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A Timely Accident

A Timely Accident


A Timely Rest
I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
W.B. Yeats (1865–1939)

You've heard the term no doubt; ‘In Space no one can hear you scream?’ Well The Doctor was attempting not to be heard or found for that matter; as they travel the Universe in the hopes of avoiding Trouble for a few days, the crew were tired, The Doctor was tired, The Tardis was... well the Tardis was the Tardis.

“Trouble has a habit of finding you though Doctor! What makes you think this trip will be any different? Och! Don’t get me wrong, but you have nay convinced me so far you can even steer this thing!”

“Oh My Word! How very rude! I’ll have you know Jamie I’m in full control," The Doctor blustered pulling on the lapels of his jacket, "there may however be some unforeseen circumstances, The Tardis does have a mind of it’s own you see,” he proclaimed, but now looking at his companions expression continued, “Oh Jamie, your such a worry wart aren’t you, I may not arrive where I intend to go, that is true, but we always end up where we need to be, that’s the important thing! I’ll show you…. this will be a splendid time for some much needed rest,” he reached into his right hand pocket of his jacket and produced a white paper bag, “Here you go, why don’t you both have a Lemon Sherbet, there rather refreshing!”

Zoe now joining the conversation held out her hand, “Well I’ve never tried one these before Doctor… are they safe?” Zoe remarked.

“I don’t think safe is a word one can use for sweeties Zoe,” The Doctor answered amused, “It’s that just the point with a sugary treat Zoe, it servers no real purpose other then to give your taste buds something to sing about! Although there are some energy boosting benefits, Take Kendal mint cake for instance. ” "I don't mind it I do!" Chirped Jamie reaching into the Doctor's other pocket for a piece of mint cake.
Unamused by Jamie's interruption the Doctor continued, "as I was saying take Kendal Mint cake!" he paused only to give Jamie a 'Don't you dare!' look. Jamie just smiled folding his arms. "Well!" he carried on, "mountain climbers wouldn't be without it!" he claimed, opening the fingers in his free outstretched arm, while still offering the contents of the bag in the other.

“Very well I’ll try just the one,” Zoe said, taking a sherbet lemon to her mouth, and as soon as the sweet made contact with her tongue she screwed her eyes up saying, “Oh Doctor! It’s very sharp isn’t it! it’s making my eyes water.”

“Aye, that happened tay me the first time too, thank you Doctor.” Jamie said, already sucking through the glassy coating to reach the inner lining of sherbet, and with the mint cake still slowly melting on his tongue he gave a wince, but enjoyed the combination of flavours.

“Oh you’ll soon get used to it…. It will quench your thirst.” The Doctor said, beaming from ear to ear.

 “Those Cybermen can be very scary Doctor, I’ll be happy if we never run into them again….. I didn’t enjoy their company one little bit, although I very much enjoy confusing that terrible mans Computer, which was jolly good fun.” Zoe giggled.

“Yes sadly Mr Vaughn, or That man, as you call him Zoe paid the ultimate price for his greed; power corrupts those who seek it most.” He added, thinking back to London, “Yes he mistakenly believed he had control over them, and imagined he could use The Cybermen for his own crazed purposes.”

“Aye a mad man for sure, you kanna make deals with those silent metal beasties. They give me the creeps” Jamie agreed.

This was an exciting opportunity for Zoe and Jamie, as the Doctor hinted their next stop would be a holiday, he told them all they needed was  relaxation, sun cream and a towel, as they would soon arrived at their destination.

Unfortunately The Tardis stopped where sun cream would not be necessary. The Idris Nebula.

The Idris Nebula is an expanse in space so breath taking poets dare but fail to describe it’s beneficial splendours, here the spectacular wisps of gas stretch for some 200 miles with smoky clouds of vivid greens; reds and blues, and hidden within these smoky blues a contented Blue Police Box now spun; thus providing the gravity required by it’s three inhabitants; weightlessness wasn’t something The Doctor accepted as part of space travel, meal times would be horrendous, how could a civilised space traveller eat a sherry trifle in a weightless environment? It would be a spooning disaster!

It is in this particular point in space. the cosmos emanates an atmosphere of such tranquillity; its an experience best enjoyed when most in need, and apparently The Tardis felt most in need.

The ancients from Isaac the Great to Tutrous the seeker, both Gallifreyan philosophers, believed the very essence of life evolved here.

The Doctor was now desperately trying to impart its rejuvenating qualities on his disappointed companions, he admired them both for their energy, enthusiasm and resilience, but right now the most important requirement was rest, so now locked in time these weary companions as well as The Tardis benefited from the Nebula’s benevolence.

The Time Lord was determined to embrace all this invigorating phenomenon could yield; this vacuum of Space will be his happy place, but it wasn’t his intended destination by any means.

“So you didn’t fancy the beach then... Hmm?” he asked The Tardis.

The Doctor loved beach towns with there negative ions, and being a man of science, he knew these odourless invisible molecules; taken in while breathing the sea air, produce a biochemical reaction, increasing the mood chemical serotonin and releasing it into the  blood stream, The Doctor was confident this was  beneficial in alleviating the stresses life places upon the soul, these everyday stresses can lead to depression in some, he saw the sea air as a tonic and a wonderful source to boost the bodies energy levels.

With this in mind, The Doctor envisaged some luxurious beach town on the planet Tyttra as his ideal destination, “You’re a cantankerous old bird aren’t you.” He let the Tardis know.

On refection though, he believed, in this instance The Tardis knew best.

Besides he could easily be recognised on Tyttra

The Doctor preferred finding these delights for himself, that’s the exciting thing isn’t it, he would say.
Also there are no autograph hunters here; scientists in the Tyttra region are by far the worst for that pen and pad in your face habit.

“Well what do you think?... its all rather splendid isn’t it.”
He asked his companions once The Tardis was safely hidden; his arms outstretched as if the panoramic view was visible inside the room.

“Oh…Aye, well it might be better if we could see it in colour, that wee scanner thingy just shows shades of grey! And you said wee’d be by the sea Doctor!” Jamie pointed out.
“I must say Doctor, this location is very disappointing, and I’m not feeling at all tranquil!” Zoe confessed.

The Doctor first looked into Jamie’s grey blue eyes, then into Zoe’s bright blue eyes.
“Ah…Yes….Well give it time my dear, believe me... you will be positively feeling the benefits soon, we just need to let it work it's magic in it's own good time, so let's just let those negative feelings out shall we...hmm?” he clapped his hands with glee, still staring into Zoe’s eyes.
“Have I ever let you down before?”
“Well as you wa asking….” 
“No….not you Jamie, I was asking Zoe!”
“I guess not Doctor; well if you don’t mind I have some fascinating mathematical theories to read, so I’ll go to my cabin if you don’t mind?” With that Zoe left Jamie and the Doctor as they both turned their attention back towards the Scanner.

“She's a wee bit weird if you ask me, where's the sense of fun in reading Math!! Doctor.”
“Hmm… well we all relax in our own way Jamie.”
“Aye sure enough, well I’ll be playing ma Pipes then.”
“Oh dear…. Really?”

Appalled at the suggestion his pipe playing could be unwanted Jamie stomped off to his room, but not before saying “Oh, you kan talk whiff ya wee pipe!”

“Actually it’s a recorder, and as you very well know Jamie, it helps me think!... Oh the very nerve.” He remarked to the departing young Scot.

The Doctor was now wondering if the tranquil nature of this location had started to wane.

The sleeping quarters on the Tardis creaked like a galloon from the pioneering days of Sir Francis Drake, thankfully minus the smell. The Doctor liked this, and believed The Tardis made these concessions to please him.

Jamie McCrimmon was sleeping soundly on a bed made from salvaged mahogany from HMS Endeavour; with its high sides that cushioned its occupant from rough seas; and there were occasions when the Doctor’s piloting required such convenience, so the young Scot was grateful to whoever built this bed for a mariners comfort.

With his Tussled hair covering most of his handsome features,  And eyes tight shut, Jamie lay face down; deep into the Eiderdown pillows, he was sublimely unconscious to the fact his body was now taking full advantage of the marvellous environment granted by The Tardis.

His discarded bag pipes hung haphazardly from the bottom of the bed,  and Jamie’s left arm dangled over the side like a dazed snake, this was the only other body part exposed.
The lower part of this beautifully lacquered wooden bed, supported by it’s elaborately etched sea themed brass feet, held two draws side by side with inlayed brass handles and in these draws lay various items of clothing such as Kilt’s, belts and linens  befitting the brave Highlander sleeping above them.

Jamie had kicked off his heavy black leather boots before retiring, and one lay on its side, while the other stood close by his discarded socks, the rest of his clothing ended up scattered over the captains chair, also in solid Mahogany with buttoned back brown leather upholstery, this was an elegant addition to the six drawer Queen Ann writing bureau, the draws of which matched perfectly with those of Jamie’s bed.

Jamie of course was unaccustomed to his lavish surrounding until he met The Doctor; such grandeur was beyond his comprehension just two years ago. Jamie’s only contribution to the cabins decor was the hanging swords and daggers lining the opposite wall to the entrance.

Above the bed The Doctor provided a large painting to remind Jamie of his Highlands, with its wild and beautiful landscapes panning out under a setting sun and on a hill stood the silhouetted figure of a lone piper.

For a night shirt Jamie wore an over sized Scotland the Brave t shirt, and as he lay; his shoulder twitched, then his right leg, as he relived some aspect of his new life.

In Stark contrast Zoe Heriot’s Room was ultra modern, with white surfaces and chrome fittings, and inside the confines of this room colour is introduced by the random pastel panels imbedded into the walls, these panels, lit from behind, warmed the pristine whites, two of which hid the fitted wardrobe, the left hand panel in pink and the right hand in a pale lilac.

Her furniture included a chain hung white plastic opened fronted ball chair, with red buttoned internal upholstery and scatter cushions covered in a gold glitter material, beneath the ceiling hung chair, she placed a thick sheep skin rug; Zoe loved to bury her toes into the wool while she worked at her desk,

The desk was a simple affair which lay along the rear wall, above it was three brightly coloured shelves mounted onto the wall; again these shelves were lit from within like the coloured wall panels, and pride of place was her abacus sat neatly between a dozen or so books.

All Zoe had to do when she wished to retire; would be to press the aqua blue panel on the left hand wall and her bed would appear like a draw from Jamie’s bed.
And right now she was comfortably wrapped in her white duvet; Zoe had never experience such inner peace, and  the  book she  had been reading moments before now lay face down on the floor; still open on the last page she intended reading.

Zoe drifting off while reading was unheard of, she was lying on her right side face up, with her hand still extended towards the fallen volume.  

The young woman’s bobbed dark hair still looked surprisingly neat, and she was breathing sweetly through her pretty button nose, but cutest of all was the fact, even in this blissful sleep; Zoe appeared to be smiling.

Meanwhile as The Doctor’s companions slept, grunts and gowns; mixed with some inaudible speech, originated from the console room. This Focal point of the ship is where the soothingly pleasant sound of the Tardis Hummed most.

Jamie had earlier reminded The Doctor of the ships inadequate viewing scanner, so now engrossed on a solution to this shortfall in The Tardis monitoring systems, he had one panel of the hexagonal sided console lifted, and beneath this triangular aperture laying face down on the floor half buried into yet another access panel in the console column, we see protruding; the lower body of The Doctor, or shall I say his brown plaid trousers, these trousers were held up by red bracers patterned in yellow symbols found on Earth’s playing cards.

On his feet he wore the soft brown leather slip on boots he would never be seen without,  right now one of these booted legs waved has he  hooked it backwards, it hung in the air weaving to and fro, allowing him the means to access the lower recesses of the console’s junction box, and following the muffled words, “Well, we won’t be needed that!” an organic rectangular blue fluid circuit board; no bigger then the average chocolate bar, was ejected as The Doctor threw it over his shoulder.

Have you ever experienced times when a strand of hair just covers one eye? Where you have to brush or blow it to one side out of irritation? Because it’s so distracting?
Well that’s not the reaction you’d find in The Doctor, who was smiling happily, with hair in his eyes and a screwdriver between his teeth.

I swear he’s never happier then when he’s taking something to pieces, and hopefully reassembling them in an improved state.

At a casual glace you might mistake his mop of dark hair as looking somewhat unkempt and Beatle like; as in the pop group from the 60’s, not that of the insect variety, in fact it was The Beatles who styled their look on The Doctor; who they’d met fleetingly in the red light district of Hamburg.

At the time of that meeting, The Doctor was engaged in the pursuit of a 1.3 metre flugg; a nocturnal Ginger haired beast from the Novacca planet in the Riesa System, the beasts face was like that of a Pug dog only with large round red glowing eyes.

Another distinguishing feature was the 4 very pronounce 50 mm long; fangs, with two outward teeth in it’s upper jaw, and two in the animals lower jaw, for it’s size the Flugg was very spry, as it leapt from tree to lamp post or any convenient protuberance to evade capture, much to The Doctor’s annoyance.

His intention wasn’t to kill the animal but to return it to Novacca where it belonged.

The flugg didn’t bother The Doctor as much as to whom he owed a visit; someone needed to explain why this creature roamed it’s nights on Earth, and who would be so irresponsible to released it on this  unsuspecting populous?

“Ah… What a surprise! Hello boys, what a fabulous night for a stroll,” The Doctor said as he raced by, and over his shoulder he shouted, “I do hope your record sales don’t go to your heads!”

The Doctor continued running, following the Flugg, who had used a corner shop sign to swing into an adjoining street, he took this sharp left by hopping from one foot to the other, heading into the street of his rapidly bolting pray.

“Hey! He looked like Charlie Chaplin then, with his leg swinging out like that! …He’s funny man that one, he reminds me of Saturday morning pictures.” Said George, one of leather clad brylcreemed youths The Doctor skirted round, “and that’s one ugly tabby he’s chasing.”

“What does he mean Record sales? We’ve only sold 56 and we paid for most of those!” Said Paul

“You mean you! Paid for most of those our Paul… He’s a crazy goon Georgie that’s for sure, he’s a mysteriously mysterious midnight runner,” John uttered.

“But I dig the hair; he’s really gear isn’t he.” He added.

Pete Best said nothing, which is why he’s never regarded as one of the outspoken members of the Liverpool Band.

By the time The Doctor made the corner Stuart Sutcliffe and his girlfriend Astrid had caught up with the rest of the band; lovers tend to walk slower then their free counterparts, mainly due to walking hand in hand looking into each others eyes, and other such soppiness and kissing.

Astrid with her camera always at hand managed to take three shots of the departing Doctor before he disappeared round the corner.

“That’s it John!” Stuart blurred out excitedly, “that’s the look we need! We can make it The Beatles look!”
“What? Baggy Trousers and a Morning Jacket?” George chuckled.
“What? No the Hair! Didn’t you see? The style, it’s like a Beatle!”
“By heck Stu I think I should be having what you’re on.” John joked.
“I Zinc if ve vash dis oils from your hairs,” Astrid suggested pulling a strand of Stuart’s hair, “Zen I couldst cuts yust like Dat!” she added excitedly.
“Come on John….. Let’s do it!” Stuart pleaded.
“All right our kid, theirs no harm in giving it bash! Hair today gone tomorrow.” John kidded.

Finally Pete added his two penneth worth with, “You’ll not be cutting my hair, Elvis Rocks! Thank you very much.”
“Suit yourself Pete, but the rest of us are having a Beatle cut.” Paul confirmed.
“I’m with that.” George concurred.

Isn’t it strange how events take us in unintended directions that can change everything forever, sometimes life has an unfortunate habit of kicking us in the teeth; our reaction is to act against these horrid episodes and resist the  fates steering us towards an alternate future.
So when the Group was forced to leave Germany due to a disgruntled Club owner, who was furious, following the discovery The Band had gigged at a rival’s venue, he acted out of vengeance by reporting George, who he knew to be under age, and a supposed Arson at one of his flats to the authorities, leading to Paul, Peter and George’s deportation. The Band members seeing this as a low point understandably believed the good times had flown.

 John returned to England to join them later.

 It’s True Hamburg Forged The Beatles into a resourceful well rounded group, and their cheeky Goons humour just added to their charm.

But it was Fate that forced the bands return to Liverpool, where three of the former Silver Beatles walked on towards a fabulously bright future, while another walked on to obscurity.

Who knows, If Pete hadn’t been so adamant about keeping his Elvis look things could have ended differently, such is Fate.

The 556 year old Time Lord knows bad times only make the good more rewarding. “You can’t have one with out the other, Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction, and it defines the laws of physics.” he would say to no one in particular.

The Doctor finally captured the beast with a stun net; an electrified throwing net used by the Kree for specimen gathering.

A Kree Zoo is something to behold, it contains trillions of rare breeds from a thousand worlds.

Out of breath but smiling broadly The Doctor interrogated his prisoner, but he was well aware the caged Flugg was a mindless carnivore, so it’s guttural growling and throat rattles was it’s only response.

The Doctor allowed himself to rest, still panting and trying to catch his breath.

 “Well…ah… you gave me a merry chase didn’t you? I don’t think I’ve run like that since I bunged a rock at a Yeti!”
The Flugg grunted.
“Oh no need to apologise you Ginger fur ball of terror, I quite enjoyed the exercise.” He replied patting the cage.

This little escapade accrued while Ben and Polly were The Doctor’s companions.

Ben was a cheeky short haired blonde Cockney of average build.
“That…Thing! Nearly had my leg off, I thought you said it was harmless?”
“What I told you Ben, was it’s a vicious creature hell bent on a feast!”
I thought you were Joking! I mean…. Look at it!... It’s a hairy rugby ball on legs!”
“Ah…yes he’s a little charmer isn’t he….well…ah… until he leaps at you with those gnashing fangs, threatening to rip off a body part for a good chew at least.”
“Polly almost deafened me with that scream of hers, no wonder it ran back towards you!”

Polly as beautiful as any model form the 60’s with her straight shoulder length blonde hair; stool nonplussed at Ben’s mention to her contribution to the beasts capture.
Hands on hips she shrilled “How dare you, it scared the life out of me, swinging down from that bus sign like that! I just reacted!”

“Yes and very loudly too!” Ben retorted. then retuned his attention to the device The Doctor gave him to look after.
“Doctor why didn’t this cannon thingy! Of yours deploy? I thought you said it sensed movement in its path?” Ben pointed out.

“Yes quite right Ben, I shall have to take a look at it once we’re all safely back onboard the Tardis.” He said pondering on its failure.

And as Ben and The Doctor walked towards it, it fired the large capture net with a terrifying BANG!

“What the Hell?” Ben gulped in shock covering his ears.

“Hmm…. Well that’s rather peculiar; it must have a faulty sensor.” The Doctor remark equally shocked by the unexpected explosion.

“You don’t half A’ve some shoddy gear Doctor.” Ben hollered ears still ringing.
“Well if you could be so kind as to retrieve the net Ben, you and Polly could pull the cannon back with us, while I take this caged brute, Come along you two, we must return this creature where it belongs.”

And the Three travellers set out towards the Tardis while their conversion continued.

“Fat chance of that, Doctor... Tell me? when was the last time you managed to navigate the Tardis to an intended destination?”
“Well there’s always first time, The Tardis just needs gentle coaxing, she will take us where we’re needed and right now this Flugg needs to be on Novacca.”
“I agree with Ben, Doctor, you haven’t been successful in guiding that thing since we’ve know you.”

“Oh my Giddy Aunt! I just may surprise you one day!”

This was a fond memory of his time with Ben and Polly, and exactly a year; three weeks, two days and 8 hours later on the Planet Novacca the Doctor turned to Ben and Polly and said “I told you. This is a splendid day to return a Flugg, look at that lovely sky!”

But unbeknown to the three at the time of the incident with the net.
Two creatures of the shadows held back their attack as the exploding cannon sent them back at a frighten speed…. They Hissed and gnawed teeth in resentful displeasure.
Then they incurred further displeasure when their prey vanished in a strange Blue Box before they could reach them.

Back to the present… The Doctor isn’t wearing his usual Edwardian jacket; with the pockets that held far more items then physically possible, as he’d removed it before rolling his sleeves for the job in hand.

The jacket was now hanging on the coat stand in the far corner of the room, and from the breast pocket could be seen a red and yellow paisley silk handkerchief, his handy multi-task wiping device.

All his clothes seemed a trifle larger then required like his big collared blue shirt! With the top button missing, but The Doctor ever resourceful held the collar by a safety pin attached to a bow tie slightly askew.  

At 1.68 metres high you wouldn’t call The Doctor a tall man, but what he lacked in stature he more then made up for by his rumbumptious good cheer and genius, The Doctor had the unique quality of looking smart in a dishevelled way.

People found when The Doctor smiled; they were unintentionally smiling too. But oh, when he was angry, those dark arched brows left you in no doubt to his mood.

This Doctor had the most expressive face of any of his past or future incarnations.

Removing the screwdriver from his lips for one last adjustment, he gave a cheerful “Huzzah!!” on its completion.
Before backing out of his confined space in the console pillar, he placed his hand on the palm print signed Solaris Gilquest, his hand was smaller then that of his mother’s father.                  

The Doctor was proud to be the Grandson of the much admired Time traveller, this was the old mans Tardis and he got to live longer then the average Gallifreyan.  Admired at least until the madness took him, but that was another story and one The Doctor had no need to remember right now.

As a Child the Doctor was always drawn to the key on his Grandfathers watch chain, “what is that! Grandfather?” he asked looking closely at the black, almost triangular key with its Gallifreyan symbols.

“It’s soon to be a relic of the past dear boy….. A Key to a life those on high say we no longer require, that’s what it is my lad, its typical of those shambolic bloody bureaucrats! What do they know? We are ruled by buffoons these days.”

“Grandpa Sol will you watch your language please.” He remembered his Mothers teasing scorn, and this memory made him smile.

His Grandfather was a tall man, with once a strong athletic built, he wasn’t one to run from a fight, it must be hard for him to give up his pioneering ways.

The Doctor often saw him on the poach of the family home rocking back and forth on his favourite chair staring out into the night sky, his long white hair and beard glowing form the light of Gallifrey’s moons.

He had a sharp mind but even he couldn’t persuade The High Council to reconsider, the law was passed and he had accepted it with a heavy heart, ten more missions and it will all be over.

When he sensed The Doctor’s eyes on him, he would point to the heavens and say, “you should go out there and explore Kel, we Gallifreyans have great power, and it’s desperately needed out there, in this universe we have beings who look upon us with envy, we need to meet them head on, before they assume our inactivity is our weakness,” then he would pulled out his watch, and looking at the face; he would sigh, before saying,

“I’ve seen the future boy, and you won’t like it, not one bit.”

The Doctor at 26 took a lot of trouble to gain access to his Grandfather’s Tardis, The key of which the High Council thought destroyed when all the recalled keys were thrown into The Eye of Harmony, a ceremony thought to safeguard Gallifrey’s future.
So as a junior curate of The Thardeceum museum; a town 12 miles from the Gallifreyan Capital, The Doctor secretly set about rebuilding The Tardis while it stood on display, its stripped controls were an easily fix for someone with The Doctor’s genius to replicate, this however wouldn’t have been possible without Grandpa Sol’s 500 year diary., his notes became his Manual for The type 40 Tardis.

The diary held valuable information on time travel, with Planets underlined in three red lines that Grandpa Sol suggested should be avoided at all costs. Interestingly Earth featured as a favourite haunt with the underlined text describing it as Primitive.
As this Planet was his Grandfathers last destination before his forced retirement, due to the madness that separated him form family and friends, He was changed, so The Tardis was permanently locked into its cloak as a 1960’s London Police Box.

The Council was now convinced The Day’s of the Tardis had to end to save them from the dangerous minds of those who once piloted them.

Two years past without incident until the day Pardrake Ga Vet, being someone The Doctor trusted as well as his twin sister, Otanna Ga Vet, who it was no secret he adored, ran into The Tardis while the Doctor worked deep within the console controls wiring, and giving him the grave news, that he was to be arrested and sent to Durutte a prison planet no Gallifreyan has ever returned from in living history. (It’s said Durutte is so barren those abandoned reverted to a primal state, with War Lords fighting for dominance.)

“You have to leave, you’ve no idea the risk I’m taking coming here, Delfor reported you to the High Council, your father will be on his way to stop you, so listen to me you’ve no other choice but to leave, your family can’t protect you! You know that right? Not with your grandfather as he is.”
“But I’m not ready! The guidance controls are uncalibrated! I’ve no way of knowing my destination or place in Time!”

His friend shook him by the shoulders and pleaded, “You must leave now!” he shook him again; “do you hear me? Look! Do you have provisions? Answer me damn you, you need to leave.”
“I’ve some space rations, but it’s disgusting!”
“I’m so so sorry, but you must leave now or you’ll be on Durutte within the hour.”

Pardrake was looking nervously at the door.

