Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Rude Awakening

The Rude Awakening

David's joined the ranks of the insomniacs.
Three nights this week a goodnight sleep is something that he lacks.
In his bed he thrashes like a ferret in a sack.
One minute on his front, the next he's on his back.
his attempts to find comfort frustrate him, he's had enough already.
He thrashed his legs about so much he's even kicked out teddy.

Dave rose from his bed, tired of all the toiling. 
And to the Kitchen bleary eyed he found milk and a pot to boil in. 
He was always told as a child hot milk's the best nightcap.
So he thought with this warming brew he’d finally get a nap.

He returned to his chilling bed relieved to feeling drowsy
But when the alarm clock woke him up he thought it really lousy.
Dave's reaching, reaching out, to stop this assault upon his ears.
And from underneath the blankets Dave's head slowly appears.
Trudging to the bathroom he washes sleep from out his eyes.
He’s wondering should he go to work or make up some white lies.

Washing face and neck just like his parents taught him.
He's wrapped up in his towel like the body from Turin.
After these ablutions he dresses with a spurt.
One blue sock he's pull up while putting on a shirt.

Tripping over teddy, on to his derriere.
He noticed while in flight his socks are not a pair.
Oh I’ve not time for changing even if these socks are clashing.
I’ll put up with the taunts and jibes and the inevitable ear bashing.

Dave heads out into the Morning, in his trusty clapped out Datsun.
That he made look a little smarter by putting cool mats in.
Up hill and dale no traffic swell, for him to get boxed in.
He’s filling the air the Country air with this Datsun's fuel toxin.

Well after all that effort you’d think we'd see Dave happy.
But sadly I must convey this Day it only made him snappy.
You see dear friends on his arrival; he found to his dismay
He could have stayed in bed all was Saturday.

Illustrated by BestDrWho  

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