galaxy.”
“Who Janine?”
“No, not Janine, as wonderful as she is of course, But Alainn is special, she holds a secret that can change the universe for all time.”
“And you know this because?”
“Well, I’m a Genius aren’t I, lets just say, although not everything is guaranteed, I’ve witnessed a future different to anything we’ve known, and I quite liked it!”
“Yoo’ll be wastin yoora time aruguin with this one Dokter, so we’re together on this one, like it or Nay like it.”
“Right then, can you do the honours Jamie, It appears our course is set.”
“Are ya surer? This one would nay like me, pushin his buttons.”
“Oh, the very nerve Jamie,” and the 2nd huffed and left them to it, by returning into the wall.

“Well here wa Go! Hold tight!” Jamie said beaming for ear to ear.

Come With Me

Drac lit a fire, a room no matter how spartan, was always more homely, and welcoming once it is warmed with the glow and heat of a real fire.
Pree sat in the middle of the room, fascinated at the dancing flames, as they cast shadows into the room.
“Look at how happy she is Drac,” Mirha said bringing in their first hot meal of the day.
“Yes, she’s happy, you were right; we could never have obeyed that order to terminate her."
Once the leaders were sure they’d found the solution to the perfect fighting machine, that would finally end this war, they ordered that all experimentation cease, and all experimental tests and subjects destroyed.
 Although Pree was in appearance 3 years old, she was only 3 months old, her ability to learn was exceptionally fast, her mathematical skill was already beyond the scientists, she was absorbing faster than a human could provide, the scientists relied on the most advanced computer technology they had.
Sometimes Pree had tantrums when the information was slow, or in rapidly increasing cases, incorrect to Pree’s understanding.
A metabolism code was built into her DNA, so that after a year, her body would revert to the growing cycle of a normal Dal, so after 12 years of age she would be able to burn calories at a rate of a normal Dal child. It was failure in this area that caused other experimental subject to expire due to a unsustainable rate of food the subject needed to live, so they literally burned up, from internal combustion.   
Pree was the first of 7 to survive, proving a success to Mirha’s team that held them in high regard until a certain nasty individual, who cut corners, and failed to comply to regulation regarding human experimentation, and he developed a process that changed the once humanoid form to that of an earlier creature in its evolution, and although he was still in the early stages, he convinced the Ministry officials he could make these creatures susceptible to commands, and place them into the most advanced war machines, machines he was yet to build, but because he would require all the resources to complete this task, all other departments were ordered to close down, and provide assistance to make this advanced weapon happen.
Because the battle had become so desperate, nuclear strikes had already started, extinction was inevitable.  

The Dalek Machine was the Dals last hope

Drec was educated at the same facility as Davros, and Davros wasn’t a popular student, he was constantly bullied, because he lacked any social skills, he was a loner, feeble and pathetic, as much as Drec's tried to step in, he never felt it to be a rewarding experience, he protected Davros, not out of any sense of loyalty, but just because it was part of who he was, he couldn’t just stand by and watch someone being beaten, just because the nasty man was unable to defend himself.
This was never a problem for Drec, he was a naturally athletic and strong fighter, nobody would deliberately put themselves on his bad side.
But Davros was something else, he never thanked Drec once, he would just stare defiantly and say he would get his revenge on Everybody, because he had a superior mind to any of the intellectuals on the planet of Skaro.            

When the knock came on the blast doors Pree now at her 12 year stage, was already calculating their chance of survival, she looked at Drec, he knew there was no chance to getting out of this building undetected.
“Pree, what are you thinking?” Mirha asked running over to her, by the monitors, to put a reassuring hand on her shoulders.
“Mum, the fifth rear door, has the best chance; they have only three Ministry guards, two of which are new recruits judging by their uniforms, they will be the slowest to react, hesitation is highly likely, only one guard will put up resistance, and in my calculation, father would have no difficulty, in taking out this threat, he will not fail.”
“OK, gather what you can,” then he looked to Mirha, “Mirha, only what we can carry to move quickly.”
“Yes, I understand, Pree can you fetch my Fathers container?”
“I have it, and the bag you prepacked, I also have the items you intended to carry.”
“Yes Pree, I’m ready, lets move, once outside keep low and head straight towards barracks, it will hold them up at the bottle neck entrance. They won’t be able to being any vehicles through, thanks to your advice on pinning the doors, and adding the maze of obstructions.”    
“Yes, I calculate their ability to navigate the maze, will hinder any chance of our capture.”
“Well lets get this dance started Pree, hit the music if you please.”
“Oh, this is so exciting, is this what fun is like?”
“It maybe be fun for you little lady, but I’m terrified!”
“Oh Mummy, don’t be scared, I calculate…”
But Mirha cut her daughter off, “Never give me the numbers Pree, lets just do this Hmm?”
“Yes Mummy, I love you.”
“I love you too,” she looked into Pree’s eyes, “You just calculated my improved response by saying you love me didn’t you?”
“Yes mummy, and our chances a greatly improved,” she giggled, “was that humorous?”
“It was Pocket,” Drec’s nick name for Pree, replied. “And I love you too before you ask.” He said laughing.
The music was loud, and it covered any noise, made while the rear blast doors were open, subsequently all blaster shots will also be smothered in the most annoying music Mirha could find.

They exited the building, low and fast, one of the guards blasters had already fired but missed the others just froze, the fright on there features was evident even with their heavily  armoured clear screened helmeted faces.
Drec didn’t want to kill the Guard firing so he took out a leg, the soldier still stubbornly fired his weapon, hitting Mirha in the chest, she was dead before she hit the ground.
“Pree’s scream was piercing, at this the two young soldiers ran.
Drec stopped Pree in her Tracks, “No! you will Not Kill! Do you Hear me?”
He knew he could do nothing for Mirha, so with tears stinging his eyes he lifted Pree against her will and ran the Maze as rehearsed a hundred times, no one followed.

Two hours later, Pree still looking devastated, looked accusingly at Drec with her piercing pal blue eyes, “You should have aimed at the head, mummies dead because of you!”
Drec leaned towards Pree and kissed her forehead, “I know my love, I know, but if I use that beautiful logic of yours, I could say, she died because of you.”
“This is true, sorry Father, this feeling it hurts, I don’t like it.”
“That’s love and great sadness Pocket, but lets not dwell, your Mother stepped forward and nudged you aside, because she loved you more than life! Do you understand?”
“I do, I miss her so badly, will this pain go father?”
“No pocket, it won’t, but you will learn to deal with it, here take some water, we move first light, the unit after us will fear detection in the open more then their orders to capture You.”

They rested, Drec never took his eyes off Pree, while she slept, but he relaxed his body, and controlled his breathing, he just wanted to scream into the night, he couldn’t bare the thought of life with out Mirha.
He was desperate to come up with a salution to save Pree. But it was a hopeless situation,  it’s not like a ship will appear out of the blue to take her off this doomed Planet, he told himself.
Then he heard the wheezing and screeching sound of a materialising Blue Ship.
He laughed at his own delusion, madness came quicker than even Pocket could Calculate.