“If they find me here they will send me too!  You have no choice my friend, so Go, Go Now!”
“But Pardrake I’m….I’m scared! I’m not prepared; I don’t know what to do, or where to go!... This is crazy! My Mother needs me!” The Doctor was pulling at his hair, his face white as the cold hand of fear gripped his hearts.
His friend backed away.
“I know your frightened, who wouldn’t be? but you are a remarkable individual, you will endure, I have faith in you, your Parents will be in my care, now lock the door behind me, I know this isn’t easy days after losing your Grandfather to the High Councils Inquisitor,"  looking nervously from The Doctor to the door Pardrake continued, “it may be too late for me already, then your family will have no one on their side, Goodbye Kelthor.” and he was gone.

Kelthor locked the Tardis behind his departing friend, he felt sick, he knew as of today he would be condemned a renegade and hunted down for rest of his life, he couldn’t even call his Mother! Fixing the communication system wasn’t high on his To Do list.

There was now a terrible scream from outside ...'This is Mine...Mine do you here me BOY!'

The Doctor knew at once his Grandfather must have escaped from the facility that now held all the past Tardis pilots...

"STOP! FATHER let me talk to him!' and behind Kalthor's father a troop of Guards filed into the chamber, pulling two Voxtex cannons...

Like a wild beast hell bent on his pray, the old man moved towards the Tardis  and he would get it by any means. then like a flash Kal's Grandfather forced a cannon away from the four guards pulling it, his speed was beyond the comprehension of those now unable to move through the fear this wild eyed man brought them...
The four other guards tried in vain to manoeuvre their cannon against this new threat... but they vanished like spinning dolls thrown into the vortex opening behind them. 
'STOP FATHER! this isn't you, try to remember who you are, I beg you please.' Kal's father begged while standing between his Father and the Tardis with his son inside.
"Kal! if you can hear me leave, or your Grandfather will kill you....GO!"
Kalthor with head in hand was unable to think... but The Tardis set Time rotor into motion and the Tardis dematerialised before his Grandfathers Blast could reach them.... but it took his father.

The Tardis  had dematerialised for the first time in 17 years, Kelthor was the name that died so The Doctor could live.

From that day on his name would only be spoken in whispers on Gallifrey, Kelthor became the word for the devil…. Children would shudder in fear, when minor misdemeanours were treated to stories where The Kelthor would materialise to feed on their evil.

And his first act as The Doctor was to throw up all over the console.

To an observer watching the Doctor  knowing his story, the Time Lord's  smiling face from some of the more pleasant memories the palm print evoked, would appear extraordinarily strange indeed, but the only way this Gallifreyan  could save his sanity was the push all the badness to the back of his mind, where it stayed, locked it away until he needed to remember them.

The Doctor was now vigorously wriggling his Bottom as he eased himself out of the console and closed the lower panel, he then backed away still further before jumping to his feet to replaced the top panel, then starting a skipping run over to the switches on the opposite side, but the instant the switch was flicked a loud bang! Followed.
A small wisp of smoke escaped from the panel’s edge...

“Oh fiddle sticks, that wasn’t meant to happen.” The Doctor said to himself as he often did.

He lifted the panel which held the switch and checked the wiring sighed, “Ah there you are!” he observed a crossed wire and after uncrossing, and reattached them to the switch.  
Returning to the opposite panel he replaced the two blown fuses with the two he happed to have in his pocket.

“Now” he said decisively , with his hand  hovering over the opposite switch once again, then as doubt entered his mind he held his hands to  his cheeks as he readied himself to try again; he wasn’t as confident as before, so with some trepidation he reached forward towards the switch.

“Well let’s see what happens shall we?” he flicked the switch with his teeth clenched as she stared through half closed eyes and leant away form any unwanted explosions….

With great relief no explosions ensued.

“Oh My Word!  I never doubted it for one minute Old Girl.” He beamed.

A slim 1.5 m x 0.5m x 2mm screen lowered from the ceiling and the scene outside; from where The Tardis hovered appeared on the screen in razor sharp definition and glorious colour, and if you thought that was clever on the other side of this 2mm thick screen was a view form the opposite direction, this technology is far beyond the best technical minds on Earth, imagine a clear screen TV floating in a field of static electricity where children and adults could watch their own programmes from either side of the screen.

The Doctor made the screen years ago but never found the opportunity to install it until now, with this successfully incorporated into the Tardis systems; he clapped his hands in glee.
“Oh Marvellous, look at that? It worked out rather well didn’t it?”

He was still grinning, and it accrued to The Doctor, years of Travelling alone allowed him to gain comfort from the sound of his own voice.

The screen hung in the air with no visible support as it drew the power it required from the surrounding energy within the console room.

At the flick of another switch the screen projected the view into the room, filling it with a holographic representation of all that lay outside The Tardis, The Doctor walked through the projected gaseous clouds chuckling.

“How absolutely fabulous,” He clapped again, “what do you think of that Old Girl? I actually think I've 
excelled myself this time, it works like a dream wouldn’t you say Hmm…do you like your new upgrade?” he asked The Tardis. 

The Tardis hummed as usual seemingly unaffected but The Doctor felt it’s contentment.

The type 40 was like new, all it’s systems had a new sparkle and vitality, even the exterior looked to have acquired a fresh coat of painted.

And this made what happened next all the more shocking!



A Timely Accident

At a point in space known as the Constellation of Kasterborous.

The Planet Gallifrey lay under siege.

The Time Lords, who despised The Doctor with a passion, reluctantly resigned themselves to the fact they needed him.

With the future of Gallifrey at stake they could no longer afford to alienate to old rouge.

This assault began with the draining of the very energy that gave The Gallifreyan’s it’s Power.

This unknown attacker was having a devastating effect to their systems, all the outposts were without power and the failure of the cloaking field made them vulnerable.

The High Council was convinced this loss of cosmic energy would not only affect the planet and its surrounding systems but could destroy the entire Galaxy by forming a black hole so immense it endangered the entire known Universe.

So with this in mind and as much as they despised him!

The Doctor was the only Gallifreyan with the reposefulness to ensure the survival of life as we know it.

The Doctor had little faith in Time Lords or their High Council; he despised them for their superior arrogance and neglect to numerous populations powerless to defend themselves.

The Universe is plagued by Beings bent on striping Planets of resources and gaining total domination, the victims of this terrorism will just become mere slaves and die in their thousands, mining the riches these demons demand for their own Worlds.

The Gallifreyan High Council observed The Doctor in his third regeneration was also the target of this evil adversary besetting them.

So knowing this The Time Lords made every effort to assist him regardless of the power it would take for such an endeavour.

They were powerless to send aid to increase his chances to find and overcome this unprecedented attack.

 But!! He could help himself; they reasoned if they send his former self, before he regenerated, then he would have twice the resources of that annoyingly clever mind. 
As a result they ungraciously attempted to lift The Doctor from his time line to aid this Third incarnation…. the Blooming Dandy!Omega was responsible for the destruction now facing The Time Lords, this ancient Gallifreyan from myth and legend swore vengeance, Omega and Rassilon were solar engineers

But to escape the world he created needed a Time lord, someone who could take over the responsibility of controlling this hostile environment, it didn’t matter to him if This Time lord was capable of this burden for more then mere seconds, because seconds was all he needed.
So he reached out using the knowledge they benefitted from all those years ago… and tapped into the Gallifreyan’s power he gave them to seek out The Doctor.

The Doctor now back in his Jacket felt the tug on his soul, it felt like some invisible hand had attempted to crush and drag him away from the controls, he leant forward hands gripping the console edges, while the moment passed, leaving him feeling nauseous and giddy, he put this down to Tiredness, after all Zoe and Jamie had retired to their beds hours ago.
“Maybe my body requires more time to feel the boost to my energy?” He nodded to the unanswering Tardis, “I’ll nap later so don’t fuss me.”
Unaware anything more had taken place, The Doctor would have happily played with his new monitor a while longer.
But back on Gallifrey the power drain forced the Time Lords to take desperate measures, there was a problem lifting The Doctor from his time stream and a life changing glitch went undetected.

The Doctor wasn’t lifted from his time line as The Time Lords intended, Oh, they tried; the technician seeing a problem boosted the retrieval mechanism but it never lifted Him… copied him he was now Two, two of the very same Gallifreyan! 

He had the same memories the same body he was the same man.

Just factions of a second separated one from the other.
Still giddy the old man of time was still steadying himself on the console when he heard a woman’s voice.
“Did you see that?” she was saying.
“Zoe? Is that you?” he called out but there was no reply.

In an Earth locked Tardis the Doctor wasn’t happy; who do they think they are? Hum?
He sensed The Time Lords had a hand in this, and This Tardis, clearly wasn’t his!
He took the recorder from Jo Grant’s outstretched hand.
“Thank you I was looking for that!” he blew into it and stopped when an alarming thought entered his mind.
“You haven’t been playing this have you?”

Jo, struck dumb, left it to her Doctor to answer this stranger.
“No of course not!”
The Doctor still with recorder in hand looked around this similar console room, and then in a flash he assessed his surroundings.
“Oh. I can see you've been doing the Tardis up a bit. Hmm. I don't like it,” Then he crossed to view the old style monitor.
 “Oh dear, we are in trouble, aren't we. Just as well I turned up.” “Who the devil is he” Jo managed to say at last.
Annoyed beyond belief The Doctor in his third body said, “Of all the impertinence, how dare you show up here!”
“But who is he?” Jo insisted
“Well it's a bit difficult to explain, Jo.”
“He’s not one of them, is he?” she said.
“One of them? Well My Word! I am and I’m not.” Said the new arrival and The Third now added his explanation, “Well, not so much one of them as one of us. One of me to be precise Jo.”
“Oh no, no, no, no. I'm sorry, my dear, I hate to be contrary but I can see he's a little bit confused, poor old chap, and I do feel you should have the correct explanation. You don't mind, do you?” “Yes” said the Third incensed.
 “I didn’t think you would.” Continued The Doctor unfazed, “You see, Jo. I may call you Jo, mayn't I?” and the nod from the third’s companion was all he needed to continue, “You see, he is one of me.”
“Oh, I see you’re both Time Lords” Jo said now believing she understood. “No, not just Time Lords. We're the same Time Lord.” 

Following the 1st Doctor's advice to cross the bridge formed by Omega the two Doctors and their companions entered the world of antimatter. 

Well this story has already been told so lets just say that after reluctantly accepting this turn of events Our Doctor locked minds with his future self, then he saw it all… his end!

On completion of this mission on behalf of the Time Lords they sent him back, back to meet him! 

At first he was confused but soon realised what had transpired. “Well, well well, this day just gets better and better doesn’t it.” He said.
“What? What Gallifreyan trickery it this? Well answer me man? How Dare you board my Tardis, Did they send you?”
he said Stamping his feet and pointing directly at this interloper The Doctor still at the controls.
“This is an outrage….you…You can’t be here! This isn’t right, no its not right at All is it?  I’ll have words with those meddlesome Time Lords.”
Amused at seeing himself in this manner the time lifted Doctor replied, “Hmm...Ah ...well I wouldn’t do that if I were you….Oh how hilarious, if I were you!” he bopped on his knees and clapped at this amusement, then the puzzled look on the man with his face staring back at him, forced him to continued.
“Well you see...” He coughed to clear his throat, “Well the High Council in your future will Force you to change you see and you won't like it!”
“Force me to change? Me? But I’m a Genius! and they can't possibly know how to even find me!”
“Yes” the other laughed “indeed you are a Genius but unfortunately you needed their help, you will eventually find yourself in a situation beyond your powers to resolve, thus giving yourself away, which is why I have a proposition for you.”

If The Time Lords thought they had wiped his memory of his resent adventures with his old allies The Brigadier and Sergeant Benson they were very much mistaken.

The Doctor’s ability to lock his mind had been a necessary part of his long exile from his Time Lord Peers.
The Doctor using that sharp analytical mind he hides so well from his foes, quickly came to terms with the fact he would  have to sacrifice his new existence in order to save his own time line.
The Two engaged in the most intense discussion they would ever have with each other.
Time is a funny thing it’s like trying to hold a handful of sand, the tighter you grip it the more it sifts through your fingers, and they both knew change was inevitable, but for one of them it would not be forced.
So both of the Doctors busied himself in the vastness of the Tardis and while one set about his normal chaotic unplanned routine; the other set about repairing systems time never granted them before.

This wasn’t with out the occasional incident however. 

 The Night of the Sandwich

Jamie feeling peckish headed to the Galley, he decided on arrival he wasn’t in the mood for anything lavish so plumbed for a five seeded Granary bread, Cheese and pickle sandwich.
“Oh you wee beauty” he said admiring his efforts.
The mirror near the door held the reflection of the handsome Scot as he made his way out into the console room, he look at his long shaggy hair, and paused to ran the fingers of his free hand through it, in an attempt to tidy it, then much to the detriment to his Scottish pride, noticed his continued inability to grow a decent beard, with a weeks growth of fine fluffy hair on his strong rounded jaw, he promised himself a shave before retiring for the night.

This inspection done Jamie exited into the console room and headed down the main corridor to his cabin.
Until The Doctor suddenly appeared from a side door that headed directly to the Heart of the Tardis; this was mainly used for maintenance.
So dodging to avoid colliding with The Doctor Jamie somewhat surprised said. “Are you still tinkering away down there Doctor?”

The Doctor looked equally surprised, and clasping his hands together said “Ah, well Jamie, these things don’t fix themselves you know.”
Jamie laughed “You said The Tardis could repair it’s self, did you not Doctor, I’m shure you told me that write!”
“Hmm… Yes but some systems need special attention Jamie, self repair or not, and the wiring looms need to be made by hand, maybe I should have been more precise.”
“Aye, well, you like tee be kept busy anyway.”
“Oh, yes, well your right of course Jamie, I do like to keep in touch with things, and his Old Girl possitivly delights on the personal touch,” he saw the sandwich, “is that for me?” and before Jamie could protest The Doctor took the plate of sandwiches and headed back through the door he exited seconds before.
“Thank you Jamie, I was just heading to the galley for something myself,” he said over his shoulder, “I was getting a bit peckish; this will hit the spot quite nicely.”

The gob smacked Jamie replied. “Aye Doctor, you and me both, hey?”

Jamie resigned himself to the fact he’d need a repeat his trip to the Galley.
So with a second plate of cheese and pickle sandwiches in hand, Jamie Got the fright of his life when The Doctor leapt up from behind the console controls.
“Ah… there you are Jamie.” The grinning Doctor said wiping his hands down the side of his jacket and replacing a screwdriver into one of his inner breast pockets.
“Jumping great beasties Doctor, I nearly tossed these sandwiches intee the air then.”
“Oh lovely, thank you Jamie How considerate.” And The Second of the Doctor’s relieved Jamie of his sandwiches.
“You got Tee be Kidding me Doctor, have you got whereums!”

Eyebrows raised The Doctor said “Werums? Oh Worms…
Oh no, I don’t think a parasite would last in this old Stomach Jamie, having two hearts though does tend to burn up energy faster then a human you know, I need to refuel regularly, and these look rather tasty.”
“Aye that they do that, just like the last ones I made.” Jamie said indignant.
“Pardon?” The Doctor said with a half eaten sandwich half way to his mouth.”
“Oh, Nothing. Enjoy your refuelling Doctor, Bone apper teet as you say.” Jamie answered, and turned back to the Galley mumbling “Two hearts is it? Two bellies more like.”

But The Doctor was to busy enjoying his meal, to hear Jamie’s parting words.
Back in the Galley, Jamie’s new home or so he was starting to think, the young Scot made a change to his culinary masterpiece, this time he created a Chicken salad sandwich with Cream cheese used in place of Butter, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, Celery and chopped water cress all added to the cold chicken breast, this was a far more elaborate sandwich, and Jamie proud of his efforts salivated as he cut them into four triangular bites by cutting them from corner to corner.
Plate in hand Jamie was headed back until he saw Zoe heading towards him. “Oh No you don’t, not this time!” Jamie moaned. 

He spun on his heels and exited the galley from the rear door, and into a secondary corridor.
Feeling pleased with his evading action Jamie took the two flights of stairs two steps at a time, and turned towards the door leading to the crew’s cabins.
His feeling of elation however soon evaporated, for having taken this trek to avoid a possible sandwich nabbing Zoe, Jamie is again flabbergasted when The Doctor appeared running up a spiral staircase opposite the Door Jamie was hoping to escape through.
“Oh No Not again Doctor, would you no be wanting these too?
It will be Evening at this rate before I’m fed.”
“Oh, no, no Jamie, that’s really kind of you but I’m more then satisfied after those marvellous Cheese sandwiches you provided.”
“Oh write, thank goodness for that then hey? Well I’m going to eat these in ma room Doctor if you don’t mind, in case you change your mind!”
“Oh My Word!! Jamie, what ever do you mean?” The Doctor stepped back to better view Jamie’s strange behaviour.
“Oh, nay warries Doctor, I’m just famished just now, so I’ll be in ma cabin shooed you need me.”
“Yes, well take your time Jamie, I intend to rest here a while longer.”
“Oh... great, Well I’ll be off then.” Jamie stepped through the doorway and shut it with his bottom once in the corridor.
The Doctor was amazed to see how protective Jamie seemed to be for his food this evening.
“What’s got into that boy?” He puzzled as he made his way back into the heart of The Tardis.
Jamie was still mumbling under his breath as he entered his cabin.
“Fine now is it! Aye Fine now you stuffed your wee self silly with two loads of ma sandwiches.”

Zoe paused when she saw Jamie and just as she was about to offer to cook up some Demordi steak with Zoota Cheese sauce and what ever else she could find in the veg rack, to her amazement Jamie spun round and vanished back into the Galley.

“Well I never” she said perplexed, She increased her pace and entered the Galley shouting “Jamie?” But it was soon clear Jamie was no longer in the galley.

“Zoe?” The Doctor said at the Galley entrance, “is anything the matter? You have that look you give Daleks stealing your Danish pastry.”
“Daleks steali…??? Oh Doctor stop teasing, do you ever take anything serious?”
“Oh” he said laughing, “serious isn’t a state I like to dwell in for to long my dear, so what are you up too? Hmm…Decrypting Bizic code again?”
“The Bizic are a fascinating race Doctor, their mathematic equations put me to shame.”
“Which is why they calculated themselves into extinction Zoe, they bored each other to death no doubt, hmm?”
“Ah but Doctor… I still find it fascinating... did you see Jamie?” she said changing the subject.
“Yes my dear, he very kindly made me a rather delicious snack to keep me going while I adjust the timing of the Time rotor, I think it’s slightly out of sync, I’m sure escaping that volcano a while back hasn’t helped the poor old dear at all!” then a thought accrued to him.
“Actually My Dear, I could use that young brain of yours to calculate the best setting.”
“I’d love to help Doctor but at the moment I’m about to make supper, I know you love your Demordi rare, so are you ready for a hot meal after Jamie’s snack?”
“Most defiantly Zoe, you are both looking after my dietary needs well today aren’t you, what splendid company you both are, who knew sharing The Tardis would be so much fun, Hmm?” with that The Doctor clasped his hands together under his chin and added, “I’ll see if Jamie will join us.” The Doctor now at the console turned the speaker for internal communications, and looking towards his new scanner as it floated down, it reveal Jamie at his desk devouring his Chicken sandwich.
“Ah….Jamie would you like to join us for Supper? It’s your favourite. Steak! Although you are rather making a bit of a pig of yourself I see.”
At this Jamie almost spat out his mouthful to say “Me the Pig? you've got some neirve Doctor!” Jamie replied looking visibly irritated 

“Yes well I do have a high metabolism as I explained earlier, will you be joining us?”
“Aye…I’ll be straight there.” The monitor blended back into the high ceiling of the console room again.
“I see you’ve been doing more then the rotor Doctor.” Zoe observed, leaning in the door frame of the galley, and she looked stunning, wearing her lilac and cream panelled short dress.
Which was complemented by her white stockings and black pump shoes, she was still looking at the Doctor with arms crossed.

“Yes, I do believe I’ve enjoyed my day Zoe, I can’t remember the last time I was so engrossed, its lovely having time to relax isn’t it and do those things we’ve been putting off for so long.”
“Yes Doctor,” she said uncrossing her arms, “as Jamie will be joining us I better get busy myself.”
As Zoe set about organising the evening meal The Doctor was stretching his limbs by reaching up into the air and replied “Splendid Zoe, Ah... This is Lovely, lovely, lovely.” He added while on the tips of his toes still enjoying a good stretch.
The Doctor felt he was finally relaxing and very content to be Home in his wonderful Tardis.
And this was confirmation all three of the travellers were feeling the beneficial effects of the Nebula.

After a superb supper  supported by an excellent Chateau Mouton Rothschild, The Doctor joined his other self in The Great Library with a tray of the same he’d managed to sneak passed his companions, who were merrily talking about their last adventure.
“We seem to be making good progress, I’ve re-loomed the Tardis central systems fibre optic interface, so this will start speeding up the Tardis response time, so timing shouldn’t be a problem.” Said the newest of the two.
“Ah….lovely and I’ve finally had time to integrate that old screen of ours into the console systems, and it works wonderfully.” The doctor relied, "Do you required anything? or more food perhaps?"
“No Jamie provided me with some much needed nourishment this afternoon.”
“Oh My Word!! Was it a Cheese and pickle sandwich by any chance?...' He laughed,  "Well that explains his reaction to me then,” and he laughed even more, “poor Jamie he must have thought I was starving.” And now they both laughed.

The Doctors Worked on their separate projects till it was time…..HIS TIME.

This is what gave the new Doctor a purpose; a reason to be created, it was time to meet the fate foretold in the mind of his third self, and bravely he stepped out knowing this day could only end with his demise. 


Time For Change

The Fate in question was during The Doctor’s regrettable encounter with The War Lord, a renegade Time Lord who was wholly responsible for this travesty about to take place.

This evil minded fool stole so may lives, solely for his War Games, he made it impossible for the Doctor to rectify the situation and return the survivors to their previous habitats and timelines.

So with great reluctance The Doctor summoned his race ... The Lords of all Time by using a Hypercube, the Cube was just a means of sending a message that only a Time Lord could interpret.
Only 'They' had the power to return the weary survivors to their own place in this Universe.

Zoe and Jamie looked on with great concern; neither had seen the Doctor in such despair.
So in a bleak chamber that was part of the Warlords facilities, Three Time Lords in all the regalia of their High Office stood before The Doctor, their scarlet robes with it's gold finery stood out in such a dark horrid chamber, hundreds of years had past since he had to face his Time Lord Peers, now as they were about to make judgement, he spoke to the head of these three who made this ridiculous trial possible.
“You can’t do this! What about Zoe and Jamie…You can’t condemn them too!”
“They will both continue their lives as if nothing had happened.” The Time Lord said emotionless.
The Doctor looking unimpressed said “Yes, very efficient now! Aren’t we, what about me?”
“We have accepted your plea that there is evil in the universe that must be fought and that you still have a part to play in that battle.”
“What? You mean you're going to let me go free? Oh.. How splendid, I’m happy to see you see sense at last, well good day to you, I’ll not dilly dally and take up anymore of your time, I have things to do, Oh and do please give my regards to the Council won’t you.” The Doctor answered as if relieved.
The Doctor raised his eyebrows in response to this new hope, 
“Not so fast Doctor.”  As The Time lord uttered these words, he turned knowing what was to came.
“Free? Not entirely. We have noted your particular interest in the planet Earth. The frequency of your visits must have given you special knowledge of that world and its problems.” Trying to keep the lack of surprise off his face The Doctor said “Yes, I suppose that's true. Earth seems more vulnerable than others, yes.”
The Time Lord continued “For that reason Doctor you will be sent back to that planet.”
“Oh jolly good; you know they really do make the most marvellous jelly babies, would you like one? You should try at least one.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out the plain white paper bag half full of Jelly Babies and offered them up.
The Time Lord raised a dismissive hand and said “In exile Doctor.”
The Doctor smiled his most disarming smile, “In Exile? Does that come with a bike?” he laughed, but the Time Lords ignorant of the merits of joviality lacked the meaning of his Humour as it served no purpose in Gallifreyan society.
Without any sign of sentiment The Time Lord spoke “You will be sent to Earth in the twentieth century, and will remain there for as long as we deem proper and for that period the secret of the Tardis will be taken from you.”
The Doctor now sensing he should put on a more serious face said “But. But you, you can't condemn me to exile on one primitive planet in one century in time! Besides, I'm known on the Earth. It might be very awkward for me.”
The Time Lord looked to his colleagues whom he was in telepathic communication, “Your appearance has changed before, and it will change again. That is part of the sentence.”

Looking incensed The Doctor step forward waggling his right forefinger to express his annoyance and he said, “Now look here, you can't just change what I look like without consulting me! I rather like me!” He patted his chest with both hands, looking pleadingly at the three who condemn him and sighed.

“Doctor you will have an opportunity to choose your appearance.” 

