Thursday, 15 August 2013

Ode of Lovelorn Dave

Ode of Lovelorn Dave

I’ll start this off so your head won’t swim

And have a go at describing him

Dave’s not renowned for muscle or fat

I’ll add a little more then that

You won’t see him with suntanned skin

In fact I’d call him long and thin

We begin this lovelorn tale

With a girl in David’s spell

Who believed her Dave so tall and Brave

And she goes by her name of Mave

Now why should she think him Brave?

Or even he’s the best?

It’s because he bravely wears her name

Tattooed upon his vest

 But this true love match met its end

When Mave ran off with David's friend

She said "our love will stand the test"

Because his friend took off with David's vest

Well now that winters drawing in

We see Goosebumps on David's skin

It’s not sign he’s growing old

It’s just without his Vest he’s cold
David’s almost over Mavis

And the fact he lost his friend

And the smile he’s wearing on his face

Just shows he's on the mend

On refection Dave admits it ended for the best

And now he’s splashing out the cash

He’s brought a brand new Vest

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