The Mirage was unaffected by his acceptance to his broken mind, and the 14th and Jamie step out, he reached down the Drec, “Come with me if you want to live.” He turned to Jamie, “I’ve always wanted to say that, Earth Films are a treasure-trove of groovy first contact lines."
“Well ya Kennay say Groovy anymore it’s nay so cool.”
“Hmm, interesting, is cool still current?”
“Aye, Cool is still Cool Dokter.”
“Lovely,” the Doctor was still reaching out a hand to Drec, who still hadn’t acknowledge his presence. So he tapped his head, “Oi, you? Anybody home?”
Drec rose fast and he was already twisting  and manoeuvring the Doctor’s arm into an armlock.”
Jamie stepped back, he wasn’t sure his first thought to punch the man in the face was the correct one.
“Well, that’s really impressive,” The Doctor said unfazed, “I’d love to learn that move, and I appear to be a little rusty in my old age.”
“Who are you?”
Pree was now watching the events, she assessed no Danger, and their chances of leaving the planet had just increased by 100%.
“I’m the Doctor,” and with his free right arm at his back he pointed to Jamie, “and this fine fellow poised to Kill at any moment is Jamie.”
“Ock! Pay him nay mind, I’m Cool!” he said, looking towards the Doctor as if to say, that’s how to do it.
Drec let the Doctor go, “I’m sorry, we have been under a lot of tension, I’m a little jumpy,” he looked at the Blue box, and although all logic said this thing couldn’t fly, he knew it could, as he’s never met a stranger with four fingers and a thumb in his life and now he’s met two.
“Three fingers how charmingly effective, no one needs four these days, they’re so over rated, people just use them to decorate, I’ve never felt the need myself, although I used to wear a ring.”
“I’m Drec DecGree first Grade Science chief for the Skaro defence ministry, 

The Doctor now looked concerned?
What year is this? 5603?”
“No it’s just turned 51o1? Is there a problem?”
“No… No, That’s perfect! Well not perfect, but better than the last time I was here, This Planet is about to start a war that will be so devastating  the entire population will mutate, and be dominated by Machines controlled but these mutants. And Davros will take total charge for 500 years.
“You know Davros?”
“Oh No, Please don’t tell me He’s started early?”
“Oh, he has plans to build, but he’s not there yet?”
“Hmm, he’s older than I thought,” he looked at Jamie, “That explains the wrinkles Jamie, he clearly doesn’t moisturise.”
“So does he look like you?”
“Dalenian you mean? Well of course.”

“Good good good.”
“Is that good then Dokter?”
“So good I said it three times, Oh and who’s this little flower hmm?”
“Sorry, this is my daughter Pree.”
“No Father I’m Alainn, it came to me as I slept.”
The Doctor looked at the little girl, then at Drec, then Jamie.
“Well that was quick, mission accomplished I think Jamie, it looks like you can rejoin our friend.”
“If that was how it werked Dokter I’d be happy tee go, but Trouble follows yoo I think our wee venture is a bout to begin.”

“Pardon my Friend he’s new,” The Doctor chuckled “Let’s go, your carriage awaits.” He said moving his arm outstretched towards the TARDIS like a ring master directing your gaze to the next act.

"Pocket, I need you to listen, you know the chances of these people turning up by chance are pretty slim, there is a purpose here, I don't understand it, but I trust that this; lets call it fate, was meant to be, right here, right now, I sense a power at work here, something beyond us, well beyond me at least, it's probably not beyond your understanding, is it?"
"Yes father, I believe going with Mr Doctor..."
"It's just Dokter! he hates being call Mr." Jamie said, he knew his Doctor wouldn't like it one bit.
"The Doctor," Alainn corrected, "Is here for me, I know this, he was in my dream."
"Doctor," Drec was now talking directly to the Man in the strange clothes, "You must leave now," He lifted his shirt, "I've been tagged."
Alainn screamed, "No!"
"Sorry Pocket, but I was going against a trained Soldier, They don't miss, I'm a scientist after all."
"But he did miss!"
They all looked closer, and just under Drec's chest was a small hole, there was no blood, just a florescent green glow.
"They will Track us down soon, but this is more than a tag, it's laced with a poison, that mutates faster than any cure, it's a safe guard in case we circumvented the forces hunting us." he looked to Alainn, "Please don't cry pocket, I can't bare it, be happy, I'll be joining your Mother soon."
"My Dear man, come into the TARDIS, I have a medi room the envy of the known Worlds."
"It won't work Doctor, I know this poison, it was developed by us, it will mutate, and invade any computerised systems you use to study it," he lowered his shirt, and held Alainn in a warm hug, "Pocket, I'll tell your Mother, your safe, she will be happy, We Love you very much."
"But Father!"
"No But's  Pocket, calculate, What are my chances here?"
"I won't go!"
"That's not logical is it Pocket, you know this, I'm at peace, I've been slowing my metabolism, ever since we stopped, I was beginning to lose all hope, until these people arrived,  I'm happy, you know, hmm?"
She did know, and that thought gave her comfort.
"I can't thank you enough Doctor, you too Jamie, please keep her safe." with that said, Drec slumped to the ground with a thud!
"Wow, that hurt, my funny bone," Drec smiled at her.
"there's no such thing Father," She said, now stooping to hug the Man who had been her tower of strength, ever since she could remember.
"Oh, Pocket, there is, it's next to the humerus bone, have I not taught you anything all this wonderful Year?"
"Year?" questioned Jamie.
"Shh! Jamie, give them, their time." he tugged Jamie's arm, come lets get into the TARDIS, she will follow, when she's ready."
"Oh,Aye! Rite yoo are Dokter."
Both Travellers entered the strange blue box, that had a pleasant hum, that was strangely comforting. 

The Daughter listened to her Father, but as she had her head buried into his chest, she could hear his heart slowing, it seemed the hesitate, then beat again as he spoke in fondness to her, he told her of her Mother, how they met, how she loved her, how he loved her.
"I never felt my life had any good purpose until you arrived Pocket, You made me believe there is goodness in this dark world of ours, and you made us Good, my heart is only breaking because its full of love for you. I..." He coughed...He pushed his daughter away, "It's time to go pocket, please allow me to see you go."
She stood, knowing she had to grant him this wish, she blew one last Kiss, and he caught it and held it tight to his heart.
"Love you." 
"I love you too daddy."
He smiled, she'd never called him daddy before. "Bye, be Good."
"I will," she said controlling her sobbing, because she knew he couldn't bare it. 
She turned at the entrance, and waved one last time, he Winked, "Don't hurt your funny Bone, Pocket, go to your future."
She closed the door.

The TARDIS Wheezed and screeched then vanished.

Drec died smiling.


The Doctor, whispered to Jamie, "We best give her some space Jamie."
"Aye, nay worries Dokter, so what's next ya think?"
"I think time will reveal all Jamie, I'll prepare some food, so you man the monitors, let me know if anything unusual happens."
"When is anything nay unusual  Dokter?"
"Fine, well tell me if anything usual happens... no wait...look, I need a distraction, so why don't you go and prepare us all a little something, you know something made from milk curd or something, and I'll watch the monitors."
"We've no time for photographs Jamie, think of something, maybe something veggie, I'll leave it to you."
"Ock! ya, will ya like me tay doo a wee dance too?"
"If it helps," but the Doctor couldn't hide is amusement any longer, and he chuckled, "I can see why I liked you Jamie, you speak your mind, I like that."
"Well, I'll gae fetch us somethin Hey?"
"That would be lovely, thank you."

"I'll go to my room if you don't mind Doctor."
"Ah... Sorry Alainn, let me show you...."
She cut him off, "I know where to go Doctor, I'll see you then."
"When will that be?"
"When you expect me."
"Hmm, you're a strange one aren't you, I see I'm going to have to be on my toes with you.... Ah, Alainn, before you go, I'm sorry about your parents."
"Why? you never knew them."
"Oh, hmm, well yes that's true, but I feel your pain, do you understand? and your father, well he seemed pleasant, a very clever and worldly man."
"Thank you, they were my World, I no longer feel whole."
"Oh my dear girl," he tapped a finger to her head then heart, "No one is ever truly gone! as long as you keep them here, and in your heart, they will be with you forever!"
"I like that thought Doctor, I'll be back when Jamie returns."
The Doctor pondered on how different  races, dealt  with death.  
This young girl, seemed to compartmentalise every emotion, such control in a child was extremely rare, she could be taken for Gallifreyian, which wasn't a bad thing, under the circumstances." 