The Doctor raised his eyebrows in response to this new hope, “Oh, well, that's not so bad, is it, But I warn you, I'm very particular, you could make me taller I suppose.”
Unmoved the Time lord continued “Here is your first choice.” They projected an image of a man with a big bushy beard, followed by other images.
The Doctor looked at his options “Oh he's too old! …Well he's too fat, isn't he? …No, he's too thin…That ones too young… Oh now, that won't do at all. It's ridiculous.”
The Time Lord displayed his impatience, “You’re wasting time Doctor, you must choose or we will decide for you.”
The Doctor frantic said “It's not my fault, is it? Is this the best you can do? I've never seen such an incredible bunch.”

Without hesitation The Time Lords made their decision, "As you won't decide Doctor we have chosen for you"
 “No, no, no...Wait! I never said that. But I maintain I have the right to decide what I look like! It could be very important on the Earth. People on Earth attach a very great deal of importance…” but before he could finish he felt his features changing... “Ahh! What’s happening?”

“It’s time to change your appearance Doctor.” The Time Lord stated.

Hidden deep in the Tardis the Doctor sat on the floor with his legs pulled tight in front of him; his deep lined face expressed the worry he was feeling. “Oh dear me.” He said out loud without realising,
With his other self now standing trial he felt terrible, but he reasoned if they had not changed roles his timeline would end today, and he wasn’t ready to end it.
So he reluctantly agreed to the proposal he made with himself, after all the other self had knowledge gained from the third incarnation he had no right to know. “How dare they turn me into a Dandy!"
This was one memory, he'd rather not have in his mind, and again he said this out loud, defiant.
One correct observation the Time Lords made was The Doctor’s knowledge of Earths history... and now armed with that knowledge he intended to deny the Time Lords any power they thought they had over him, soon the Tardis will be sent back to Earth, with his altered self, then he must leave unseen to find another Tardis.

He prepared his mind because he'll need to survive on his wits and be patient for a very long time, it will be 30 years in fact, before gaining another Tardis will be possible.

Thank goodness for rouge Time Lords he thought and he knew exactly who and where one would appear, but getting his Tardis....well that will have to wait to been seen.

The Time bubble set by The Doctor (The Doctor had been experimenting in Time bubbles since he rebelled) in advance of this last journey, couldn’t be countermanded, even by the High Council with all it’s power and authority,  lacked the knowledge to detect or change this event.
As soon as The Tardis landed The Doctor with a full haversack over his shoulder exited his Tardis with leaden feet, he felt the soft  earth under his feet  and turned for one last glimpse, "goodbye old girl." was all he could to say.
The Tardis was now Earth locked, reluctantly he withdrew his hand from the door frame, then look down at his third incarnation, strewn on the purple Heather that coated the ground. "Well...My Word! They did make a mess of you didn't they, poor fellow, white curly hair! What ever next!"
With Items he'd saved over the years he knew to be of value on this Earth, money wouldn't be a problem. He took a deep breath, the woodland air with a pine scent was very pleasant and as he sighed, as he did so The Doctor’s eyes rolled up ward, he tilted his head to one side, “Ah we’re not a stones throw away from where the Magna Carta was signed I’ll hazard to guess,”
the recumbent figure never stirred as he returned his gaze to the white haired man at his feet. “Well here we go!” He said as he felt the time around him change, The Tardis had calculated a point in time, it judged would aid The Doctor, so it sent him back in time to 21st June 1969. The Doctor stood in the same wood, now separated in time from his Tardis and Third self.
Before he exited the console he  had  managed to sent a signal that would allow UNIT to discover this Doctor with a new face. (Time bubbles are only safe if you know the area you’ll arrive at is open, if any buildings occupy an area previously open the traveller could materialise in to a solid wall, an instant death.
Talking to himself as we know he’s apt to do the Doctor   pressed the side of the new scanner that allowed him the roll it up and he place it into the haversack, “I hope you don’t mind old chap, the Tardis will automatically revert to the old system.”

“Oh, well, that's not so bad, is it, But I warn you, I'm very particular, you could make me taller I suppose.”
Unmoved the Time lord continued “Here is your first choice.” They projected an image of a man with a big bushy beard, followed by other images.
The Doctor looked at his options “Oh he's too old! …Well he's too fat, isn't he? …No, he's too thin…That ones too young… Oh now, that won't do at all. It's ridiculous.”
The Time Lord displayed his impatience, “You’re wasting time Doctor, you must choose or we will decide for you.”
The Doctor frantic said “It's not my fault, is it? Is this the best you can do? I've never seen such an incredible bunch.”

Without hesitation The Time Lords made their decision, "As you won't decide Doctor we have chosen for you"
 “No, no, no...Wait! I never said that. But I maintain I have the right to decide what I look like! It could be very important on the Earth. People on Earth attach a very great deal of importance…” but before he could finish he felt his features changing... “Ahh! What’s happening?”
“It’s time to change your appearance Doctor.” The Time Lord stated.

Hidden deep in the Tardis the Doctor sat on the floor with his legs pulled tight in front of him; his deep lined face expressed the worry he was feeling. “Oh dear me.” He said out loud without realising,
With his other self now standing trial he felt terrible, but he reasoned if they had not changed roles his timeline would end today, and he wasn’t ready to end it.
So he reluctantly agreed to the proposal he made with himself, after all the other self had knowledge gained from the third incarnation he had no right to know. “How dare they turn me into a Dandy!"
This was one memory, he'd rather not have in his mind, and again he said this out loud, defiant.
One correct observation the Time Lords made was The Doctor’s knowledge of Earths history... and now armed with that knowledge he intended to deny the Time Lords any power they thought they had over him, soon the Tardis will be sent back to Earth, with his altered self, then he must leave unseen to find another Tardis.

Stepping out of the Tardis for what he knew to be the last time, he reasoned, “Well if I was Dick Whittington I’d head to London, but I’m not Dick Whittington.”
Always thinking ahead The Doctor knew London meant possible discovery and he needed to be undetected if his plan to gain another’s Tardis was to succeed, after all he only had 30 years to wait.
Walking purposefully on  the Pines, Oaks and ashes were soon dominated by silver birch as The Doctor neared the cascade at Virginia Water, there the wood ended and stepping down he finally found himself on the roadside,  he jumped up and down on the tarmac path, to reassure himself he wasn’t dreaming, he wasn’t, and resumed his course south, by following the B389 until it reached the A320, he loved the tree lined roads of Surrey in the Morning sun, The Doctor looked up as he walked and observed the light moving between the leaves in a mesmerising dance, “Ah how splendid” he smiled and gave a satisfied sigh.
While walking he imagined a Robin that appeared every few yards was guiding him on his new adventure, “Hello Mr Robin, what have you for me today hmm?” he said.
In Gallifreyan mythology they believe birds held the spirits of past family members. Who would guide those most in need of safe passage.
The Doctor made slow progress due to his fascination of all around him, until a sign for Cobham and a happy memory stirred.
So pausing, he found he could not resist the temptation to follow it. So now heading up the A319 he knew the perfect place to stop for a little lunch, and the shops in Cobham are  quite quaint he reminded himself.
But this was a temporary distraction because sixty miles away was a childhood friend sat at a Cathedral bench and he needed to talk to him urgently, the bench in question lay in Winchester, Hampshire.
Woken from his reverie by a flash of reflected sunlight, The Doctor now grinned like a child, as he looked toward an approaching vehicle dappled in the glorious sunshine,  and the light beams bounced from it’s elegant lines like a laser show, this little beauty was a two toned racing green and white Bentley, with white sidewall tyres;  the canvas top was down and tucked neatly behind the rear seating, the ray-ban aviator wearing driver gave a cheerily wave at the Doctor’s admiring gaze.   

The white haired gentleman, wearing a peek hat associated with sailing had a fabulous handlebar moustache which bent to the oncoming breeze.
He looked very smart indeed with his white shirt topped by a red cravat and a light tan waist coat. “Good Day.” The Bentley driver announced  in passing. “Oh... Ah Yes it is, isn’t it, and good day to you too my good man.” The Doctor waved enthusiastically, and was still waving as he spun round to follow the cars path, light sparkled from the chrome bumper, which made the moment more magical to The Doctor.
The Doctor was drunk on merriment and he couldn’t help hopping from leg to leg and clapping as he cheered the man on.
June is a lovely time for walking, The Doctor’s Hush Puppy boots now had a layer of dust picked up from the sun baked ground, this is was the early 60’s and he knew traffic on the roads would of be sparse, but as the 60’s nears it’s end, the population had a new word for finance, The never never, So the population now had the means to buy cars their parents could only dream of possessing.
The Mini was very popular he gathered by the amount passing him on his journey, Hillman Imps, Singer Chamois, Fords and Triumphs also passed by, The BSA’s, Triumphs, Norton’s and Honda's headed the motorcycle market, but it was the Lambert’s  teenagers in this area seemed to love as they rode by in threes or more with more mirrors then seemed reasonable to have.
At The Plough in Cobham, The Doctor sat with steak pie and chips accompanied with Leffe a chilled Belgium beer ... he sipped the bitter sweet Beer and grinned with a frothy moustache, that he wiped away quickly with his hanky. “Ah… such is Leffe.” He said for his own amusement.
After his meal The Doctor patted his tummy. “That was splendid.” He stretched and set his mind back to his planned destination, he knew Woking was the best place to catch a train direct to Winchester. So he headed down The Cobham road with the church bells ringing behind him, as the bell ringers practice their rope skills.
Passing Philpot lane a Red Single Decker Bus passed; he had contemplated riding the public transport earlier but dismissed it in favour of walking to blow the cobwebs from his mind.
In the distance the cream roof of a Bus was especially noticeable as the beams of golden sunlight broke through the trees and painted its surface like a post-Impressionist would have done given half the chance.  

The Doctor paused at Horsell Common, a wooded area in his path, to pay homage to H.G.Wells. “Well, well my Dear fellow, at least you made people aware of the envious eyes watching this Planet.

But Oh Dear, Your Time Machine took you places you weren’t prepared for. Let that be a lesson for us all…hum?”
At Woking Station the station’s ticket officer laughed as The Doctor handed a Ten Shilling note towards the payment for his passage to Winchester. “Oh we won’t be having these for much longer, mate! Mind you those 50 pence pieces won’t catch on, so easy to lose don’t you think?” “Oh, yes, very tiny but at least they won’t roll far. You still have a few months yet, you’ll get used to it I promise you.” “You think?” the ticket master inquired “No, I know.” The Doctor said confident in his reply.
He thanked the man for his ticket and walked out to Platform one, where The Doctor saw to his amusement the usual Anorak wearing Train spotters; camera’s ready, standing at the end of the platform.
It wasn’t long before his train arrived, with the usual impatient  traveller attempting to open the carriage door before the train stopped, Tutting at his fellow commuter The Doctor pulled at the Gun Metal handle and entered a carriage for none smokers, but it still smelt of cigarettes so he pulled the upper window a little wider before taking a window seat, All the seating in the carriages was upholstered in scarlet and these particular seats had seen better days, with most stained with the sweat and dirt of it’s many passengers, other stains came form drink and food spills over the  years of service.
The Doctor took in the countryside as it flashed by and began drifting into a dream, encouraged by the constant clickity clack, clickity clack of the tracks.

Without realising he slept and found he was back on Gallifrey riding the Blue carriages of the Yeece Ga fel... a form of public transport that was provided free to the citizens of Gallifrey, these trains Hung from monorails and looked like elongated cable cars of Earth, these were bullet shaped at both ends, the Tardis blue transports had state of the art body sculptured seating that expanded or shrank to the size of it’s occupant, in a clear plastic harder then steel, this could be unsettling depending on who’s backside was facing you, but the comfort was unmatched by anything on Earth. 
As the carriages moved under the single track above it, The Young Doctor gazed at the Yeece Ga fel spotters as the transport pulled away, standing ready to take images, as the two Gallifreyan suns were setting, the trains made a tickity tick tick tick shaa sound, in such a whispered, it sent the weary into deep sleep.

“Look Son” his father said pointing to the patterned movements of the flocking reeglits, a small red feathered bird, the male of this breed had a aqua blue beak while it’s female partner had grey, these winged creatures grew to the size of Starlings.
The reeglits flight in the gold of the Gallifrey's evening sky gave the impression of red flags undulating on the wind, it was a glorious sight, the silver leaf trees also reflecting the Gold of the sky that made the evening so magnificent it etched it’s self on the Mind of The Young Doctor.
The Doctor following the finger of his father’s strong hand and looked on in wonder… the insignia on his Father’s pilot uniform had at its centre the Eagle like Bird that preyed on reeglits, The Glette was held in high esteem in Gallifreyan folk lore. The Doctor never forgot the vivid red flight suit his father wore, with gold piping round the ringed collar and sleeves showed his father to be a highly decorated Officer of the Space corps. The Doctor remembered his father refused to wear the medals for gallantry. “I don’t need reminders, of things done under extreme circumstances, we do what we have to and that’s all there is to it.” The Doctor’s father worked the land whenever he wasn’t on duty; the family lived on the seasonal produce he provided. His father believed you had to honour nature and work with it without changing it. He took what he needed and no more.
“You need to wake up now son……. WAKE UP!”... The Doctor’s body jolted and he woke suddenly both his hearts pounded in his ears.
“Are you alright sweet heart?” the lady sitting across from The Doctor said, she was just months away from her thirtieth birthday, ‘THE’ Birthday, where everyone yells

She looked glamorous in her bright red lipstick and Cleopatra influenced eye makeup, her fawn coloured knee length coat was wrapped tight round her shapely figure and her dark stocking ended with her red stiletto heels she lent over and patted The Doctor’s knee.
“You made me jump out of my skin, are you alright?” “Oh…..Ah...” He coughed and put a clenched fist to his mouth. “I... Ah do apologise, I,” he lowered his hand, “must have fallen asleep, I had a good walk today, it’s been a while since I’ve walked so far, it must have tired me more then I imagined.” “Well, you seem fine now,” she held out her hand “I’m Janine, Janine McDuggan” The Doctor shook her hand and said “I’m The Do…. Duncan. Yes Duncan. I’m Duncan Smith” “You’re The Duncan?” she giggled.
“Oh, no I just got a trifle tongue tied there didn’t I…. Well, of course it’s only natural with a young lady such as you; I imagine many a man is lost for words around you aren't they?” He laughed his embarrassment away, “I’m unaccustomed to this mode of public transport and I’ve not travelled alone for longer then I dare remember.”
Janine squinted “Well it looks like the colours back in your cheeks,” she said leaning back in her seat. “So today has been a big change for you, Duncan, Did you lose your family fortune or something equally as tragic?”
“You’re very astute Janine I must say. Is that an Edinburgh accent?” She grinned widely now “Well aren’t you’re the clever one Duncan, most of you English would say Scottish! But not you, as for Astute, I’m not really Duncan, but anyone who says it’s been a while to everything they’ve done in a day, you don’t need to be a 
Psychologist to work out something has dramatically changed your life.” 
“Well… Yes I’ve lost everything I hold most dear to me, so yes you could say that,” he looked out at the World he now found himself stranded on, “I've no doubt I will adapt.”
Janine still smiling said “Duncan, you look like a man who has the wherewithal to knowwhat he doing, I think you will survive, it’s always a shock when we lose a loved one.”
The Doctor now studying Janine closer noticed a file thick with paper pocking from the top of her large shoulder bag, “Are you a writer?”
Janine McDuggan looked to see what made Duncan say that out of the blue. 

“Oh, you’re a good at observer I see Duncan, I’ll give you that, Yes I’m an Author, but this is a play,” she patted the thick file. “I’ve just written a Television script for Twelfth Night. It pays the bills while I write my novels.”
“Oh… really what about the other eleven nights?” he Joked.

Laughing openly she really found herself warming to The Doctor “I’m working on it for The BBC you funny man, they want me to make some changes after a quick read through with the actors last night.” She looked to see if this rang any bells, but was relieved to see Duncan had no knowledge of her fame, and she liked that about him; it can be sickening when men go out of there way in order to impress her, or woe her.
“Well, how interesting, how are you going to change it?” he said.
“It won’t do any harm telling you I guess, it’s set in the future, The Beeb call it a Forbidden Planet meets Shakespeare scenario.”
“I have a feeling Janine, your a wonderful professional who loves her work.”
“Thank you Duncan, for some reason I find that very reassuring.”

When the train approached Winchester The Doctor held out his hand and wished Janine well, she gripped his hand and pulled herself up, “this is my stop too,” she said smiling.
“And You, I feel will endure this crisis, Duncan, there’s more to you then you allow people to see, so take that first step to new beginnings.”
“Thank you… Janine, I think when I step off this train, my fate will be very much in my hands.”
“As it should be Duncan.”
“Indeed, my dear…….indeed.” At the exit Janine signalled a taxi, “Do you need a Lift anywhere?” she asked turning to The Doctor, “I’m only going a short distance but I’d rather not walk through town.”
The Doctor with his Haversack back over his shoulder said,
“Oh that’s very kind of you, but I think the walk into town will suit my purposes.” He took Janine’s Hand and kissed her cheek, and Janine surprised herself by accepting a kiss from this charming stranger.
With their farewells done The Doctor stepped off the curb and walk down hill into Winchester.
He walked across the cross roads ahead that lead from the station, and continued by following the line of shops.

The Doctors mind was full of doubts and his walk looked laboured, leaving The Tardis wasn’t easy; after all it had been his home for more then five centuries.

What a pity it wasn't January, He thought later, The Beatles had a roof top concert on the 30th of this year and he would have loved to have witnessed it!

Winchester was bustling when he arrived at its centre, the sound comforted him, it was only a short walk to the High Street, as he walked he would pressed his face to the music shop windows like a school boy savouring his favourite sweets until he passed a curiosity shop with a bay window full of delights, the building looked to be over 500 years old and he saw himself escaping Gallifrey the same time this shop was built.

So halting his stride because he couldn’t resist the captivating contents, he reached for the green door where flakes of previous painted layers lay exposed to corrupt its surface, at the Ding! Of the bell hanging over the door as the opening door struck it, The Doctor stepped over the threshold, once inside his nostrils met the unmistakable musky smell of age. He picked up a dusty Bowler Hat that sat on a bookcase and brushing it clean with his elbow placed it on his head. A familiar voiced said “It suits you.”

The voice came from a woman half hidden behind the cluttered counter.
“Oh, hum. Do you really think so, I’m not so sure,” he looked into an oval mirror stood against a cabinet, tilting his head this way and that as he considered this new look.
“I tried a hat once…. And you didn’t like it!” He said now openly laughing out loud, so overjoyed by the unexpected treat, The Tardis must have foreseen this and picked a point in time where he would once again be joined by one of his first companions.

The Doctor muttered to himself, “You work in mysterious ways Old girl.” He said of his Tardis and he couldn’t help having that sinking feeling as the sadness washed over him, momentarily stealing his joy, she is no longer his and never will be again.


Old Friends New Foes

In his head the Doctor said ‘You NEED to embrace this chance The Old girl has given you, so smile and get on with it.’
 And Smile he did.
“Hello Polly how have you been? My dear girl, you look absolutely splendid!” and he reached her in three steps and held out both his hands to be shaken. “Oh. Doctor stop being so formal and give me a Hug.”
The two old friends hugged as friends do and both laughing Polly said “Did you ever forgive me for hiding that hideous hat?”
“Polly my dear of course I have, it was rather ridiculous wasn’t it, I think at the time I wanted to be different.”
“You mean different from your tired old self?” Stepping back to think The Doctor said, “You know Polly, I never really thought about it like that, but I do believe you may have a valid point.” “It’s so good to see you Doctor, Have you left the Tardis in the High Street?”
The Doctor’s face whitened as he thought about life without The Tardis again and said shakily “I… I’m afraid The Tardis has gone! Polly.”
The Doctor’s face so full of sadness worried Polly; she had only known a Doctor full of confidence and unflappable. Of course She had seen him sad faced before but that was in concern for his companions, not for himself.
“Doctor are you alright?... here sit down I’ll put the kettle on,” “Oh. There’s no need to go to so much trouble Polly.”
“Don’t argue, you sit down there,” She pointed to the chair nearest hers, “I know what you need, now wait there, I’ll flip the sign so we can talk undisturbed.”
“Ah, yes, well I know better then to argue with you Polly, a cup of tea would be lovely.” As Polly made her way into the back room the Doctor shouted “How’s Ben my dear, I heard he proposed to you at the top of the Post office Tower in 66’ how romantic…” “Oh Ben is fine he’s serving on the HMS Teazer, they’ve made him a Chief Petty Officer now,…” the sound of cups masked the remainder of her words, “pardon?” The Doctor said as he strained to hear.
“I said we broke up, you know they say distance strengthens relationships?” 
“Yes, I do believe I’ve heard that saying.”
“Well it doesn’t I’m afraid.” Polly exclaimed as she breezed back into the shop with two steaming cups of tea on a tray, with two bourbon biscuits in The Doctor’s saucer .
“Do you still have a sweet tooth Doctor?” “Oh Yes, two lumps for me please Polly.” Polly obliged by dropping two sugar lumps using silver tongs one after the other form a white floral sugar bowl on the tray into the hot tea.
Polly now sitting comfortably in her seat inquired, “So how did you know I was here Doctor?”
The Doctor fascinated by many items in Polly’s shop turned from the distractions to face her, she looked as beautiful as the day he last saw her and in his mind he saw Ben and Polly hand in hand waving as they left the Tardis together, her blonde hair was straight and passed her shoulders, and her blue eyes were just as bright as ever.
“Well?” she asked.
“Oh…Ah…I didn’t but you know how The Tardis works, I think the old girl had a soft spot for you.”
“So, what happened? Has someone destroyed The Tardis?”
“Well it’s been redecorated if that’s what you mean.”
“Doctor!” she said chastising him, “Tell me what’s happened, I saw the sadness in your eyes, something terrible has happened, I know it.”
“Yes, you always were blunt and to the point,” The Doctor smiled at his old companion and dunked a bourbon and bit into the softened biscuit with childish glee before saying, “Oh My Word! This is delightful, oh and the chocolate smelts in the mouth, how marvellous.”
Then he returned to topic, “Well something horrid did happen at the hands of The Time Lords, they never get involved with things of importance, but a few minor indiscretions and they’re fit to burst.”
“Time Lords?” She  quizzed looking confused.
He looked into Polly’s clear blue eyes,
“Oh. You never met them did you….. They are my People Polly, I’m a Time Lord, but I wanted to use our power for good,  and not sit back while they watch people enslaved by other races.”
“So you did something you weren’t supposed too? That’s the story of your Life isn’t it? Did they give you a ticking off?”
The two old friends both delighting in each others company and the laughter warmed them both.
“Oh dear me Polly, It was rather worse then a ticking off this time I'm afraid... They wanted to force me to change my appearance and be exiled to Earth!.
“So you’re exiled?”
“Ah…well, it’s far more complicated Polly, but as a result you could say I’m stuck here for a while.”
“But you haven’t changed; you’re just as I remember you!”
The Doctor searched for the right words, it was rather a lot to explain.
“I had a Double, ah… well not so much a double as a replica of me,  no that’s not right either, he was me!.. Oh Jumping Grape Fruits! I’m not explaining this at all well am I, let’s just say they got one of us to change and I escaped.”
“I see… so let me get this straight, this other Doctor was you, from another time and was exiled, had his features changed like you when I first encountered you in The Tardis on the Cybermen Planet? You know when you renewed!”
“That’s right, we call it regenerating.”
“So this other Doctor is stuck on Earth too, and they destroyed The Tardis, Yes?”
“What a clever woman you are Polly, the Third incarnation of me has The Tardis now but it’s Earth Locked, he will never leave this planet until it’s unlocked by The Time Lords.”
“So is he here now? This Doctor?  and yes, I know all about Change and renewal. You scared me enough the first time, so with two of you, well it’s hard to contemplate.”
“Yes He’s on Earth Polly but in our Future, I’ve escaped to a fixed point in Time the Tardis deemed beneficial to my survival and gain the things necessary to improve my chances of finding another Tardis.”
Polly her cup half way to her lips thought for a moment…
“So where is this Tardis Doctor?”
“It’s not just a case of Where but When, Polly; I have a chance but it is 30 years into the future.”
“Oh Good Heavens Doctor, you’re here for 30 years?....surely the Tardis could have sent you into the Future?” “
Yes, Polly It could, but She deemed I’d fail unless I ready  myself, There is someone in Winchester who can help me, he’s a Watcher for the Time Lords and an old friend, I doubt very much he’d betray me, besides without a Tardis I’m no threat.” Polly sipped her tea… “Let’s hope not Doctor.” “I’ll drink to that Polly.” And the two clinked cups and talked of other things. 

The Doctor reflected again at The Tardis's intellect.… My Tardis is a clever old thing, he thought, so the cunning old girl knew Polly was here too.
“You can stay here if you wish Doctor; I’ve a spare room up stairs.”
The Doctor deep in thought nearly jumped. “Oh, that’s awfully Kind of you Polly, I must confess I hadn’t thought of accommodation I’ve slept in the Tardis for over 500 years, and this will be strange indeed.” Polly stood and took The Doctor’s arm and said “Come, I’ll show you to your room, 500 years eh?” “Yes, if not more, it’s a long time to remember specific dates.” “Well I hope the bed suits you, I’ll need to air the room a while, I’ve not had a guest before.”

