Monday, 15 July 2013

Hello viewers. this is a poem I wrote in my 20's while on a night shift back in
my space and satellite days with Marconi Space. the original was written andillustrated in the night handover book, so David the guy taking over in the early hours would see it.. I made four of these as the nights went on and intended
doing a whole series to make a book of poems called The Book of David....
I hope you enjoy this trip to my past.
One shot Billy
Illustrated by Paul aka BestDrWho

David’s in his western gear 
Well at least that’s how it would appear
He has one elbow on his steer
To rest it while he’s sipping beer

When he walked back to the bar the cow folk all went quiet
They stared and thought “heck look at him he must be on a diet”
Dave moseyed on up to the bar and tapped the barman’s shoulder
He was just as thin as Dave but he was slightly older
“Can I have another drink? “He asked feeling rather silly?
“What do you want?” the barman said
I’ll have a sarsaparilly
He walked over to some gamblers asked “can I join in “
One man looking up answered “yep “now the poker will begin
The game went on for minutes and Dave got over heated
He jumped up in a rage and said, “That what named cheated “
“Well that there is fighting talk, “said his opponent rather quickly
David’s face turned green then white in fact he looked quite sickly
The people said “we’ll clear the street so you can meet at noon
So one shot Billy said to Dave “you’ll be up in heaven soon.”
At the crack of noon Dave awoke to face his awful fate,
Then sent a note to Billy to say he might be late.
David walked into town and past the shop called Macy
Billy stood there dressed in black and David white and lacy
Dave went for his gun but that Billy was too quick
Another notch went on his gun this made it his hat-trick
“David will you please get up “shouted mother from the hall
He looked around with great relief he must have dreamt it all
You see he was only dreaming of fighting in the west
Then went down stairs for breakfast mum’s cooking at its best.


  1. Fantastic Paul. It actually made me laugh out loud ♡

  2. Thank you Linda.... I love to hear laughter...?;^)&