The monitors buzzed and pinged, but nothing usual or unusual happened.
"Foods here," said Alainn entering the console room again.
"Foods here," Jamie announced, with a tray full of various, dishes with hot and cold vegetables, Tofu, dips,cheeses and pickled onions.
Jamie placed the tray of the table, he had the strangest feeling they knew he was about to arrive, he looked at the Doctor, "Are yoo rite?"
The Doctor seemed to have snapped out of a daze, Jamie was unaware of what he'd just witnessed.
"Lovely Jamie, let's tuck in hmm?"
Quietly they all took what they required, and the Doctor produced the perfect wine, that compliment the flavours.
They sat in a loose circle round the table, "This is wonderful isn't it, I can't remember that last time I ate, with such fine company.
"Dee ya like the selection Alainn, I'm nay sure if anythin we have, is what ya accustomed too!"
 "I like the flavours, and the way it feels on my tongue, some give me a tingly   feeling."
"Aye, that a bee the, pickled onions."
"I like them very much."
"What do you normally eat Alainn, The TARDIS can provide anything for your culinary needs.
"We mainly ate protein, cubes, we had hot watery dishes too."
"Soup... We call it soup."
"I liked Soup."
"What isn't there to like with soup hey?"
Alainn smiled, she liked Jamie and The Doctor too. 

The TARDIS Materialised in a forest...

We Come In Peace

The Doctor lead the way, "Come, lets see what this planet has to offer."  "Dee ya Know where we are Dokter?"
"Smells like a Forest."
Jamie stopped walking, and looked straight at the Doctor, "Really!, Ya Think? even I can see that."
"Hmm," The Doctor bent and picked up some soil, and now standing let it pass through his fingers, "That's the problem with eyes Jamie, they can be so misleading."
"Alainn Lassie ya can nay be following This Dokter, he's as nutty as a friut cake! He will teach ya Crazy! That's fir shur."
 "You two are funny." she smiled.
"Well there's no fooling you Pocket's." The Doctor liked Drec's nick name for her, and she didn't seem to mind him using it.
"As I was saying Jamie, eyes can me misleading," he repeated his last movements, "See the soil? for a faction of a second, it floats, it doesn't fall instantly, it hesitates!"
"I din nay Ken Dokter?"
"It hesitates, because I've placed it in a position, it's not programmed to be, this is a simulation, come lets investigate, this place intrigues me."  And then the Doctor started running towards a clearing, where the bright sunshine lit up the wild flowers, in a pastel like haze.
The two other travellers looked at each other in amusement, then started running after the Mad Man.

Jamie was dressed in his usual Highland attire, and the Doctor, now in clothes he felt comfortable in, was wearing, a high straight collar double breasted red shirt, and blue jeans held with a simulated leather belt, with a Celtic buckle, it's design reminded him of Gallifreyian, in silver, all this was finish with a long, tan summer coat. also with a straight collar.
Alainn was wearing a beautiful long summer dress, in a small blue flower pattern, over this she wore a pal blue cardigan, with big red buttons, unbuttoned, and it flowed behind her as did Doctor's coat, as they ran, the buttons  mirrored the red of her sensible flat soled shoes; her long wavy flaxen hair, like her Mothers was flapping behind her, and when they reached the clearing the sun highlighted the red flecks in her locks. 

"STOP! WHY ARE YOU IN THE CHILDREN'S FORREST!" A tall white metallic sentry shouted, stopping them in their tracks.
"It's a Robot Thingy!"
"Well spotted Jamie, I can see why my other selves found you invaluable."
"It's a Robot Doctor," Alainn confirmed. 
"Well it could be a Robot, I suppose, as I can't see any organic component, to make it a Cyborg, and it's clearly not a Android, as their isn't any attempt to make it seem humanoid."
"Aye, in other werds it's a Robot Dokter."
"Fine, lets not fuss over details, lets find out what it wants."
The Robot  stool still, as the travellers moved closer.
"Not armed, that's a gud thing." Jamie observed.
"Hello my metal friend?"
"I'm made from Plastic, you'll find no Metal in my construction." It said matter of factually.
"Show your papers." it demanded flatly.
"Papers?" Alainn asked.
"It's official mambo jumbo, Pockets, we've no need for all that."
"Aye, if only ya had some  sort of pad thingy!"
"Don't be ridiculous Jamie, I'd first have to know where we are before I could make anything convincing, and I think Plastic Bobby here would take some persuading."
"Please accompany me to The Director."
"Blimey!...They're very polite here, aren't they." The Doctor said more to himself, as he often did.
"Och, next yoo'll be tellin us they're very technically advanced, and Eco friendly, as Bobby heer is recyclable."
"Well, if I was I'm not going to now am I? and where have you got all this wonderful outlook from hmm? me that's who, I love a man with attitude don't you pockets?"
"I just think you two are funny, We will be meeting a very advanced race at least."
"Yes, that we will...Lead on Bob, we come in peace."
"I'am unit 056."
"Indeed you are unit 056, can I call you Bob anyway?"
"I do not see that it is interfering with my program, and in order to gain your cooperation, with the least amount of force, you may call me what ever you wish." 056 replied.
"Lead on Bob, take me to your leader."

"They seem very civil here, I think The TARDIS is going soft, and slipping up."
"Well, I'll be keepin ma Dirk tey hand have nay fear."
"Dirk?" Alainn questioned.
"A wee knife, ya have knives rite?"
"Ah, yes we do."
It suddenly occurred to the Doctor, until now, Alainn had never once questioned Jamie's accent, she is very bright indeed, he thought.

Outside the children's play Forrest building, was a beautiful Real Forrest, The travellers looked about them in astonishment, this never made any sense, it was fabulous, the changes of greens to blues and yellows, golds and reds, of the trees, made a landscape worthy of any wall, and the surrounding fields were lush and full of crops of every kind, and most the Doctor had never seen before. 
They followed Bob, in silence, because to speak, would distract from this beautiful scene.   

As they Entered a grand white building through it's arch some 5 metres High, where they were greeted with the smell of efficiency cleanliness.
"Smells like a huge Hospital Dokter, ya nay think this is somewhere they take the loons?"  
"Well show me a planet that doesn't have madness and I'll show you a dead planet Jamie."
"Some how that does nay make me feel any better."
They were met by a grey Robot, who stool as tall as Bob, at two metres high.
"Unit 056, you and these unauthorized visitors will follow me."
"Yes unit 040, we will comply."
"Let me guess," the Doctor said when 056 turned to them, "Follow you?"

They were taken into a large hall with long tables formed in three lines, and another single table at there ends.
There was no Art on the Walls, not symbols, no colour.
"Sit." Unit 040 directed.