The room was small and the three quarter bed left little room for anything more then a side cabinet with a large double belled alarm clock at its middle.
“Oh Mickey Mouse how charming, I always wanted one of those.” The Doctor said from the doorway as Polly walked across the bed on her knees, pulled the curtains and opened the latch to pull the upper sash window down; a pleasant breeze entered the room. “There you go Doctor, by this evening it will be aired and ready for you, I’ll fill the jug with fresh water and you can wash from the bowl.” Polly pointed to the side cabinet and behind the clock a Victorian floral jug and bowl stood; a brass rail on the cabinet’s side would hold a towel as soon as Polly found one suitable. “How picturesque Polly, it reminds me of my time at The Palace in……. oh never mind, I love it Polly your most hospitable, I don’t really know what to say, this was so unexpected.” The lavatory bathroom is down the hall, I’ll light the stove so you can have a hot bath before retiring, and it will help you relax.”
“Thank you Polly I think that will be fabulous, and no doubt help me sleep on a Planet... If that’s possible, I will miss the noise and movement of The Old Girl.”
Polly grinned “I hope that’s a reference to The Tardis and not some woman I don’t know about” The Doctor open mouthed stammered “I... Oh My Word! Of course I mean The Tardis…. Well I never…”
“Doctor I’m teasing you, you can relax here.” Laughing and blushing The Doctor coughed and said. “Ah… yes well, thank you, I think.”
Sensing The Doctor finally accepted his new home for the evening Polly said “I need to reopen the shop, your welcome to sit in the shop or make yourself at home in the Kitchen.” Throwing his haversack onto the bed he replied. ”I think a little walk to evaluate my situation is in order.”
Polly pulled a key from a side pocket of her skirt, “This will let you in the back door.”
“Anything else you need come sees me.”
“I’m in your debt Polly and Thank you hardly seem enough.” “Stop that silliness and get out there and view your new environment Doctor, hopefully you’ll be here for a while.” On that Polly closed the door behind her and left The Doctor who on discovering an oak chest used as an ottoman sat down and leaning is face into his hands wondered if he could manage 30 years on Earth and stay focused.

The Doctor found the pavement Artists fascinating as they fanned out opposite the Butter cross and this cross erected in the middle ages equally fascinated him, Winchester was once considered the capital of Saxon England, William the Conqueror built a place near the Butter cross but only a bronze plaque remains to mark the occasion, you could say This ancient cross was a focal point for many talented artists, the buskers, the poets and the street performers, all seemed drawn to this spot.
An arch behind the monument lead to Winchesters famous Cathedral, which isn’t hard to find as it dominated the town, here the honey scented pollen of countless flowers filled the air and The Doctor found it superbly refreshing.. He continued to walk under the trees that lined the pathway to the Cathedral and as he walked he noticed how the Benches changed from wood, metal to stone the closer he got to its large arched wooden doors.
“Doctor!......... well you took your time!” The Doctor turned to his left following the voice and there with a Weimaraner hound with its sleek grey coat positively shinning under the summer  afternoon light,  sat a thick set white robed monk.
The Doctor changing direction neared the cloaked figure, the big man pulled back his hood and smiled “Hello old friend,” with the hood no longer hiding his features, The Doctor saw the man had a full head of grey unshorn hair with heavy dark eyebrows over a straight broad nose, his clean shaven square jaw line had a dimple above which the mans broad smile exposed large white tombstone teeth. 

The Doctor showing no emotion what so ever sat next to the massive monk, it was an amusing sight with The Doctor looking like a 10 stone weakling sat next to a robed sumo wrestler..
“I see you’ve kept your sense of humour Pardrake.” He said then turned and took the large mans right hand in both his hands and shook it vigorously “How are you my Dear, dear fellow!” he beamed happy to see his childhood friend.
“Well, Doctor you’ve changed your face….. I like it, it matches your personality,” and Pardrake’s large left arm almost crushed his old friend as he hugged his shoulders. “As you see age has caught up with me, you still look fairly young, which is amazing considering the horrors you’ve witnessed since the Museum.” Taking in a deep breath The Doctor felt an overwhelming sense of joy seeing Pardrake after 5 centuries.
“Is that a Gruen with the chameleon collar,” The Doctor added patting what appeared to the eye a sleek grey hunting dog. (A Gruen bred for war, is a terrifying beast, with a crocodile like head, four thick set legs and skin like a rhino, the razor sharp spines on its back raise when attacking or growling a warning, it’s the only animal trained for Gallifreyan War Fair.) “Yes it is, I’ve spent the last 8 years hunting down a pair of Howlers and their pet flugg, and I thought I had them cornered in Hamburg 7 years ago but that flugg had our scent.” Pardrake said now patting the Gallifreyan War Dog.
“Oh ah…… imagine that!” The Doctor said. “Yes Imagine….. And yes I saw you running like an idiot, Doctor, I nearly broke cover but it was too exposed.”
“Well … I hope I never ruined it for you old chap.”
“No like I said they had our scent, but now they are getting careless, their here, In the crypt under the north wall.”
“You know that for sure?” The Doctor questioned.
“Oh yes Doctor not doubt at all,” the Dog was looking up at the large monk, resting its slobbering jaw on his knee, it had pleading in its eyes that was also expressed by its despairing whine… “You know it too don’t you boy, eh?”
The Doctor looked to the dog too, “I wasn’t sure you got my message, Doctor.”
“I was rather busy avoiding detection, yes I got it, and did you not receive my reply?”
“No… I thought for a moment you abandoned me, but here you are, always ready for trouble and believe me these two Howlers are big trouble, the cold blooded rats have stopped preying on the dead and have taken a liking for warm blood.”
“So what do you want me to do?” The Doctor said puzzled.
“I can’t get near them, like I said they have our scent now,”
“Oh, why do I feel like a worm on a hook, hum?”
“I can’t interfere with these creatures, they haven’t broken any Gallifreyan laws, my task is to track and report, I’ve no intercession orders, even it I could negotiate a deal for them to leave those blood sucking murderers would carry on knowing I’m powerless.” The old Monk answered looking at the hound.
“Yes ...Well this is awkward, I can’t afford to be found, this is a vulnerable time for me…. What to do, what to do.” The Doctor had risen from the bench and was  now pacing the ground in front of his friend.
“I’m in possession of a Master Tardis Key Doctor; now tell me you haven’t planned to acquire a replacement, I know you and you will need this key!”
“Oh….Your pressuring me, when I confided in you I was returning to earth without a working Tardis, I thought our friendship wouldn’t necessitate blackmail, or am I wrong in that?”
The old friend shrugged his wide shoulders looking uncomfortable.
The Doctor still pacing was waving his hands and clenching them as he fought the voices of reason in his head. “I don’t like this….. I don’t like it one bit, why don’t you just rush them and put an end to them.” The Doctor demanded.
“Unlike you Doctor I’m forbidden, if I break our laws I can never go home and I want to go Home Doctor! The only thing standing between me returning to my family is the continued presents of those twisted creatures, those bloody Howlers will be the death of me, if their gone I’m gone, its as simple as that! This is my only mission here.”
“Hmm… I see, it’s a dilemma isn’t it.” The Doctor removed a black cylinder with a red lens at both ends and scanned the north wall.
“Ah… as I thought their using a Dampening field, we can’t use technology that involves microwaves or electric control, clever. This Planet is beyond the technology these creatures are using to blank their whereabouts so they must hiding from someone or something beyond this World,  so who are they really hiding from hmm?…. That’s the real question.”

“Good grief you’ve been here 5 minutes and you’ve discovered something I wasn’t even aware of, 8 years I’ve been on their trail and you reveal a possible weakness, Ohh wait! this could drive them away or even better expose them to possible capture from whomever they’re hiding from, Garr!!… You always approach a problem with a simplicity that eludes me Doctor, your analytical abilities hasn’t faded with age has it.”
The Doctor returned the black cylinder to the left hand side pocket of his jacket.
“Well, I think this confirms your findings at least, you’re correct about their location, now what can we do about it?”
“We break the field of course!” Pardrake suggested.
“Oh dear me, you are muddled aren’t you… we can’t just break the field, it will signal an attack and they will scarper… no we need to create some feed back that will fool them long enough into believe the field is active, then we wait and see what happens… Your black furry friends need to feel secure in their new dwellings; by the way, I have to ask! Why are you wearing Class 7 Gravity boots? Did you think Earths Gravity was in imminent danger of being switched off by some Planet hugging Gravity haters?”
“How the... Oh you’re so annoying do you know that?” Pardrake Whined.
Eye brows raised and looking smug The Doctor replied, “Well one does ones best.”
He was now smiling down at his monkish friend.
“So?” Pardrake asked.
“Well it’s simple really, despite your greeting, you’ve not been here more then a few minutes, as you can see damp class 7 gravity boot prints under your feet, which is the result of walking over the recently sprinkled grass behind you.”
“No I mean what shall we do? Are you going to help me?”
The Doctor back in thought casually stroked his right cheek with his right index finger while his thumb rested under his chin for support, “I’ll need some time to build a unit to create some feedback while simultaneously closing the dampening field, this will need a booster as we can’t enter the field, I think four slave units placed as evenly as we can will be sufficient, the only real problem is we can’t test it, the oscillation of the wave must be precise.”
Pardrake rose from his seat, his big hand obscured the Doctor’s has they shook hands. “I’ll give you what ever you need, when you’re ready.”
Then the Monk placed a bronze bracelet over the Doctor wrist, “squeeze the sides of the Bracelet and you’ll be transported to my ship, I’m sure you will make better use of the lab then I.”
The Doctor looked at the bracelet feeling uncomfortable.
“Don’t worry this isn’t a trap my friend, besides your dead and in your third skin according to The High Council.”
“Well… fine I’ll see you when I’m ready, I will need to take some readings of the field output for a few days to make sure the field isn’t on a variable rotation.”
Pardrake stepped away allowing The Doctor to sit. “I’ll await your signal Doctor and thank you, I really can’t express how this primitive Planet depresses me, and I want to leave it as soon as possible.”
Looking up with a sad face the Doctor said “I know dear chap….. I know…just give me three days, if your furry friends are feeling happily secure they won’t be leave just yet.”
“Very well Doctor, I’ll leave you in peace.” The Monk and his dog walked towards the walled garden and were soon out sight.
“Oh Crumbs… I was hoping my first days on Earth would be uneventful…” the Doctor lamented.

“You met Janine McDuggan?” Polly Wright exclaimed “Oh My God Doctor, she’s one of the most celebrated actresses in the county at the moment; I can’t believe you didn’t know…You know everything!”
“Well apparently not Polly, she was quite charming, she told me she had been writing! I thought she mentioned being an Author.” The Doctor said looking blissful while eating the evening supper Polly provided.
The meal in question consisted of Chicken breast baked in blue cheese, runner beans, Honey roasted parsnips and sauteed potatoes.
“This is really lovely Polly.”
Polly still staring in disbelief said, “Well she has written some plays I think and I read somewhere she hopes to write a series of books based in the future but it’s her acting she’s famous for…Oh come on Doctor tell me, what did she say? Was she with someone...? I bet she was with some handsome lead from her last show…Well?” she asked impatiently.
The Doctor hesitated unable to talk while he swallowed a mouthful of parsnip and chicken: as Polly was so frantic he helped washed it down with The Saint Emilion Chardonnay Polly also provided and dabbed his mouth with a table cloth before relying. “Well, she was alone.”
“Alone? No…that can’t be true, she’s beautiful!”
Coughing with the cloth still to his mouth the Doctor continued “Oh my word!! Polly I’m telling you she was alone and,” laughing at the memory, “I rather think I startled her; you see I fell asleep without realising of course and I’m afraid I woke quite suddenly.”
 He sipped more wine then chortled, “she jumped out of her skin!” he paused again while taking another mouthful.. “Hm…..Hmm, oh and she had her exquisite hazel eyes open wide in shock, she’s a lovely lovely woman Polly.”
Polly’s jaw dropped, “You noticed her eyes?”
Frowning the Doctor said “What... Well of course I noticed her eyes!”
Polly quickly covered her eyes, “What colour are mine Doctor?” “Oh stop being ridiculous Polly… they’re Grey….aren’t they?”
“No.” She laughed “They are and always have been blue!”
“Blue, Grey it’s all the same isn’t it.” He remarked awkwardly.
“Oh my dear Doctor I do believe you’re positively smitten with Miss McDuggan.” Polly mocked.
“Oh you and your propitious speculation Polly, oh and I almost blurted out my name, but changed it to Duncan, she thought when I was going to announce myself as The Doctor, I stuttered The Do.. Duncan, so she thought I said The Duncan, it’s quite amusing thinking back.” He grinned lost in the memory…
“The Duncan? She said, Oh my, I think I blushed bright red.”
The Doctor then noticed the headline in the Evening Echo lying on the table; he put his utensils down at once and picked up the paper to read
The Teenagers who can’t be named disappeared late on Friday. “Yesterday!” The Doctor muttered while rising from his chair. “What’s wrong Doctor?” Polly asked perplexed.
“Polly, what I’m about to do is reckless and definitely dangerous.”
“Is it something I can help you with?”
“No Polly, its too dangerous, I can’t be worrying for your safety, this may end very badly, like I said it’s reckless, I’ve no plan, somehow I believe these missing youths are at The Cathedral and if I’m correct on the feeding habits of Howlers…” he sais deep in thought
What?” exclaimed Polly unable to eat now.
“Never you mind Polly, if I’m correct I will need to act fast, I think I can save them.”
Polly stood and put her face in front of the Doctor’s while he was still formulating a plan of attack.
“I’m coming with you.” She said firmly.
“No Polly it’s too Dangerous!” The Doctor replied in alarm.
“So what’s changed Doctor?”
He shrugged seeing her point, “Fine, I’ve no time to argue. Now, in your shop you have a 1950’s flair gun, do you have any shells for it?”
She tried to recall and with a sudden realisation nodded.
“Oh that old thing, I was only selling it as wall ornament, it’s from a house clearance,” She offered, remembered the purchase now, “there was a box….. I think it’s in the rear store.”
Well go fetch it and check for the flairs…oh and flash lights.” Polly hurried into the shop and gathered the gun and two flash lights from under the counter, in the back store she located the box of flair shells and took them together with the other items back into the kitchen. “Will this work?”
“Well, I’ll soon find out won’t I.”
While Polly was fetching the gun The Doctor gathered anything useful and stuffed them into his pockets, “Oh you’ll need these! Polly.”

On the way to The Cathedral, the Doctor Told Polly if anything should happen to him, she was to ask anyone at the Cathedral for a Large Monk with a grey hunting dog.
“You make it sound like a Spying escapade Doctor,” she said,
“is there a special knock I should know about?”
“I guarantee someone will know where to find him Polly, he will help you…now quickly there’s no time to waste,  lives are at stake here.”
They both ran to The Cathedral, the flairs now in an army surplus satchel bounced from The Doctor’s hip.
“When we arrive Polly we will run down the left hand side of The Cathedral until we reach the north portal.”
Polly gasping breath said nothing but nodded even to the back of the Doctor’s head.
The Cathedral was built in the shape of The Cross and the north portal was the left hand arm.
Ahead of the Portal where the late evening air was damp with dew the former adventures lent their backs against the Cathedral wall taking deep gulps of air to catch their breath.
“It’s important you stay here Polly, do you understand?” he said panting.
“Yes Doctor.” She manage to blurt out.
“I’ll be looking for an entrance it will be close by, if I’m able to reach those Teenagers I’m relying on you to take them to safety; wait till I’m out of sight before you switch on the torches, they will guide them to you. Then You Run!! And keep running till you feel safe, is that clear?”
They both crouched and lent against the old walls.
“What about you Doctor?” she said in concern.
“Now, now, Polly, I think you know better then to worry about me, I’ll be fine as long as you do as I say, Hmm?”
“Very well Doctor but do hurry please, this place is spooky enough night, it’s giving me chills.”
The Doctor took the same cylinder he’d used that evening, out of his pocket and scanned; he was looking for a heat signature that would reveal a hidden access to an underground crypt, which he hoped was under the north wall, and twenty paces to his right he saw the green glow not invisible to the naked eye, it was radiating from one of the grave stones.  
The Doctor crossed over  still crouching for a closer inspection of the stone with his eye piece,  and there, he saw to his horror it held a faint impression of a palm print in white, the palm prints spectrum colour meant it could only be from  a cold blooded none human hand, “hmm… that’s no more then a minutes old,” he muttered to himself.
He pressed the stone on the same mark….. The round topped stone instantly slide down then over to reveal stone steps, the first step being the grave stone, the width of which was no wider then the tombstone it’s self,  and peering down he saw the steps spiralled steeply into Blackness, He looked over to Polly and was relieved she was hidden from view.
“Good Girl,” he said in relief.
Polly was able to see the Doctor silhouetted against the street lighting.
The Doctor hesitated, tight spaces made him feel claustrophobic and he shut his eyes tight at first then looked up to the heavens “Here goes nothing!”
Polly watched as the Doctor slowly sank into the ground…. till he was gone. She switch on one of the torches and placed it down halfway from the entrance the Doctor discovered  and returned to the wall, She was frightened and the owls teasing her with their hooting cries didn’t help.
The steps carried the Doctor some 15 feet underground where it opened out to an arched passage; it smelt of stagnant water.
The Doctor figured as these youths would have been denied any means to relieve themselves, they would be in a shocking state, he trod quietly, but the last few steps were under a metre of water, and the  noise from moister dripping from walls seemed deafening in his heightened state, so concentrating for a moment he focussed and also heard the dull sound of moving traffic in and out of town. At the  base of the crypt he placed the viewer back to his eye…  with the scanner back to his eye he was relieved to see the two teenagers chained to the wall clearly alive; this burial chamber held four sarcophaguses stood two thirds as  high as Doctor and just as wide some 2. 4 metres long, the tombs were lined in two’s with a gap of 1.2 metres separating them, The Doctor  wadded, dreading each step through the stinking water, and he tried to do so as quietly as possible, then once at the stone coffins he ducked down using the tombs as cover and made his way into the centre.. He turned to scanned each direction, the Youths were behind him which would be the lower part of the north wall Polly was leaning against above.
There was nothing to be seen to the right and to the left was the passage he’d wadded down,  so tuning he scanned directly ahead and his hearts sank as the Cold Blooded creature that must have entered moments before stood red eyes glowing from the darkness straight at him, then the second beast unfurled from the shadows to join it’s mate, Both creatures now faced him filling the chamber with their stench, The Doctor now saw it was pointless crouching, so stood his full height; this was in stark contrast to the 2.1 metre high male and the 2.23 metre tall female.
“Ah… well isn’t this surprise, I see you’ve made it quite cosy in here haven’t you,” he gestured with both hands sweeping to trace the interior. So do tell, why have you two splendid  Howlers visited Earth? I’m the,” He pulsed knowing he shouldn’t mention his known name, not yet anyway, “Ah…I’m the Gardener here, how do you do?” He held out his hand as if offering it up for shaking then swung it round in a rapid ark to swipe the dampening device off the right hand sarcophagus where it hit the hard stone wall shattering on impact.
“Oh Butter fingers, was that crystal contraption important? I do hope it wasn’t a wedding gift, I’d feel terrible.”
Both Howlers let out a sicken scream meant to cripple their pray, the Two Teenagers behind the Doctor were testament to its effects as they cowered trying to cover their ears screaming in agony.
The Doctor was unharmed as he was wearing a Tellurian shuttle engineer’s  ear protection, these ear defenders had a two channel filter, one channel allowed normal speech and the second blocked anything harmful to a humans hearing, he’d prepared Polly with the same and she sat above him ignorant to any disturbance beneath her.
“Fascinating isn’t it!, ” he said clapping his hands to the uncomprehending pair.
“Oh have I shown you my Gun?... Yes, I know what you’re thinking, it’s a big one isn’t it.” He fired the old flair gun and the flair ricocheted alarmingly off the walls and ceiling, so much so even the Doctor had to duck, the Howlers threw themselves back into the shadows the light burning their eyes, hastily moving towards the youngsters The Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to cut the chains holding the youth’s captive, like a knife through butter and the dropping chains hist as they dropped into the cold water; to the Teenagers it looked like an oxyacetylene cutting torch, but that was impossible as the object in the stranger’s hand was no bigger then a pen light.
“Right you two there’s a young lady waiting to take you to safely, follow the light and when you reach her you are all to Run!! And don’t look back until she says it’s safe, we’ve no time for introductions…so Go now! Both of you.” He had to help them to their feet as they were still stunned from the Howlers scream and the flair, but as soon as they were up there was no stopping them, they splashed there way to the exit and both took the steps three at a time leaving the Doctor to face the Monsters alone..
The flair was still burning floating on the water, it provided just enough light to see two monstrous shapes unfurl from the walls with wolf like heads advancing on the Doctor, the air around him seemed to vibrate with their low growls, and drooling, the male spoke “THAT WAS OUR FOOD HUMAN.”
“Yes. Well I rather thought it might be…. I’d cut down if I were you, too many kids aren’t good for a young couple.”
Now the female spoke and her voice was even deeper. “YOU WILL BE A SUITABLE REEE PLACEMENT!” “YESSS” agreed the male sliver dripping from his jaw, The Doctor hastily replacing his screwdriver for a flashlight, as the flair, floating on the water began to faded.
The Doctor deliberately shone his torch into the creature’s eyes as they bore down on him with evil intent and He wasn’t sure 
what an angry Howler looked like, but guessed these two shaggy faces were it.

They opened their cone shaped mouths and exposed the spiralling razor sharp teeth that looked to The Doctor to be an ivory representation of the spiral stairs that lead him to this nightmare. The torch irritated the couple as The Doctor noticed  their rapid blinking from the blood red eyes, but it wasn’t halting their advance. “Oh….My… What big ears you have,” they closed in, but the tombs blocked them form the Doctor as both attempted simultaneously  to enter the narrow gap between the stone  sarcophaguses
“Now look here!” The Doctor said crossly “You two have had your fun, it’s time for you to leave this planet, without that device,” He pointed at the wall that shattered the dampening generator, your location is revealed, you have little time, no doubt your equally cloaked ship is close by, so Go!” The Doctor made a brushing movement with his free hand towards the stairs.

“You can’t be that stupid surely! Whomever you’re hiding from knows you’re here! Don’t you understand! Earth is no longer a refuge it’s your Death sentence.” The Doctor stamped his foot, but the splash of water hitting his face turned  his defiant gesture into  a comical one.
Both Howlers moved quickly, the male darted down between the sarcophagi while his mate circled the left hand side,
The Doctor had no time to waste he had to run before the female cut his escape,  he dived through the gap to his left and ran as fast as he possibly could through the water, in a desperate effort he lifted his legs higher and for a moment while he was just three paces from the stairs, he thought he’d make it into the tight spiralling steps where they wouldn’t be able squeeze past, but the Beasts ran up the walls on both sides of the passage and leapt upon him crushing the air from his lungs as he hit the flooded stone floor, two sets of rotating teeth tore into his shoulders, Their fur against his neck felt like wire wool and icy cold, he knew his energy was ebbing away as he thrashed in the foul water with his arms and legs franticly, ‘So this is how it feels.’ He thought, as he fought for his life, the beasts gave a sickening cry as they forced him down under the freezing water, he felt the world around him slip into slow motion, without oxygen to fuel his muscles his limp body sunk into the darkness, where the void he’d run from all his life consumed him, he lost himself into the horribly cold grip of death.

