Tuesday, 16 July 2013

David's Pain

David’s pain

It isn’t much for me and you 

To make a journey to the loo.
Who’d have thought they’d make a fuss 
When David asked to stop the bus.

With just a few more miles to go
The driver said he would not slow.
If he had thought while at the station
He wouldn’t be in this situation.

As Dave returned to sit again

He crossed his legs to ease his pain.
Beads of sweat ran down his head
He held his breath his face turned red.
He sought to occupy his mind 
But found that nature was unkind.

When the bus stopped in the dark

David was first to disembark.
Although he had sat at the back
The need for speed he didn’t lack.

Dave legged it up the lane

Found a loo and smiled again.
But as he left with such relief 
It only added to his grief.
Although the bus had stopped that’s right
It was only for a traffic light.

Illustrated by BestDrWho

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