Monday, 16 July 2012

50 Days of Earl Grey.....Day 4

Oh she really wanted it this morning.....hard and nutty with a hint of ginger, so riffling through her draws once again Gabriel gripped the last of her Ginger Crunchy Granola Bars....
OH Yes she sighed as her  taste buds boogied with delight.

This Sunday morning was brighter with a gorgeous sunrise making misty ground hugging clouds lay between the trees and fields of Lower Piddle...
Joggers in teams of two or three ran as joggers do on such lovely mornings avoiding the puddles of the previous nights rain, Susan was running on her own down the winding path that lead to the tree lined bridleway, the smell after the rain was fabulous, she was thinking as she ran between tree and shrub and the suns bright beams danced over her her body like tree fairies at a disco. 
Back home Susan kicked off her trainers and headed for the shower discarding her top and shorts into the laundry basket on the top landing as she enter the bathroom and from the door way she threw her bra and pants into the basket like a professional basketball player, if throwing pants was a sporting event she would score a perfect 3 every time.
Now naked (as this is the best way to be in a shower I find) she turned on the water, adjusting it to as hot as she could bare the water cascaded down her athletic toned body, the Chocolate scented shower gel ran wave after soapy wave over her tanned skin, her hands working the sweet smelling gel into all her  curves and crevices (Blimey is it getting hot in here?) Oh God this feels fabulous after a good run, Susan said to herself with a satisfied sigh that comes from  such pleasures. (I'm no betting man but I bet it felt good too....the shower that is not Susan...not that Susan wouldn't feel lovely too you understand...naked...Gulp!!     OK  I need a shower now!!)  Susan towelled herself off, took the robe and wrapping it round her as she took the stairs down to the kitchen, where she switched on the kettle and picked up her book from where she left off, ten minutes later mug in hand she entered the lounge and sat in her comfy chair Earl Grey at her side, She loved her Sundays.....her time to relax, and the sun coming through the window into her mainly cream coloured lounge made it all the more lovely.

Brent was excited, today was going to be his date with the Gorgeous Gabby and he wanted it to be perfect, he spent some time Saturday looking for a after shave as he wanted to smell good.
He asked the girl at the counter, excuse me....but what would a woman like? which of these smell best ..."Oh it depends on what she likes"   not helpful Brent thought...Oh So there isn't one that really stands out to you? he asked again.   "well there is this one......It smells of dark chocolate..   (Hum I sense a theme here)   Oh really? Brent replied... and girls love chocolate right? he added..."oh defiantly I was sucking on one not five minutes ago"  Oh great said Brent how much?  "oh it was only a whisper"  NO....I mean how much for the After Shave... "oh haha silly's £49.99" said the blond assistant, Blood and Sand Brent said in alarm, it's a very tiny bottle for 50 quid isn't it!! " it's the top of the range sir" (well that explains it)  OK he said I'll take it... (it's a strange thing that people don't want to look cheap and end up buying things  they wish they  had the sense to avoid).

Gabriel looked stunning in a green sparkling evening dress, that clung to her curves like a lovers caress. Wow you look stunning Gabby (told you) Brent said as he was greeted at the door... "oh thank you it's  just something I threw on" she chuckled (yes she threw it on several times after trying ten over dresses).
They reached the restaurant via Gabriel's yellow  Cleo as Brent had no car of his own,  Table for two Please Brent told the young Italian looking waiter, "right this way sir...would you like the table by the window?" That would be excellent thank you.. the waiter pulled a chair out for Gabriel and she sat with a Thank you... Brent sat opposite as he did at the Coffee bar.... Well here we are..he said " yes, isn't it lovely here" Gabriel said looking round the candle lite restaurant, it looked very romantic with cosy little nooks for lovers to spend a wonderful evening eating   Beautifully presented food.
The reason Brent picked this  Particular Restaurant was that it had Buffalo Steak with Buffalo Mozzarella, you don't get any fat on Buffalo meat he explained to Gabby "oh that sounds lovely" she said "I'll leave you to order then"
Brent ordered the Steaks which came on a heated flat stone that allowed the meat to sizzle away with the Mozzarella melting into the meat to add it's juices to the flavour, the still cooking food meant it was all the more inviting with it's thick cut chips with  skins, honeyed parsnips carrots and runner beans and a rich red wine sauce.  Gabby selected the red wine at Brent's request and she chose a cheeky little British wine called Pinot Noir 2010 from Bolney Wine Estate.