One Heart for Mr Bond

The Doctor woke and attempted to open his eyes, but he was unable to focus so kept them shut as he assessed his situation, at first he though only his shoulders ached, then soon realised everything ached, so concentrating solely on his surroundings he sensed he was in a well lit room with a smell of fresh flowers somewhere near, the brightness on his eyelids meant it could either be a very brightly lit room or sunshine, he felt it’s warmth on his face, ‘Hmm so sunshine it is then’ he reassured himself. The Doctor wiggled down and felt a nicely sprung comfortable bed, with fresh smelling linen, and now someone was talking but it was inaudible, as he tried to gather his senses further...
“Are you with me Duncan?”
He opened his eyes again… slowly the fuzzy blobs of colour merged into the most beautiful vision.
“Oh, this just has to be heaven, your nothing like the angels I’m used too.”
Janine McDuggan sat back in her chair and twisted her face and puffed her cheeks at The Doctor “Oh you adorable man, you know how to charm the ladies I see.”
“Me? Charm? I don’t think so, where am I exactly?”
Janine put a hand to The Doctor’s head, “Well I think you could be delirious. That might explain it.”
The Doctor delicately raised himself on his elbows to survey the room, “Oh My Giddy Aunt! Does the Queen know I’ve taken her room?”
Janine Threw back her head laughing “Yes she does and I’m the Queen.”
The Doctor now fell back into the warm bed and laughed, which made him ache even more.
“Well I’m not exactly ‘The Queen’… I will be playing her though as I am writing a Historical based fiction of the time of Queen Elisabeth I, it will be broadcast on BBC1 twice a week and repeated on BBC2 Saturday morning and afternoon directly before and after the mid-day film, which is frequently a Western.”
“Then I’m a lucky patient,” The Doctor added, “so without appearing unappreciative, how did I get here?”
“Your friend Polly, she tuned up on my door step at Midnight 5 days ago with this huge monk who made Friar Tuck look like a pin cushion, she said The Duncan needs me, so how could I refuse?”
“You mean she told you how I got in this state?”
“She was so worried about you Duncan; she said you’d be distraught if you woke up in The General.”
“I think that situation would distress anybody.”
She laughed again “No you silly man, The General Hospital is the main medical facility in this area.”
“Ah… Well I’m glad we cleared that up… So Miss McDuggan why am I in your bed? You’re far too busy for the likes of me and I hear a very talented young lady.”
“Ah…. Well cheeky chops, I did mention I was an Author and I may have eluded the fact I'm mainly known for my acting but I didn't want the fuss that usually brings, this is one of my spare rooms, and to be honest I wanted to see you again, you intrigue me, remember I said there’s more to you then meets the eye?”
“that wasn’t your exact words.”
“Its close enough, I improvised.” She said patting his hand. The Doctor took hold of her hand and Janine never resisted, in fact she squeezed back at his touch.
“I’m grateful to what ever fates brought me to you Janine McDuggan, and very grateful I’m alive to be in your company again.”
On that Janine turned and picked up the paper, “this might interest you, do you mind if I read it to you?”
“Carry on nurse.”
And she read out a passage from the Daily Echo.

‘Teenagers Dean Longford and Mary Ray, who have both been missing since Friday Evening 20th June, wish to thank the two strangers who helped them escape imprisonment by two sick individuals dressed as giant wolves, who tormented them over a 24 hour period in a local graveyard, Dean said in a statement to the Police he believed they would have been murdered by what he described as two devil worshippers, if it hadn’t been for the intervention of a man he thought to be similar to James Bond, with fancy gadgets and a woman he believed was Emma Peel from the TV show The Avengers.
Miss Diana Rigg was questioned by police yesterday and in a statement the Hampshire Constabulary say they have excluded the actress from any further enquiries, The Individuals involved will face the full force of the law and they remind the public not to approach this couple or anyone dressed as a bear or wolf. If you have any information regarding this case, get in touch with your local Police station, where your statement will be treated with strict confidence. They also maintain they cannot condone members of the public taking the law into their own hands, like Vigilantes. They ask that the man and woman who took this action, report to the police immediately as they may have important information attaining to this case that could assist them in the apprehension of these criminals.’

“Well Mr Bond, what have you to say for yourself?”
“My Dear lady, I’m…well I’m lost for words, as to how I feel, can I ask? How much you know?”
Janine returned the paper to the side cabinet, “Polly said you’d be elusive,” she patted down her skirt and said “All I know is five days ago Polly came here at Midnight as I said…. are you still with me Duncan?” She added when she saw his eyes closed.
“Yes my dear I’m just trying to visualise it all, carry on, you met Polly?”
“Who’s telling this story you or me, Mr?”
The Doctor’s body was agonisingly painful as it shook with laughter.
“As you were Miss McDuggan, keep going please.”
“Well yes… you can start by calling me Janine OK?” And Janine continued, “well I was quite shocked of course to see Polly and this Giant of a Man carrying your lifeless body, I thought, Oh My God, he’s dead.” Thinking back on that evening she wondered why she had trusted these strangers.

“So, Polly introduced herself and this Man whose name eludes me at the moment, it was Pac or something like that, anyway I asked them to put you on the Chaise Longue in the hall while I ran to the Phone, then Polly let out this almighty yell oh No please don’t, she looked terrified I must say, she said you helped these missing Teenagers everyone was looking for and got attacked in the process, she worried the police would take a dim view of your actions and was too scared to take you to the Hospital for the same reason, and because of her involvement she reasoned the police could turn up at her shop asking questions, she said it just leaped into her head I was the safest person to see, and here your are, That big fellow had you on a drip until this morning… He said you would wake today and be full of questions, he must know you well… Polly has visited every day and standing in while I’m away at the television centre, which was when she warned me you’d be evasive regarding you’re situation, so she knows you well too, and right now I’m sat explaining your presents in my humble abode… which reminds me How did Polly know this would be the safest place? I could have screamed in alarm for all she knew? Oh by the way you’re looking very distinguished now.”
The Doctor rose on his elbows again, “oh ah… I may have mentioned our meeting and impressed upon her how lovely I thought you were…Distinguished? Oh, don’t tell me I have a duelling scar?”
“Your shoulders are scared but it’s clearing fast, What ever that Monk gave you in that Drip, it’s certainly doing an amazing job, and I wasn’t referring to your face dear man, I’m talking about your hair!”
The Doctor now sat bolt upright now, “My Hair? Oh galloping gobstoppers, am I bald?” His hands reached up to his scalp and buried themselves into his mop of hair, “Crumbs; you had me worried for a minute.”
Janine passed him a silver vanity mirror, “Here see for yourself, I know women who would pay a fortune for those highlights.”
Dreading the worst and the vision his Third incarnation in his head he reluctantly held the mirror to his face.
“Oh My Word! Look at those dark rings under my eyes.”
“That’s because your body has taken quite a hammering Duncan, your eyes will be fine, look at your hair!”
He looked at his hair and never noticed anything except bed hair then the light caught something shinny.
“Oh, Dear me, my hairs turning grey!”
“Just a little Duncan, it looks wonderful on you, like I said, Distinguished.”
He had to admit it was just speckles of grey here and there. It could have been worse, he thought he’d died.
“I still can’t fathom what made you take me in Janine; it must have been terrifying to be woken in the night by complete strangers.”
“Oh nay fear, I’m Scottish din ye ken?” she put on a broad accent unlike her own, “I may bee a wee scrawny fing, but I’m feisty wiff girders fur bones.”
“Oh if only you knew how I’ve missed that accent,” The Doctor now on one elbow turned to Janine, who was faking a Scottish fling as she sat in her chair, hands raised for a “ock aye the noo.” She looked at his sad face and she said seriously, “Duncan I’m from the streets of Edinburgh, I’m no wilting flower, I can look after myself, I trust my instincts, always have and I know a good man when I see one, what you did for those teenagers… it was very brave.”
There was a knock at the door, “Hold on I’ll see who it is.”
“Oh I thought you might have people working for you who would see to that!”
“Duncan Smith! Do I have to explain to you again? I’m a Strong headed Scot who can look out for herself, this is my home! And I live here alone.” She proclaimed as she left his side to answer the door.

Pardrake’s huge outline filled the stained glass of the Oak framed door and Janine knew just by his bulk who she’d be greeting.

“Is he awake?” He said with eyebrows raise as people do when they pull their Question face.
“Yes come on in,” she’d already turned and was heading to the kitchen when he entered, “make your way up stairs, I’ll bring up a pot of tea.” She said over her shoulder.
The hallway of Janine McDuggan’s Home lead to grand stairs with its hand carved teak balustrades that forked midway towards the upper landing to allow right and left access to the bed rooms on the second floor. The Monk took the left stair towards the front guest room. On the landing as in the hallway he passed oak cabinets spaced at random that held vases of long stemmed fresh flowers He never seen before.
As the door was open he stepped in and greeted the Doctor.
“Good Morning my Friend, he pulled up a chair that creaked under his weight and to The Doctor it sounded like the chair begged ‘A Little help!’
“Well, well your still here, I take it the Howlers are somewhere at large?”
“First let me say thank you Doctor, yes they took flight as soon as they spat you out.”
“Spat!” the Doctor repeated, “I had the distinct impression they wanted to bite my head off!”
“Believe me Doctor if you were more to their taste they would have, they have a taste for human blood and your not human, it was just a test bite, you were lucky they hate foreign Take-a-ways… you’re far too spicy for a Howler.” And the big mans deep laughter rebounded off the bedroom walls.
“It’s also lucky you had the bracelet or I might have missed the fact you did something totally irresponsible… what were you thinking? I thought we had a subtle plan not to rush in guns blazing like a Sontaran!”
The Doctor sensed he needed to calm his friend, “Now now Pardrake, you know how best laid plans work! when I realised…” The Doctor stopped short, “Wait a minute, YOU... You knew those Young adults were there Didn’t you?” The Doctor’s voice rose with his temper.
“Doctor! How many times do I have to say, I CAN NOT INTERFERE WITH THESE EVENTS, I CAN ONLY OBSERVE!” Both men sat quietly for a moment, then The Doctor said calmingly,
“Well fine… but it would have been helpful it you had mentioned it.”
Pardrake still feeling aggravated pointed out, “Do you have any idea how many lives those beasts have taken? Have you? Well I do!! And I wept for every one of them Doctor; so you saved two, well bully for you, now we can all sleep sound at night.” As the big man protested, he took a deep breath in an effort to calm himself, “I’m not like you, I just obeying orders.”
The Doctor fell back onto his pillows. “How many lives have been lost because someone was just obeying orders I wonder?” he remarked.
The two men fell silent.

“Look Doctor all I came to say is Thank you, it was rash, but you still managed to rid the Planet of those Howlers, all I wanted was to see you’ve recovered before I leave…. I thought you were dead!”
“Well your not alone there, I thought so too.”
“When I saw your location that night…” at this The Doctor’s eyebrows raised, so Pardrake added “The bracelet it’s a transporter so they track your location remember... your location was on my monitor... Anyway when I checked your breathing it was a great relief I can tell you… you held your breath a long time, The Howlers left so fast we must have just missed them  at the entrance… you were alone when I found you, then your friend Polly appeared, I think she thought I’d killed you, her scream scared the life out of me.”
“I told Polly to stay away!”
“Yes so she said after I explained how I found you.”

“Now then boy’s did I hear raised voices? You better start playing nicely or go home without your tea!” Janine said chuckling as she put down the rattling tea tray on the bedside table and winked at The Doctor, asking “So who’ll be mother?”
“I would love to pour.” Said Pardrake whose massive hand almost hid the tea pot, and he placed out three cups on saucers that were stacked for easy transport, then he moved the tea strainer between the cups as he poured, Pardrake indicated the milk with his eyes.
“Not for me thank you.” Janine said.
The Doctor raised his eyebrows in a ‘I can’t believe you even asked,’ kind of way and the teas were done.
“I think you can add your own sugar,” and the monk continued, “I was just telling eh….”
“Duncan?” chipped in Janine.
“Yes, I was just telling Duncan I’ll be leaving tonight, I’m going home.”
“And that’s splendid news isn’t it.”
“Yes thank you Duncan, I couldn’t have managed it without your help.”
“Really?” said Janine, “What have you been up to now Mr?” Janine looked straight at The Doctor wide eyed.
“Me? Don’t look at me Miss McDuggan I just fixed his transport so to speak.”
“Well how lovely for you Pac.. Grrr awkward!”  She grinned apologetically, “sorry your name is so unusual.”
“It’s Pardrake, don’t worry Miss McDuggan it happens all the time.”
“Well I imagine it does, so where is Home?” she inquired.
The Doctor interrupted with, “Peru, Janine, Pardrake is from Peru, I quite fancy the idea of putting a parcel label on him, like the war evacuees, saying Please look after my friend Pardrake he’s easily lost.”
The three laughed then The Monk took this as his queue to leave, he stood, which was a great relief to the chair as it sigh of gratitude could be heard by all in the room and he shook The Doctor’s then Janine’s hand as he affirmed he was leaving.
“God’s speed Old Chap, till we meet again. Hmm?”
“Yes…. till we meet again.” Pardrake said and he left saying he would see himself out.
“Well that was a short and sweet!”
“Yes, Janine, He’s a big man with little words.” The Doctor laughed.
Stirring in two lumps The Doctor found something sweeter then sugar in his tea. You crafty devil Pardrake he said in his head.
After talking the morning away with Janine before it tripped over into afternoon, the Doctor had one thing on his mind.
“Dearly me, I’m famished.”
“Do you feel strong enough to move?” Janine asked.
“Lets see,” and as The Doctor swung his legs over the edge of his bed to the floor he gasped, “I’m naked! Did Polly undress me?” “No don’t be silly.”
Satisfied by that reassurance he said “So it was Pardrake?” “Wrong again, you have one guess left.” Janine told him.
And all he could manage to say was, “OH MY GIDDY AUNT!”

With Pardrake happily returning to Gallifrey the Doctor felt a sense of relief, a Tardis Master Key taken from his tea was now hanging from the fob of his Grandfathers watch.
The Doctor felt strange in the clothes Janine provided, it was hard accepting anything from anyone after being independent most of his 500 years, she reassured him his old clothes had been dry cleaned and safe at Polly’s.
He still had his trusty hush puppy boots though, to his great relief, he wore a plain white T Shirt under a black Cashmere roll neck jumper and a slate grey casual jacket over black and grey chequered trousers… he pulled at the roll neck feeling awkward and looked into the full length mirror to the right of his bed, he looked smart and that’s not a condition the Doctor was comfortable with, “You shouldn’t of gone to so much trouble Janine, I really don’t know what to say.”
“Well say nothing, you don’t mind if I suggest a lovely little restaurant I know do you?”
“Oh of course not, I’m a stranger here, I trust your judgement.” He finally stepped away from the long mirror, “You know I never trust mirrors you never know what’s lurking in there.”
“Oh come on you stop dawdling, I thought you said you were hungry! You must like the trousers at least? It was as close to those you were wearing I could find.”
He looked once again “Ah yes, they are smashing I.....” he hesitated, “I’m unaccustomed to such kindness Janine.”
Janine stepped over to stand by his side, she could see he was struggling to express his feelings so she  took his arm saying, “I’m unaccustomed to sharing company with a man of Mystery, so come on Mr Bond we have a rendezvous with a French chef who may have a secret dish that needs your investigative skills.”

The taxi stopped by a restaurant called l'gueuleton, the late summer rain made the road glisten with reflected light and filled the air with a fresh earthly smell,
“If you can return in two hours that would be lovely.” Janine told the Driver, as a regular customer he chirped his hearty, “Right ho Miss McDuggan.” And he drove away knowing he’d be paid on the return trip.
The Doctor held the door to l'gueuleton open.
“Ladies first.” He said smiling.
“Thank you kind Sir, the soup here is the talk of Winchester so let’s order that with some oat bread while you see what takes your fancy in the menu.”
“Very well, that sounds like a rather splendid idea.”
“Ah Mademoiselle McDuggan you brighten my humble establishment with your radiant beauty.” The manager said as they entered.
“Oh stop it silly boy,” Janine said smiling broadly, “may we have the window seat?” her eyes directed to the bay window table. “Oh,  naturel Mademoiselle.”
“Cut it out Gerald, you’re from Glasgow.”
“Write enough,” he beamed,  “but it pays to keep up appearances don’t ya know.”
“Aye that is does.” She said to The Doctor’s amusement.
“Michael will be your waiter for tonight, bon appétit.”
“Thank you Gerald” she said as she sat at the seat Gerald presented, he then pushed under as she sat.
While the Doctor sat in the opposite chair.
“Well isn’t this lovely.” He said, clapping his hands once.
“Yes I love it here,” Janine now settled said, “and you will too,” she then focused on Michael and asked “ Michael  would you be so kind and order today’s special soup for two with your best crusty bread?”
“Of course Miss McDuggan, would  you be wanting the wine list too?” He said with eyebrows raised in anticipation.
“Oh yes that would be lovely, thank you.”
Michael headed to the kitchen.
The Doctor did what he always did in these situations, he began observing the people sharing the evening at the restaurant, at the far table sat two ladies the older of which was clearly the mother to the other, and looking at the daughters dress and ink marked fingers he assumed her to be a student at the university and mother was insuring her only daughter was well fed, their heads were bent towards each other as they recognised The lady sat at the window and the Doctor knew they would be intrigued as they imagined who the gentleman that accompanied her could be. Janine was reading the menu but looked up and smiled as she saw The Doctor taking in the surroundings like a child in a toy shop.
“Do you know what you’re having?”
Woken from his thoughts he said, “Oh, my.. Oh.. Steak well done with whatever goes with it here…” he said.
“Leave it with me, I’ll order for you, after all you are my guest.” The Doctor seemed to gain height as he sat proud to be in her company.
He was soon back to scanning the room when he noticed a man  at the back of the room looking intently at him and not his companion, he looked to be in his late 40’s with dark greying hair combed back and slick, his goatee beard also had grey streaks, he was wearing a black well tailored suit with a white ruffled shirt. The face seemed familiar, like someone form his childhood, but that just  had to be a coincidence, it couldn’t be him!... he lost contact with him many years ago, and that was on Gallifrey.

Michael handing The Doctor the wine list broke his gaze.
“Oh Ah…. What do you suggest young man?”
“The Château Lauduc Rouge would be suitable with your main dish Sir!”
“What do you think Janine?” “Yes I think that would be fabulous.”
“Very well Château Lauduc Rouge it is Michael thank you.” “Would you like to try it first Sir!”
“Oh, no I trust your judgement, I’m sure it’s impeccable.”
“Thank you very much Sir, I hope you enjoy your soup.”
Two waitresses placed two bowls of steam billowing soup in front of their customers then one of them added a plate with crusty oat bread rolls.
“Thank you.” both Janine and The Doctor said in unison.
The Doctor no longer distracted returned his gaze to the back of the restaurant but the bearded man with the dark hooded eyes was nowhere to be seen….. The Doctor knew that even with the waiter occupying his time he would still have noticed anyone leaving as the door to the restaurant was within his peripheral vision, so he wondered if he was still suffering from his injuries, maybe he hit his head to hard. He had suffered trauma to his body, could the man have been a figment of his imagination he wondered, he wasn’t sure, the mind is capable of many things and his had undergone a shocking assault.

The meal, the wine, and the company was a heart warming delight to the Doctor, on the trip back he held Janine’s hand and thanked her with a kiss on the cheek. “Oh think nothing of it Duncan. You have been a wonderful companion, you’re funny, intelligent and your ability to look upon everything with such wonder is endearing.” She smiled.
“And I find you enchanting…. I feel like a ship in calm waters near you.”
“Oh very nautical, do you have a Navy background?”
“No but I have sailed many a stormy sea.”
“I See, well your welcome to stay, but I’ll understand if you want to return to your room at Polly’s”
“I would love to stay Janine. But I don’t want to burden you anymore then I have, you have a busy career.” The Doctor said sadly.
“I will be leaving on the 6 am train to London tomorrow, I would love you to stay, and you could come with me if you like?”
“I’ll stay….. But tomorrow I have things to arrange, I need to see Polly, there’s a painting I wish her to auction for me, when will you be returning?”
“I’ll be back on Friday.. Are you sure you won’t change your mind?”
“Very sure my dear, I have things to do that can’t be put off.” “Very well…. Let’s see how you feel in the morning.” And she paid the taxi and they both entered Miss McDuggan refurbished Tudor home.

The Unbelievable happened The Doctor fell in love.

The next morning The Doctor returned to Polly’s.
“Good Grief Doctor!...  I was not expecting to see you for months, How do you feel?” Polly said with concerned The Doctor was ignoring his welfare.  
“Well I won’t be tap dancing anytime soon but I’m on the mend.” He said happily.
“Well sit down I’ll get us some tea.” And Polly entered the kitchen with the Doctor following close behind.
“Well sit down!  really Doctor you need to look after yours self better, the Tardis can't help you now, you’ll be tired I imagine with only one heart working.”
“WHAT! What do you mean?” The Doctor blurted out.
“Oh my goodness, I though your friend would have told you, he took a great risk I believe… He saved your Life Doctor!”
“Yes, I was lucky the Howlers rejected my blood too it seems.”
“What are you talking about Doctor? You DIED!”
“Oh dear me Polly I may have looked dead by Par…” before he could finish Polly sat him in a chair, and sat in front of him, her face full of worry.
“Doctor I was there, you were dead, Pardrake took us to his ship, he told me this was against all the rules his people believed in but he wasn’t about to let you die.” She sat back, looking at the change in The Doctor’s face.
“He….. He… I don’t understand he told me they rejected my blood… Did he use any machine on me?”
“Yes he put you in something… I’ve no idea what, but he said after it revived you that one of your hearts was too damaged and needed to repair, so he said he would stop it for  6 months… he said the device he used would absorb into your body by then, but he thought you had a 68%  chance of a full recovery.”
“Well… I was so… Oh My Word! I was so rude to him, and he’s saved my life again.”
“I can’t believe he never said anything!” Polly confessed.
“Well I can, he knew I’d not have approved, he risks death himself for this, I would never have asked that of anyone… Poor man he must have been in a real dilemma… but one thing I will say is Pardrake is a better friend then I deserve.” With this he looked down into his hands… “We’ve lost so many he and I, and I have only been a burden.”
“Nonsense… Stop that  feeling sorry for your self malarkey Doctor and just be grateful for once… People care about YOU! I care about you! So Stop this now, you can’t regenerate without the Tardis you told me, so look at this as your second chance, your friend thought it worth the risk, so accept it was grace and stop being ridiculous man.”
Polly saw The Doctor smile, “Right now for some tea, how was Miss McDuggan?” she said changing the subject.
“I think Polly I may have found a soul partner in Janine…” he said with a soppy grin, people in love have.
“Oh Janine is it now?” Polly chirped as she poured hot water into the pot.
“Could you be in love?”
“Yes Polly I believe I could be, now stop probing and pour the tea Miss Nosey Parker.” And they both started laughing.

The laughing pair had been talking for over an hour when in walked a sleek grey Weimaraner.

“Jumping sea snakes!! What’s THAT! Doing here? Is Pardrake still here?” The Doctor said in alarm at seeing the Gallifreyan Gruen.
“Oh… the dog?  Your friend left him here for you, sorry I forget all about him seeing you so soon.”
“That’s no Dog Polly, Good Grief! Did he leave it for me… why?”
“Well he said after it killed the male Howler he couldn’t take it back with him… not with the Howler’s  DNA all over it, are you alright Doctor you look white?” Polly seeing the Doctor’s shock started her worrying even more about the Doctor’s health.
“It killed the Howler?  So what happened to the Female?”
“Pardrake believes he killed it when he remotely took control of their ship… he sent it into the Sun Doctor! Didn’t he tell you any of this?”
“No…. No he didn’t Polly; He’s taken a huge risk going back to Gallifrey after this… I feel it’s my entire fault, if I had not arrived here he would just have observed like he was trained to.”
“Doctor what’s done is done, Pardrake was happy to go home when I last saw him; if he was worried he didn’t show it.” She concluded.
“Well he wouldn’t… look what he hid from me and I was none the wiser… But your right what’s done is done; I have a long wait till I can check in on my old friend, if I’m successful in finding a new Tardis.”
“Doctor don’t you think your Tardis foresaw all of these events! Surely this was how it chose this time for you… Your best chance of success I mean.”
“Yes… Of course, it’s a clever thing but nothing is 100% reliable, there are grey areas that one’s best guess judgement is the only course of action.”
“Exactly and your Tardis Chose this for you, so get on with it… make plans Doctor.” Polly ordered.

Unseen by the two a bearded man lurked…  He was peering through the shop window until the growl of the Weimaraner sent him on his way.

Till Death Do Us Part

So The Doctor began making plans and those plans would include his new love…. Miss Janine McDuggan.

Janine and The Doctor were now living happily together, and The Duncan often accompanied her to London or anywhere else her talents were required.

“My look at you all dressed up.” Janine remarked.
“Well I do here tell that the BBC likes to enforce a smart dress code in the Bar.”
“Yes and your certainly that, with a bow tie too! I see, how quaint.” She said smiling and pecking his cheek.
“Well this one isn’t held by a safety pin, mores the pity… I do hate a tight collar it brings out the rebel in me.” He smirked.
“You bring out the rebel in me Mr!” and she kissed him again
“Now move or we’ll miss the train.”
“I won’t ask why we’re not going by chauffeured limousine, I’m sure I’d get an earful of Gallic swear words.” And then talking to him self said ‘Too right too.’ 
An evening celebrating the success of yet another series for Janine, who had just completed months of filming, was becoming the norm at the BBC Television centre, friends and colleagues gathered to be part of the inspiration that was Janine McDuggan.
And tongues were wagging as to who this man accompanying her could be.
“Let them wag” she whispered to Duncan, “it gives them something to talk about that isn’t poisoned by bitterness, in this business Duncan your only as good as your last show and I am always grounded by that fact.”
“Indeed… and what jolly company… isn’t that Shakespeare?” he pointed to the young actor playing The Bard.
“Oh Yes… you really must meet David McCallum, he’s an absolute joy, he’s very famous for his part of Illya Kuryakin in a Man from U.N.C.L.E, luckily for us he’s finished that series last year, plus he’s a fellow Scot, I love him to bits, it’s so amusing how he’s even had songs song about his intellectual secret agent, and he plays it all down wonderfully… that’s the Scot in him, we’ve Nay time fa frivolities deya ken?” She joked.
“Well I’ve know idea what that series could be but I’m convinced it must be popular judging by the crowd of admirers round him, I’ve not had any time for Television.”
“Oh hark at you… didn’t I catch you just yesterday enthralled by an episode of Coronation Street?”
“Well…ah, I was intrigued by the old woman being the social hub of her society,” he explained as they made their way towards the handsome young actor.
“Oh aye… Ena Sharples the thinking mans totty.” She mocked, “Just keep walkin you.”
David was as charming as his on screen persona intimated.
The evening wore on and everyone sang the praises of the young Scot who had made a living winning the hearts of the nation.

