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Oh, Hello, I wasn't expecting guests, but do sit yourselves down, maybe with some tea! that would be splendid with a lovely biscuit wouldn't it....
The early 60's saw many Innovations,  The 1964/1965 New York World's Fair would be a place where the future was exposed to the public with all it's wonders... The Flying Car!! "Wow it's coming!" was one such boast. 
This is a true story of life in the 60's as I remember it... But the words may have changed to enhance the reading experience, so strap in, kiss your toes, as we use my cerebral  time and space manipulation machine to take you back with me, to a time of Black and White.

This is an exciting age, man is on the brink of space exploration... And the Moon is the goal for man to take his first giant leap forward. 
But before all of that we had toys to keep a child's brain busy for hours, not only that! They were education too! So picture this as we   Approach the Early 60's 
As soon as we land you with notice the buzz of excitement coming from a crowd as they look for inspirational gifts for their children at Christmas, in Woolworths. 

My Aunt Molly is front of the queue, because she wants the best for her growing family, and what she was about to be shown was the latest innovation for children of the new age. 
"So what is it exactly?" She asks the young salesman at his display stand... 
"What is it? I'll tell you what it is Madam, it's the latest thing for a child's 
 Mental Development, Made! I might add in the latest high tensile plastics man can afford." 
"I wouldn't lie to you madam, I can see by your demeanour you're a very shrewd lady, this I can assure you is it! You are going to Wow your young child, may I ask his or her name?"   
"It's Richard and Jackie." There will be another child to come, but at this point and time Jane isn't even a twinkle in the eyes... And me being a scruffy kid have no idea of what I just said means. 
"That's a Strange name." said the man
"Its two names, I have a little girl too!"  
"Ah, two names madam... Would I be right in thinking Richard is a Boy?" 
"Of Course he is." Molly replied with some bewilderment.
"I'm just checking madam you can never be to sure or take things for granted at this Exciting Age of Invention!!" At this point there was a clap of Thunder!

Now intrigued Molly bends forward and enquires again. 
"Madam if you leave this store with this Wonderful gift, the joy and love in your young sons eyes at Christmas will be your just reward."  
"But you still haven't told me what it is?" 
"What it is?... What it is, is a Static Technological Interactive Cultural Knackish." 
"Oh excuse me madam I know it's a bit of a mouthful so we call it a Stick for short!" And with that he delicately places  the Static Technological Interactive Cultural Knackish, on the green felt covered table."
"But that's a Stick!!" Molly blurted out.
"Oh My Word, madam you learn fast! That's Exactly what it is!"
"But it's a Stick.... I mean just a stick." 
"Ah.. Now don't be fooled by it's familiar appearance madam, this isn't just a stick, made from the strongest polymers...You can bend it, slap it, throw it and it will always keep it's shape! ... Why just imagine young Richard running along next doors fence with this little technological beauty... It would sound like a machine gun..he will be the envy of the school yard, .That alone is hours of fun... Young Richard will never be ignored with one of these.... Because he can poke his friends with it to get their full attention!" 
"I'll have it." Said Molly knowing a bargain when she saw it, and she was looking at one right now. 

Just As we accept computer technology  today, we know all innovation never stands still for long, and within weeks the next improvement is available.
My Mother June... Headed for The City, she sat on the No18 Bus, blot upright, and full of pride, as she gripped her handbag on her lap, excited by the  knowledge gained through her Sister-in-law that the latest Thing! Was a stick. And she, being a fair and loving mother intended to buy all three sons this marvellous technological breakthrough in children's educational toy development.    
As soon as the bus stopped at Southampton Central Bus Station, she was off like sugar off a shovel, and heading to Woolworths, ready to bash anyone with her handbag if they got between her and the Sticks. 
"I'll have three of your finest sticks please." June demanded from the nearest stand...
"Oh God Bless you Madam I can see your a caring Mother, so for a further half crown I can add the latest innovation to The Stick! ... It's a Planetary leviathan .... Oh but let's cut to the quick madam... It's a Plate! 
"You want me to pay Seven and six for three plates? Are you Mental?" My mother said indignantly, eyes blazing.
"It's the latest Thing Madam... A plate on a Stick... Soon you won't be able to buy them as we are selling out  rather fast." 
"I see.... So what's so good about this latest addition then?" 
"It's full of mystery and magic your children have only seen On Television... They will learn through perseverance, and practice, how to balance a plate on a stick... It's a spinning sensation."
So not wanting to be out done my Mother brought all three of her Sons a Plate on a Stick that very Christmas. 

So now you know why Children Born in the 50's and Early 60's are always excited by Christmas.... Because after a you've experience a plate on a Stick, the whole of technology opens up to you.. 

In this story the boys of June are played by the real life characters of my Brother Steven, my Twin Michael and of course I play Paul the Gorgeous one with the puppy eyes. 

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