"Is this a Robot planet ya Think Dokter?"
"No." A humanoid wearing orange robes replied, as he entered the room from a door in the rear wall.
He was tall, slim, with dark hair cut straight at chin level all round.
"Please sit, we're not savages here Doctor."
"You know me?"
"The Archive knows all, Doctor," He looked amused, "and besides 056 transmits everything to the Archive, and there's no bibbly bobbly mombo jumbo magic at work here I can assure you."
"Oh Jolly good, I'd hate to think I bobbled when I was meant to Bibble. Have we meant before?" The Doctor asked, eyebrows raised."
"No, I think not, but other visitors have mentioned a fast to judge Man going by the name of Doctor, who interferes with lives, and politics of ruling bodies, then leaves after causing complete chaos, We've no need of chaos here Doctor, this is an orderly, free thinking technically brilliant world, there is No subversive elements, little crime, no poor or starving, in other words, stay for refreshments then move on, We've no need of your service."
"I think you must have me mistaken for another Doctor, The name isn't exclusive to me, why Jamie and myself met a Man called Badger, but he wasn't A Badger, was he Jamie!"
"Ahhh, actually he was Dokter, Adrian Badger wasn't it?"
"See what I have to deal with ahhh..." The Doctor hesitated, "what's your name?"
"Terr Ryn Briggs, our ancestors are from a Planet I've heard you're fond of...Earth."
After that revelation sank in, Jamie just shrugged his shoulders at the inquisitive look of the Doctor.
"Is Earth a happy place too?" Alainn asked.
Terr assumed the question was for him, "I've no idea of the Old Worlds current status, young one, thousands of years has past since we colonised this once primitive Planet."
"Yes what a lovely job you're doing, may I ask, why your children need to play in a simulated Forrest when you have plenty, with real fresh air?"
"You appear to be as The Doctor I mentioned Doctor."
"It's my curiosity, can you humour me and explain?"
"And didn't curiosity kill the cap Doctor?"
"I think you mean cat."
"Cat? you talk in riddles Doctor."
"The expression you quoted...It's curiosity killed the Cat, a Cap is a covering or a Hat!"
"Well that's intresting, so what's a Cat?"
The Doctor blinked for a while, giving himself time to think, he wondered if this was some test, or if some old friends wanted to play games, and would soon jump out shouting "HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH!"
But it wasn't his Birthday... Was it? he thought. 
"Well a Cat is a once wild animal, domesticated to form companionship for lonely people, or just people who like cats, But there are still wild and much larger cats on the Earth of course, Oh it's complicated." he added once he saw no comprehension in Terr's eyes.
"I'm having fun with you Doctor..." and The Doctor interrupted with.
"Because it's in the Archive and you are clearly some sort of Archivist."
"Terr clapped, well done Doctor."
"I think ya kinda avoided the Question there Terry." Jamie said smiling at Alainn.
"There is an avoidance in his behaviour, Doctor, his movements indicate an increased heart rate, his wiping of his hands down his robes is...."
"Yes, yes Pockets I see it too, So what is in the Forrest?, and please avoid lying, I have the most intelligent girl in the Universe here, and I'm not ashamed to take her advice, she sees all, and is constantly analysing everything... It's annoying really, no offence Pockets, I just imagine it's hard on you, We Gallifreyians understand the mind, and we've  learnt to control our thoughts, or it would drive us mad!"
"You must teach me Doctor."
The Doctor looked very pleased, "I would be honoured, young lady."
"As wonderful as this meeting is Doctor, I bid you farewell, 056 will take you for refreshments then you may leave in peace, please make it sooner than later, or I may have to detain you all." 
"Sustenance would be lovely, thank you, lead on Bob."
"But Dokter!"
"Come alone Jamie, don't dawdle now, and you pockets, don't give me that look you two, I have  plenty of my own." And the Doctor was wearing a Look that suggested to his companions, he wasn't Finished
056 took them to a dinning area, the last of it's customers were leaving just as they arrived, Terr's people all had an elegance about them, that suggested they had never done a days work in their lives, if there was a working class here, they were yet to meet them. 
They dressed in similar clothing, like a jump suit, but made of the finest materials money could buy, all were individual not one colour or pattern the same, some had bright clothing others had dark  or neutral colours.
even their skin tones varied from light to dark.

After a delightful meal, the Tavellers were escorted back to the simulator building they arrived in, as it was evident their transport, what ever it was, was waiting for them there.
The Doctor stooped as if to tie a shoe, then he quickly produced a spoon from thin air and jammed it as hard as he could into the Bob's knee joint, "Sorry Old chap, but I feel my business here lies within that forrest."
"PLEASE STOP! Calling all units I'm in need of assistance, my location is now uploading." 
A loud screeching alarm was heard, and it appeared to be emanating from 056. 
"Run!" said the Doctor.

Both the Doctor and Jamie were amazed at the girls agility, and she cleared a 1.8 metre high thorn hedge blocking access by first jumping to a stump, then on to one tree off her left leg, on to another with her right, each time getting further off the ground, then a massive leap to a branch where she flipped herself clear of the hedge.
Jamie thought about coping her moves then decided he wanted to live.
"Keep running down with us, we'll find a gap."
They ran over  300 metres before a gap barely wide enough presented itself.
"Go Jamie I'll follow, The thorn tore at Jamie as he squeezed through, the Doctor's coat was caught, and he wriggled out of it... "damn and Blast, I was getting fond of that!"
Jamie was regretting growing old, he ached everywhere, and his chest was heaving so much as he gasped for air that he fell to the ground hard.
"I'll bee feelin that tomorrow Dokter, remind me why we ney left again?"
"Simple Jamie, We are here, so something is a miss with these people." he said panting.
Alainn was already cleaning Jamie's wounds, she had a spray of some kind that soothed the pain, and with torn pieces of her dress, she began to make a bandages and wrapped the worst wounds on his left arm and right leg.
"That ney feels bad, maybe I should call yoo Wee Doctor."
She laughed, "Maybe you should."
"Alright you two, on your feet, we've already had snack time."
"Och, yoo're a mean one Mr Grinch," Jamie said. 
"I think the 60's on Earth, has had a bad effect on you Jamie."
"Aye, so what's yoo're excuss now."
"Everywhere has left it's mark on me Jamie, but I'm not heartless," He took a white paper bag from his pocket, "Here, have a lemon bon bon, you too, young lady, we may need the sugar rush."
"K, so what now Dokter?"
"I think we should follow the smoke." the Girl replied, enjoying the bitter sweet taste on her tongue.
"He wasn't asking you clever cloggs, right let me see...Hmm, I think we should follow the smoke."
"But I said that," Alainn said hand on hips, as people do when there is a point to be made.
"Well one person makes it an idea, two make it a wise decision, lets go!"

They headed towards the Smoke.

A force of 6 Protectors (The Robots) including 056 and 040, cut their way through the hedge, the subjects are to be collected and returned to the Directors as soon as possible, minimal force, you are ordered to set your side arms now available to stun only." 
"We comply 040." They all answered. 

"Is it me? or is that smoke moving away at some speed?"
"You are correct Doctor, our pace needs to increase or we will miss it!"
"Miss what Wee Dokter?"
"Miss the train, there is some form of steam locomotion up there."
The Doctor wasn't going to question her, he was just puzzled at how a primitive form of transport existed for what looked like a very advance race. 'Is it possible?' he thought for a while, then stamping his foot telling himself No!... He refused to think ill of them.

End Of the Line

They found tracks, and followed them at a run, and as they did so, they passed several wooden shacks, but all looked to be abandoned.
they found an engineers hand pumped carriage, used to maintain and check the lines.
This find was a relief to The Doctor as this was clearly of Earth design, which meant it wasn't an indigenous species, forced into a meagre existence.
Alainn was already on the carriage ready to pump, as the other two climbed on with the aid the the two metal ladder steps either side.
"Right, I'll join Pockets, we will pump, you pull up OK? Jamie, one, two, three, now!
The carriage began to move, slowly at first, than as their momentum increased, they eased into quite a turn of speed, "We will catch up in no time."
"I could give you the exact time if you require it Doctor."
"No need, pockets, we will arrive at the right point in time regardless."
"Aye, pay heed lassie, he is a timelord."
"Point taken, thank you Jamie," she said.