“You know Polly I really must find a way of telling Janine who I really am… she’s so openly honest with me, I feel a cad.” He admitted to Polly the next day.
“Well it’s a dilemma only you can resolve Doctor, I can’t help you there… I’ve not idea how I’d approach the subject of being an alien.”
“Well from where I stand it’s you Humans who are the aliens… but yes it’s a sticky subject, but never the less I have to come clean once and for all.” He nodded to him self, as he often did once he agreed a point in his mind.
“Anyway Polly I need to make some funds… I can’t keep living off your generosity, can you arrange some means of selling some art for me that won’t draw unwanted attention… it’s from an old Artist I met, you may know him… Vincent Van Gogh.”
“Good Lord Doctor… You don’t make it easy do you, that’s like finding out your cousin was Michael Angelo!”
“Well has a matter of fact…”
“No don’t tell me, I don’t want to know, I would like to stay with the pretence that Earth contains only homosapiens.”
“Very well… but you know it really isn’t, if we left it up to you lot you wouldn’t have even invented the pencil!” He surmised.
“Hmm… Well be that as it may, I do happen to know an art dealer in Stratford who could help us, I’ll call him this afternoon.”
“Jolly good… well I think this could all turn out rather splendidly don’t you?” he smirked. With this being the first time he felt happy with the situation.
“You still have to plan Doctor, 30 years isn’t going to be a doddle.” Polly reminded him firmly as she was apt to do.
The Gallifreyan War Dog made it’s self at home with Polly, with the Chameleon collar working wonderfully the breast was every bit the adorable dog it seemed to be, and many a customer spoke of it fondly.
“Your dinner is in the kitchen,” She told the rapidly disappearing animal; “well I can see I don’t have to tell you twice!”

And for 4 glorious months life was perfect… or so the Doctor believed, but Janice seemed to lack the energy that was always bountiful before.
It started to show when she asked if The Doctor would like to take Polly to a premier of her latest film.
“I’m not feeling up to it darling so be an angel and take Polly, I’m sure she will love meeting the other actors.” She suggested just one week ago, and The Doctor obliged as he didn’t want to disappoint her.

Then the confession that would change his life for ever was made.

The Doctor had busied him self with the future plans, he had been writing a computer program on a computer he had built for that sole purpose, this was unlike anything on Earth and he had to incorporate an old fashioned floppy drive (old fashioned to The Doctor, but 20 years in advance of anything on this planet) to record and store the program for it’s future use.
“What is that you’re always playing with?” Janine asked.
“Oh this old thing…  I call it a handy pad, I can type and store notes see!” and he showed Janine the flat 3mm thick glass pad, that was rectangular at 15cm by 35cm in size.
 “Looks like a flat glass tray to me.” She said turning it in her hands.
“That’s because it isn’t activated,” and he pointed this out by squeezing the sides, whereupon the menu screen lit up.
“Oh my goodness, I’ve never seen anything like this around, where did you get it?”
“Well…ah…I made it.”
“You’re kidding me…. How? I’ve never seen you building this?”
“That’s because it’s quite old really, I brought it with me… do you remember my back pack from that train when we met?”
“Of course how could I ever forget that day.” And she smiled at him with the memory of it.
“Well I had it with me, I’ve had to adapt it how ever to work with this disc writer here…” And the Doctor pointed out the cube.
“You see I send a message like a radio signal to the box and it records anything I need stored on one of these floppy discs.” And he handed Janine a flat square plastic shelve that held the tiny record like disc sandwiched within.
“This looks like nothing on this Earth Duncan, and you say you can type in that device too?”
“Yes I simply press this little icon here, which I adapted to look like type writing keys to make it familiar to use here on Earth.”

Janine looked deep into her lover’s eyes… “What do you mean here on Earth, is there anywhere else?” she asked amazed at his choice of words.

“Ah…. There is something I’ve been meaning to say since I met you Janine… Oh My Word! This feels very awkward….” and he decided there and then to just come out with it.
“You see Janine I’m not from Earth.”
“Stop being ridiculous,” she laughed and then saw he was serious.
“I don’t understand where else can you come from, do I want to know?”
“Well my dear you may not want to know but it is something I need you to know.”
“Wait a minute…. Does Polly know?”
“Ah well I was getting to that… eventually. I’m from a planet so many light years away I won’t even bore you with the maths… I’m from Gallifrey, but not only that… I was once a pilot for machines we call a Tardis… it’s short for Time And Relative Dimension in Space. It’s a Machine that can travel no only in space…” and he pointed to the sky, “but in Time too, so not only am I not of this Earth I’m not of this Time…”
Janine slumped onto the settee next to her Duncan.
“This is all a bit much Duncan…. Oh don’t tell me Duncan isn’t you name either.” And at this she began to get angry.
“You beastly man you’ve lied to me from the start, I don’t know who you ARE!” and she pulled away as he reached for her.
“No don’t you DARE! Touch me you….. Whatever you are.”
“Janine listen… This doesn’t change how I feel about you!” and his whole soul begged her to listen and understand.
“Well It’s changed for me… I want you to leave.”
“But darling please I beg you…”
“Just GO! NOW! DO YOU HEAR ME!” she shouted, and the tears came flooding out.
The Doctor saw any other words would be pointless so with tears in his eyes he rose and left Janine to the bitter disappointment that was his life.
By the time the Doctor reached Polly’s he was shaken to his core.
Polly seeing the state he was in closed the shop behind them and ushered him into the Kitchen.
“Don’t say anything Doctor… just collect your thoughts a moment,” some tea will do us both some good.
And the only sound was the water pouring into the metal kettle. A Sound as soulless as a  Cybermen.
The Doctor never spoke, he sighed and motioned he was going to his room… one he’d not occupied for months.

The next Morning the Doctor did what he always did when deeply upset, and he told Polly he needed some air and was going to take a walk for a while, then told her he had no idea when he would be back, so as not to ruining her plans for lunch.

Janine arrived some minutes after he had left.
“Oh… Good Morning Miss McDuggan, he’s not here at the moment.” Polly said, looking uneasy.
“Good… I need to talk to you, I think you know why.”
“He told you didn’t he?”
“What! That he’s not what I thought him to be? Oh yes that we did establish Polly.” She said still angered by his deceit, may I come in?”
“Oh yes please do… I’ll close the shop.”

The Doctor looked down on the city of Winchester from the hills, and all the history  of the old and new buildings filled his mind as he locked out everything else.
He felt empty and cold in the bright sunshine.

“Somehow I knew a cup of tea would be involved.” Janine said nursing her cup in both hands, as if she was trying to gain strength from the floral china’s warmth.
“Well my grandmother swore by it… mind you when the bombs were landing she swore where ever she was.” Polly joked trying to appear calm in this lover’s storm.
“Dun… hmm, ok so what is his real name?”
“I just know him as The Doctor, in fact that’s all anyone knows him by.” She confirmed, still feeling awkward.

“Just The Doctor?” then she couldn’t help laughing, “It’s almost as strange as The Duncan, oh my days, he did try I suppose, but how do you explain that to a stranger?”
“He’s very fond of you, I’ve known him long enough to see the change in him, you bring out the best in him, he’s nearly 500 years old… did he tell you that?"
“No, but then I never really gave him the chance did I… Well It's all terribly complicated isn't it, and far too much to take in  all at once... this will take some considerable time to absorb it all, so at the moment I'm just at a point where I know no matter what, My Duncan loves me and I will think of him as just the lovely man full of wonder I meant on a train so long ago, at least it feels so long ago, but if we look upon such things with an clinical mind it was but a short while. Honestly Polly I feel such a fool, I should have know he never meant to hide anything from me.”
“Oh he spoke about telling you the day after your celebrations.”
“Really? Oh My goodness that was months ago!”
“Yes so you can see how difficult he found it to tell you." Polly felt at ease enough now to sit next to Miss McDuggan.
“So where is he? Is he alright?” Janine asked now sounding worried.
“Oh he’s very resourceful he will hide his feeling from everyone, but I know when he’s off walking he’s mulling over something that’s causing him concern.”
“Ah… so he’s out walking now is he? Do you know where?”
“I think he mentioned the hills, and if he wanted to look down on the City he would need to head for the Downs towards Twyford, that’s south east of here.” Polly offered trying to narrow down her search, because it was as clear as day she was going to be off after him as quick as her sensible shoes would allow.
Janine sipped some tea and was about to say she was going after her man when Polly jumped the gun by saying, “Yes you better be off before he starts thinking it’s best for all that he leave.”
“Quite!” Janine agreed, “I’ll unlock the shop for you on my way out… goodbye for now Polly, I’m afraid I haven’t been totally honest with The Doctor myself and I’ve something he needs to know.”
“Oh… Right ho, oh dear is it something terrible?” Polly asked taking her cup, and her face showed embarrassment at even asking such a personal question.
“We will both tell you on our return Polly,” and she crossed her chest saying, “cross my heart.”
“Ok… well I’ll see you soon then…. I hope.”
“You can depend upon it Polly.”
Janine moved with the speed anguish brings and unlocking the door started running towards the nearest hill in the direction Polly advised.

Panting from her rather rushed clime Janine stopped to bend forward, hands on her knees trying to catch enough breath to shout out to her Duncan sat under an Oak tree.
“Hey… you! What are you doing larking about up here, we have things to arrange you know…” she puffed.
“Oh My Giddy Aunt!” uttered the Doctor now up and running down towards her.
“Janine my dear you must sit, you look positively ill!” he ordered taking her out stretched arms as she moved in to hug him.
“First thing…. Your Duncan to me and always will be The Duncan, and your right I am ill, actually I’m dying, the Doctors have told me I have about three months and that was a month ago!”
The Doctor hugged her tight sobbing, “No…No this can’t be? You’ve so much left to do in this life, I will find a way I…”
“Stop right there Duncan,” and she felt the warmth of his love flow through her, “It’s Cancer Duncan and I really didn’t know how to tell you… I’ve not even told my agent, she will never forgive me, but I just don’t know how to deal with it right now Duncan Ok?… I’m terrified, and god knows I don’t want to die, but it’s too late for me, the cancer is everywhere… my body and organs are being attacked and there is nothing anyone can do.” She sobbed.
They both fell to their knees still embracing and both crying… “Sometimes you have to let it all out my dear so cry shout and scream to the world… we won’t go quietly into the light my dear dear Janine, no we will shout and say I have LIVED! And I’ll spit in your eye death.” he stated setting his jaw firm; he had to be strong for her now. no more sobbing they will make each day a wondrous one.
As the weeks went by the weaker Janine became, so he accompanied her to all the places she always wanted to see… The Terracotta Army, Tokyo, The Grand Canyon, Victoria and Niagara Falls, he would have found a way to take her to The Moon if she asked.
Now  almost two months since she run to the hills he sat by her… the powerful pain killing drugs had put her into a comatose state, he cared for her wiping the drool from her open mouth, she looked almost green now with deep sunken eyes.
Then one morning he entered her private hospital room to see her sat up and as alert as ever!
“Hello Duncan, have you sneaked in any Jaffa cakes I have a craving for them at the moment.”
He laughed, “Well it just so happens I put some in your draws last week."
“Oh Matron!” she giggled.
Then by that night she was gone, The Doctor felt her leave while giving her permission with a kiss and he squeezed her hand which had become like ice in an instant.
“She’s gone Mr Smith we will need to take care of her now.”
The Doctor looked at the nurse uncomprehendingly… he felt he’d died too.
He walked silently out of the Hospital taking the rear exit to avoid the ever present press and photographers.
At the exit he pressed his back in to the wall and crumbled to the ground crying.
Then from the shadows The Master step forward and looked down at the man who was once his Grandson.
“Oh please... do I have to endure such an unpleasant show of feeling towards one of the Monkey breeds?  Oh Boo Hoo did the monkey die? You have something of mine WHERE IS IT!” he stooped and slapped the Doctor hard in the face… But the Doctor just looked on blind to all around him; he felt nothing because he was nothing.
“Oh You make me sick!  This is too easy Doctor.” Then as he reached into his pockets he felt just one heart beating, he instantly backed away from this other monkey breed.
“What? After all my efforts tracking you to this Toilet of a place your Just a Human!…hmm well you must have been one of his pathetic companions you still have the smell of the Tardis on you like that idiot shop girl,” he said with his evil laugh, “Well I’d Kill you for wasting my time but what would be the point! Your already dead, you’re a poor excuse for a man aren't you.” and he walked away with his hissing laugh falling on deaf ears.

The Master left The Doctor to his fate… But he had one more thing to do before finding the other Doctor he cursed with every part of his being.

Polly sat in her store writing out her accounts… Until she heard someone try the door, but at almost midnight the shop had been closed for hours, so the door was double locked and bolted.
She stool trying to peer out into the street, but the  lighting was too poor to see, so she walked over to the window and squinted into the darkness… then she jumped in fright as the Dog Pardrake left came crashing through the glass… quite Dead.

She ran to the back of the shop locking the door behind her, and her heart was pounding in her ears, “I’m calling the Police… do you hear me?” she cried, shaken from the horrendous sight of the bloodied dog, staring with it’s lifeless gaze frozen on it’s features. There was no reply.
Polly dialled 999 and the operator asked what service she required… “Police. I need the police; they must come at once someone has killed my Dog!"

In the shop the collar sensing the Gruen was dead dissolved the breast into a gas like mist... within 5 seconds there was nothing left to show it ever existed.


From A Dark Place

The Doctor forced himself up off the ground, and made is way to Polly’s as if in a dream, he couldn’t return to the house, not now Janine was no longer part of his life… His mind once so strong left him to struggle with his thoughts, and the memories now escaping unchecked contained the dark things that made people insane, he no longer had the strength to hold them back, so they were now free to torment him, and this nightmare was real! There was no happy conclusion to this tale and he wasn’t able to cope with all these thoughts as he once was…

A police constable had his note book open.
“So you say you heard a noise and then someone  threw your dog through this window…” he said reading his notes and pointing towards the broken frame, “is that correct?” and as he spoke he looked round the shop, it was obvious something was thrown through the window, but there was no evidence of it now.
“So what happened to the dog Miss? Do you think the same person or persons took it away?”
“I’m sorry I have no idea, I was frightened, I ran to the back of the shop and into the living area, I never heard anyone enter, the door was locked anyway until you arrived.” Polly said perplexed, “I don’t know how the dog vanished… but it has, I suppose they could have taken it by entering through the window, but I heard nothing, so I can’t see how that was possible with all this glass everywhere.”
“Yes…Very strange indeed.” He confirmed snapping his note book shut and returning it to his breast pocket along with the pencil.
“Well I can arrange for someone to board up your windows Miss Wright, until you can arrange with your insurance to cover the replacement.”
“Oh… well yes that would be lovely thank you.”
“Ah… so will you allow me the used of your phone? He’s a local carpenter and used to our late night calls, I’ll imagine he’ll be here within the hour.”
“Yes certainly it’s through here,” and Polly lead the way into the back room.

“I’ll go to my room if you don’t mind Polly.” The Doctor said, as he walked zombie like past the police constable and herself.
“Who’s he?”
“Oh don’t worry about him, he’s an old friend, he won’t be able to help you in this case… he’s been at the bedside of a dear friend these last few days, and it would appear she has past.”
“Oh my goodness, well it’s not been a good evening for you at all has it Miss.” The constable thought to detain the man, but the look in Polly’s eyes told him it would be of no use to him, so picking up the phone he dialled one number at a time… always having to wait for the dial to return to it’s starting point as it spun back anticlockwise.
“Doctor! Your room is prepared is everything alright?” she shouted up the stairs.
The door shut, without any answer from the Doctor; and she knew this to be bad, she was already terrified and now she had The Doctor to worry about too, her nightmare may not be over for a good while yet she though.

With the window sealed with chip board Polly gave her thanks to the policeman and the young carpenter, and took to her bed, exhausted.

The next morning she woke to the feeling of Dread. And for three days she tried to get The Doctor to leave his room, but all he did was yell “GO AWAY!”
But by Friday afternoon a familiar voice filled her heart with joy.
“Ell’o Precious how’s it goin hey!”
“BEN!! Oh my god! You won’t believe how glad I am to see you.”
And she hugged him hard…

“Steady on! You’re crushing my peanut brittle!!”
“I hope that’s not  a euphemism.” She giggled.
“Oi Cheeky… It’s in my pocket,”  He leaned back to look into her eyes, “what’s got into you, I know you must have missed my charms but this isn’t like you at all… has someone’s budgie died?” he said trying to make light of this awkward moment.

“I think you better sit down Ben you won’t believe what has happened since you left, take a seat in the kitchen I’ll pop the kettle on.”
“it won’t suit you… you look better in a dress.”
“Oh very funny… go sit down, The Doctor’s here.” She said knowing this would change his attitude.
“Cricky! Really?... well I think I came back at the right time then.” he smirked. “So where’s the Tardis?” he asked  with eyebrows raised.
“He’s lost the Tardis Ben… He’s stuck here for the foreseeable future.”
“Cor’ Blimey! He must be a grumpy old soul then, what’s he going to do without a Tardis! I mean… It’s his Home!”

In his bed the Doctor was going slowly mad! All the terrible thoughts he’d locked to the back of his mind were free… the loss of his Wife, Pardrake’s  sister; she had found a way to trace him a few years after he had fled Gallifrey, and for a humans lifespan it was a happy life, and when their daughter gave birth to Susan it all seemed perfect.  But it wasn’t to be for long, The Watchers had found them and in the first encounter he lost his Darling Wife Otanna who was crushed by The Watchers land cruiser as she pushed Ethena their daughter to safety. And year’s later one  returned to take his daughter and her human Husband Tristan, while they both bravely put themselves in danger to save Susan.
“NO. NO. NO!!” He screamed again. 

"Torment!! Torment! I haven't even Started with you yet DOCTOR!" The Master hissed hysterically.
"GO AWAY....Leave ME Be! Haven't you DONE ENOUGH!.... Janine PLEASE I BEG YOU DON'T GO! Ethena! Otanna! WHY? Why??" and an inhuman scream filled the Curiosity Shop, which was fortunately closed until the damage could be repaired.

“What on Earth!” Ben Exclaimed.
“That’s what I wanted to warn you about, The Doctor hasn’t left his room in days Ben, I can’t get through to him, he has lost someone close to him and I think it’s driving him mad… he’s been screaming out in the most frightful way, since he left the love of his life at the Hospital.”
“The Doctor in Love? Is that even possible?” Ben replied, disbelieving the possibility.
“Yes Ben, it was lovely to see him so happy, I’ve never seem him like this Ben, it’s frightening, it really is, and he looks right through me as if I’m not there!”
“Do you want me to have a word with him?”
“No Ben… I am so glad you’re here, there isn’t any point in talking to him right now, but you can help me do something his Friend Pardrake asked me to do.”
“The Doctor has a Friend?… Cor’ It’s all been happening while I’ve been away ain’t it?” he said looking amazed.
“Yes it has….I’m sorry I never asked why you came back did it?”
“No… Well, I’ve been thinking!” he started to say then saw the mock in Polly’s eyes.
“No I mean it Precious, you know I’ve really missed you, you’re the world to me you turnip! So stop making me feel so awful, I’ll Hav’ another of those hugs if you watch out for me Brittle!”
“No, Tea first, then a hug maybe,  I really do need your help, it would seem your always here when I really need you.” She said relaxing for the first time in days.
“Well that’s because you’re the world to me, and I should know I’ve been travelling most of it.”
“Yes you have haven’t you.” And she kissed his cheek before going back to the stove.
“So what did this padre fella want you to do?”
“Pardrake.” She corrected
“Well what ever his face is… so what did he want?”
Polly walked over to the draw and removed a long metallic device with a 50mm round shiny ball suspended in a magnetic field one end and a long handle with 3 triggering buttons at the other.
“Oh no…. I’m not doing any of that Alien probing stuff!” Ben Protested.
“It’s not for probing you fool ,” she laughed, “it’s to restart his heart!”
“You mean he’s dead? Who was shouting then?”
“No this is for the heart his friend stopped to heal? Oh it’s a long story, but The Doctor has two hearts.”
“Holy Cow! I never knew that… why don’t I know these things?” and Ben genuinely looked shocked at his lack of knowledge.
“Well I guess it just never came up… I can’t imagine a conversation that would include internal organs.”
“Well put like that I do see your point, so what do we do with that lethal looking thing?” and he hoped it wasn’t what he had pictured in his head right now.
As Polly poured the tea she said, “You will have to hold him down while I push it to his chest and fire off the buttons in the sequence his friend taught me…. It’s a good job I wrote it down or I’d have forgotten it all.”
“Well I hope it doesn’t kill him, he sounds dreadful up there as it is!” Ben observed as the Doctor cried out again.
“Well drink your tea, you might need it.” Polly advised.

The two old companions crept up the stairs some ten minutes or so later, “Is he awake do you think?” Ben asked.
“Shh! We’ll soon find out won’t we… ready?” she asked as they reached the bedroom door.
“As I’ll ever be I guess, we’d better get it done quick!” Ben whispered.

Then they burst through the door with Ben almost driving full pelt onto the bed, where he grabbed the Doctors arms and pulled them to his back and turned the Doctor round to face Polly, who looked terrified, she put the device to his chest and to her shock saw the cylindrical ball enter his ribcage, and as she pressed the sequence of buttons as written, a sun like golden glow shone within The Doctors chest filling the room so brightly Polly and Ben had to shut their eyes tight…

The Doctor arched back against Ben who was now trapped under the Doctors full weight, and his eyes opened wide as his Gallifreyan body regenerated.

“Great Scot!” he cried as the full force of a regenerating sphere flowed into him, "What?... What have you don't to me you fools, my mind is so fuzzy! I don't like it!"

“Is it over?” Ben asked eyes still closed.
“I think so,” Polly replied opening first her left then right eye.
“He’s getting heavy get him off me.”
“That Jolly Well Hurt! Where did you get…. Oh wait… Did Pardrake give you that? Oh the very nerve of the man, he could have changed me with that!, it’s illegal! where on Gallifrey did he get that!”
“I’ve no idea Doctor but if you wouldn’t mind shifting your weight I’d be grateful!” Spluttered Ben feeling the crush.

Polly standing by the door muttered, “Goodness Doctor you look Younger!”
“I’ll tell ya what DOCTOR! You don’t haf’ Pen and Ink!”
“Ben?” said the Doctor, “where on earth did you come from?”
“I’ll tell ya when you’ve had a bath you stinker.. Blimey Polly you could of warned me.”
“Sorry Ben… I didn’t think, but now I’m here I have to say Doctor you really smell!”
“Charming… you both could have Killed me, What were you thinking!… I’ll have some choice words with that Monkish friend!”
“Wait a moment did you say I changed?” The Doctor said fully out of his induced misery.

“No I said you Look Younger! You still need a shave.” Polly replied
The Doctor stood and Ben sighed in relief.
“Thank You!” he said sarcastically.
“Well, Well, Well…. Pardrake you never cease to amazed me, you rouge.”  The Doctor remarked as he looked into the mirror, “, hmm! mirror, mirror on the wall, I don’t see any grey at all.” He said relieved to see he still had the features of the man he was
 8 months ago.

“Ok so what just happened?” Ben asked making for the door.
“Well  Ben, I’ve had an internal regeneration Probe thrust into me... against my will I might add, Did Pardrake tell you to do this Polly? Oh well, of course he would wouldn't he, there are very few Gallifreyans  who would know how to use a device such as that... Did he Tell you what it would do? I’m guessing not, I’m beginning to see how sly the old fox is. If he told you it was to restart my heart Polly he lied, clearly my heart was removed, so regeneration was the only way to renew it… but Why…. Why didn’t he use this after I was attacked? This puzzles me more then what you have both been made to do!” The Doctors mind was working fast, analysing every detail he could think of during his time with his Gaint friend.
“He did say it would restart your heart Doctor.” Polly was still by the door horrified at how easily taken in she was.
“Well.” Said The Doctor Clapping, “we have plans to get underway.”
Polly looked at The Doctor with some concern, “Doctor have you Forgotten about Janine?
“What? Oh Polly I’m Hurt you would even suggest such a thing… No I haven’t forgotten Her Polly, but that’s all locked away for now… until I need to remember.” And it sounded uncaring, but Polly knew how he cared, perhaps a Man with 500 years of memories has to find a way to control his thoughts or insanity would surely take hold.
The Doctor had time to think during his Bath, at  how he would resolve the issues of the past few days… and was he just dreaming or did The Master pay him a visit? On the latter part, he concluded his darkened mind allowed his evil to enter.