The favours bursting on to Gabriel's tongue made her want to squeal with delight....omg she thought this is just fantastic... Hum I'm loving this, she thought  and the juices  were so rich she swallowed them slowly and with great pleasure....
How is it? Brent said eyebrows raised, " Oh it absolutely Devine, I've never had Buffalo before, its wonderful"
The meal was indeed lovely and both enjoyed the evening and chatted about life and their work talk.
Even the view looking over a large pond seemed to make the evening more magical as the bird life of the pond came and went, throughout the night.

I enjoyed this evening Brent, Gabby said, Brent was one step down a looking straight into her beautiful green eye's that seem all the more greener reflecting the green of the dress..
Oh ah I loved every minute Gabby, he said feeling like the luckiest man in Britain... I'll see you tomorrow and he took the next step to join her and kissed her cheek,  Gabriel felt her heart skip a beat for a second and turned her head to meet his lips.......when the kiss came her lips seemed to tingle like an electric current was passing from Brent to her and Brent felt it too........after a rather long and lingering kiss Gabriel unlocked the door looked into Brent's blue eyes, took his hand and pulled him inside.... he didn't resist.

(Why the lucky Baa,....... that would never of happened in my day, oh no,  you might be lucky and get a firm hand shake and a hearty goodbye..... Kids of today Eh? well I never.)

I need a steaming Earl Grey after that...... and I guess they will too, so lets leave them to it, shall we.

Chances are you've heard that a little alcohol - especially wine - is good for the heart and for health generally. Sorting out fact from wishful thinking isn't easy. We look at the facts and find a little wine is probably fine - just don't overdo it.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

50 Days of Earl Grey...Day Three

As Saturdays go this one was a very wet and windy one….

And this particular Saturday evening saw Victoria and Phillip doing a little late night shopping, Vicky fancied something fruity and plucked two plums off the shelf….Oh darling grab a banana for me would you… I’ll have it for Lunch Monday. Phillip called from the cheese counter; he was sampling some goat’s cheese. Hum... Vicky come try this Drunken Goat… (This is a Spanish cheese from ….ah Spain) he still chuckled at the Tetilla   Cheese which translates as teat….

He pointed to the Drunken Goat which was resting between the Stinking Bishop and a large slice of Hooligan.  Well if you like it get 220 grams Vicky called back as she tossed the banana into the basket…

Phil sat in the cream leather chair in the lounge while Vicky sorted the shopping on the table as she did so she dropped a plum that rolled it's wobbly path past her legs she bent half turning to retrieve her plum when she felt Phillip stood behind her “Oh Really Phillip those sorts of shenanigans are for Sunday night!!” she turned to chastise him more and saw she had backed onto the Banana half hanging from the table…Oh well that explains it, I thought he felt unusually frisky, she said to herself.

You have to discipline yourself that’s the secret of exercise it’s not meant to be a punishment for the body it’s a benefit.. Well that’s what Brent was telling himself as the stooped to do some press up’s …..Oh stuff it I’ll have marmite on toast instead and on that enlightened brain wave he headed to the kitchen. Two slices of granary bread later Brent sat watching the news.. As he watched he thought of Gabby and her fabulous curly body… Oh Gabby, Gabby, Gabby he said in his head as his tongue savored the marmity toast…. And because she said he had bought some Earl Grey, he was now streaming from his crouch as he had nowhere else to rest the mug of tea.

She could feel it pounding and pounding….at this rate she was never going to get any sleep…. Bloody thunder she murmured this was the second time she had woken in the night, the first time she woke herself by shouting “Don’t spank the Monkey in the hallway!”  Oh good lord, she said, she had been watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes in the evening and it seems to have followed her to bed.

Gabriel sighed and rolled over wrapping the duvet tighter round her….

 Steven could believe the size of it…. Susan said she had one, but that was huge, he looked round at her frowning “You couldn’t possibly …?” he was saying as she cut him of with “Not in one go No”  “ Blimey” he said amazed and she placed it between her ample …supply of oranges in the glass bowl centrally positioned atop  her dark oak coffee table.