"I'm quite enjoying this, I don't think I've ever had so much fun Doctor."
"Stick with me Kid, the Adventure has only just begun." The Doctor said, as he studied her happy face.
"You know you look like your Mother," she looked surprised, as she knew The Doctor hadn't met her.
"Oh, yes I see your wondering how I know, well that first night you left a book containing a few photo's, I'm sorry, I know it's rude to pry, but I needed to know more about you, she, your mother that is, looked a happy sort, like you, she was very pretty, she would be proud of you."
"Thank you Doctor, I realised they were my real parents early on, the chances of our DNA match, was millions to one."
The Doctor laughed, he knew she knew the exact figures, the fact she didn't mention them, showed how quick she learned, that knowing isn't always important or what people wish to hear, as long as you know.
"Did they know you were their real daughter do you think?"
"I'd like to think so Doctor, they all had to provide whatever was necessary for their research. as Dictated, you say she looked happy, but it can't have been a happy life."
"Stuff and nonsense child, happiness comes from within, and no one can stop it, not even an Army."  
"There she is, what a wee beauty, a proper copper machine."
"Jamie, you amuse me, I love your observations, they are really expressive."
"Aye, whatever, hey Lass?" he directed at Alainn.
And the Train was indeed a beautiful feat of Engineering, the copper gleaming in the Forrest's speckled sunshine.

There was a gasp, as every person on the platform noticed the strangers.
"Don't be alarmed! we come in peace, we just want to meet the people of the Forrest, if that's what you call yourselves?"
A tall muscular man stepped forward hand out stretched, "That we be Sir, I'm Neegan the Smithy here, and you be?"
"I Sir be The Doctor, and this gorgeous young thing is Alainn, and That  other gorgeous Hairy Highlander is Jamie."
"I be no Sir, Sir I be The Blacksmith."
"Yes, I got that," The Doctor shook his hand, and it was a strong calloused hand.
Neegan, wore dark rough cloth trousers, leather boots, and a waist coat, with a intricate floral embroidery up it's front alone side the brass buttons. over a smoke stained white shirt.
"Well Neegan I'm also no Sir, please call me Doctor, there's a good fellow."
"Right you are Doctor, How can I help you?"
All the people on the platform gathered around the strangers, some reaching out occasionally, curious to feel the clothing the Travellers  wore. 
And most admired Jamie's kilt, with it's fine weave of black, greens, yellow and reds.
"I can make that! I can make that!" one said with delight, and they ran to tell others.
"Well you look like reasonable people, why are you separated from the others?"
"You mean the Masters? Something happened, they sent our people away."
"They banished you? all of you?"
"They cast us out, we failed them."
"I could ask the Elders they will know."
"That's a plan Neegan, lets do that."
"Follow me Doctor."
As the Doctor walked through the town, he noticed a man with a long black coat, "That coat? I love it."
Neegan waved the wearer over, "A Master would like your coat, Zeph, can you oblige him.
"My honour, please accept this gift." Zeph said, removing his coat and handing it towards the Doctor.
"No no no, I can't just take your coat! that's...Well that's just Rude?"
"Have we offended you Master?"
"No! and Please Never Never call me Master, I'm having some bad flash backs right now."
"Yes, that's better."
"Doctor, we are a simple people, and nothing gives us more pleasure than to give, to give brings us happiness, if this coat pleases you, you would make Zeph, very happy, if you'd accept it."
"Really?" The Doctor looked to his companions, both shrugged and nodded, he should accept."
"This feels so awkward, but Zeph, I'd be truly honoured to wear your coat."
Zeph positively beamed with glee, and this took all the bad feeling from the Doctor, as he allowed him to slide his arms into the fine woolen coat.
"That look works for you Doctor." Alainn said.
"Aye, you look like a man I knew, only his coat was nay so long."
"Hmm, looks like I'm out numbered here, Thank you Zeph, can I offer you anything in payment?"
"No," he hesitated as he thought how to address this man, "Doctor?"
"Yes that's me, I am The Doctor." he couldn't help doing a twirl in his new coat, "I truly love this. it feels Great!"
"Doctor when I tell my Grandmother you liked her work, the joy she will feel will be payment enough."
"You really mean that don't you?"
"Yes, I'm so proud." Zeth than ran up to everyone he could in the cobbled street, saying proudly, "Did you see? Did you see? He liked my coat!"
"I really like you People, this situation with the others seems bazaar!"
"If you say so Doctor," Neegan said holding out a hand, indicating they should continue.
"Oh, yes lets go meet the Elders."
In a large circular thatched hut, that could only be described as from Earths Bronze age sat the Elders, in chairs that were hardly off the ground, but well cushioned and very comfortable as long as you sat in a raised lotus position.
A fire was burning in the centre, so all seating was set in a circle, The Three Elders were all Women, and dressed in soft cotton and woollen clothes, again The Doctor and his fellow travellers notice the exquisite embroidery, some of them wore.
The Elders ages the Doctor estimated, to be late 80's to 90's, He was sure if he asked Alainn, she would have a more precise estimate, but he was happy enough to accept his own, on this occasion. 
Not all of the three women had grey hair, the one lady at the centre had Dark hair with grey flecks, but she was clearly the eldest, her eyes seemed a little cloudy, but the blue still showed through.
The women wore their hair in a similar way, with individaul  twists, their hair was long and gathered at the back with ornate silver or bronze clasps held by a single long pin.The woman at the centre indicated all three should sit, "My name is Elina, It has been my privilege to have guided my people for the last 8 years, after my Mother passed, here with me today is, Gretta, to my right, and Shona on my left, please sit, you must have many questions.
Jamie and Alainn arranged themselves either side of The Doctor.
"I see you honour us by wearing one of Shona's coats." Elina observed smiling and nodding with pride at her friend.
The other women said nothing, they just remained very dignified, allowing all discussion to be directed at Elina.
"I am The Doctor, to my right is Jamie..." Elina interrupted.
"You wear a skirt Jamie, is this your custom?" 
The Doctor and Alainn both smirked as Jamie squirmed in his seat, he made elaborate hand gestures as he started to explain.
"Aye...Well, it is nay Skirt! lets get that straight frum a start,it's a Kilt! and it's ma traditional dress for a Highlander such as ma self ya understand, and each Kilt has it's own colours indicating to which Clan yoo belong tee."
"It's a fascinating design Jamie, I'm sure you already have a following here, as my people will want to make this Kilt."
"Oh...I see, well I kanna claim tee be the maker, it's called a tartan."
"Intriguing, so this Kilt is made from wool, and it's design is called Tartan? is this correct?"
"Aye... so it is."
The ladies put their heads together and whispered.
"You speak with an accent Jamie, unlike your companions, does this indicate your are not from their Clan?"
"Aye, yoo could say that, but I'm the only one from Earf."
"Your from the old World?"
"Aye." Jamie said, now feeling self conscious. 
"Forgive me Doctor, this is not why you are here, we will wish to speak with Jamie later, if you wouldn't mind?"
"Oh, well, yes of course, So can I ask the obvious question? Why are your people cast out?, the Technically advanced, are the same race are they not?"
"You mean the Masters?"
"Yes, if that's how you refer to them."
"They made us Doctor."
"What? I don't understand."
"My people were made to serve and work, to build, all the things civilisation needs,and the Masters felt too lowly to do."
"Ahhh, so they enslaved you, this is starting to make a little sense, so your people fought against this enslavement."
Elina chuckled, and she had the kindest smile, "Doctor, I think you misunderstood me, They created us, we were not originally Born to this life, we were designed, our ancestors, came from the medical foundation, they were created in a laboratory Doctor."
"What! that is horrible! So was there some kind of revolt?"
All three women laughed.
"No, Doctor we were cast out for being too Primitive, they impaired our intelligence, to make us subservient," she paused and put up a hand to stop the Doctor's next question.
"No, I think you're about to say, that's terrible, but nature Doctor, has a way of correcting mans interference, We were an embarrassment, because we started eating the animals we were meant to tend, for there wool or milk."
"Put like that it does sound pretty disgusting!" he said, looking at Jamie.
"Hey, so I eat meat, shoot me!"
"Yes, well, we became meat eaters, and they couldn't bare to be associated with the people they made, so they made us plant the thorn hedges to keep us separated, and told their children to never wonder into the woods, because the wild people would eat them.
"Well that would work, it's doen't seem to have held you back form making advancements of your own, you've done very well for yourselves for savages."
"Thank you Doctor, I think that was a compliment, so as I'm sure you're aware they build Robots to replace us, and the technology used to create us was use to advance their medical facilities, we've heard stories they can create an entirely new body for anyone so physically injured their conscious can be transferred into A new body built from their own DNA, and because it's their DNA all ageing remains unchanged to ensure a natural life span."
"How do you know all this?" The Doctor asked.
"We still have friends beyond the hedge Doctor, when we were cast out, a man called Sirus Sagen, who was ashamed at our treatment helped my people with building techniques, and infrastructures we all take for granted now, like the sewers, roads, All run on steam, thanks to him our people are very self sufficient."
"Hmm, all from the Archives no doubt."
"My Great Great Great, Grandmother, was the first to give birth to a child, that wasn't Man made."
"Well it's kinda man made!"
"Jamie! do you mind? Sorry about that Elina, so your Ancestors are revered because They literally gave birth to a nation. 
"I can't say we really thought about it in that way, it's just how life has always been, and my daughter will follow me."
"Well it saves you all from tiresome elections, I like it."
"Oh, believe me, it's something you don't require, it's a breeding bed of corruption."
Then an Alarm broke out, with bells ringing and shouting.
A man appeared at the door of the hut, "I beg your pardon Lady Elina, But Robots from the City beyond the Trees have been seen, they are heading this way."
There was fear in the women's eyes, this clearly has never happened before, and the Doctor now felt very guilty, if only he'd done as he was asked for once, this conflict could have been avoided.
"I'm sorry Elina," "Lady Elina," he corrected, "This is all my doing, we must go to them, I'm sure they've only come for us, we were rather rude to their hospitality."
"Ya, think?"
"Yes Jamie, I think."