Ben and the Doctor sourced a window recovered from a demolished building that was as close to her original as possible, and the beautiful bay window looked as good as old, which was as it should be, which was very satisfying.
"Look at that Polly... as good as new." Ben said, pleased with his efforts.

The Doctor apologised  for his absence of mind and not being there when she was threatened by an Evil not of Earth.

"As you two may not be aware, let me tell you it’s not possible for anyone on this planet to over power a Gallifreyan Gruen, it’s a formidable beast as you no doubt know if you saw it kill the Howler Polly.”
"But I never saw it do that... I just saw the body, Pardrake did disable the collar so I could see what I was taking into my home, it had such terrifying jaws." Polly confessed. 

"Ah... Quite! but it never overcame it's attacker and that’s the worrying thing really… are you sure Pardrake killed the female?”
“What?... Huh! No, I don’t know… how could I, I only know what he told me, and that was that he had set the override on the ship after you disabled the shield.”
“Well that’s not very reassuring.”
“I’m sorry Doctor that’s all I know.” Polly said now feeling unsure all was well in Winchester. there could still be an Monster on the loose.

It transpired that Ben in his wish to be with Polly had taken on a new role as instructor  to those seeking a career in the navy at the base in Portsmouth.
The Doctor was happy both his first companions were able to help him once again.
There was a lot to do before New Years Eve 1999. and he will need all the help he can get. 

Returning to the home that  Janine and he shared was difficult, even for The Doctor in full control of his emotions.
He let the tears flow as he walked from room to room gathering the items needed for his future plans... he stopped by the bed  and picked up the silver framed picture of the both of them rolling in laughter during one of their many walks... it was taken by Polly and she had given it as a gift.  He carefully opened the back of the frame and after staring with a tearful smile he slipped it into his jacket pocket.

The Funeral had taken place in Janine's beloved Edinburgh and she was buried at Greyriars.
And as you would expect for someone with Janine McDuggan's  stature the service at St Mary's Cathedral was as beautiful, and full of some very moving tributes from acting colleagues, friends and others in her profession. 
Both her parents stool together and spoke of the child they knew and the woman she became.
But the most fitting tribute came from Janine herself. 
With Polly accompanying the Doctor, they sat away from the limelight, but even from the back she saw The Doctor's face tense as her voice reached out to him from death.

'Mum and Pop Din'nay Grieve for me, you gave me all a loving parent could, we laughed and argued as only we can and I love you both from deep within the soul you both gave me.
To My Darling and my Loving Friends, I have left you, but I do not want this moment to be full of tears, OK Cry for a Bit I've just died for goodness sakes what were you thinking?... '

At this those sitting laughed as it was typical of her.

'but seriously everyone of you made my life so worthwhile, and it's I who now have the chance to thank you all for that... Thank you All for believing in me when I doubted, and standing firm when I needed your support.
I know I'll be safe within your hearts where I will live forever and who could ask for more then that?
From birth we all tread a path that will end in our death, it's part of life and we accept it because it can't be changed, for some it comes early and others much later, but the day will come for us all, so lets not get morbid about this process, enjoy the time you have as you all helped me to enjoy mine.
I will spit in the eye of Death and say Thank you.
Now try and hold the fondest of memories so I know I leave you smiling and let that be my Memorial.'

Some laughter mixed with tears filled the Ancient building, and Polly looking through tear filled eyes saw The Doctor smiling and she was happy for that as his Janine would be.

The Master had set out to find the Dandy the Doctor had become, and find him he will.

It was now January 1970, Christmas just past them all by as it does when preoccupied with other things. gifts were exchanged and new promises made. 

For all that's come and for all that's going to come there will be a Reckoning by the end of this century, and the Doctor will make it his quest to be the victor.


Setting the Trap

Through the 70’s The Doctor continued with his computer program, he knew just the person to hand it to, and he would visit Seattle in America often to plant the seed that would grow into the 80’s and beyond.

He also had the means to continue Janine’s charitable works and provide rooms for the homeless she worried for so much.
The Youth Theatre formed to keep the youth occupied and off the streets expanded also, and now provided scholarships for the gifted in needed funds to take them further into their chosen profession.

As much as The Doctor tried he would still wake up shouting out Janine’s name as he clung onto her in his dreams and told her he wouldn’t let her fall, but she always fell with her eyes wide with fright!
He recalled a time where he told Jamie his Nightmares were caused by his failure to accept the out come of a true life event, so as he slept  he would endeavour to change it in his Dreams, but it was real, it happened! and a dream is just a dream. 
“you can’t change the past Jamie, you need to accept the reality that Your Brother has gone.”
“Yes wise words but hard to follow aren’t they! I wish Jamie were here so I could apologise.” He later confessed to Polly while sat with one of her cups of tea in hand.
“Well he will have accepted it as you will Doctor.” She replied brushing back some of her grey hair into place with her hand.

Polly helped as much as she could by selling more items for the Doctor, this would have made him one of the richest men in England if he hadn’t given so much away.

Over the following years the Doctor dabbled in various forms of employment, Stage hand, Librarian, Prop maker, special effects, he always made sure it was never anything that made him stand out to the wrong people... he could have worked in a scientific field for instance, but he was far too clever for That, his knowledge would quickly set him apart, and his competitive instinct to push beyond the known science may just take over, and as his curiosity took hold and he would compelled to find the answers, his inquisitive mind required.
He would tell himself that knowledge of advanced science on this still primitive world could result in a cataclysmic event that would destroy the Planet completely, as individual nations sought to dominant and hold power over it's rivals... Those primitive instincts to control land that could easily be shared and sudden advances would definitely draw the attention of The Watchers.
On one film set, where he provided mock laser guns, lighting effects, and some alien Prosthetics amused him... ‘Star Wars indeed, they have no idea.’ He chuckled at the voice in his head as he often did.
Boredom and fear of a stagnant mind was all the driving force  The Doctor needed to find work to prevent the insanity that would surely follow his inactivity; boredom would get him in all kinds of trouble, and Trouble was the enemy, Trouble would get him found before he had a chance to escape, and that escape if it worked was another 23 years away, he needed to stay undetected and the date that was now seared into his mind was Midnight 1999.

The Doctor did however worry for The Earth; after all he'd done... the fight with the Cybermen that evoked his renewal, out witting of the Daleks, and adventures that effect this planets future and past, with The Yeti, The Ice Warriors, how can he just sit by and watch these terrible creatures and the others who see this Planet as a perfect resource, who would strip it of all its precious metals and minerals to build an empire that enslaves all of  its inhabitants.
Then he remembered The Dandy.... ‘Ah Well I suppose, in a way I'm still protecting this world, even if he does have the look of a stage magician,’ "OH, wait!" he pondered more, “Perhaps I should introduce myself?.... No no no no no, stop That! You’re being ridiculous, YOU CAN'T GIVE YOURSELF AWAY!... Not yet! be patient, yes, take your time, read! That’s the ticket; absorb some wisdom and knowledge....make good use of your Time here!”
Over these long and for him strangely peaceful years he would continue to fight to control his mind and focus on The Plan, the plan which seemed so simple in 69', to just blend in and wait.... ‘But waiting thirty years... thirty years like this!... Oh MY Giddy Aunt!! .. If the wait didn't drive me mad then the politicians will...’

With the 70's passing him by with its rather optimistic  music  featuring space to often for its own good, he flew yet again to Seattle in January 1980.  he was last here in 75’ ‘Ah the 80’s with all its sparkle and shine..’ he declared, and for a while in order to blend  he considered having  his hair styled...’Oh no, I don't think so.’  he growled,  and laughed at the very idea.
‘I'll just wait, the shaggy unkempt look would soon be back in style ... so he squashed that idea as he set out to continue pioneering the look Until it did indeed return! then he would blend in perfectly.
Billy Gates as The Doctor referred to him was waiting at Starbuck’s another seed the Doctor dropped in the 70’s for a Good place to sit and talk while drinking a lovely hot tea or coffee… with settees to make it more homely for friends and family to chat in comfort. So it should be of no surprise it started out in Seattle too.
“Ah Billy… how have you been dear boy?”
“I’m fine thank you Duncan… and you?”
“Oh…ha-ha,” He laughed, “I’m rather splendid… Well..” and he coughed to clear his throat, “I’m delighted to see you’ve continued to move forward with Microsoft, what’s it been 5 years?”
“Yes Duncan you’re correct as you always are! You said on the phone you have a system you believe will work with our plans to provide personal computers, Paul (Paul Allan) is keen to get this up and running as soon as possible.” Bill answered sipping from a large mug.
“Yes I can imagine,” The Doctor said as he sat opposite Bill and sipped from his own cup “Hmm, lovely, lovely, lovely, now that’s the way to start the day isn't it…” and both smiled and raised a cup to that.
“So this program runs from icons as we discussed?”
“Yes Billy, I call it Doors… and you open them when you click the icon twice you see?” and The Doctor place a laptop on the table.
“Goodness this is very advanced even for you Duncan!” Bill said shocked to see a Computer without cables working right in front of him.
“Oh don’t concern yourself with that, I know you have plans for a prototype.”  He looked at Bill, and Bill nodded, but he was still amazed to see a working model.
“Oh…We are calling it Windows!” Bill countered.
“What? The computer?” The Doctor asked puzzled.
“What? Ah… No the operating system we are calling it Windows, you know like open Windows? It’s the future Duncan.”
“Hmm, but you don’t go in through windows unless you’re a burglar! Polite people use the Door!” The Doctor pointed out.

“I believe in the product Duncan and Paul will concur that Windows is a visual brand that will capture the imagination… Look I’ve a logo already waiting…” And Bill showed The Doctor and multi coloured slightly askew window like image.
“Hmm…” the Doctor looked at it closely, “Well if you insist, it is your company after all, and The Doctor opened the screen to display some pre installed icons on the opening page.
“Now as you see here,” he said pointing to the screen, “if you want to say…. Type a document you click twice on this page icon see!”
A blank page filled the screen and The Doctor typed ‘I like Doors.’
“You are so funny Duncan, Oh and this is amazing, more then I hoped for in fact, so you’re giving me this system and discs for Windows right?”
“Yes of course,” and he muttered, “Windows indeed, what ever next a seat called a table?”
“It’s just a brand name Duncan, believe me it works…. Ohhhh!! Works! We can call the word processing icon The Works! What do you think?”
“I think I’ll leave that in your capable hands Billy, you seem to have a knack for such things.” And with that the Doctor sat back relieved to have passed on this vital part of Earths future, then raised his cup and drank with a satisfactory grin on his face.
“So, how much will this cost?” Bill asked
“How many more times do I have to tell you I have no need of your money Billy, this is…. A hobby you might say to keep me occupied, and talking of hobbies have you been caught speeding those shiny sports cars again?”
“Well..." and he shrugged laughing, "You know me too well, I’m grateful for your time and effort Duncan, and for encouraging me even as a child to strive towards my goals and make my dreams a reality.”
“That was always there growing inside Dear Boy, you had no need of me to push you in that direction, I’m just glad I can help where and when I can… So now I must be off back to England.” The Doctor made a gesture with his hand as he stood, to indicate Bill should finish his coffee and relax.
And the two friends parted company.

The 90's came with its revolution in computer technology that touched all walks of life, Oh yes they had computers in the 80's but is was a very niche market where  all programs had to be typed then saved to cassette before the larger 5 inch floppy disc's arrived.
The 90's is where it really took off, as that clever chap the Doctor encouraged one marvellous summer in 75’ Launched Windows to a world full of future computer users, and it wasn’t long thereafter almost every home throughout the World had a computer running on Windows.   
“Ah William.....oh yes good old Billy Gates is the very  fellow I need to get a Tardis.  Although I still prefer Doors!" but the young rascal  run off with the idea now using the other name.
“Well it took you long enough didn't it.” he stated to himself.
“And what was wrong with a carefully placed Trap door? Hmm?.... that’s why Doors had such a lovely ring to it, your a strange chap Billy Gates but a Genius!”
Looking at Himself in the mirror the Doctor was studying his hair closely.. "Oh Galloping Gobstoppers...just look at that? The grey hair is back!!, I'm only just over 570 for goodness sake!"

The Time for a confrontation with an old adversary was close at hand, with the End of the 90’s approaching fast... “Am I ready? Will I ever be ready?”
He felt Old and Rusty, after all his time without a Tardis,  he wasn’t even sure if  any of the machines would accept him, and that’s a major part of owning a Tardis….Acceptance!
and without that he will never be given the gift of regenerating, he could die here on this primitive planet and no one would be the wiser.
“What are you Muttering about up there Doctor?” Ben shouted form the bottom of the stairs.
“Never you mind.” He directed at Ben “muttering indeed as if I mutter!”
“I heard that Doctor and you do!”
And the Doctor huffed defiantly.

Ben now retired had been living with Polly the past 20 years.
The Doctor had his own home near The Cathedral just in case Pardrake returned.
The Doctor was curious to just how much influence his Old friend had on his future.
He had years to mull over his life since arriving on Earth, like the removal of his heart, he accepted this was due to his death at the hands of the Howlers, and the internal damage was unrepairable,  but it just can’t be a coincidence that he had just one heart when he encounter The Master, Oh yes he was aware he was looking at The Master that day and fully expected a slow and horrible death at his hands, but at that particular moment in time he didn’t care.
Did Pardrake know he would appear? Did he foresee the agonising disappointed the Master felt as he found he couldn’t reap  vengeance on the man who stole his Tardis, because all he found for his trouble was a human?
“You’re still mumbling” Ben shouted grinning, knowing it would annoy the old Time Lord.
“Well Mirror I don’t suppose you won't divulge any answers to my questions Hmm? … No I didn’t think so.”
"Still Mumbling" Ben Laughed.
Polly had allowed Ben to cook the roast dinner they would soon enjoy.
“You have a wonderful Cooker Doctor… an Ara I’ve never used one before.”
“Well it’s very efficiant Ben, once the heat is stored and maintained it’s ready for use.”
“Oh I agree, once you get used to it.” Ben chorused.
“You men and Things…. It’s a cooker it cooks, it isn’t magic you know.” Polly scoffed.
“Blimey I guess your Hungry… I better dish it up before I’m ordered to walk the plank Doctor eh?”
“Yes Ben I think you best do that right away.” The Doctor said smirking at Polly.
“Just you two stop it!…. OK! It smells delicious so feed me now!” she joked in turn.
And across the water Americans where celebrating Thanks Giving.

“Eat up Doc’ or are you still thinking of New York?” Ben asked while carving the turkey and adding it as the last ingredient to The Doctor’s plate.
“Yes I’m afraid I am Ben, it’s been a long time coming and we’ve all grown old waiting for this year to arrive.”
“Speak for yourself  Old Man.” Ben chuckled towards Polly, who grinned at the Doctor as a fellow teaser.
“Well…ah like I said it’s been a long time coming and I won’t know the outcome until we get the over side of 2000, it’s a worry you see, if Bill has found my program contained more then the script he needed to run Windows, well he may have removed it, and that would be a disaster!”
“But you have a back up right? Even I have learnt to make back ups when it comes to computers Doctor!”
“I have the original Program yes, but it’s essential that all the computers in use around the world contain the Code, I will use it to link every available source to act against Delfor’s attack.” The Doctor replied sounding glum.
“Oh come on Doctor, when have you ever failed?” Polly asked.
“More times then I care to remember Polly, I took Delfor for granted before, Pardrake was far more wary of him then I… I wish I had his ability to see into the soul of a man and predict his every move, he was brilliant at that, and it’s no good playing chess with him that’s for sure.” The Doctor answered looking more worried then ever.
“Your losing it mate! And who the hell is Delfor, he sounds like a Musketeer!  Best foot forward, isn’t that what you always told us? Your great at giving advice but lousy at taking it Doctor!”
“this is true, I can’t argue with that, I think it must be my charm..." then he tutted at Ben sternly, then softened again, "Well the last time I was on Gallifrey I was running for my life due to Delfor, and because of that I'm now the evil element in children's nightmares and nursery rhymes...but your right a faint heart never won a fair lady… Delfor was an old school chum shall we say, so yes best foot forward I think, because I’m taking you two with me.”
hy is it all your Gallifreyan Buddies want to kill you or anyone involved with you, as soon as they find you?" Ben asked then taking in the Doctor's last sentence spluttered , "What? New York at new Years! It’s miles away.”
“Well I see the navy served you well Ben, yes it’s a good few thousand miles from here but it’s where I need to be, and you two need a holiday away from here… I’ve booked us near Times Square where I expect you both to have fun and join in the celebrations.”
“So you don’t need us then Doctor?”
“I’m always in need of good companions as you well know, but in this instance this is something I must do lone, it’s not just my life is at stake here you see Polly.” The Doctor proclaimed, setting a firm chin.
“By now on this planet what would have been my 8th regeneration had I not avoided the change, will be taking place on the other side of the world, and with his help I will conquer two evils with one stone so to speak.”
“Crikey Doctor two of you on the planet at the same time, can the world take it.” Ben quipped.
“Well the other hopefully won’t be aware of my involvement, it’s information I obtained from…”
And before he could finish both Ben and Polly said in unison
 “Yes quite!” the Doctor rubbed his chin, ‘he’s a wily old fox that man, and has driven this path for me from the start! I’m beginning to suspect he may have  known about my copy before I did.”
“Well he’s been a life saver to you and that’s no exaggeration.” Polly replied.
“Yes that’s very true, well this is a lovely meal Ben, I really am in good company tonight.” The Doctor said changing the subject.
Then he stood with wine glass raised.
 “To friends come and gone.” He offered
And all three were on their feet clinking glasses.
“TO FRIENDS COME AND GONE DOCTOR” Polly and Ben replied.

The Doctor never told his companions that The Master was also deeply entwined in this endeavour , taking on a man  who’s madness has made him the most inhuman of all his enemies won’t be easy by any means, The Doctor even has the misfortune of knowing he was once a highly respected family member. But that man is buried deep in that Black suited man's evil soul, this would be an encounter like no other as two Doctors timelines hang in the balance.
‘I will see you Grandfather for the last time and that is a promise I intend to keep.  So this will be the last time our paths cross, it won’t  be a walk in the park that I know, but it has to be done or I may never be able to save the 8th incarnation. The Doctor promised in his head.

 “To Friends Come and Gone.” All three cheered as one. 



Happy New Year

Later when Polly finally had a chance to speak to the Doctor alone as they cleaned and cleared away the cutlery of the nights meal, she said “You still miss her don’t you?”

“Janine? Oh yes I miss her more then anyone I’ve come to know, which is odd for me…”

He glanced at Polly as he passed the wet plate, and noticing her expression added. “Oh please don’t get me wrong I do miss everyone I’ve known, but I have ways to put those thoughts to the back of my mind… But as for Janine I’ve not been able to just lock her away as I’ve done with others, it troubles me deeply Polly.”
“Well Doctor I can’t even begin to understand how you keep your sanity with all you’ve seen in your life time, but I do know she changed you while she was here… you began to live if that makes any sense?” Polly said and even she wondered if she was making any sense.
“I think your right, for once in my manic existence I was able to relax… When was the last time I asked you both to Run!” He laughed.
Laughing Polly replied, “Too long Doctor, we both miss that excitement.”
“You know Polly it’s been marvellous to be able to see you and Ben blossom as a couple… you both compliment each other perfectly.”
Still smiling Polly said, “I would go that far…” and laughing added, “We understand each other and that’s a good feeling knowing you can trust someone completely.”
“Yes… I do understand that.”
“You had that with Janine I know… do you remember how beautiful her funeral was?”
“Yes… it was lovely and her parting words… if it wasn’t for that hooligan lobbing things from the back I’d say it was perfect.”

The Doctor thought back to that moment when two trouble makers were asked to leave the Cathedral.
One being an Old gentleman in traditional Scottish clan wear seemed to be urging the clocked woman away to ashamed to show his face, which he kept low with his chin to his chest.

“I’ve made up the spare room for you both it will save you walking home, it quite chilly tonight.” The Doctor offered.
“Thank you, yes that will be lovely, and if I know Ben he’s already tucked up snoring.”

Polly was right, Ben knew the Doctor would not allow them to walk home after a good night of wine and memories.

The Doctor had just weeks to ready himself, after all these years waiting, it all now seemed to be a rush.

On the last week of December 1999 the three made their way across the sea, a small child of three with thick curls of ginger hair looked on fascinated by the Doctor, and he giggled as he watched the Doctor attempting to open his complementary nuts…

The Doctor pulled the sides of the packed apart but it was difficult… so he grimaced exaggerating the struggle for the Childs delight, until it exploded with it’s contents flying in all directions, a woman in her late forties wasn’t impressed as several nuts made refuge in her cleavage and she looked on in horror as she thought the Doctor was about to retrieve them…

This was exactly what he was about to do by instinct to rectify his clumsiness until he realised how inappropriate that would be under the circumstances, so he raised his hands in an apologetic gesture. “I’m so sorry the little rascals got away from me!”

Leaving the woman to huff her displeasure; he waved at the child who was now doubled over laughing while at the same time tugging at his mothers sleeve in an attempt to show her the funny man.
The Mother with a Connecticut accent  leaned around to put  her head above her son with her free hand to her lip saying, “Oh My!” giggled too.

A stewardess rushed up the aisle. “do you need assistance madam?”

Now over the shock the woman changed her demeanour and apologised for the fuss, “it’s quite alright but I do believe this gentleman requires more nuts.” And all those aware of what was happening laughed or just smiled in amusement.
“If you will allow me to show you sir,” said the Stewardess on her return, “There is a small tear near the corner to aid you in opening the packet… See!”
“Oh…I do see… how very clever thank you.” And the Doctor smiled and opened the packet, “lovely.”
Mary Jane (she of the cleavage) asked, “Are you visiting family over the holidays?”
“Yes, you could say that,” He beamed offering some nuts.
“Oh No thank you… I think I may find some later.” And they both laughed.

Ben turning back from the commotion behind them remarked, “Well he knows how to make an impression I’ll give him that.” And he held Polly’s hand  as they both looked at each other in that ‘How Typical’ kind of way.

They landed at Kennedy Airport  in the bitterly cold evening of December 28th, the snow had held off but rain filled the night like a cold shower for the tired passengers which turned to ice pellets by the time the taxi dropped them off at The Paramount Hotel on 46th Street in New York.

At last the time to escape this forced exile was at hand, with The Doctor having no belief in Gods or wishes he knew his fate was his to control.

In the huge reception with numerous guest dressed up for parties or conventions, all three were dumb struck by the sheer scale of everything.

“Hey Doctor you could fit a Tardis in Ere’,” Ben Boomed, misjudging the loudness of his voice because of the vast open space.
“Very funny Ben, now you and Polly make the minutes and seconds count, this is your time to enjoy each others company I think, I have someone I have to meet in Times Square so I don’t expect to see either of you until the 1st January 2000.”
“Sounds great doesn’t it Poll… the year 2000, who would aver’ thought we’d  be here to see this eh?”
“It’s lovely Ben… Doctor before you wonder off, is everything alright with you?... well what I mean is… you know, this is a big place you shouldn’t try snapping off more then you can chew.”
“Ah you Earth people and your Metaphors, I’m positive all will be well. The time has been prepared for after all.”
“Well as long as you’re sure Doctor… Oh and don’t go down anywhere underground, it give me the creeps, and I’ll not sleep for worry.”
“Now now Polly no time for doubts now Hmm? I’m happy, so be off with you both, go have some fun!”
“OK fine, you’re sure?”
“I’m very much as sure I can be, now do stop repeating yourself you’re making me giddy! Ben please keep this do gooder busy and keep her out of mischief.
“Oh I will Doctor you Ave’ my word.”
“Good… ta ta till then hmm?”

Times Square was bursting at the seams, with more chatter then a  human could fathom, but the Doctor wasn’t Human so he loved all the talk lighting up his mind with the colour of their words.


“Good Evening Duncan….”
“Ah Mister President right on cue as per usual.”
“I told you last time just call me Bill…Now how can I assist you this time?”
“Very well  Bill it is… I will need access codes to various computers in the financial district, I could crack them myself of course but that takes time and Timing is everything in this mission…”
“Wall Street?… Oh why am I even trying to guess your reasons… OK let me know where you intend being and my man will bring you all the codes you require  by tomorrow morning at the coffee house in 43rd, tell him the Swans are flying North.”
“Oh stop it, I know you’ve always wanted to be a spy, it’s not that grand a life let me tell you…”
“What no beautiful woman spies out there to get me?”
“Well in your job I imagine that’s very possible, but joking aside this is a matter of great importance  to your  country and all other countries for that matter, if I fail Earth may never be the same for any of us.”
“Fine so tell me what you need and it will be done.”
“Here is my best guess….