“So I imagine you take it a piece at a time?”   “Well yea!!” she said adding “haven’t you had Toblerone before?”….”Not that big no… that would last me a week or more”. …Well Susan said “I did say I couldn't eat a whole one at once… your Earl Grey is getting cold by the way” … “Oh  Yes, I was  feeling your Muffins, they are very firm aren't they”  “I made them fresh today, thank you for noticing,  help your self!”  Steve went straight to the white iced beauty with the cherry on top “Oh this is scrummy I love the way it feels on my tongue and something steamy to go with it is a heavenly treat” Well Thank you Susan said as she held the dark chocolate Toblerone to her lips and slid it into her mouth up to the second segment… with it held in both her hands Steven fought not to spit out the mouthful of tea, he’d just taken.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

50 Days of Earl Grey….. Day two

Well Hello again readers …  I was going to add a plot change, but the characters of this little folly had something good to watch on TV… some random Shakespeare thingy… they are such lovey's …

Well that just leaves us ….ecthum .. (Awkward)  well ..crazy weather we’re having (OMG)  very eh very wet…. And Sunny!….but mainly wet (think of something you’re looking desperate ) very wet indeed….

Brent rode up Mount pleasant street (thank god) turning left he saw Gabby sat by the window  in Costa Fortune a new and surprising honest Coffee shop in Lower Piddle High Street.

The door sent out a ring as soon as Brent entered .. Hello Sir! How can I help you today…. It’s all very expensive and I don’t recommend  the muffins as they are way over priced ( like I said a surprisingly honest shop)

Well ..hum let me see, I’ll have an Earl Grey please…. Are you sure sir! .. yes very sure thank you, and how would you like it Sir!... well in a cup if possible… and Brent flushed red as his humour hit the straight face assistant.  Ecthum…he cleared his throat. I’ll have a medium black like I like my coffee…haha (tumble weed moment)

Very well sir if you’d like to take a seat I’ll bring it right over,  Brent paid and walked over to Gabby’s table, may I join you Gabby ? she looked up with a look of alarm as he’d just woke her from her day dream of swimming in chocolate, Oh Brent.. sorry yes, I was miles away then.. Oh mind the mess I just had a Muffin and it was rather crumbly.. Brent took the seat opposite and brushed off a few crumbs, he wondered how she managed to get the crumbs to travel so far, she must have really bit into it with vigour…. It’s at this point I’d normally Procrastinate just to add a long word into the story, but alas I can’t think of one.

Thank  you for the Tea yesterday, ah oh look see I took your advice I have a Earl Grey on the way,  Oh lovely, she replied, glad I could help, he watched the speckles as she spoke the crumbs on her chin were a bit distracting, she seemed to sense what he was looking at and wiped her face quickly.. Oh SORRY! How embarrassing.. her lips with the cherry red lip stick looked so kissable, Oh ah oh I didn’t notice he lied..

Not five miles away….what? …pardon? Well I’m not going to walk it am I. it’s a story.. ok wait there ( Author gets into his car and drives not five miles away)

Exactly 4.78 miles away (happy now are we?) Susan longed for some excitement, the touch, the feel, yes she wanted Cake! But the choices were so damned tempting she wanted them all. You can lemon drizzle me anytime baby, she thought as she eyed the waiter, in his skin tight black trousers.. would the lady like to order? (hell yea) she thought ( you on this table right now!, just move the pepper shaker that would be a painful accident waiting to happen) I’d like the cherry pie Hot, with Vanilla Cream, and you if you’re not busy ….(holy cow did she just say that out loud?) if your not busy serving others can bring me an Earl Gray too. (good save)

Thank you madam I’ll bring it right over…

The Earl Grey now sat in front of Brent.. dark…….. and ……Hot! 

Gabby ?..hum, are you seeing anyone at the moment? … Well the Doctor said if I keep taking the eye drops my sight will improve soon she chuckled…Brent did the I better laugh because she’s gorgeous and funny… Ha ha ..

No what I mean is I’d like to take you. out……maybe to dinner or something..
Gabriel looked at Brent as she sucked hard on the lemon that came with her Tea.
Oh well I’m free Sunday but on Monday you have to pay…..she chuckled to herself again (god he will think I’m an idiot) she thought.