The Travellers ran towards the commotion, and it wasn't long before  6 tall Robot appeared near the station, all but one was white.

"HALT!" 056 warned, "You will come with us now Doctor!"
Neegan came running onto the platform shouting, "Stop! these people Be our guests! you be not welcome here Robot!." Then he threw a red hot spear fresh for the fire in his forge."
"NOooooo! Cried Alainn and she leap't into the air to intercept the spear, to prevent it harming Robot 056, who she thought of as kind.
It past through her back and chest like a knife through butter.
"What have you Done!" cried the Doctor running to catch Alainn as she fell lifeless into his arms.
Neegan was pulling his hair in shock, both hands to his head, as he fell to his knees.

The Robots moved in to fire on the mob.
The Doctor passed Alainn to Jamie, "NOW ALL OF YOU STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!" he shouted so angrily, it made the blood freeze.

"056 Can you Fly?"
"I can propel myself skywards Doctor, why?"
"Take the girl to the medical facilities at once do you here?"
"I need to call for orders Doctor!"
"Forget That yoo Tin Pot she saved yoo!" Jamie spat.
The Robot bent down to scan Alainn, his programing, allowed for the safeguarding of Humans, and this body was in trauma that would led to death, if not dealt was immediately , but she wasn't a citizen.
"The Doctor stepped Closer, "Unit 056, this is override omaga omaga 001 ooo ooo 010, do you understand?"
"Understood!" without hesitation 056 took Alainn and flew out at speed, towards the City.

040 stepped in, "Take them!"
"No!" Neegan shouted, as he stood, but Lady Elina put a hand to his chest.
"You've done enough, Neegan, return to your work."
He looked reluctant, then with a sigh, and head held low, he turned and walked away.
"You too will come with Us!" 040  ordered the departing Neegan.
"You will not take that man do you hear!" The Doctor advised.
040 momentary paused as an unheard instruction from the City ordered the robot to stand down, and just return with The Doctor and his companions.
"Take them!" and with a Robot either side of the Travellers they were taken by each arm into the sky.
"Don't worry Lady Elina, I WILL RESOLVE THIS, DON'T ALLOW ANY OF YOUR PEOPLE TO FOLLOW." The Doctor shouted back.

Once the Travellers were chastised by the Director, both were allow into the medical building to attend to their friend.
Alainn was laying in a clear cylindrical chamber, that appear to defy gravity as she floated, rotating slowly.
"Ah, Doctor thank goodness you are here, your friend is very lucky."
"Lucky? in what way?"
"As you can see by her wound," the doctor, dressed in blue theatre gown, as you'd expect for anyone about to do surgery said, "your friend had a spear pass through her heart." "And that's lucky because?" asked Jamie.
"Well, it's lucky she has two hearts of course?"
"What!" Both Traveller's said together.
The doctor looked puzzled? "You did know didn't you?"
"No, clearly we didn't so will she live?"
"Not in this state no, her other heart will keep her alive for now, but we need to create a replacement heart, or she will eventually die.
"So let me repeat my friend here, she's lucky because?"
"She's lucky because we can grow cells from a donor who's a perfect match."
"Who would that be, I wonder," Jamie said to The Doctor.
"That can't be? we're not even from the same race! it's not like we share DNA."
"Goodness, you really don't know do you?"
"What! out with it man!"
"Doctor you are related," he struggled to find the right words,"You share DNA, she's not a direct decedent, like a sibling or parent, no it goes further than that, she's the origin to all your ancestry."
"Are you saying she's point zero?" The Doctor started pacing, banging his head with the flat of his left hand, "OH, no no no no, not possible, how would you even know this?" he said turning towards the doctor again.
"It's normal procedure to take samples from all visitors and citizens Doctor, 056 took yours and your companions samples on arrival, and uploaded them to the Archive."
"Oh, sneeky, very sneeky, and creepy, do you have all you need to save her?"
"Why of couse, it will take a matter of hours for the cells to form into a fully working heart, but her wounds with be healed soon, but the heart will take longer."
"Fine, no Wait! are you saying I have Dalek DNA!"
"If she has it, then yes, What's a Dalek? is it Good?"
"No, it definitely isn't good, come on Jamie I need a drink!"
"Oh, Aye, the suns past the yard arm after all, but wee Alainn is ney Dalek!"
"Hmm, she may not have become a Dalek, but her race were only a stones threw away from creating them, when we left." He sighed. 
"My round."
"Aboot Time!" Jamie joked.
"Dokter, why yoor heart hey? Kan they nay take cells from the remains of hers?"
The doctor in blue looked about to burst. "Certainly Not! It's forbidden to even to attempt reanimating dead cells, WE DO NOT PLAY GOD HERE!"
"It was just a question, keep ya hair on." Jamie, demanded from the man with no hair.
"So how do we go about collecting my heart cells?
"Like this," and the doctor produced a needle so fine, The Doctor just felt a prick to his chest.
"Hey! you could warn a person!"
"No time Doctor we need to move fast, you may go."
"Let's just get that drink Jamie, all we can do is let this fine man be, and await good news."
"Aye, poor wee Dokter, I hope this Werks!"
"I have a feeling Jamie it did work, come last man's a silly sausage."

The Robot moved on rails on the bar, and place three more whiskies in front of each person, "Have a good day!" it said through it's fixed smile."
Jamie slurring his words a little, because it has been years since he last had a strong drink, said, "Ya know Dokter, if that Robot thingy went berserk! we that creepy grin, he would be one of the scariest monsters, we'd seen."
The Doctor chinked his glass to Jamie's, "To Monsters big and small."
"I assume you've been told?"
"That I am a Dalek? Oh yea, I've been informed."
"You don't appear pleased, if it wasn't for your DNA your friend would have died."
"I've a question?" slurred Jamie.
"And what would that be Jamie?"
"Well, this grafftin Thing ya do, why could ya ney take a wee graffty off Alainn's other heart?"
"Ah, well I'm not qualified to say you understand, but from what I gather both hearts are different, and yes given days my Medic's could have built a new heart from her DNA, but as I understand it she only had hours left before organ failure."
"Well let's drink ta Different hearts!"  Jamie toasted!
And all three chinked glasses "TO DIFFERENT HEARTS!"

