Monday, 4 September 2017

Here's a Story I Wrote in memory of my father... I can't even remember writing it, such was my state of mind I guess... This is similar to my Scruffy Kid Stories only this one features my father rather then me...
Have a read you may like it. 

The Day I Met My Father…Possibly

 The April rain that shone as gold in the late evening was nowhere to be seen as it was now October.
 In fact it was The 19th October 1956.

 Jim Philpott had made his way home in the knowledge he was now the proud owner of two Twin boys, hardly used and straight out of their wrappers.
 I suspect I need to point out at this juncture that the boys are unidentical Twins, produced from separate eggs. This is like A billion and one people saying, "What are the Chances?"

 Michael was born first and was duly slapped by the Midwife for his impudence… Paul having seen these events dodged and slapped his Dad for being cheeky.
In fact after my jazz hands entrance to the world followed by "Ta Da!" The nurse thought, this ones too cute to slap, so she slapped my dad for being cheeky too. 
 Now at home relaxing after helping with all the pushing involved with moving the furniture During birth, Jim sipped his Tea, then jumped bolt upright to the sound of knocking on the door, this knocking was the result of someone’s hand being made into a fist, and tapping the door with its knuckles.
 By the time Jim put down his tea… nibbled on his bourbon the door was knocked again.
 “Are you Mr Philpott?” the man said muffled from behind the door? 
So Jim opened the door to a young reporter from The Southern Evening Echo. (of course Jim didn’t know he was a reporter at the time… that would just be spooky!)
 “Hello I’m from The Southern Evening Echo.” The young reporter said, quite unnecessarily for us, as I’ve already mentioned it but very necessary to the Proud Father.
 “Are you happy about the triplets Mr Philpott?”

 When Jim recovered some time later he told the reporter he was unaware of a third child, so he rushed by walking back to the hospital.
 Lying peacefully in her bed June Philpott, Wife to Jim remarked on his arrival “What do you want? I’m resting!… all that pushing takes it out of you you know, and I’m still not sure the wardrobe looks good in the middle of the room.”
 “Forget that!! Where’s this Third baby?” Jim replied anxiously. 
“What Steven? He’s home with you and your Mother you Nut!”
 “No, Not him the other one?”
 “What other one? Have you been out celebrating with the falling over juice?”
 “No… the Man from the Paper said…”
 “A Man made of Paper?”
 No… Not a M…… What? That would be ridiculous; he’d get soggy every time it rained… No I mean from the Echo?”
“From the Ec…..Ho very funny… anyway he said we had Triplets!”
 “Na… your having a laugh… I’d know if we had three!”
 “Because cubby chops, I can count!” June said emphatically.

 Well what a palaver, someone had reported a women had  given birth to triplets… and the Echo keen to get to the story that would have been front page news, had a big let down…
 “No we only had Twins.” My Mother later told the reported… “But one is rather Gorgeous if that’s any good?”
 “Na…. your alright.” The reported said with that Huff sound people make after Huffing.
 And that was it! 
This is actually a true story but the words might not exactly be those used by the above mentioned participants on the day… Now That Would be even Spookier! 

 My Mother told me about the mix up and the excitement it had cause at the time. Poor old Dad must have fainted in shock.

Yours Truly The Scruffy Kid.

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