Sunday it is then .. say 7 ish….. ok that sounds fine.

Brent gulped down his tea (bloody hell that’s hot) wiped a tear before she noticed and said well I have to get going Greg is meeting me at the Gym , Gabriel knew Greg a rather tubby man in his late 40’s ….. Well lovely chatting and I’ll see you Sunday.

She watched him mounting his bike…his perfect buttocks on the saddle Wow she thought ….nice buns she also chuckled at the word BUT TOCKS now sat firmly in her brain, just like Brent the day before.

And it was nice Buns Patricia  was tucking into… the jam filling sliding deliciously over her tongue and down her throat.. her heart was racing….it was the sugar rush and she was onboard Choo Choo… she took her cup of Earl Grey slowly not wanting to rush, she wanted to savour every lovely moment..

Hello Greg.. Where the bloody hell have you been? I’ve stood here like a lemon for half an hour man… Greg said , Oh I bumped into Gabby… You’d like to Bump into Gabby more like and often, Greg gave that all knowing look at Brent… Oh shut up, Brent added she’s lovely, Oh I don’t doubt it me old mate but look she’s coming between us already. Greg said pouting his lips.. Brent patted Greg’s cheek, in a mock slapping, shut it you.. The guys played tennis every Friday night.. so new balls please.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A spoof of 50 Shades... 50 days of Earl Grey.

50 Days of Earl Grey

Brent rolled on his back sighed and stared at the ceiling, 'Oh my good grief,' he said as he realised watching all episodes of  Doctor Who season 6 back to back was a bad idea for a Sunday Evening.
He turned to see the flashing warning from the alarm clock. 'damn now I have to rush....'
He leapt out of bed naked except for the clothes he was wearing... turning the shower on to full flood to wake his still sleeping mind and body.. The water hit his body like a wave, not the sort of wave you give to friends across the street, no this was more like a wave from a stormy sea.

Dressing quickly in blue floral Cotton shirt with the last two buttons undone, navy blue flannel trousers blue socks and his dark brown shoes, he reached into the wardrobe one last time to grab is brown linen jacket.
Dashing through the kitchen, no time for anything now he took what he could find to eat later and shoved them into his jacket pocket.
The buzzing of the garage door met him as he past through the front door.. there she was gleaming in the shadows of the garage Red and inviting, he took her from behind and backed her out of the garage doors into the waiting sunlight.
Brent spent £2000 on this little beauty and riding her was always a pleasure, the posture sprung mountain bike was his pride and joy....and he rode her hard.
He was in the lift when Gabriel tripped on the slightly raised lip of the lift floor and she fell into him, 'OH MY GOD' she thought as she felt something hard pressing into her hip, it can't be she thought, not this time of the morning!! moving away embarrassed she gushed out a Sorry to Brent who was still smiling at her, he really fancied Gabby as he called her but she never took any interest in him at all, 'Oh it's fine,' he beamed at her.. she tried not to stare at the bulge that had so recently pressed against her, but her mind was now conjuring up all kinds of things and she knew what she would do with it, if she had it in her hands...
She had to ask..'Ah is that a Crunchy Granola Bar in your pocket?'  'Yes ...yes it is,' Brent replied.... 'I never had time for breakfast this morning so I was thinking of having it with my coffee...' 'COFFEE?' She said, 'oh my poor darling  Earl Grey is what you need on a morning rush like that.. I'm having one myself would you like me to bring you one.' 
'Oh that would be lovely' Brent said taken by surprise by the kind offer from the gorgeous Gabby, in her tight fitting green dress..
She imagined it now rolling on her tongue .would he have a spicy one, or would he play it safe and go with the Maple and Almond..she was now craving the nutty taste in her mouth, She knew she had some ginger bars in a safe place.
Earlier that Morning Gabriel had stopped at one of the many new Coffee bars that now lined the high street.. she had to have it there and then, hot and dark, the lip of the cup to her lips, she knew she was going to have to take it standing up, as all the comfy chairs were taken, her first Earl Gray of the day sent a quiver down her body as it travelled down her throat.