And the two conspirators spoke into the night and shared a drink or two together.

Ben and Polly had the most wonderful time…They enjoyed Dame Edna The Royal Tour, Annie Get Your Gun, Kiss me Kate and The Scarlet Pimpernel on Broadway.
They ate at the best restaurants, and shopped at Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Tiffany’s…. all places they had only seen in films.

Everywhere was a film set to them.

This was dangerous endeavour for The Doctor, the Time lord he was going to outwit and take a Tardis from was no fool, and he wasn't hampered by languishing on a primitive planet for thirty years, Delfor was fresh from the fight.

Delfor, escaping the Time War, would target The Doctor's favoured Planet....Earth. He was a crawl spiteful Gallifreyan, always bemoaning  that Gallifrey owed him a favour although he was never prepared to work for it. the vivid scar on his face from an encounter with The Doctor was richly deserved, at the time they were mere school boys, Oh yes he deserved it... the bully deserved all The Doctors rage.... that was in a time when the young Doctor's Gallifreyan mind was still developing and he lacked the control, that would sustain him in later years.

At an eight floored Georgian looking building in the Wall Street District, The Doctor stood waiting in the shadows, Delfor would soon appeared and as he thought it a wall at the side of this building opened and out stepped a black robed figure with silver rings on collar and cuffs, he looked less ornate then the Time Lords The Doctor faced in his trial, but he still looked Alien and out of place.

Standing at 6 feet tall (1.83 metres) with his long dark straight hair to his shoulders he looked a formidable adversary, Delfor’s pale blue piercing eyes would burn into anyone who opposed him. But despite the angry scar that travelled from his left ear down to the left side of his jaw, some would still call him a handsome man, this only helped to mask the evil that lurked in his inner soul.

He hurried across the street to the New York Stock Exchange opposite, and using a sonic device on his wrist opened the large doors without setting off a single alarm.

“Clever cloggs.” The Doctor said under his breath, now following as the rapidly moving foe that had walked out of sight.

Inside the building he just caught a glimpse of Delfor’s shadow as it rounded one of the corridors heading to the main floor.

At the doorway to this floor The Doctor could see the glowing cube Delfor had produced form deep within the folds of his robe, he placed it on one of the many computer terminals.

“Oh you foolish primitives and your reliance on inferior technology, I will bring you to your knees and you will beg me Yes Beg me, not to harm your fragile financial stability… But I will not hold you to Ransom, oh no I will convince you I have the answer to your dreams, and when I build an A.I. at your request, you will set the time for your total annihilation, and you will be stripped of everything  until you have nothing more to give. Then...Oh Then I will rule your planet because all human life will be used to feed those that looked at humans as humans look to cattle. Why? Because I will set the A.I. the task of saving your  miserable Earth, and it will so see the need to rid it of those causing it most harm.”

From his advantage point in the corridor The Doctor Tutted “Ah Poor Delfor with no audience bowing to your greatness you've taken to talking to yourself haven't you.” he said talking to himself then realising how funny this would look stifled his laughter by holding his hanky to his mouth to silence his amusement.

He crept as stealthily as he could into the offices near the main floor and sat at a terminal,  then locking his fingers together he flexed his hand like a professional burglar about to crack a safe.

You may ask why the Doctor isn’t worried by the Alien cube, but he is familiar with it’s design and knows it’s capabilities and the flaws in it’s programming, so fear not, he has made good use of the Last 30 years and this was the very thing he prepared for.

Nothing The Doctor does by chance, there is always a plan. He will countermand the cube’s Gallifreyan computer virus. "audentes fortuna iuvat"  he muttered as he placed his hands to the keys, taking in  a deep breath he typed  the access code Bill Clinton provided.

Now The Doctor was typing  at an eye watering speed, for once he gained entry there was no stopping him,  he set about to bring his program in action…. And with one last flourish The Doctor sat back in his chair to stare at the screen and as if on cue an animated icon that looked very much like the Doctor, waved with hanky in hand and it started jumping with delight to a catchy electronic tune.

“Hmm… I don’t recall making that but it’s a lovely touch, I like it!”

Then a script appeared:

Hello Doctor… I have no idea what this program does but I trust you enough to know it will be for the benefit of the Windows program.

I hope you enjoyed the dancing Doctor.

You’re Friend Bill Gates

“Ah it’s done.”

The Doctor took one last peek at Delfor who was still typing in his command codes.

At this the Doctor chuckled knowing he would be unaware his virus would fail; These inferior beings on this Earth never had the intelligence to stop him after all.

Back at the Tardis with it’s fully working chameleon circuit that allowed it to merge into the building opposite, The Doctor used the key Pardrake dropped into his tea cup, the very same key he himself had made on Gallifrey many years before. In his teens he thought it would be a handy thing have, with it he was  able to open any Tardis at the museum and smiling with delight he saw this Tardis obliged by opening its doors to him.

He hurried to the console to set the controls at its centre, he had no idea how much time he had to prepare a welcome for the retuning and no doubt jubilant Time Lord,  he had to be ready…

The mesmerising hum of the Tardis was music to his ears and this Tardis liked him, he could feel it, and there was a positive pulse of goodwill coming from the instruments as he stroke them with his hand. “You’re a good old girl aren’t you.” He said reassuringly.

Delfor with an evil self satisfied grin on his face froze as he entered His Tardis, the sight of the Doctor at the console drained the colour from his face.

“What! How can You BE! I saw the signed orders for your exile myself.” he scanned the control room for traps..

“You should not exist in this form!” now he screeched.
“What have you done?” He'd learnt to be wary of the Doctor and his mind was struggling to take in this shocking development.

This can’t be happening he thought this Doctor is Dead!

“Why are you here? This is my Tardis! Have you violated the timeline rules?"

The Doctor looked on Delfor without hiding his disgust, "I'm not the man I used to be..." he chuckled, "Sorry private joke."
“I’m here Dear Delfor to put things to rights; You deserted your people in their greatest need.”

Delfor with a look of disdain said “How dare you tell me, I deserted our people Doctor?” he laughed, “What good have you done for the Gallifreyan race lately?” now raging and approaching the console he added, “You despise your own race you little man!”

The Doctor’s hand hovered over the switches he had set...

“I wouldn’t say I despise the Gallifreyan people,  Bureaucrats like yourself and politics …Well let’s just say we can’t agree on policy, I may be rebel but I never ran when those around me are dying!!”

Another step and Delfor was in perfect alignment.

“Doctor I pity you... Everyone around you Dies!” Delfor stepped forward and raising his arm fired a stun blot, This was the Doctor's biggest worry... that he would lack the speed to deal with a sudden attack after years of normal living... Stun blots were used to restrain dangerous criminals on Gallifrey, but this shot was set to Kill, it struck The Doctor in the chest, sending him backwards to strike the console room wall with such force the air left his body as he slumped to the floor as he was sliding the Doctor Thought.. Who dodges a Stun Bolt, I was never that fast... Delfor  laughed at how easy it was to Kill The Kelthor, he wasn't anything to fear at all.
Which is why The Doctor set the trap to engage automatically, he held his hand over the switch for dramatic effect only... Delfor felt the change in the room.
“What?...What have You Done?”
The something amazing happened The Tardis spoke!
' You are being sent you to a place where you can redeem yourself for deserting your people.'
“Wait! Tardis I command you to override….Obey Me!” Delfor dematerialised.
The Voice was that of The Doctor, again he had foreseen this shortfall in his plans and recorded a message that activated if he wasn't able to reply.
With Delfor gone The Doctor allowed himself to pass out... his braces had taken the lethal charge from the bolt and redirected it into the floor, but it blasted The Doctor's favourite shoes in the process... He wouldn't be pleased when he woke.

The Doctor had set a time bubble to send Delfor forward in time to align perfectly to his current time, the stroke of Midnight on the other side of this continent…. Now as the clock stuck Twelve in New York  Delfor materialised as the clock struck Twelve in San Francisco….

Here another life will be ebbing away, this fight set in the cloister room at the heart of The Tardis saw what would have been his 8th incarnation was losing his life. The Cloister Room had the appearance of a Gothic pillared amphitheatre with it's railed steps and at it's centre The Eye of Harmony was opened by The Master, this would lead to the Earths destruction unless it was closed.

The Master in the process of stealing the Doctor’s final Regenerations, gloating with eyes glowing red he bellowed his blood curdling laughter, when Delfor appeared in front him, this caused him to stall his sickening laugh.

Back in New York The Doctor figured Delfor had a 50/50 chance of survival, and that fate was now in his hands.

Delfor force to face The Master hesitated.

Enraged by this intrusion to his victory over The Doctor The Master grabbed Delfor viciously by the throat lifting him off the ground.

“Who are You?” he spat. Then he felt it as Delfor gargled, his words stifled to grunts in The Masters grip…

“ Is this a plea for mercy?...”
“I gave you your freedom!” he crocked barely audible.
“You’re a Time lord!, Oh this is just glorious.”

The Master transferred his being into Delfor and the cask of his former body fell onto the steps like an empty sack… raising from his Knees The Delfor Master Let out an frightening laugh..

But it was too late, Delfor gave The Doctor all the time he needed to free himself and now swing from the upper rail with all his might he kicked to Master two footed into the open Eye of Harmony…

The Tardis  then slipped back in time just before midnight and Energy travels from the Eye of  Harmony into the bodies lying on the floor of the chamber.

Grace and Chang Lee died at the hands of The Master while attempting to help the Doctor, this energy now revived them, and the Eye closed.

The Doctor didn't know how an old Gallifreyan foe arrived to save his life, but he recognised Delfor and as he was responsible for the death of his father at the hands of  his Grandfather The Master, so it would be fair to assumed one of his former selves had settle that old score.

Helping Chang lee then Grace form the Cloister room floor he invited them to join him, but both declined, after all they had been through he didn’t blame them, so after dropping them off at their desired destinations the Doctor Found Himself alone, not for the first time and set off to a new adventure.

Back New York The Doctor stood over the control of his Tardis…

He set the time to allow him to join Ben and Polly in Times Square as they embraced in a kiss to welcome the New Year.

“Let’s Get married Poll…” Ben Urged as he leaned back to take in her beautiful features.
"Is this the champagne Talking.” She laughed, giving his nose a squeeze.
“Well it is about time isn’t it… I mean look at you two, your not getting any younger.” Said a grinning Doctor.
“Oh look Polly He’s smiling again, I think he saved the Earth and got his Tardis… is that right?”
“Have you Doctor? Did it work?” Polly asked eyes wide in anticipation.
neither companion noticed He was wearing slippers.
“Yes, All's well with the World and I have my Tardis… Happy 2000 to you both” and he embraced them both as they all yelled A Happy New Year.

The Doctor was unaware That Bill Gates was celebrating the program that had disabled The Millennium Bug as well as Delfor’s virus.

“Well Done that Man.” Bill cheered as he raised his Glass.


 I am The Duncan
The Doctor smiled a contented smile; after all he was a Genius…
“Oh well old girl, we have things to do Don’t we, we have  Jamie to save.”
And he set the time rotor alone for the first time.

 The Doctor was surprised to find Jamie with His other self’s 12th incarnation.
“What?... this isn’t a Time Share you know… It’s my Tardis!”
“Oh you have no worries there I have a Tardis of my own.”
Jamie did what he always did when his Doctor appeared… he let him get on with it and sat taking in the moment.

“No…no Wait I feel no connection to you… your Him aren’t you, the other Doctor!”
“Well I think you can Call me Duncan, I’ve had enough confusion to last a life time.”
“Oh Duncan is it now…. very strange and not at all inspiriting is it!”
The Duncan agreed, “No it’s not inspiring but it was once said in love and I feel that love everytime I hear it.” He said smiling.
“Hmm… well you really are a strange wee man aren’t you.”
“Again I find myself agreeing with you, I have something to ask of you. I need a companion… I need Jamie.”
“Well that’s very much up to Jamie isn’t it.”
“Indeed…. Jamie will you join me, I’m in need of your help… there is something I must do and it can’t be done alone, I need a steady hand  at the controls.”
Now Jamie stool scratching his head, “Have you hit your head Doctor, you never let me touch the controls!”
“Ha ha,’ Well that was another me, and we’ve both come alone way since then haven’t we.
The older Jamie had to agree, “Yes we have, and I see your also wearing a little grey in your hair.”
“Yes, indeed and that came at a great cost to me, as I was unable to leave a certain planet we know.” The Duncan opened his arms and embraced Jamie, “It’s so good to see you dear boy… well hardly a boy now hmm.”
“Aye true enough, it’s always great to see you Doctor.”
“If I may interrupt this loving moment, I’d like to say I’ve seen far to much of you lately, or is that just me?” said The 12th with arms firmly crossed.
“What ever happened before it wasn’t with me I can assure you.” Duncan replied.
“OHHH NO Wait!... it’s you isn’t it… the one that got away, you defied the Time Lords, I must admit I admire you for that.”
“Well it was at their doing so to speak, so all’s fair in love and war; we have to make the most of opportunities as they arise.”
“Well Jamie what are you waiting for, you best be off with this reprobate, I think I may see you later… I have a feeling our time isn’t over and I have need of you too.”
“OK… Well Doctor Duncan we best be away hey!”

And they both walked into the wall of the Tardis to enter the new Tardis.

“Show Off.” the 12th  Shouted.

“So what’s so urgent you need my help Doc… Duncan.” Jamie corrected.

“Well I want to recreate the conditions that made my other self.”

“Why would you need to do that… you’re already here?”

“Not for me Jamie but for someone who deserved to live longer then she did.”

Jamie was aghast “Doctor we’ve all lost someone… even you!”

“I know Jamie… I can’t explain it, you see I want her back.”

“I think I understand.”
“You do! Oh how marvellous!”
“Aye… well I think I understand more then you do.”
“Really? In what way?”
“It does nay matter Doc… Duncan… oh this is confusing enough hey! I thought you changed your name to stop the confusion.”
“Well back on Earth it works… that other Doctor is still around you see I can’t approach Unit or any other organisation I’ve been involved with in the past…  At least Not as The Doctor.”
“Oh now I see… I think, Well come on Duncan let’s get this done.”
“You’ve changed Jamie, you seem more purposeful.”
“It comes with age Doctor as you well know… Oh Blast it! I mean Duncan.”
“That’s quite alright Jamie I’m still getting used to it myself.”
The Duncan aligned the Tardis as close to the Black Hole as possible and remain intact.
Now Jamie you are in control of the retrieval… see the double lever set to its lowest level?”
“Well when I set the coordinates for that retrieval I need you to use your best judgement and capture Janine the same way the Time Lords capture the other me… Yes!”
“A big ask Duncan I’m nay Time Lord.”
“No Jamie your better then that…. And that’s the point really; you are perfect for the job.”
“Well let’s see shall we?”
“Yes… well I’ll guide the time and place while you standby, when I say Now! Set the controls by sliding them both upwards until you see a lock on the indicator above… clear!”
“As mud…let’s get on wee it.”
On the monitor hovering above Duncan the misty screen began zooming in on someone running… she was running up a hill somewhere.
Duncan set a time lock… “Now Jamie!”
The woman on the screen bent forward like the strain of the retrieval was too much for her.
“We’re hurting her Doctor! Shall I stop?”
“NO! Jamie use more power, this has to work…”
Jamie moved the controls slowly, increasing the power. “It’s nay working Doctor!”
“Oh fiddle sticks!…. I think I have the answer… Jamie hold on tight to something I’m dropping the shields.”

With his free arm Jamie wrapped himself tight to a supporting pillar by his console.

Duncan clung to the centre console… as the shield dropped half the back wall of the Tardis was pulled into the Black hole and the air around them began screaming as it was sucked away.

“I’m gonna give it full power Doctor.” Jamie said pushing the levers to the maximum setting.

On the screen that was shaking furiously the woman looked about the faint. Then another appeared bent double by The Doctor, he slammed the shield switch back on…

The back wall had a gaping hole where Black Hole could be seen like a frozen whirlpool, but the screaming of the air had stopped as the room settled, Duncan took Janine in his arms as he had done on that Winchester hill, and on the screen with his past life mirrored the present, then taking her full weight he lifted Janine gently into his arms and carried her to the treatment room.

“Duncan… What’s happening I feel so ill?” she gasped.

 Jamie looked on as Duncan left with Janine and switched off his console.
“Job done then hey!, but what about that gaping big hole Doctor?” he said thumbing back over his shoulder to the rear wall.
"What hole Jamie?"
Jamie turned to observe the tear in the ships hull...but the wall was intact with no sign it had ever been damaged.
"Oh OK, that will be it then." Jamie uttered as he followed Duncan into the passage ways.

In the medical bay of the Tardis, Duncan placed Janine down onto the treatment table and pulled down the scanning bridge.
It took two hours for the auto med table to administer treatment to its patient’s dying cells, but the cancer was finally removed.
It would take several days for Janine to fully recover her strength.
She looked up towards the bright white ceiling, and a face she knew all to well appeared to stare down at her.
“You must sleep my Dear, now it’s my turn to play host," and he spead his arms, "this is the Tardis, this is my home.”

Janine smiled and even that effort hurt, until her heavy eyes closed and she sunk into a comforting darkness.
She woke to voices.

“Aye she’s a Bonnie wee Lass for sure Duncan, but what she sees in you is anyone’s guess.”
“Very funny Jamie, it’s my charm that won her over.”
“Charm? Can you buy that now?” Jamie smirked.
And the two were both laughing when Janine spoke.
“Excuse me… it was the baggy trousers that won me over, I’ve always had a soft spot for Charlie Chaplin.”
“Ah… your awake, I’ll fetch you some tea, I have a feeling you’ll perk up with a nice cuppa.” Duncan smiled.

“Hello Janine I’m Jamie McCrimmon of the Clan…”

And Janine interrupted to say, “Oh My goodness I know all about you Jamie have no fear of that, the man never shuts up about you.”
“Oh really!... well Aye who could blame him hey!”
“Who indeed.”
“I see you two are getting acquainted… one lump or two?” Duncan asked on his return.
“I’ll have too.” Jamie said still smirking.
"Not you Jamie I was asking Janine.” And they both enjoyed the joke.
“I’m cutting out sugar Duncan, a woman needs to watch her figure you know.”
She sat up taking the earl grey black as it should be.
“So tell me… just what’s happening here, where am I? And what have you done to me I’ve not felt so alive in ages.”
“Where to begin with...hmm…. Well this is My Tardis and it removed that Horrible Cancer you were about to tell me about back on Earth.”
“Oh so this is that ship you longed for so long… well it lacks the charm of a Tudor Home but I guess you can get used to it, so are you taking me back… I do have a play to finish?”
“I’m sorry Janine you can never go back to that life… you died.”
“Died? But I don’t understand I’m here… this isn’t heaven is it?”
“Not quite, I retrieved you from our past; you have two lives now… this one and the other that is no more.”
“But Why? Why would you do that?”
“I can explain that.” Jamie said, much to their surprise.
“Carry on Jamie…. You have the stage.” Janine replied.
“Well you see Janine… this Man isn’t really my Doctor.” he replied pointing.

At this Duncan was about to protest when Jamie held up a hand to quiet him.
“You see The Doctor was unaware I’d discovered there were in fact two of them… I sorta kept it to ma self, this isn’t the Doctor that fought the space pirates or that other Time Lord responsible for the War Games…"
Janine looked on uncomprehending.
"He's talking about visits to other planets and a space station Janine." Duncan explained.
Jamie continued without noticing her confusion, "he is in fact the copy of my Doctor, I say copy but he's the very same man to a certain point in time, and they have the same soul, Him!" he pointed to Duncan again, "and  My Doctor, I know my Doctor would never allow us to go into dangerous situation without him… so they would agrue who was who, till my Doctor won, oh I know he’s the same man, but one knew the other to be a copy and that’s him.” Jamie said.
“Oh Jamie really!” Duncan protested.
“Let him finish Duncan.” Janine suggested patting Duncan’s hand.
“He’s still a great man, but men are formed by their experiences so this is why I say he’s not the same as My Doctor as he's not experienced all my Doctor had. It's simple really!” Jamie smiled.
“Oh My Word! You’ve become quite the phosphor in your old age haven’t you.”
“Aye life does that ta a person… it gives you time ta reflect, you see I’ve had the time to accept my wife and sons death, and you haven’t… to you this is all new, you’ve never had to live a normal life before Doctor… Aye you’re the Doctor right enough but life has changed you, you never accepted Janine’s death because you and her fell in love for the first time as the man you are now… You’re Duncan, her Duncan.”
“Hmm I see you’ve given this some thought Jamie; well I can’t explain it so I truly am in your dept for helping me.” Duncan surmised.

Then The Eleventh Doctor entered the room to add the to confusion  so Janine just sip her tea and looked on astonished.
“I need you.”
“No not you Jamie… Him I need him,” he gestured to Duncan, “oh don’t look at me like that. I can need people too you know… I can be quite needy at times and now is one of those times… there have been others of course where I never had a choice but that’s not today Hey! Oh look at you all baggy trousers and bow tie...So what do you say Doctor Hey, are you up to a Challenge?” The 11th asked with his arms opened wide.
“Well your all tweedy aren't you.” he looked to Jamie pointing to the other Doctor, "Look Jamie that jacket must itch as much as your Kilt!"
“Oh we are testy today aren't we, look it's like this you're not part of my time line, so if anything nasty should happen it won't cause us too much harm. So Come along you, you've got eleven lives to save.”
“Wait a minute” Duncan said agitated, "What do you mean no harm? no harm to who?"
"Ah... I see you're having doubts but HEY! your the man that always out wits the witless, you fooled Our Governors for one thing and if I cared to spend all day, which I don't, talking about you I'm sure I could mention a thousand other reasons why I'm pinning my hopes on you, but we have no time to waste, Rome wasn't built on a Pasty you know."
"You do talk rather a lot don't you... But you talk complete gibberish man! So fine you need me because your whole existence is in jeopardy...Well why didn't you say so; lead the way dear chap."
The impatient 11th spluttered, “Whatever! …. come on then Grandad.”
“Oh The Very Nerve!! Grandad indeed well I never.” he looked to Jamie and Janine shrugging his shoulders.

And they left.

“Well that was weird!”
“Aye welcome to my world.” Jamie said.
"So he brings me back here just to go wondering off with some stranger?" Janine said flabbergasted.
"Oh he's nay Stranger he's The Doctor.... well how he will be in the future after a few regenerations, as I see it every time the Doctor grows too old to continued or is fatally injured he does this wee Regeneration thingy where he also changes physically. he's the result of My Doctor changing you see." Jamie confided.
"Well I don't like it.... It's all too strange."
"Oh Aye tell me about it." Jamie said nodding his agreement.
"Well as your in charge Jamie there is something I’d like you to do for me…”
“Oh Aye, and what would that be?”

At the funeral for Janine McDuggan stood two people who should never have been there, but who wouldn’t want to be at their own funeral certainly not Janine.

“This is nay right… Duncan will be annoyed.”
“Let him be annoyed it’s my funeral.”
“Yes it is isn’t it Jamie so lets go see where he is.”

It was easy for them to acquire an invite as Janine wrote them by hand, so added two more was easy peasy as she would say.

As the recording of her voice echoed through the Cathedral they both stopped Duncan with Polly sat at the back.

“Typical… avoiding the spotlight as usual… Oh look at him smiling away, I died for goodness sake.”
“Ya can nay blame him to just told him ta.”
“Well I changed my mind… Oi You!” and with that she threw a bunch of flowers that struck the back of his head.
A burly Security guard on station approached the disturbance and spoke as gently as he could due the circumstances.. Funerals are an emotional place and people can flare up under the stress.
“Now come on Miss this is a sombre occasion I will have to ask you both the leave."

Jamie knew he’d be recognised so he lowered his head so only his grey hair showed to the Doctor straining to see who had the nerve to disturb the funeral of such a loved woman.

Janine was cloaked and left without fuss.

Outside she turned to Jamie, “Well that has got to be a first… thrown out of your own funeral.”
“Aye, That must definitely be a Thirst.”
“It’s quite funny really, well we best get back before Duncan finds were out and about on out own.”
“Aye… let’s be off.”

A fountain in the Cathedral square vanished unnoticed accept for the dog about the relieve himself.

Jamie later rejoined the 12th Doctor as he assessed he needed him most.

Janine and Duncan enjoyed many an Adventure, which often involved running at some point, but it was a life neither would wish to change.

Back on Gallifrey many years later a very grey haired Duncan approached the large man dressed somewhat like a monk… sat on a bench in the grand hall.
“May I join you Pardrake my old friend, there is something I need you to do for me,” and he handed his friend an old key, and a case containing a regeneration probe. “You'll need these!”