While the girl was in recovery, The Doctor called a meeting between the Elders, the Leader and their councillors.
The City dweller's spoke of shame and disgust, and the Forrest dwellers spoke of, work and trade.

The hedge had openings cut, with simple dirt roads leading into the Forrest.
Trade and work, opened doors for everyone to enjoy a good future, and children did what all children do, they played together without any predigest, and the Forrest children were able to enjoy play and learning in the simulation  building where every child got the chance to experience different worlds creatures, and other life forms.

"Sometimes the only thing preventing civilisations from advancing as equals, are the boundaries their ancestors built, due to civilisations living in continents hard to reach because of difficult terrain or seas, or because of the walls they built to remain separated.
But when their Planet is under attack from Evil from other worlds, they learn these creatures won't differentiate between colour, religion, or any of your beliefs, do you know why?
Because they see you all for what you are THE SAME."

The assembly hall rang to the tapping of glasses.

Terr, stool will both hands raised to hush the hall, "I'd like to thank the Doctor for teaching us how ignorant we can be, it's early days but I hope we can build bridges between our people once again, we are one, and let us never forget that, so please lets all raise a glass to Terra Major, our planet was the new start, the new Earth our Ancestors wanted, we owe it to them, for all the dangers they had to over come to get here. to be One People once again."

In private both the Elder's and the leader offered anything the Doctor required for a mission he spoke of.

The Traveller's walked a little worse for drink, back into the building where the TARDIS waited.
"So Alainn how are those hearts doing?"
"They feel wonderful Doctor."
"Jamie will you do the honours and get us underway, this journey hasn't ended, and I believe I know where we're heading, and why you had to come along."

The Doctor knew his worst fears were about to be realised.

                                           The Never Ending War

The TARDIS travelled to  a Binary star System 250 million light years from Earth.
The monitors displayed a Planet under heavy bombardment, from thousands of saucer like spacecraft, and it burned bright on the screen from the flames.

"Where are we Dokter?"
"A place I swore I'd never return to Jamie... Gallifrey!"
"It looks awful Doctor, is there anyone left alive?"
"Yes Alainn, millions have died but those that survived have been doomed to live this day over and over again, locked in time, so neither could win, and The Daleks will never wreck havoc anywhere else."
"But for how long Doctor?"
"For All Time until the Universe ends, and it will end, eventually to be reborn again in a huge explosion."
"Don't worry Jamie that's millions of years away." he said when he saw the shock on his face.
"That's nay ma worry Dokter, Daleks! that's the worry, those heartless tin beasties have ney soul."

"So why are we here Doctor?"
"Simple Alainn, My second self hinted at it from the start, there is only one place in this whole universe where I have unfinished business."
The Doctor walk the the nearest screen, and tapped his finger, "I set this in motion with a doomsday's device, I justified it in my mind, in the knowledge I'd be saving Billions of lives by trapping the Daleks here, but now, I must find a permanent solution."
"Whoo says Dokter, if it is nay broke, dinnay fix it."
"The TARDIS says Jamie, that's who, isn't that right old girl?" he asked with a hand on the Central column, then he winked at Alainn, "Never question a stroppy TARDIS, that's one lesson I've learnt," he looked back to Jamie, who wasn't looking to impressed and being surrounded by metal  saucers, raining death. 
"I was never proud of myself that day, Jamie I took the easy option."
"What other option was there Doctor?" The girl asked.
"The hardest one of all Alainn, negotiation with the Emperor Dalek."
"So why am I here again?" Jamie asked.
"Because they know you Jamie, you were meant to teach them humanity."
"Aye but only for it's ruthlessness."
"True, but we can work on that."
"Oh, Greet, and I was starting to like yoo."

The Doctor knew the location of the device, and the TARDIS landed in a solitary building in the centre of a vast desert, and while they remained within it's power they would not be effected by the time events.
"Open the door Jamie, I'll go first,"
In the middle of the room hovered a red orb.
The Doctor placed a hand on it and it burned like the last time he was stupid enough to communicate with it.
"Alainn will you join me, it's asking to see your mind, don't worry pockets it tingles for a bit, and a little hot, but not hot enough to burn."
She did as the Doctor asked, and it did feel uncomfortably hot for a while, then settled down."
She was in a room,and from the windows she could see the sun burning bright outside.
An old Monk sat crossed legged in the centre.
"Are you scared girl? You should be."
"I'm not scared and you will not influence me with fear,"
"Interesting, do you think you're indestructible Child?"
"Why do you ask questions, to which you know the answer?"
"Because it amuses me."
"I'm sorry to disappoint you."
And the old Monk looked up and grinned.
"Why can't I see the Doctor?"
"Because I'm hiding him from you child."
"Well stop it, it serve no purpose!"
The Doctor appeared at her side, "do you mind if I sit," he asked.
"You have chosen well Doctor, this one is more than a match for you."
"I have socks that are more than a match for me, I'm always losing the left ones, it's annoying really, but for every odd pair I wear, I know there's a matching pair out there somewhere waiting to be found."
"The girl, does she know she could die?"
"Everyone Dies." Alainn answered for the Doctor.
"Well let the game begin, you are free to go."

By the Time Alainn could say is that it? they were back in the TARDIS.
"Jamie was sat drinking tea, Well that took yoo long enough."
"What do you mean Jamie, we were gone for just a few minutes!" Alainn replied.
"Minutes is it noo, ya were gone three days, tea's fresh if you both want one."
"That would be lovely wouldn't it Pockets."
"Yes lovely," she looked at Jamie's knowing grin, so she obliged him by asking the Doctor, "What just happened? it this just to prove a point?"
"In deed it is young lady, you see this device controls time, although you, haven't aged a second since we left Jamie here, it's showing you it can make days into years, and years into centuries, and you won't have changed one bit."
"But why?"
"Because if we find the answers, we will need that manipulation, or we would end up here for years with nothing to show for it, don't worry about it for now, we have far more serious problems to face, and I'm hoping timing is of the essence, or the TARDIS has gone completely mad." 
The Doctor allowed everyone to have tea, and relax, before he announced they were going to see the Emperor.

And that's where they were now heading, thanks to the device.

As soon as they walk out from the TARDIS they heard, "HALT!"

The Dalek approached then three others appeared to surround them.
"Take me to your Emperor, and be warned he will be annoyed if you Kill me, I'm a Genius!" he turned the Jamie, "I've been dying to say that again."

"BRING THEM TO ME!" The Emperor demanded.

The corridors were just as The Doctor remembered. long metallic aches.

"Why are you Here?"
"Well I've come to help you, what is your goals?
"Supreme rulers of Who?" Asked the girl.

The Daleks obeyed, the room for full of heat and rapid Distributor Fire.

The intruders were still there, unaffected and free to intrude some more.
"Interesting, out of the remaining 988 ships at yours disposal, only 17 opened fire on Gallifrey!

"Thank you, I thought you'd never ask! Do you mind if I sit?" and on that, and without waiting a reply he sat, and floated in mid air, with his feet swinging freely off the ground.
"You see, we're not really here, as you've now no doubt guessed, we are being projected directly into your optic nerves, having one eye helps, and we have a very clever Monk.What do you say Jamie?"
"Och, aye, that, what ever he said."
"Well clearly it's not a real Monk, it's more of a grim reaper, but even then, it's just a projection of something we expect to see, and right now we are on every ship, in the mind of Every Dalek, yet only 17 crews fired on us, like yourselves, You are powerless, all your strength, all your intelligence, it means nothing! YOU WILL NEVER WIN!"

"It serves us all my metal friend, and the fact only 17 out of 988, attempted to kill us, means most of you are learning the futility of this war. And I have a TARDIS who's suggested the time is right, to bring all this to an end."
One of the Daleks fire again.
"See what I mean?" he stood again from his invisible chair.

