Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A spoof of 50 Shades... 50 days of Earl Grey.

50 Days of Earl Grey

Brent rolled on his back sighed and stared at the ceiling, 'Oh my good grief,' he said as he realised watching all episodes of  Doctor Who season 6 back to back was a bad idea for a Sunday Evening.
He turned to see the flashing warning from the alarm clock. 'damn now I have to rush....'
He leapt out of bed naked except for the clothes he was wearing... turning the shower on to full flood to wake his still sleeping mind and body.. The water hit his body like a wave, not the sort of wave you give to friends across the street, no this was more like a wave from a stormy sea.

Dressing quickly in blue floral Cotton shirt with the last two buttons undone, navy blue flannel trousers blue socks and his dark brown shoes, he reached into the wardrobe one last time to grab is brown linen jacket.
Dashing through the kitchen, no time for anything now he took what he could find to eat later and shoved them into his jacket pocket.
The buzzing of the garage door met him as he past through the front door.. there she was gleaming in the shadows of the garage Red and inviting, he took her from behind and backed her out of the garage doors into the waiting sunlight.
Brent spent £2000 on this little beauty and riding her was always a pleasure, the posture sprung mountain bike was his pride and joy....and he rode her hard.
He was in the lift when Gabriel tripped on the slightly raised lip of the lift floor and she fell into him, 'OH MY GOD' she thought as she felt something hard pressing into her hip, it can't be she thought, not this time of the morning!! moving away embarrassed she gushed out a Sorry to Brent who was still smiling at her, he really fancied Gabby as he called her but she never took any interest in him at all, 'Oh it's fine,' he beamed at her.. she tried not to stare at the bulge that had so recently pressed against her, but her mind was now conjuring up all kinds of things and she knew what she would do with it, if she had it in her hands...
She had to ask..'Ah is that a Crunchy Granola Bar in your pocket?'  'Yes ...yes it is,' Brent replied.... 'I never had time for breakfast this morning so I was thinking of having it with my coffee...' 'COFFEE?' She said, 'oh my poor darling  Earl Grey is what you need on a morning rush like that.. I'm having one myself would you like me to bring you one.' 
'Oh that would be lovely' Brent said taken by surprise by the kind offer from the gorgeous Gabby, in her tight fitting green dress..
She imagined it now rolling on her tongue .would he have a spicy one, or would he play it safe and go with the Maple and Almond..she was now craving the nutty taste in her mouth, She knew she had some ginger bars in a safe place.
Earlier that Morning Gabriel had stopped at one of the many new Coffee bars that now lined the high street.. she had to have it there and then, hot and dark, the lip of the cup to her lips, she knew she was going to have to take it standing up, as all the comfy chairs were taken, her first Earl Gray of the day sent a quiver down her body as it travelled down her throat.

Leaving Brent in the lift as he headed for the third floor, Gabriel could hardly contain her wanton desire for more Earl Grey... she raced to the canteen switching on the silver kettle by the microwave.. 'damn,' she hissed as she noticed a wisp of steam that taunted her the water was ready but it wasn't ready because it needed filling.
Now full enough for two cups she switch the kettle on again, satisfied she rushed to her desk.... she was to excited to think straight and pulled her draws open, she knew her ginger bars were in the left hand draw but having remembered a half eaten dime bar in the right she took both and walked back to the canteen, while she walked she finished off the dime bar by taking it into her mouth in one, she bit down and delightful shards of caramel mixed with the Delicious chocolate. she moaned as the sweet taste filled her mouth..
Back in the Kitchen Gabriel placed a bag with its string hanging over the edge of each cup and poured the hot liquid.. The string on each cup pulled tight as the bags bulged in the hot water, Gabriel was about to start tugging on each bag when her Mothers voice warned....'never rush it dear its better to wait five minutes to bring out the flavour..'
Five minutes passed like ......well five minutes, and she threw the depleted tiny sacks into the bin.
She liked it hot....but this was too hot, she still pressed the cup to her lips and the tongue licked the rim..oh yes way to hot.
Brent watched Gabby as her well rounded bottom pushed the glass doors open.... he laughed to himself as he always did when he heard the word buttocks...... 'BUT TOCKS' is how it sounded in his crazy brain, Brent was full of more voices then Paddington Station on a Tuesday afternoon.
One voice was now saying in slow motion as Gabby backed in through the doors....'Ohhhh Yeeaaaaaaa...'
'Here you go one Earl Grey,' 'Thank you Gabby, that's so kind of you.' he said trying but not succeeding to look at her breasts while she leaned over to place his cup... 'Wow' he mumbled, 'that looks good,' and hoping she realised  he meant the Tea.
'Yes it is good isn't it, you should quit coffee and drink more Earl Grey if you want... ( and in her head she said... that tight ripped body of yours) to stay healthy..'
She watch as he raised the cup to his soft full lips.. 'Humm lovely,  very aah.. very tasty Gabby.'  
'Think nothing of it' she said turning and Brent took in  the curves of her body and let out his second Sigh of the day.

Victoria couldn't resist it any more she had to feel his package, hoping to feel the rounded ridges  at her finger tips. she wanted to feel Jammie dodgers... in her disappointment she screamed out at Phillip in the kitchen ...'Bloody Bourbons, I hate Bourbons with that stupid white layer of whatever!!'
'Oh sorry darling,' Phil shouted back, 'I can't hear you the kettle is boiling.. help yourself to a biscuit I wont me long..' 'Your never LONG.' she shouted back..
She had been looking forward to a mouthful of Jammie Dodger... where her tongue could explore the ring of it's Jammie centre.
'Oh by the way,' Phil said as he walked into the room with a tray, 'I forgot you prefer Jammie Dodgers so I've put some around your saucer,'
'Oh lovely,' she cooed , 'your so thoughtful, I love that about you, you always make sure I'm satisfied...'
'OH, yes of course my Dear I'd feel awful if I let you down.' She looked up at his handsome face, 'Shall we forget the tea and just have sex instead?'
'Very well darling if that's what you want?'
'Don't be ridiculous you fool, I was joking give me my Earl Grey I want it while it's full and rich.'
Phil sat down beside Vicky... she was beautiful, 'I think your right it is better when its hot.' 
He lifted a hand to touch her face, then wiped a crumb of Jammie biscuit away, Vicky had taken it in almost whole. Her cheeks were full like a squirrel with it's nuts, but the look of Ecstasy was there for all to see.

more information on Earl Grey for you..

A blend of Indian and Ceylon teas, Earl Grey tea is infused with the flavor of bergamot, a small citrus fruit from Asia now cultivated in Italy. The health benefits of bergamot have been documented for centuries. Many of these benefits can be attributed to bergamot's antioxidants. Antioxidants attack free radicals, which have damaging effects that age the body. In this way the antioxidants in Earl Grey tea help your body stay young and healthy, fight off infection and keep illness at bay. That's why Earl Grey tea is recommended for patients with cold or flu, who often need to boost their immunity. Earl Grey tea is also used to reduce the temperature of patients who have a fever.

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