Leaving Brent in the lift as he headed for the third floor, Gabriel could hardly contain her wanton desire for more Earl Grey... she raced to the canteen switching on the silver kettle by the microwave.. 'damn,' she hissed as she noticed a wisp of steam that taunted her the water was ready but it wasn't ready because it needed filling.
Now full enough for two cups she switch the kettle on again, satisfied she rushed to her desk.... she was to excited to think straight and pulled her draws open, she knew her ginger bars were in the left hand draw but having remembered a half eaten dime bar in the right she took both and walked back to the canteen, while she walked she finished off the dime bar by taking it into her mouth in one, she bit down and delightful shards of caramel mixed with the Delicious chocolate. she moaned as the sweet taste filled her mouth..
Back in the Kitchen Gabriel placed a bag with its string hanging over the edge of each cup and poured the hot liquid.. The string on each cup pulled tight as the bags bulged in the hot water, Gabriel was about to start tugging on each bag when her Mothers voice warned....'never rush it dear its better to wait five minutes to bring out the flavour..'
Five minutes passed like ......well five minutes, and she threw the depleted tiny sacks into the bin.
She liked it hot....but this was too hot, she still pressed the cup to her lips and the tongue licked the rim..oh yes way to hot.
Brent watched Gabby as her well rounded bottom pushed the glass doors open.... he laughed to himself as he always did when he heard the word buttocks...... 'BUT TOCKS' is how it sounded in his crazy brain, Brent was full of more voices then Paddington Station on a Tuesday afternoon.
One voice was now saying in slow motion as Gabby backed in through the doors....'Ohhhh Yeeaaaaaaa...'
'Here you go one Earl Grey,' 'Thank you Gabby, that's so kind of you.' he said trying but not succeeding to look at her breasts while she leaned over to place his cup... 'Wow' he mumbled, 'that looks good,' and hoping she realised  he meant the Tea.
'Yes it is good isn't it, you should quit coffee and drink more Earl Grey if you want... ( and in her head she said... that tight ripped body of yours) to stay healthy..'
She watch as he raised the cup to his soft full lips.. 'Humm lovely,  very aah.. very tasty Gabby.'  
'Think nothing of it' she said turning and Brent took in  the curves of her body and let out his second Sigh of the day.

Victoria couldn't resist it any more she had to feel his package, hoping to feel the rounded ridges  at her finger tips. she wanted to feel Jammie dodgers... in her disappointment she screamed out at Phillip in the kitchen ...'Bloody Bourbons, I hate Bourbons with that stupid white layer of whatever!!'
'Oh sorry darling,' Phil shouted back, 'I can't hear you the kettle is boiling.. help yourself to a biscuit I wont me long..' 'Your never LONG.' she shouted back..
She had been looking forward to a mouthful of Jammie Dodger... where her tongue could explore the ring of it's Jammie centre.
'Oh by the way,' Phil said as he walked into the room with a tray, 'I forgot you prefer Jammie Dodgers so I've put some around your saucer,'
'Oh lovely,' she cooed , 'your so thoughtful, I love that about you, you always make sure I'm satisfied...'
'OH, yes of course my Dear I'd feel awful if I let you down.' She looked up at his handsome face, 'Shall we forget the tea and just have sex instead?'
'Very well darling if that's what you want?'
'Don't be ridiculous you fool, I was joking give me my Earl Grey I want it while it's full and rich.'
Phil sat down beside Vicky... she was beautiful, 'I think your right it is better when its hot.' 
He lifted a hand to touch her face, then wiped a crumb of Jammie biscuit away, Vicky had taken it in almost whole. Her cheeks were full like a squirrel with it's nuts, but the look of Ecstasy was there for all to see.

more information on Earl Grey for you..

A blend of Indian and Ceylon teas, Earl Grey tea is infused with the flavor of bergamot, a small citrus fruit from Asia now cultivated in Italy. The health benefits of bergamot have been documented for centuries. Many of these benefits can be attributed to bergamot's antioxidants. Antioxidants attack free radicals, which have damaging effects that age the body. In this way the antioxidants in Earl Grey tea help your body stay young and healthy, fight off infection and keep illness at bay. That's why Earl Grey tea is recommended for patients with cold or flu, who often need to boost their immunity. Earl Grey tea is also used to reduce the temperature of patients who have a fever.

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