"So I asked you again, Supreme rulers of who? if you destroy every race you encounter, Who do you reign over? it doesn't make sense!" Alainn said.

"Oh, Don't mind her she's young, and you know how annoying they can be right? nappies, shopping, video games, it never ends, I'm The Doctor you know me of course, and my friend Jamie here."

"Human Jamie! You made inferior Daleks! You will die."
"Aye, all blame the man in the Kilt!, I kennay catch a break wee yoo Pepper pots!"
"I don't think they like you Jamie."
"Ya Think Dokter! well the feelins mutual. "
"Now this little war of yours is getting you nowhere, you know that don't you?"
"You never answered my question."
"Really? check your data banks, I have a feeling they remained unaffected."
"Why wouldn't they not be affected Doctor?" The Girl asked now Curious."
"Because I asked the monk."
"He'll be wasting his time but not to worry, we can do this all again tomorrow, after all it is our 60th attempt"

The Emperor was quiet.

"You know don't you, let me guess, you've had a feeling of what we call deja vu, it means a feeling you get when you know you've done something before, and you've lived this day for over a thousand years, did I mention I'm a Timelord?"

"Really, you're the Supreme Ruler, and you think I've tampered with your computer? you disappoint me, call IT they will asked if you've tried switching it off and on again."

"WAIT! I can literally do this all day. Nothing will change, and Deep within that Metal shell of yours you know it! Don't you? How many times have you tried to kill us now?"

The Daleks remained still, the flashing of the databank wall around the Emperor, show intense activity.

"Doctor," The Emperor answered calmer than any Dalek the Doctor had ever heard, and it was scarier than the shouting, for it showed a mind at work.
"What do you offer?"
"Great!" The Doctor clapped his hands together, this was better than he could wish for,"You've completed your program? To become the supreme being? and to do that you need to regain your humanity, for your whole existence you've been the puppets of a long gone, madman, hell bent on vengeance on EVERYONE who wasn't him!"
"Yes him."
"Davros was inferior he was weak."
"Yes, Yes he was, and you have been his puppets, don't you see? you're better than him, you deserve, to be your own masters, you no longer need to follow his commands."
"Do you see this lovely girl here? she is your ancestor, this is your true form, not a sick experiment for a demented despot, this has gone on long enough, it's time to stop, it serves you no purpose, he's used you! you're race was once glorious, war destroyed you."

"You were correct Doctor this day seems never ending, the data is clear, we've wasted thousands of years for no gain, it serve no purpose."

"What do you require to assist us Doctor?"
"We need your Daleks to come out of their shells," at another time the Doctor would have had a joke here, but things needed to move, this war as gone on long enough, "with this girls DNA and Jamie's we can transform you all to your previous form, plus an extra finger Curtsy of our Highlander."
"Why do we require this finger?"
"Ah, that's because I've had thousands of years to think about this, some of your people will be required to populate the devastated Planet below us."
"This is why I know it won't fail, you see we share DNA, and believe me when I found out, I was like Ahhh! No! But for me, it filled in all the gapes because you almost destroyed us, the planet needs to be repopulated, and there are millions of you to replace those you killed, They will have no memory of being Dalek, and your ages won't change, some of you are children, some are teenagers, it's a perfect solution and a way to make amends, for both of us, and you are Gallifreyan, we are from your race, Terra Major showed me this to be fact, it can't be denied we are the same. and we need Jamie once again, for his humanity, for without it we lose our sense of wonder, our need to explore, our need for adventure beyond our shores and Sky's, to look to the stars and wonder what awaits us out there."

"SO WE NEED TO GO TO TERRA MAJOR! Sorry old habits, So we need to go to this Terra Major?"
"Normally I'd say yes, but they very kindly set up a medical facility with all the staff we require, down deep in the TARDIS.

It took twenty years to build all the waiting bodies for the DNA and consciousness transfers, which meant 2 hours in the TARDIS with the help of the Monk.
The Monk disabled the device, "You took long enough, what kept you."
"Life! and a lot of them." he answered.
The Dalek fleet was placed on the surface and converted into accommodations and others for museums and art galleries, and it put the Dalek corridors to good use.
No one realised  any of these new facilities were once Dalek of course.
It was very Art Deco don't you know. 
After repopulating the planet, and with the help of the Forrest people like Neegan they all began the process of rebuilding.
"This is a beautiful world Doctor," the Once Dalek Emperor remarked,
Now he was a handsome 65 year old man, still with some blonde in his hair, "Why haven't you wiped my mind?"
"Your on the high council, I think it's important that a man who has seen the horrors of war, is adviser for their people don't you?"
"Yes, with a mind free of Darvos's control I never want to see that suffering again, I thank you, I can never express how it feels being myself, believe it or not Doctor some of us knew we were committing atrocities, but it was like a dream we had no control over."
"I believe you, I hope your dreams are free of those terrors, it may take some time."

"Are we done here?" Jamie asked.
"Not quite, we have One more mission."

The TARDIS travelled back a Million years to a primitive unpopulated Gallifrey, with a few thousand new Gallifrayans, and some of the Forrest people who wished to stay.
Also some Terra Major technicians wanted a new life with new challenges. 

The Girl had fallen in love with one of the Teenage Daleks, for weeks they were seen hand in hand while going to help with tasks. 

Here you are Alainn this is your world now, you are the mother of us all, with some of the Leader's people and the Elder's, look," he pointed to the man survaying the canyon, " Even Neegan volunteered to stay, you can build a civilisation that will be the envy of the universe."
"I wish you two could stay, but I know you have to return The Medical centre equipment and people."
"Yes it would be interesting to see how you handle things, but I know Gallifrey's in good hands, I have some of the Forrest people to return too, as you know." and with that, he bent and kissed her forehead, "Goodbye Pockets your parents would be so proud."
"Aye, bye Lassie, ya would have made a fair Highlander, and that's the Troof!"
"I'm going to miss both of you crazy people, but as I was told, no one truly leaves when they are in your heart, and I have one for both of you."
"That you do, Pockets, Oh now look, you take your eyes off him for a second, I better go fetch him, remember if you can't be good, be the best at being bad, I will think of you whenever I wear this coat."
"Because of the memories we've shared with it, or because if it wasn't for me, and all that Business?"
"No, because it has Pockets!" he said laughing, as he walked away.

The Doctor walked To Jamie, who was chatting up a former 46 year old Dalek.
"Come along you hairy legged Highlander we've things to do."
"She's a fine wee lass can she no go with us?"
"No she Kanney de ya Ken?"
"Ock, that's the werst accent I've ever haired!
Alainn smiled, she could still hear them talking as they headed to the TARDIS

"Oh, Dokter doo ya think we could try some more of that Brandy When we get back Ta Terra Major?"
"I don't see why not, I for one have a chocolate log in mind, that I intend to soak in Brandy, then set a flame, because that's how I log roll!"
"Och! I kanna believe ya just said that?"
"Oh I said it."
"I Know but I Kanney believe it, Besides it's called a Yule log!"
"Nonsense it looks nothing like me, I have ears and and arms and everything, Oh, and a fine coat, we mustn't forget the coat!"

Then their voices faded as a fresh breeze blew up the silver leafed tree lined valley, where the leaves burned like gold in the early morning light,a light that also held the two walking figures in It's golden haze in the form of two silhouettes as they drew nearer to a gold ringed Box, then with one last wave they were gone.

The TARDIS  Screeched and Wheezed and was gone

She ran down to a cave Neegan was gesturing from, "What have you found?"
"Come follow me, take care it be slippery."
In the lower chamber they found a cylindrical metal box, and when Neegan open the door for Alainn, they both chuckled.

"It's bigger on the inside!" Alainn observed amused.